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The LairShops Beckon
Sunday, 4 March 2012
SEO and all that Jazz...
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Topic: Promoting LairShops

I've been trying to promote the LairShops all sorts of ways since I first opened them circa 2002.  Facebook, the LiveJournal blog, my own website, my Myspace profile, links in my email signature--I've done them all.  The only thing I've been lacking has been Twitter, and who's got time for that?  I hardly have time for the online fora I currently occupy.

What may prove the most effective promotional technique, however, may be SEO tactics, including image tagging and metatags in the storefronts themselves.  I have been making sales now and again--most especially in the Lair of Cards' Bumpersticker collection.  Recently, while looking through my LairShops image collection, it occurred to me that my previous efforts at image tagging had gotten it all wrong: I needed to sharpen and focus my image keywords; make them highly specific, not use generalized keywords, courtesy of Google Adwords, that could be attached to practically any image out there.  Therefore, I've been going through the whole image collection all over again during the past couple of weeks, and completely redoing all their keywords to make them more visible to fans of Marija Gimbutas, aerial photos of the North Atlantic, and Neolithic European pottery motifs

 I'll comment more on all this later.  Meanwhile, before closing off this post, I'd like to encourage all readers here to check out the special collection of ornaments at Artifacts of the Lair.  I call this section "Festivity Happens."  Hanging round and oval ornaments: they're not just for Christmas trees anymore!

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