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The LairShops Beckon
Thursday, 19 February 2009
Eireann85: It Came from a Study-Abroad Photo Album
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For today's post on our third-ever LairShop, Eireann85, I'd like first to invite you to visit the Squidoo lens dedicated to this LairShop.  It's quite pretty, includes illustrated links to items from the shop, and features blog feeds on Irish megalithic sites!  After that, I'd like to invite you to visit Ireland at your earliest convenience.  After all, that's where the images for Eireann85 came from (originally during 1984-85, my third year of college); and we've heard the dollar-Euro exchange rate is improving on our end.  Unfortunately, the Irish have had their lives messed up by the global Depression 2.0 recession like the rest of us; but an influx of tourist dollars (in Euro form) would be of some help to them.

Eireann85 came about because I had all these prints and slides from my first Irish visit languishing in photo albums, and I wanted to do something with them.  Thus, having already opened up our first two LairShops, Artifacts of the Lair and The LithicLair, yet another LairShop seemed like a logical step.  The tough part was deciding which prints to scan and upload to our Image collection at Cafepress.  At the time we were shooting various landmarks and archaeological/prehistoric sites in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, I was still sort of learning to do scenic photography with my old 35mm. Pentax somethingorother, now long since deceased (I managed to sell the lens to a used camera shop a few years ago; but the guy wouldn't touch the actual camera with a ten-meter stadia rod).  Hence, my one surviving shot of the cliffs of Moher, a popular site to visit on Ireland's west coast, got its auto lighting a bit screwed up; the cliffs look more like a multi-tiered black bookshelf lying on its side.  However, I was lucky enough to get some decent shots of the Giant's Causeway (right as I was running out of shots in my film supply), as well as a few dolmens and stone circles in the Carrowmore megalithic complex, spread out over a number of farmers' fields near Sligo town (taken in rather stormy, windy weather, with local farmers out liming their fields, and warning me to stay upwind of the lime dust.  I needed to head to a roadside pub for a nice hot whiskey-and-lemon after that trek).

Anyway, our Eireann85 LairShop is the result of the collection of mid-1980's 35mm. prints scanned and uploaded, with some tweaking on Photoshop along the way.  We have also recently added a few images from my 2006 solo tour around Ireland (only my second-ever visit!) sometime in the future.  I just hope it's not another 21 years until my next visit to the Emerald Isle!  Here, meanwhile, are some linked items from the LairShop itself.  Click on each image to be taken to its Cafepress sales page:


Carrowmore Dolmen White T-Shirt Irish Rainbow Mousepad Giant's Causeway Mug Killybegs Ruins 2006 Dark T-Shirt, available in 8 colors!

Enjoy! And pay a visit to an Irish dolmen today!!

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