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WomanSpirit Lairs: Genesis Resources, Goddess Sites and Shamanic Practitioners

The Divine Feminine is a kind of secret, compartmentalized area of my life, but I cannot deny my affinity for Her. The world feels different when I mentally turn God into a Goddess. And the way things are now, it's long past time for Grandmothers to take over the world. Likewise, shamanic practitioners the world over are journeying, praying and drumming for answers to the problem of how to wage peace, within and without.

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Lairs of the Goddess: Women's/Feminist/Goddess Spirituality Links

Starhawk's Home Page
The Reclaiming Website
The Marija Gimbutas Home Page
A Woman's Journey: Very Impressive Women's Spirituality LairLinks Complex!
University of Creation Spirituality
The Earth-Based Community Page
Jambalaya Spirit: Luisah Teish's Website
International Online Pagan Artist Network (IOPAN) Website
WGDS Goddess Internet Radio
Covenant of the Goddess (COG) Homepage
The Church of All Worlds (CAW) Official Website
Witchvox Website A Pagan Primer
BardicArts Homepage: Pagan/goddess song lyrics and poems
The Pagan Library
United Pagan Circles (Central Coast)
Fellowship of the Earth (FOTE) Website
Z Budapest's Website
Mary Daly's Home Page
Mara Freeman: Chalice Center for Celtic Spirituality
New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn (NROOGD) Website
Francesca De Grandis: The 3rd Road
Circle of Aradia Website The Magickal Mother's Resource Site
Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) Website
Circle Sisters Website (Dianic Wicca)
Susun Weed's Homepage/Wise Woman Center
Honor the Earth: Indigenous Women's Network Links Directory
Circle Sanctuary Website
Grandmother Spider's SpiritWeb: Goddess WebLinks
The Goddess 2000 Project
Mother The Web Bizar

Walkers Between the Lairs: International Shamanism Links

Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Shamanic Visions Homepage
Seattle Wisdom School Homepage
Sandra Ingerman's Home Page 2001
ShamanWeaver: Shiela Baker's Homepage
Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies
Gabrielle Roth and The Moving Center: Dance/movement as healing meditation
Shaman World: Your Guide for the Inner Journey
The Three Worlds Website (Irish Shamanism)
World Tree Foundation
Spirit Search Directory (Metaphysical Search Engine)
Pat Homeyer's Shamanic Healing Site
Shamanic Circles Homepage
Global Shamanic Circles Website Includes info on use of entheogens/hallucinogens in shamanism
Prayers of Peace Site
Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism (UK)
Working with Animal Spirits
Hrafnar (The Ravens): Germanic Religion/Norse Shamanism
The Portable School: Symbols and Healing
The Blue Roebuck: Goddesses and Sacred Trees

In the Beginning Was the Lair: Researching That Myth in Genesis (Something to Break My Heart With!)

Genesis: Notes for Research (Original Article)
Carol Christ's Ariadne Institute
The Jewish Pagan Resources Page
The Ancient World Web
Qadash Kinahnu: A Canaanite-Phoenician Temple
The Lilith Institute Website
WSSLinks: Women and Theology
Under Shekhina's Wings
Suppressed Histories Archives
The Belly Dance Home Page
The Goddess in World Mythology: Paintings by Sandra Stanton
Women of the World Website
Serpentina: Women-Centered Research for Everybody
How the Snake Slithered into Eden: Article by William Sierichs Jr., published in The Skeptical Review in 1998.
The Time of Goddess (Creation Mythology article)
Spiral Goddess Grove (Divine Feminine information and resource site)



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