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LairWrit Paying Market Directories: Guides to Literary Fame and Fortune

For the moment, I don't have precise categories for these online paying market directories. I just know I'm glad to have them. Perhaps I'll just call them the Best, and Best of the Rest, until I've figured out how to put them in more specialized categories. Happy and Prosperous Market Hunting!!

UPDATE (TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2012): I'm finally updating some of these LairLinks pages, LairCronies! And, just as I suspected, a number of the links are Dead on Arrival; some of the sites have different names Now; and some of them just have different urls that I need to look up! Actually, I'm pleasantly Surprised so Far that so many of these LairLinks are still Up and Running. So bear with us; I'll get as much Done as I can before the coffeeshop closes Tonight!


The Best Known Market Lairs, Courtesy of Max's Mom (Angela Adair-Hoy)

Writer's Weekly Website (Front Page)
Writing for Dollars/Writer's Place (Note: New Url!)
Absolute Write Newsletter
Master Freelancer Website
Cyber Oasis/SunOasis Website
Write Markets Reports
Writer's Weekly Current Paying Markets Site
Topica/Liszt Newsletter Directory (New url!)
Blueberry Press: Featuring The Writer's Friend
New-List (the Directory Formerly Known as Ezine Universe)
ZedBiz (formerly Escribe Newsletter Directory)

Best of the Rest of the Market Lairs (courtesy of Debbie Ridpath Ohi, among Others)

Xlibris Marketplace Page
Writer's Digest Online
Writing for Dollars Markets Guidelines
InkyGirl: Debbie Ohi's Latest Incarnation (plus an explanation re: the Fate of
Writers' Online Guidelines (Guide to Paying Markets)
Paula Guran's Website for Online Writers (Slightly New Url!)
Writers Write Submission Guidelines Links
The Market List: Writer's Market Guide
Worldwide Freelance Writer: Includes free links, and market lists for sale
Freelance Success Website
John Hewitt's Writer's Resource Center
Working Writers Newsletter
Writer's Market Online Homepage
Webring Directory

Genre-Specific Directory LairLinks

Mary Soon Lee's List of Speculative Fiction Markets
Ralan's Webstravaganza: Writing Market Info
Gila Queen's Guide to Markets (esp. Horror Fiction!)
AlienQ (SciFi Markets)


LithicStock: Imagekind Photo/Art Gallery


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