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Personal Biography - Sir Jack Drummond

Jack Drummond

Jack Cecil Drummond was born January 12, 1891,in Newington, County of London, to Nora Gertrude McQuie. No father is listed on his birth registration, yet it seems probable that Major John Drummond was his father. Three month old Jack, Nora Gertrude and Major Drummond resided together at 65 Howard Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester at the time of the 1891 census.

Major John Drummond died, June 1 that same year of bronchitis, age 55, at Wisteria Villa, 65 Howard Road, “aforesaid a bachelor without parent and intestate.” This would suggest that Nora was not in fact his legal wife as John Drummond's personal estate passed into the hands of Maria Spinks, John's “natural and lawful sister and only next of kin”. Possibly he died before being able to change his will. Nora did live on at the address she shared with Major Drummond and was known as Nora Drummond, widow of Major John Drummond. She had another child born January, 1893, father unknown. Nora died seven months later of consumption at age 24.

Maria Drummond was married to George Spinks and in the 1901 census they lived in Charlton, Greenwich, London. George is listed as age 67, retired Captain Q'Master, born Ipswich, Suffolk. Maria was 66 at this time and living with them is Jack Cecil Spinks, age 10, listed as having been born in Newington, London. It seems then that Jack was raised by his aunt and her husband, perhaps following the death of his mother, and carried their name until probably the age of majority when he returned to the Drummond surname.

Jack Drummond married twice. The first time when he was 26 years of age and working as a research chemist. Mabel Helen Straw, age 23 became his wife on July 17, 1917 at St. James's Church, Clapton, Hackney, County of London.

His second marriage took place on the 15th of June, 1940 at the register's office, St. Marylebone. He married Anne Wilbraham, age 32. They had one daughter, Elizabeth. At the time of their deaths on August 4, 1952, they called home Spencer House, Nuthall, Nottingham.

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