Haunted Gallery I: Images from the LairCraft eStores

Haunted Gallery I: Images from the LairCraft eStores

Welcome to the Lair's first official Image Gallery, hopefully just the first of Several! These are the non-photo images featured on our LairCraft eStore products, to which the LairMistress will soon be adding some new Neolithic-inspired items. Enjoy these in the meantime, and don't forget to visit The LithicLair, to check out the products to which many of them are attached! Just click on the thumbnails below to see the larger images.

Note: Some of these thumbnails link to gallery prints or Cafepress products featuring the same image.

All images are Copyright 2002 by Karen I. Olsen.


Aqua Spiral

LithicLair Star Logo

Neolithic Mandala

Neolithic Butterfly

Clan Mother's Manifesto

Jeweled Fire

Neolithic Hand Strata

Green Spiral

Kari's Lair: Semi-
Official LairLogo

Neolithic Poltava I

Neolithic Poltava II

Together Across the

LairCraft Store Blue
Star Logo

The Cosmic Web


Bird-Masked Dancer


Anyway, this is what we've got up on the eStores so far. More recently scanned work-to-be-embellished is also in the works. Please stay Tuned!


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