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Archive of the Lair, Page II

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NEW UPDATE (WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011): Folks, I think this Archive Lair 2 has gone nearly a year with NOTHING in it! Gah. I'm just now working on the Archiving process once Again, beginning with the excavation of Archive Lair 2010! Has the Lair really been around that Long?? Why, yes it has! Why are my laptop's "w" and "2" keys sticking right now? That I don't have a diagnosis for Yet...


So, the LairMistress Wants to Talk to Dead People...

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2011: So, LairLurkers, is Seattle cold Enough for you Yet? Just this past Sunday, the weather got decent Enough for a bunch of us to take our guitars down to Pike Place Market and play some music Outside for the first time in many weeks. Most of the past couple of months, though, the weather has been colder than Average, and rather wet and nasty Besides. Sometimes I think that, if my apartment was not on the third floor of my building, I would be having mold spores Galore growing on my walls and messing up my breathing and such. But I digress.

Why do people tell us that it's "Dangerous" to talk to people in the Spiritual dimension? Why is it so Dangerous to talk to these folks now, when there was no danger Involved in speaking to them when they were still in their bodies, on this side of the Veil? An assortment of religious leaders and authors (who shall remain Nameless) repeatedly warn against "contact with the dead", because doing So may well unleash "Powerful occult forces." Like what, exactly? If I should successfully make contact with my Dad, or one or more of my grandparents on the Other Side, this is going to result in...what? The spirits of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe taking over the White House? The real, honest-to-God Santa Claus appearing on CNN? World Peace breaking out? And how do Said religious figures know this for a self-Evident fact, anyway?

Mind you, I do know for a fact that some sort of Spiritual Reality exists; this, for me, is not a matter of faith or belief, but of Firsthand evidence, in addition to my work as a shamanic and Reiki practitioner. And I really wish that somebody would come up with a Safe and Verifiable technique for two-way communication with people in the Next Reality. Just imagine if students could listen to a lecture on the Civil War, or the Battle of Waterloo, by someone who actually took part in it, just as one example. Imagine if now-dead languages from Prehistoric times could be Reconstructed through interviews with speakers of these tongues who lived in the Neolithic era or earlier. Gosh knows how much knowledge and technology, Lost for centuries, could be Recovered through two-way communication with authors and technicians whose literature was Destroyed in the burnings of great European, Asian and New World libraries by religious or other Dictatorial fanatics Bent on controlling all knowledge, and people's access to it. Maybe this is why preachers think it's "Dangerous" to attempt contact with Spiritual or Astral realms.

For now, we seem to lack much in the way of Authentic communication of this sort, aside from Channeled knowledge and some people's psychic sensitivity that may show them lost Historic memories in the presence of artifacts or Constructed landmarks from Lost cultures. The authenticity of such methods is a bit Dubious, of course, which is why I wish we had technology for Accurate, verifiable cross-Dimensional communication. We've got EMF detectors, tape recorders, digital audio recorders, digital cameras and camcorders; and, of course, some rather off-the-wall ITC constructions such as the PX Device, Ovilus/Puck and the Ghost Adventures Crew's so-Called "Spirit Box", which sounds rather like a Juiced-Up short-wave to me (it is Built using AM/FM radio components, after all). The big questions are, of course, how and why do they work (assuming they actually do); and how the heck would a person/entity in the Next Reality figure out how to use one to communicate with the living in this dimension? My late Dad was a physicist/engineer with many years of experience with EMFs; but not every Discarnate person out there has a physics/engineering/electronics background.

This all reminds me of a Recurring dream I've had, in which I'm dead (that is, Living on the Other Side), and making Numerous attempts to contact the living. In the dream, I find this activity rather Frustrating, as few of the "living" are Willing or Able to listen to me, or to communicate Back. Are people from centuries Ago trying to communicate with or influence people in the Present Reality? I'd love to talk with some of them. Way back in my early teens, I had one of those cheap Parker Brothers Ouija Boards for a couple of years (apparently my folks never heard any of those horror stories about Ouijas pulling in Nasty entities from the lower Astral). Couldn't get a peep out of it. Guess I didn't have the "right connections." I eventually sold it at a neighborhood yard sale. Anyway...research in Transdimensional communication mechanics continues on this side (and, who knows, possibly on the Other Side as well!); and it would be really quite Cool if a Definitive communications channel (no medium Required) could Indeed be Established in my lifetime!



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