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What the heck you talkin bout?

I'm just talkin bout Lil Fly! Lil Fly is quite possibly the most nonsensical, worthless, and annoying character in the wonderful free MMORPG of Rune Scape! After reading this page if you don't get it, head over to Rune Scape and maybe then you'll get the clue. If you have before, or still do play Rune Scape and you still don't get it than...well...Neither Do I! There is no ryhme or reason to the character of Lil Fly and he serve no valid purpose for advanceing in the game of Rune Scape whatsoever! Lil Fly is what he is, a Lil Fly, no more, no less. His purpose is as limited as his usefulness. Lil Fly exists to annoy his superiors and destroy his equals. Generally speaking, Lil FLy is an annoying bug! To see the latest updates scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Lil Fly's Bio.

So how, or even why did this distrubing menace come in to existance? Sometime around September of 2002 a man decided to take a Little Wilderness expidition. As he was out, strolling about, minding his own business he encountered a little trouble. A vicious team of high level PKers (Player Killers or POKEers). The poor man was sorely out numbered and soon was running for his life. Unfortunetly he became trapped in the castle of the level 11 to 14 wilderness and could not escape. With only about 20 hit points left and no food he managed to "log out".

Now, however another problem faced him. If he should log in again, would there be someone there to kill him? If so he could surely not escape so what to do? Simple! Petition a spy to scout the turff! Hence Lil Fly was born. Lil FLy was called in to find an empty "world" and so the man managed to safely escape certain death. The disaster was avoided. From this time on Lil Fly was infrequently seen. Sometimes he would scout an area before a PKing session in the wild. Lil Fly was perfectly suited to this task because he could not be attacked by most people due to his low level. But if he did get killed... who cares! Soon Lil FLy found himself drawn to the wilderness more and more. He adapted to this lifestyle and became very resilient to attacks by other low levels. Lil Fly's biggest threat was low level mages but his wilderness experience, combined with good equipment, and food allowed him to almost always escape. Lil Fly has since began devolpoing tricks and tactics to make him more effective at survival and fighting and has since become, quite possibly, the oldest and most experienced level 3 in the Rune Scape world!

A Lil Fly's Tricks and Tactics

Often times in the evening (9:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. EST) Lil FLy can be found flitting about the low level wilderness. Usually at or slightly south of the castle Lil Fly has developed a few strategies which allow him to survive, and sometimes, cause others not to!

Maximized level 3
Simple survival at it's most basic form cause Lil Fly to get the most power he can as a level 3. Lil Fly always has the best gear he can carry. This sometimes includes; full iron armor, iron kite shields, iron battle axe, strength potions, runes (to cast his two available spells), magic amulets, and of course food. This is easy to achieve since most people leave iron on the ground after kills to take things like lobsters and strength potions. Lil Fly can easily get 10 full sets of iron free on a good night.
Staying level 3
Lil Fly wouldn't be a very good Lil Fly if he was to gain levels so he has to stay at level 3! Thanks to the recent Jagex updates this has become quite easy to do. Lil Fly simply stays at a constant 100% fatigue. This does not limit his abilities in any way yet he will never gain experience. Lil Fly has level three in magic, enough to do curse and wind strike spells while still staying at combat level 3. He has had no other level advancement in any other combat field so as to maintain his level 3 combat level. Lil Fly does however occasionally perform, and gain levels in certain non-combat skills such as mining and cooking.
Team killing
Most people don't like a level 3 following them around but sometimes Lil Fly can direct people to a good kill for a small reward. This works great with low level (30 and below) PKers who want an easy kill without running into a stronger team.
Kill stealing
Lil Fly is a notorious kill stealer who will open fire with spells and ranged weapons on anyone he is able to attack who is about to die in combat. That way, every now and then he will land the lucky "killing blow" and have the first opportunity to pillage the rewards.
Bait and switch
Lil Fly will often intentionally allow himself to be attacked, or almost attacked by someone who could easily kill him only in order to escape and lure them to a waiting accomplice. This works particularly well as while chasing Lil Fly people pay less attention to their surroundings

This is only a few of Lil FLy managerie of sneaky tricks and double crosses but I can't give away all my secrets!

Latest news from the Lil Fly


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Yo! Check it out! A new low level clan with no plan or ambition, we're all about startin sumthin we can't finish and reakin havoc on the North Side! So check out the new clan page in the TOC. Saddle up and ride wit Lil Fly's infamous Insect Posse!


Less than 24 hours online and Lil FLy has over 100 visitors to his site. There is a new "Tales Of The Woods" section narrated by Lil Fly himself. Great so make sure you don't miss it and don't forget to sign the guest book.