SculpeyLair: Following in the Steps of the Cucuteni Potters


It was an ex-roommate and Burning Man fan who introduced me to Sculpey polymer clay several summers ago, as she was manufacturing clay beads to trade for other goods and services at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. It was not long before I discovered the potential of this material (soft and rubbery though it is) to be turned into lovely ornaments and small pots with decorative designs of Celtic and Neolithic origins, among other things. And now I'm looking for ways to market my own brand of polymer clay creations, complete with multicolored clay inlay work! This is also my tribute to the Neolithic potters of the Classical Cucuteni culture (of Neolithic Eastern Europe) for sharing their dynamic designs with me through their surviving artifacts! This LairLinks collection of course, is far from complete; more links are surely Forthcoming!

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Potters' Lairs: Links for Sculpey Lovers and Other Polymer Clay Fans

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Peddling Pots: AuctionLairs and Other Places to Sell Stuff

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