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Practically every other person I meet on the Net these days is Editor in Chief of their own ezine, webzine, newsblog, or some kind of zine or newsletter (*Amazon.com affiliate textlink). Well-known magazines and newspapers typically have both print and online editions at present, and their content is not necessarily identical. I've seen whole WebLairs devoted to news items and other duty-free filler stuff that people can put on their zine pages. I'm still learning what zines are and how they work, and I am interested in publishing my original writings online and getting paid for it besides! Is the Lair a zine? Perhaps the Home Lair could pass for one at times; but I generally put news items in my own words, as opposed to lifting and pasting pre-packaged versions thereof...


Insert Keyword Here: Directories for Your Favorite ZineLairs

EzineHub.com: Zine Search Directory
Topica.com: e-Newsletter Directory
Best Zines Directory
PubList.com: Publications List Website
Ezine-Universe Website
The Market List for Genre Fiction Writers
Gila Queen's Guide to Markets
Ralan's Webstravaganza
Mary Soon Lee's List of Speculative Fiction Markets
Absinthe Literary Review's LairLinks Page
Spicy Green Iguana (new url)
The Poetry Page: Poets and Poetry Resources

ZineLairs that the Neighbors Tunneled In (from Other LairWrit LairPages, That Is)

Creative Nonfiction Magazine
Writers and Publishers e-Zine (UK)
Scribe & Quill Website
Blue Ear.com Website
Peridot Books Ezine
Cafe Irreal
Moxie Magazine Online Edition
Twilight Showcase
Recursive Angel
Neverworlds.com Speculative Fiction Zine
LesbiaNation Online
Millennium Shift Online
Anotherealm.com SFFH Zine
Fate Magazine
Absinthe Literary Review
Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy
Mocha Memoirs Ezine
The Tales' Realm
Pantarbe (Mythopoetic Zine)
Moveo Angelus
Deep Outside SFFH (Clocktower Fiction)
Crescent Blues Fiction Zine
Web Del Sol (Literary Zine Hub)
The Blue Moon Review

ZineLairs We Had to Go Out and Hunt Up (Outside of Other LairWrit LairPages)

Just Like Honey (Music reviews, Links etc.)
Tom Paine.com: A Public Interest Journal
Zoetrope: All Story
Quantum Muse: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Alternative Stories and Artwork
The Barcelona Review: Contemporary Short Fiction
Poetry Daily: A New Poem Every Day
Broken Boulder Press: Neotrope and Gestalten
Gothic.Net: The Right Kind of Spooky...
Signum Webzine: That's Retrotainment
Orlo's The Bear Deluxe


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