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Welcome to my corner of InSaNiTy!!
My Corner of InSaNiTy!!

Hey folks, and welcome...

Over time this site will develop in the following sections...
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This site is aimed more towards the younger fans of the Kingston Trio. We need to get younger folks interested and get a new generation ready! Adults may like this site for their children since it has no chat rooms or message boards. User friendly!

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Page Created July 26, 2002
Last Updated July 12, 2004

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days 'til all the schools in the FSUSD start again!!
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Disclaimer: Yah yah, don't sue me... the pictures on this page are from The Official Kingston Trio Website and Jerry Kergan's site, Liner Notes. All the pictures are edited by yours truly. Now the "Word From BOB" section is a gag between myself and the member's of the Battle of the Books Team(abbreviate it and you get BOtB, you see the BOB?) no I do not mean Bob Shane -_-;; okay, that's it I guess...

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