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The LairShops Beckon
Wednesday, 15 April 2009
Desperately Seeking Art Prompts!!
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Topic: Updating LairShops

Folks, I need to update all the LairShops for spring and summer!  Trouble is, I feel the need to refurbish my large collection of images by creating new ones.  I've been through a dry spell lately when it comes to digital art creation.  Does anyone have any ideas for that? 

 I need to go for long walks and look at more illustrations of Neolithic art, I suppose.  The original motifs on Neolithic pottery clearly indicate that their creators saw analogies between shapes found in nature and the shapes of some of their own artifacts--such as the analogues of butterfly wings and double-headed harvesting axes (as only one example).  I should go out to Alki Beach and walk around, or the Arboretum near the UW campus; or perhaps further afield, to Bainbridge Island, Victoria or the San Juans, whenever the funds arrive to finance such excursions (sigh)...

 Anyway, I'll soon be back to blog on the two LairShops that haven't been featured here yet!  I also may well be making promotional videos for each of the LairShops, and images used therein, now that I've nearly mastered the making of video slideshows with music or other audio files added...

New excavation by LairMistress at 5:30 PM PDT
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