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The LairShops Beckon
Wednesday, 2 December 2009
All Bunnyz, All the Time: How the World's Ugliest Bunny Became a Cult Figure
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This, folks, is the original image that my Dad, Tom Olsen (1936-2009) emailed me sometime back in 2002, when he heard that I was uploading original digital art images onto teeshirts and other products in Cafepress LairShops. As he was messing around with some software firm's version of MS Paint, he duly created an image of his own that he apparently considered suitable for little kids; and sent it to me via email, suggesting that I open a store featuring his latest creation. He was actually a physicist with some background in engineering; digital art, clearly was not his forte. But he presumably had fun with it in his free time.

My initial reaction? Thought I: "You've got to be bloody joking! That's got to be the single UGLIEST rabbit cartoon I've ever seen, bar none!!" But after dithering over it awhile, I decided, "Oh well, if Dad'll be flattered at seeing his bunny pic on a couple of teeshirts, why not?  Basic Cafepress stores are still free to set up, after all."  That was the beginning of the rabbit's den of iniquity that is All Bunnyz, All the Time!  I can just imagine the look on my Dad's face when he got an email a couple of days later, with a link to the new LairShop, which began: "Dear folks: So, you didn't think I'd do it, did you? Well, check this out!" According to my Mom, he was so impressed with the stuff with his Bunny pic uploaded onto them that he promptly ordered four coffee mugs; and after they arrived, he would proudly show them off to any visitor who crossed my folks' threshold.

Also, in addition to the original blue-background image, I created a couple of alternate versions: the infamous Dark Bunny (black background, Photoshop flare, red font), and a more innocuous white-background version. I recently added another version, Bleak House Bunny, with the Bunny'z head against the doorway of a cathedral in Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland. I keep meaning to make versions for Christmas and St. Patrick's Day as well; I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

My Dad passed away on March 1, 2009, after living with slow-growing liver cancer for nearly six years. However, I've kept up both the LairShop, and the Squidoo lens that promotes it; and, in fact, am still thinking up new All Bunnyz images based on the original. I've also been promoting this critter for years as a kind of edgy/alt-rock cult figure, if my descriptions of the All Bunnyz store products tell you anything! Anyway, check out this shop, and the scary bunny staring out at you from various shirts, mugs, postcards, and that scandalous thong! Plus, look for a possible upgrade of the store to a Premium Bunnyz Emporium one of these days...!!

Here are a few of the goodies currently available at the All Bunnyz LairShop. Click their images to be directed to the sales page of each item:

The Official All Bunnyz Teeshirt! The Dark Bunny Ash-Gray Teeshirt The Always-Scandalous All Bunnyz Thong! New! All Bunnyz Sigg Water Bottle

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