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HI ALL! This is my new Homepage/Cave/Lair.

At the moment, it is still under construction, but I hope it will soon be a fun place and music/writing promotion tool. If it doesn't crash somehow, or I forget my password to get into this thing.

Be sure to check out the links on this homepage (and I hope their originators don't mind my linking to them!)

Today, June 20, 2001, is the birthday of this site. May it have many more anniversaries.

--Karen I. Olsen


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And It Shall Rain Forever and Ever...

Photo Courtesy of KING5.com Webcams.


The Lair's eStores: Our Official Cafepress LairShops!

NEWSFLASH (WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 2009): LairCronies, a new PromoLair has just been Excavated! After thinking about it Awhile, we decided to start up a blog that promotes our Cafepress LairShops (in lieu of a CP newsletter), and have it Attached, more or less, to the Home Lair at Angelfire. The blog will promote the LairShops; now we have to get Going like gangbusters and promote the blog! It's called The LairShops Beckon.

In the process of Dredging out this PromoLair, we learned a thing or two about what they call "Advanced Customization" (that thing they don't really let you do with free LJs). We are learning how to tweak the Stylesheets, the code for Main page entries, the LairLinks sidebar, and such like. We just put up our first two posts in the past couple of days; now we have to alert the Entire planet to the existence of this thing; and by extension, the LairShops! Just click on the image Below, or the text link Above, to check it out...

The LairShops Beckon: Cafepress Shops PromoLair


Artifacts of the Lair: Lair Logos and other Originals for LairLurkers!

The LithicLair: Graphics and scanned ceramic images inspired by Neolithic European art!

Eireann85: Images of photos taken during the LairMistress's travels in Ireland in 1984-1985!

All Bunnyz, All The Time:
Another Cafepress Store.
My dad sent me this Bunny pic.
It looks a little spooky,
But some people dig that stuff.

Also, check out The Violin Case eStore:
Cool Products with a Violin theme,
by my childhood friend, violin teacher
Julie Tebbs of Kirkland, WA!!


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I've Got a Spiritual Backup on the Ol' Jersey Turnpike (If You Know What I Mean)...

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2018: Good evening, LairLurkers all; welcome to the First Home Lair article of 2018! This weekend also marks the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, a city Somewhere in South Korea that I've never heard of until Now. I watched the Opening Ceremonies last night on the TV behind my building's lobby's front desk, as my giant television that I won in a drawing a couple of years ago wasn't registering a very good picture. But I digress.

The intentional blocking of my attempts to make money and achieve Professional success continues Unabated; and I believe my Personal version of the Cosmic Intelligence is doing all or most of the blocking. And this is not Right. Not everything Divinity does is Right, Good or Necessary; and this shit has got to stop. I will not tolerate being Treated as a piece of machinery, a cyborg, or a puppet on strings by any Higher Power, be it good, bad or Indifferent. I am nobody's slave; I need someone to help me succeed at the work I want to do and the life I want to live, not to block me at every turn. I want to be a Successful touring folksinger, songwriter, photographer and writer; and I need someone who will support my agenda, not force me to fake interest in theirs. If this requires Intentional manipulation of the Cosmic Web or whatever, so be it. I will not live in Dire poverty any Longer; I do not want to continue being Afraid of sex and intimacy (I often fear that I may, in fact, be Asexual, and I don't like that one bit); and I will not use my skills and abilities to plug ideologies that I find Abusive and Intolerable. Somehow, however, I suspect that this blockage I speak of will not respond to doses of castor oil or Metamucil. If only Hogwarts actually existed, and had an Adult Wizarding Education program Up and Running. Minus an Actual guide and mentor from Wizarding Britain, where will I go for help? Religious Right types are screaming bloody murder about the "rise in Paganism" going on here and there; but I don't consider this a bad thing. Lots of folks, myself Included, need help that we are not finding in more-Conventional world religions, with their billion-plus memberships. Not everyone feels at home in the same house.

