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Josie's Family Update Site

Josie Wolhart can be reached at:, or at home if you know how to reach her there. Thank you!
You may also use any of the "Email Me" Links on these pages.

Most recent updates and additional pages at bottom of link list.

If you are here looking for my newest page about Support of Our Troops Click Here Or see the link below the other recently added pages.

Please, Explore the world of Wolharts, Isoms, and McCurdys!

Page 1
If you come from Isom stock you may see yourself here!

Page 2
Photos from the vault. Or at least from old family albums.

Page 3
Jake and Karlena Wolhart's page.

Page 4
The McCurdy Family Page. This page also links to Bonny and Joe's wedding page.

Page 6
A page of badly turned out polaroids from the cross-country trip Josie and Karlena took October, 2003.

Page 8
This is a collection of very old photos, mostly of Janis and Dorsey Isom's kids. Some of Janis and Dorsey as kids themselves.

Pages 9-12: Photo Gallery
This is a picture gallery of the Isoms/McCurdys/Wolharts as kids.

Page 13: April
April is 5 now! Look at her gallery here!

Page 14: Summertime
Summertime Photos from Alder lake, July 4, 2005

Page 15: Zoo
Photos from a trip to the zoo taken 7-21-05

Page 16: Lisa and Kevin Brady
Finally the photos from Lisa and Kevin's wedding!

Page 17: About Jo 10/2005
I'm 21 now, and here's a photo or two.

Page 18: April 10/2005
April Ann is 6 and excited about Halloween!

Page 19: Soldiers
I wanted a page honoring servicemen, so here it is! Feel free to add to this page by signing the guestbook!

4/23/2006 Update: Pics from My trip to Georgia and Florida with Karlena

May 6, 2006 Update: Photos from Alder, Elbe, and Ashford

May 9, 2006 Photos from The Canyon, Mountain Highway

Many Images on this page hosted by Image Shack

May 12, 2006: Hikikomori and Me: Explaining Myself

Photos From May 16, 2006: April, Bear, and Josie

July 2006 Update with Pictures

July 16, 2006:
Camping Pictures, Some Pics on Mount Rainier, and the 2006 Reichel Reunion Photos.

View from Alder Dam Viewpoint on Mountain Highway