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Ancient Native American Rock Art        Learning About Rock Art of the Southwest

Learning About Rock Art provides education about ancient Native American petroglyphs, pictographs and geoglyphs, and the Native American people who made them. Learn the spiritual and cultural meanings of the rock art of the Southwest.

Native American      Native American Herbs and Plants of the Southwest

 Guide to Native American herbal medicine and herbs used in alternative medicine, and the fruits and vegetables given to the world by the Indian cultures of the Americas, with messages from Native American elders, plus educational resources for students and teachers. 

Mayan Torch       Ancient Secrets of the Maya

The ancient secrets of the Maya, including the  culture and religion of the Maya, herbal lore and Native American herbs for health,  prevention of aging,  beauty. healing and alternative medicine. Lots of beautiful art of the Maya!

Cat Worry Humor        Worry, Worry, Worry

Why let anxiety rule your life? Visit this site for helpful advice about anxiety and worry! We have workshop pages on ways to manage symptoms of anxiety, written by a mental health professional in an amusing format, with advice from Buddy the Cat, who REALLY knows how to relax.

self esteem logo The Women's Garden of Self Esteem

A guide for women to improve self esteem and confidence, while improving general sassiness and cultivating an "uppity" attitude! Uses a garden theme, and art by Georgia O'Keefe.

Egyptian herbs  Ancient Egyptian Herbal Secrets

The Ancient Egyptians wanted the “good life” to continue after death. Therefore, everything that was present in the current life needed to be transferred to the next life, including the pleasures of a healthy body. The Egyptians believed that the body could be preserved and used again, in a renewed form in the afterlife, along with all their material goods that made their day to day existence so pleasant. This emphasis on the physical body for spiritual rebirth led to a refined and advanced form of medical practice, utilizing both surgical intervention and herbal pharmacology. Some of their ancient herbal lore is explored on this site.

Care for the elderly and their caregivers  ElderCare: Care For Your Aging Loved Ones

Do you have the responsibility for care of a beloved aging relative? How do you make sure they have the best care, if you cannot care for them yourself? Visit this site for advice from an RN, on ways to care for your loved ones, and care for yourself too!

  Coping With Change: A Quickie Course for the Space Age

Most of us wish changes would go away, or at least slow down. We get comfortable in our familiar routines, and resist changes that seem to be just "change for the sake of change". We look for someone or something to blame it all on, when the reality is that we are not going to slow down at all. These pages offer some suggestions to help you better deal with changes, manage stress and to learn how to "go with the flow".

Native American      Relationships, Romance and Reality

 Articles written by a clinical psychologist, on a variety of topics concerning relationships in the "real world". Our goal is to help you improve your romantic relationship and make it more meaningful and satisfactory.

sailing away from stress  Sailing Away From Stress

This site, designed by a health care professional, is intended as a workshop for stress, to first develop understanding of stress and its effects, and second, to develop tools for coping with stress. The material is presented in an entertaining and enjoyable manner with a "sailing" theme, but is sincere in intent to help you deal with our hectic modern life.

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