DIYLair: If You Want Your Writing Right, You Gotta Publish It Yourself...

Okay, so I've got collections of original songs, poems, articles, short stories, and that God-knows-what-will-happen-to-it novel, Power Objects. I want to publish all of them. How to do so without sucking up to hundreds of corporate Publishing Lairs? Learn how to self-publish, e-publish, and otherwise Burrow these creations into their own special Lairs, and Splash the news of their Presence all over the Net! Here are some Self-Publishing and Writer's Networking Lairs that I've been lurking in, in between trying to get myself into the right world music ensemble! (* Affiliate text links in red-violet)


PromoterLairs, For Lack of a Better Term

SiteProNews Homepage Homepage

WebLairs that ePublish and Print by Popular Demand

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LairLinks on How to Do This Self-Publishing Thing to Start With Basics of Self-Publishing Page
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