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Haunted Gallery II: Images from Irish Studies, 1984-1985

Finally my old photos taken during my two semesters with the School of Irish Studies in Dublin, Ireland (1984-1985) can be taken out of their sticky photo album pages (hopefully without being torn up while being scraped off the adhesive) and see the light of day again. Online, that is...Click on the thumbnails to see the larger images.

All images copyright by Karen I. Olsen.


Dolmen, Carrowmore Neolithic complex, Co. Sligo, March 1985.

Giant's Causeway (facing ocean), Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, April 1985.

Giant's Causeway (facing inland), Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, April 1985.

Irish Rainbow, near Tullamore, Rep. of Ireland, Easter weekend 1985.

Stone Circle, Carrowmore Neolithic Complex, Co. Sligo, March 1985.

Waterfall, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow (?), March 1985.

Ulster Folk Park, near Belfast, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, October 1984.

Howth Head, from Blackrock, Co. Dublin (?), c. April 1985.

Canal outside Tullamore, Rep. of Ireland, Easter Saturday, 1985.


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