Individual Freelance MarketLairs: For the Creative Writer's Lurking Pleasure

Thursday morning, 11:23 am, November 15, 2001: I'm here at Agape Chapel, just off my Thursday morning 6-9 AM desk shift, and I barely know my own name. I think I'm going to start the individual Freelance Writing MarketLair Links Page here (Affiliate Text Link); but it could end up sporting links to Superconductor Corporate MarketLairs, if I don't watch what the hell I'm doing...


MarketLairs from our Online Writing Database (see Writer's Weekly and Writer's Digest, et. al.)

Feminews by Amy Gahran
ENews Electronic Newstand
ByLine Magazine
Blurbzine Online
Craig's List: Community-Related Postings (by City)
Pulp Eternity Online
The MoJo Wire: Mother Jones Online
Crescent Blues
Deep Outside (Clocktower Fiction)
Moveo Angelus
Pantarbe (Mythopoetic Zine)
The Tale's Realm
Mocha Memoirs Ezine
The Literary Traveler
Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy
Absinthe Literary Review
SageWoman Online
Parabola Magazine Online
Fate Magazine Website
Gnosis Magazine Online
Yes! Magazine of Positive Futures
Magical Blend Online
SoJo: Sojourners Magazine Online

Some of the Fifty Best MarketLairs To Lurk In (If You're a Freelance Writer)

Travelwise Magazine Online
Writer Online
Anotherealm Online
On the Bright Side
Millennium Shift Online
Blue Murder Magazine
Dragonlaugh Magazine
Mysteries in a Flash (from
Kafenio Online
Recursive Angel Online
Twilight Showcase
Women's International Net Magazine
Moxie Magazine
Pif Magazine
Peridot Books
Cafe Irreal
Fantasy, Folklore & Fairytales

Online Editions: MarketLairs in Ezine/Webzine Form

About Such Things
Lapis Online
Build Zine
The Artful Dodge
Shepherd Express
Orlo's The Bear Deluxe
Electric Wine
Cafe Irreal
American Woman Road & Travel Magazine
Troika Online
Christian Century Online
Sticky Yellow Notes
Suite 101 Website
Blue Ear Online
Scribe and Quill Society
The Beltane Papers: Online Edition



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