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Personnal note history !!!!


17 September 2000

exams over and well lets let our hair down and let the wind blow into our face for the moment !!! :) 

cable modem coming on the 17th of april , well its terrific that i got it at last :)

Project over , keke , now will have more time to update the site , horay!!!!

after watching x-japan's hi'de story , there is one thing i must say , treasure your life as life is REALLY fragile.....



30th march 2000


recently alot of project work was done in school and updates to this site may be slow , but i will try to keep it up , thanks man !!!!

share file on the net , at filesanywhere,quite useful i must say . i use it !!!

a new scapebook has been created have you seen it?? contains some most personnal of belongings!!! cool heh, keke *@*


i have just moved in a members section to facilitate sensitive and personal photos in that section so , those who would like to enter that section please contact me :) thanks for that !!!!

well singapore has been rather slow in the prices of computers and laptops in singapore , well quick singapore before we all lose out man!!!! hail US , i'm not being biased but to be a successful nation , singapore must enbrace technology!!!!and implement it quickly!!!

it is quite surprising that i am not on broadband , well , considering the cost , and the labralisation of the telecom market expect me to be on broadband next month at least !!!! towards a better future !!!



i'm soorie if you experienced a few hiccups in the site as it is still under development


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