I wanted to study and work with my all-time favorite musician, and this opportunity was snatched Away from me over twenty years Ago. That was and is, simply freaking Wrong; and that whole course of events has got to be Reversed and Corrected. I have a right to chart my own course in life; and nobody has the right to fling one wrench after another into my gears. I wanted to tour and perform with my favorite Irish band many years Ago; instead, I was Obligated to sign my life Away in one Academic semester after another, because my relatives insisted on it. That was also Wrong; and I want to continue relating to these musicians as guides, mentors and guardian angels for my musical work (gosh knows I dream about them often Enough, even Now). I want to perform, tour and compose new music with my favorite Local performer; he's still Alive, of course, but how will I persuade him to work with someone whose "silhouette does not agree with [him]", to quote one of the songs I've written for him? That will have to be Arranged somehow, in any case. Plus, there are any number of other folk and world music performers I want to work with while they're still here on the Earth Plane, even though they have Yet to hear of me, thanks to the Abovementioned chronic/intentional blocking mechanism. By hook, by crook, or by carefully Channeled magick, this shit (as Aforementioned) has got to stop. I am seeking new and benevolent Cosmic Energy to put a stop to whatever is blocking my progress, and send it the hell Back to Wherever it originated.


Anyway, here Again are some new Antiwar and other Progressive LairLinks that have crossed our path Recently, as well as some old favorites from Before--Newly Updated (note new URLs for some orgs)! We find it really funny that Not In Our Name is Gone; but the Iraqi Information Minister site is still Up and Running...


CommonDreams.org WeLoveTheIraqiInformationMinister.com Salam Pax's Weblog AlterNet Online
Back To Iraq 3.0 (Christopher Allbritton's blog series) CREDO Action (formerly Working for Change)
Independent Media Center (Archived) Baghdad Burning: Riverbend's Weblog (Archived) School of the Americas Watch
ZNet/Z Magazine (New URL) The Shalom Center (New URL) OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone)
World Can't Wait Iraq Body Count Michael Moore.com Electronic Iraq.net (New URL)
Salam Pax's New Blog Southern Poverty Law Center Salam Pax's Wordpress Blog
CorpWatch.org Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC):Temporary New URL
Voices in the Wilderness (Archived) Fellowship of Reconciliation World Youth Peace Organization


Seattle Summer/Fall Festivals Upcoming: The Newest Update (well, More or Less...)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 2017: Yes, I was in the middle of updating our festival listings. Then the bloody Starbucks Wifi went all Dodgy, and this Webshell crashed on me, and wiped out most of my new information. Fuck it. I'm not starting Over right this second, thanks Anyway... >:(

Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival (Sept. 1-3)




LONG OVERDUE UPDATE: Yes, we still have an Affiliate-Associates relationship with the business referred to in these lovely banners. However, we will soon have promo banners to some of our LairShops, photo galleries, and other stuff that benefits us directly! If you check 'em out and buy stuff, that is...


What I Hope To Accomplish Here

Here is a more detailed discussion of my musical and other creative goals for the rest of 2001 and beyond.


My Favorite Web Sites (a Partial Listing...)

Liam Clancy: A World of Music

Jason Webley: Independent Musician/Accordion Guy

NEW! Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Turkish Fansite: The new Nusrat site we've been waiting for!
GoddessKRING: Shannon Kringen's Website and ArtShrine: Caution! Delicious Adult Photographic
Artwork and other Audio/Visual Delights to be found Within!

BeliefNet.com: The Mother of all Multi-Religious discussion and news sites. Never a dull moment.

Starhawk's Tangled Web: Adventures, Projects and Writings of the Lair's Favorite Witch.

Makem Central: Tommy Makem and the Makem Brothers


The lovely Celtic circle at the top of this page (and the turquoise cross atop the Goals 2001 Page) comes to us courtesy of the Free Celtic Clipart Page at Ireland-Information.com. For the best in free Celtic clipart, do pay them a visit!

Likewise, the LairMistress has had great fun with the cool animated graphics provided free of charge by The Animation Factory--as you can see, I've got animated critters all over the Lair by now! At least one new animated critter is birthed on their site every day! Check them out at the LairLink above!


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