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Kari's Lair: Home of the Virgo Folkie

Kari's Lair: Fáilte Isteach!

HI ALL! This is my new Homepage/Cave/Lair.

At the moment, it is still under construction, but I hope it will soon be a fun place and music/writing promotion tool. If it doesn't crash somehow, or I forget my password to get into this thing.

Be sure to check out the links on this homepage (and I hope their originators don't mind my linking to them!)

Today, June 20, 2001, is the birthday of this site. May it have many more anniversaries.

--Karen I. Olsen


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And It Shall Rain Forever and Ever...

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NEWSFLASH (WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 2009): LairCronies, a new PromoLair has just been Excavated! After thinking about it Awhile, we decided to start up a blog that promotes our Cafepress LairShops (in lieu of a CP newsletter), and have it Attached, more or less, to the Home Lair at Angelfire. The blog will promote the LairShops; now we have to get Going like gangbusters and promote the blog! It's called The LairShops Beckon.

In the process of Dredging out this PromoLair, we learned a thing or two about what they call "Advanced Customization" (that thing they don't really let you do with free LJs). We are learning how to tweak the Stylesheets, the code for Main page entries, the LairLinks sidebar, and such like. We just put up our first two posts in the past couple of days; now we have to alert the Entire planet to the existence of this thing; and by extension, the LairShops! Just click on the image Below, or the text link Above, to check it out...

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#FreeJustina and the Three-Ring Circus

SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014: LairCronies, maybe y'all can help me here. I've been rather Preoccupied with this Bizarre civil rights/medical custody case since late last year, when the progressive news/petition site clued me in about what has befallen a teenage girl from Connecticut named Justina Pelletier. The youngest of four daughters in a family from West Hartford, Justina had, until February of last year, been treated for a Rare genetic condition called mitochondrial disease (which potentially affects the entire body, aside from red blood cells), with which one of her sisters has also dealt for some time. Long story short: Justina, described as a Talented young artist and "ice-skating fanatic", caught the flu a year Ago in February, was transported to Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) to see her gastrointestinal specialist. Almost immediately upon her admittance, her case was "Intercepted" by a couple of neurology residents, who unilaterally decided to change her diagnosis (which she hadn't come for to begin with) and treatment plan. Her folks disagreed with this action, and tried to return her to her Usual doctors at Tufts University Medical Center; the BCH psychiatric and neurology team, with lightning speed, called in a Child Protection team, and alerted Massachusetts' CPS agency (DCF, or "Dept. of Children and Family Services"), accusing Justina's parents of something called "Medical Child Abuse", insinuating that they had "overmedicalized" the teenager (or, at least, erred on the side of too many doctor visits). This got Justina taken into custody by DCF as a ward of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, even though she and her family reside in Connecticut. Still following me here? Yeah, I struggle to keep track of the whole scenario myself. For some reason, BCH was Desperate to hang onto this kid as a psychiatric patient. But for what ends?

Ever since this occurred some fifteen months Ago, an entire National movement, bearing the hashtag moniker "#FreeJustina" has sprung up, and the story has flown all over the world, Online and Off. Rumors, facts, half-truths, accusations and intimations Galore are whipping up the Internet at the speed of a Tweetstorm. It's completely bloody Bonkers. Among said notions are suggestions as to exactly why, as I just mentioned, BCH and DCF are so freaking hell-bent on keeping custody of an out-of-state teenager that they've allegedly spent $2 million dollars of the DCF budget on her case Alone. Speculations include, but are not Limited to, the following: 1) Justina's condition is Psychiatric or Psychosomatic, and her family brainwashed her into thinking she has mitochondrial disease like her sister Jessica; 2) The hospital's psych department is using DCF to recruit young patients for some kind of Somatoform research study, using them as guinea pigs with or without their and their parents' consent; 3) DCF is hanging on to Justina in a personal vendetta against her parents, because the latter are going Hardball in "fighting the system", and state social workers don't like the parents' attitude; and 4) Justina is being Tortured and semi-Sacrificed by evil psych-ward medical personnel and staffers who may or may not have participated in Harvard University's dramatic re-enactment of a "Black Mass." Seriously, LairCronies, I couldn't make this shit up. I have actually seen, heard and/or read all of the Above in online articles, Facebook and Twitter alone. Which brings us to the Abovementioned "Three-Ring Circus"...

UPDATE (TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2014): Just today, Justina Pelletier was (finally!) Released to her parents' custody by the juvenile court judge in Massachusetts who has been screwing with her life during the Past sixteen months. Nonetheless, the "Three-Ring Circus" referred to Above still exists; they're just happier, as of Now, than they used to be. To be Clear: when I refer to the "Three-Ring Circus", I am not speaking of the Vast majority of Justina's good-hearted, Dedicated supporters and advocates, among whom I am Proud to be Counted. Rather, by "Circus", I am referring to the smaller numbers of equally Visible and Vocal individuals and Public figures who persist in bringing their own agendas (related and Otherwise) into the Free Justina campaign. It's those folks whom I consider to be less than Savory or Beneficial to Justina & family's cause; their involvement, if anything, could potentially do more harm than good. To be Concise, they comprise:

