Indie Media: NewsLairs That DON'T Watch What They Say

Sorry, LairFolks, but I couldn't resist! When White House spokesman Ari Fleischer started wagging his finger at us and telling the media, gutsy comedians and the American people to "watch what they say", my instinctive gut reaction, ironically enough, was unfit for publication. Let's just say my reaction was what is almost universally represented by a raised middle finger (or a raised thumb, in Australia)! Therefore, I began linking from the Home Lair Page to a series of alternative media sites that consciously DON'T "watch what they say", and before long, this LairLinks Page became a wicked gleam in the LairMistress's eye! Here is just a smattering of said alt-media LairLinks, representing independent media on the web. Naturally, my left-wing/progressive/feminist bias is showing. So sue me.


Alternative, Indie and Progressive NewsLairs

The Stranger: Seattle's Own famously irreverent alt-media Vehicle
Progressive Magazine Online
Independent Media Center: Central Website
Philadelphia's City Paper: Online Edition
From the Wilderness Publications and their Mirror Site
Michael News Clearinghouse for the "U.S. Government in Exile"
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
WorkingForChange and ActForChange, both brought to you by Working Assets!
Subliminal News: "Nixed News, Hidden Headlines & Censored Stories"
Al-Jazeera: English Edition: Now HERE'S an "Alternative" media source for ya!
Alternative Press Review
The Onion: "America's Finest News Source"
The Ironic Times: "Expect the Ironic"
Tom A Public Interest Journal
The Daily Rotten: "News You Cannot Possibly Use"
Blather: News, Pop Culture and Frosty Chocolate Shakes (and the Links section ain't bad either) Learn why Clear Channel is "the Microsoft of Music"
Ruckus Newspaper: Progressive Publication at the University of Washington
Eat the State! Online
Washington Free Press (Online Edition)
The Nation (Online Edition)
Common Dreams Website
Counterpunch Newspaper Online
Cafe Progressive Website
World Press Review
Feminist Majority Foundation Online

Alternative NewsLair Directories and Other Fascinating LairNetworks

AJR NewsLink Directory: AltPapers
Alternative Press Index Online Directory
The Progressive Media Project
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
TruthOut: News and Politics Network
Centre for Research on Globalization (Canada)
Reporters Without Borders: Fight for your right to be Informed!
Media World Website
What Really Happened: Various alternative views on 9/11
Alternative Press Index
Association of Alternative Newsweeklies (AAN) Website
Alliance Media Links: Progressive Electronic Media Directory
Alliance Web Page of Links
Progressive Populist Alternative Media Links
The Nation's Special September 11 Resources Page
PeaceNet Articles Archive Index
America's Progressive Community
Welcome to ZNet (Affiliated with Z Magazine Online)
People-Link Website Directory
Jay's Leftist & Progressive Internet Resources Directory
Change Links Online
EnviroLink Network
WebActive Website

Alt-NewsLairs On the Air: Alternative/Indie Radio & TV Lairs

Reclaim the In radio, smaller is better...
Radio 4 All Website
ZNet's Alternative Radio
Free Speech TV
Not On The Radio: Join the Music Revolution!
Seattle's Studio X
Free Seattle Radio
Central Seattle Grassroots Radio
Greater Seattle Radio Dial
Radio Free World Website
FUCC Radio Details


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