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	Long long long time ago there was a 

baby boy born on Nov. 8 1983. And named him Orlando 

Marmes Jr. after many years i started going to school 

at the age of 6. and then i graduated in elementary in

Tubod Central Elementary School.. When i'm already in 

high school there's a lot of happynings in my life even 

now i cannot forgot how happy i am when i'm in high school 

day's. i remember when all my classmates together where 

playing basketball. and going to place were we like to go..

and now that his already young he love singing,dancing,sky 

diving... when he turn to college he got hes college scholorship. 

He has many achievements in his life. and now at the present i 

like looking around and going straight for my future.And i'm 

just an ordinary person who you can rely on...