1) THE POLITICAL HAYMAKERS: These are (usually right-wing) supporters of Justina and family who keep bringing Unrelated political causes and quarrels into discussions about the Pelletiers' long-running situation. They tend to be right-wing partisans who believe the whole mess can be squarely Blamed on the Democratic majority in Massachusetts' state government, and/or on "liberal politics" generally (seriously--everything from Obamacare to the Common Core curriculum have been brought Up and Vilified in discussions about Justina, online and on-air). Glenn Beck and Matt Barber, among others, are Notorious for displaying these tendencies. Some of them have been verbally Hostile towards progressive supporters of Justina's release--though, to be Fair, most people supporting Justina, though mainly Conservative, are Welcoming of practically anyone who supports the #FreeJustina campaign, Regardless of political affiliation. This Circus crowd, unfortunately, also includes "parents' rights" activists who yell for the Complete abolition of all Child Protection agencies, without addressing the Obvious question of how else children should be Protected from Actual abuse, neglect or sexual exploitation.

2) THE "GOOD VS. EVIL" AVANT-GARDE: There are many religious supporters of Justina who have prayed ceaselessly on her behalf for months, and this is likely a good thing; they are not whom I'm referring to Here. I'm speaking of some really Fanatical types who suspect (and post, and tweet, etc.) that Dark Spiritual Forces are behind Justina's longstanding captivity and her family's suffering, influencing the minds of judges, doctors, social workers and elected officials to refuse repeatedly to release Justina back to her parents. They have been in the habit of demonizing Said clinicians and authorities on Facebook, Twitter and Elsewhere, posting all manner of Frenzied rhetoric on the theme of "spiritual warfare." One frequent implication is that progressives and Democratic voters like myself are also on the "side of evil"; and they are seldom Inclined to retract such allegations. They have likely caused a number of progressive supporters of Justina and family to run Away screaming. I've had to take Occasional breaks from reading their posts myself, to preserve my own hold on rationality; they often read like Lunatic opinion pieces on WorldNetDaily and And then there's...

3) THE "PSYCHIATRY IS A CIA CONSPIRACY" THEORISTS: Since Justina Pelletier was (wrongly, most believe) treated as a psychiatric patient at Boston Children's Hospital for many months, the campaign for her release has attracted scores of folks who believe that psychiatry by itself is a Dangerous pseudo-science, if they don't Otherwise assert it is some kind of evil sorcery Dreamed Up by the CIA during World War II as a way to control and mess with the minds of the masses. There may well be too many Modern "disorders" out there that are, in reality, Normal teenage behavior that's been over-Analyzed; but the anti-Psychiatry crowd are not Content with Proposed overhauls of the DSM-V. They are Keen on discrediting any sort of mental health practice as Postmodern snake oil, going even beyond the aims of MindFreedom International et. al. My only real point of agreement with these folks is that I believe that Justina, and a number of other children and teens have, in fact, been seized by CPS agencies on Fraudulent accusations of abuse (which the medical staffers making Said accusations probably did not even believe themselves), who then pimped them out to hospital psychiatry departments and mental health facilities as psychiatric research study specimens ("wards as lab rats", in my own shorthand). Such practice, even if Legal, cannot possibly be moral, ethical, or Condoned by any precepts of Basic human decency. Let's hope this practice is busted wide Open for public scrutiny very Soon, and Abolished as soon as Possible.

Anyway, my Essential point here is that, even though Justina will be happily Free to go home first thing Tomorrow, the multifaceted issues Raised throughout this debacle are not going Away anytime Soon; and we can look Forward to loads of investigations, reports, and revelations, Unearthed with varying degrees of Invective and political mudslinging... #FreeJustinaAlready


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Free Search Engine Submission
Free Search Engine Submission


Seattle Summer Festivals Upcoming: The Newest Update (well, More or Less...)

SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014: Time to catch Up again, LairLurkers! The World Rhythm Festival got right by us this year! Seriously, we missed the whole freaking thing, because we weren't Alert to the weekend it was On!! We absolutely must NOT let that happen Again...

Seattle Iranian Festival (June 28) Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade (June 20-22)
Skandia's Midsommarfest 2014 (Kenmore, June 29) Seattle PrideFest 2014 Festivities (June 26-29)



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LONG OVERDUE UPDATE: Yes, we still have an Affiliate-Associates relationship with the business referred to in these lovely banners. However, we will soon have promo banners to some of our LairShops, photo galleries, and other stuff that benefits us directly! If you check 'em out and buy stuff, that is...


What I Hope To Accomplish Here

Here is a more detailed discussion of my musical and other creative goals for the rest of 2001 and beyond.


My Favorite Web Sites (a Partial Listing...)

Liam Clancy: A World of Music

Jason Webley: Independent Musician/Accordion Guy
NEW! Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Turkish Fansite: The new Nusrat site we've been waiting for!
GoddessKRING: Shannon Kringen's Website and ArtShrine: Caution! Delicious Adult Photographic
Artwork and other Audio/Visual Delights to be found Within!

My Epinions Record Review Collection The Mother of all Multi-Religious discussion and news sites. Never a dull moment.

Starhawk's Tangled Web: Adventures, Projects and Writings of the Lair's Favorite Witch.

Makem Central: Tommy Makem and the Makem Brothers


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