Hey Kids! It's the Lair's New FunCave Arcade!!

Well, it had to happen Sooner or Later. In these Oh-So-Interesting times, we decided that we needed a little Cheap (preferably Free) entertainment in the PassionLair. So we're Off and seeking LairLinks to the best Games, Puzzles, Trivia Quizzes, Random Text Generators and other sources of Mindless Pleasure. With any luck, we won't list anything here that requires special downloads, anything you have to pay for, or special registration that automatically signs you up for any more Abominable junk email than you're already getting! Enjoy!!

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Free Online Puzzle Games, Generators and Quizzes

The Resignator: Letter of Resignation Generator
The Seattle Times Magic 8 Ball
MSN Bejeweled: Free Online
PlayFate: the Fate Game Resource Site
Universal Maze
Seattle PI Games Arcade
Elsewhere.org's Band Names Generator
Jackson Pollock Painting Generator by Miltos Manetas
Jigsawland.com: Jigsaw Puzzles Online
JigZone: Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise
Elouai.com: Great site for Dollmaking, Room making, etc.
Quizzes by MyYearbook.com
Quizilla.com: the Ultimate Online Quiz site

Crosswords, Sudoku and All That Jazz

Sudoku Classic Daily
Seattle Times Crossword
Universal Crossword (courtesy of the Seattle PI)
Weekly Universal Trivia Quiz
Sudoku Online: Sudoku of the Day
Web Sudoku: Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online
Online Word Search
PuzzlerParadise Print & Solve Logic Puzzles

Package Deals: Whole Assortments of Games to Play, Download, Etc.

NorthwestSource Games Arcade
MSN: Encarta QuizLair
MSN Games: Play Free Online
WildGames: Play and Download
Big Fish Games: Where the World Goes to Play
Disney's FamilyFun Activity Center
Games for Kids from Disney Online
Buena Vista: Disney Online Video Games
GamesGnome: Free Online Games
Puzzles.com Puzzle Playground
Conceptis Puzzles: The Art of Logic
QuizHub: Fun K-12 Interactive Learning Center


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