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Iraq Activist Lairs: Join the Struggle to End the Sanctions!

If you think, as we do here in the PassionLair, that the 11-year genocidal sanctions regime on Iraq is illegal, immoral and unethical, then join us in our campaign to end them! Our hard work, love and guts in swimming against the mainstream current has resulted in the near-collapse of international support for continuing the sanctions in the last few years. Let us join hands and hearts with the people of the world in seeing that all people everywhere are fed, healthy, aware of the seasons, and in peace! Salaam/Shalom/Síocháin/Peace!!!

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LairLinks for the People of Iraq Part I

Voices In The Wilderness
VITW's Iraq Peace Team
Citizens Concerned for the People of Iraq
Interfaith Network of Concern (INOC)
Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation (WWFOR)
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC)
National Network to End the War Against Iraq
Pax Christi USA Only the people can stop war!
Pax Christi Links Page
American Friends Service Committee
Resource Center for Nonviolence
Food Not Bombs
Iraq Action Coalition
Church Council of Greater Seattle
Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (Cambridge University, UK)
Iraq Crisis Antiwar Homepage (Nonviolence Web)
Voice of the Arab World Iraq Page
Bay Area Coalition to End the Sanctions on Iraq
The Mariam Appeal (UK)
Campaign to End the Iraq Sanctions (Ireland)
Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace
SCN Seattle Activist Calendar
Washington Peace Center
Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Anti-Imperialist

LairLinks for the People of Iraq Part II

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Remember the Iraqi Children: The Million Postcard Project
Life and Death in Iraq: Seattle Post-Intelligencer Special Report
University Congregational Church (UCC) Justice and Peace Ministry
Toward Freedom Magazine: March 2001 Iraq Article
National Priorities Project News Links Website
2020 Vision Website
Relief Web Site
Mashriq Iraq Relief Project
Global Movement to End the War Against Iraq
OneWorld Guides: Iraq Page Website
The Fire This Time: A Grant Wakefield Audio Project
Americans Against Bombing Iraq
Canadian Network to End Sanctions on Iraq
Canadian Site on the Omran Bus Caravan
The Right to Life of Civilian Populations
The Benjamin Committee for Iraq
The Children of Iraq Newsletter
Open Directory Project: Iraq Sanctions Links
Out There News: Iraq Under Sanctions
Veterans For Peace: The Iraq Water Project

LairLinks for the People of Iraq Part III

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center
War Resisters League
Iowans for Peace with Iraq Iraq Crisis Links Page
IAC Reports: Iraq Sanctions Challenge
Campaign to Save a Generation
Campaign to End Sanctions on Iraq
Sanctions Against Iraq: Global Policy Page
Hidden Agenda: The Films and Writings of John Pilger
Iraq Action Coalition Website
United Nations Office of the Iraq Program (Oil for Food)
The Campaign of Conscience: Iraq Peacebuilding
UNICEF Newsline: Iraq Surveys Show Humanitarian Emergency
Iraq Resource Information Site (IRIS)
ZNet Iraq Crisis Page
American Muslim Council Website
Sanctioning Peace Website
Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations, NYC
National Gulf War Resource Center: Depleted Uranium (DU) Data Links
Iraq Background Information Links Page Iraq Daily News Website
Yahoo! World Full Coverage: Current Iraq News
Gulflink Depleted Uranium (DU) General FAQ Page
Iraq 4 Iraq News and Culture Search Engine



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