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STD Pictures

Warning the pictures are very graphic!

The following pictures on the male gentials. Please note not all STD have symptoms, you must be tested to know.


Symptoms - may included a sore throat, creamy coloured & painful discharge (leaking) from the dick or anal cavity.


Symptoms - small fleshy growths (lumps) around the genitals (dick and balls)especially along the shaft, in the groin, and around or inside the anal cavity.


Symptoms - Syphilis is a long lasting disease with 3 stages. However the first stage is usually the appearance of a painless spot (lesion) on the genitals(dick and ball), inside the mouth or around the anal cavity.


Symptoms - very itchy rash, especially in the groin, under the arms, on the elbow & wrist and behind the knees. Often red track marks cab be seen where the mites have burrowed into the skin, between the fingers


Symptoms - pain when pissing (passing urine) and sometimes a clear discharge (leaking) from the end of the dick.

Crabs (Pubic Lice)

Symptoms - itching, especially in the groin, on the chest & on the backs of legs. Rash sometimes caused by scratching. Lice just visible with the eye, look like small bits of black grit.

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