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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
Abel R. abely 266026196 Single. Living in Canada. Like traveling due to the nature of my job. Looking for a woman of my dreams. Ask me more. English
Aileen R. nursey 298290733 Age 40ish. Scottish. Like Irish music and dancing, pubs, lots of laughing. English
Allan R. ajax_56 277038590 Male, age 47. Divorced. Interests include camping, fishing, golf, walking along the beach and going for drives in the country. English
Angie R. summers_49 333547862 Female, age 49. Divorced. Live in Texas. Outdoor type person. Seeking romance. English
B. R. Rollinthunder 321193711 Male. With someone but not happy. Looking for more. Love to please ladies. I am adventuristic and respectful, discreet, clean, open to just about anything. Have a very active sex drive. Currently living in Ottawa, Canada, so would like to find a lady(s) from this area for intimate encounters and/or just chat. English
Barbara R. Blondeshak 164818777 Female. Born 10-14-1958. Single. English
Barbara R. Dixie_70 195192774 Female, age 42. Married to a long haul trucker who isn't home much, and even when he is home he may as well be gone. Two children, 22 and 17. Right now I am a stay at home mom but am seeking to change that. I like to read, surf the net, listen to music, take long walks and work out. Have lost 71 lbs. English
Bennie R. benrock 192521836 Age 42. Single male. Black (for those who that is important to). Live in upstate NY. Looking to meet some warm, caring, and understanding woman that wants and needs to be loved, understood, and cared about, not cared for - we care for ourselves; we care about one another. Look me up if you can relate. English
Bev R. bingobev39 60296268 Female, age 56. Live in Pennsylvania. Have 2 married sons and 5 little granddaughters - twins, too. Love crafts, enjoy traveling, love walking outdoors in the park. Love caring sensitive men and wonderful friends and love family. I am a very sensitive caring girl who wants to live her life to its fullest with a very caring person in my life. English
Brenda R. BLR1949 235993718 Female. Born 07/24/49. Divorced for two years. Live in Mountain View, Arkansas. Like to listen to music, camp out, go to the theater or just stay around the house and enjoy being with the right man. English
Carla R. Lina 249759637 Female. Over 40. Like sports, travelling, having friends. Italian, English, French
Catherine R. REBA 7568017 Female. Born in 1960. English
Cindy R. res217kh 252645610 Female. Born in 1958. Divorced. Living in Palm Springs, Ca. English
Colleen R. healedup 275895908 Female, age 43. English
Corey R. cheerful50 214562522 Female, age 50. Work as a legal secretary for the European Union in The Hague. I am cheerful, spontaneous, kind. Hobbies are cycling, music, theatre, a good movie once in awhile, travelling and photography. Like to meet new friends on ICQ. Hope to hear from you. English
Dave R. daver 341470327 Male, age 49. English
David R. cunninglingwist 294984821 Male. Born 12/24/55. Looking for a female FRIEND to chat with. Not looking for real meet. Just want to be on-line friends. English
David R. rdogs 161450371 Male, age 47. Born May 10, '57. Love sports, movies, and travelling. English
Deborah R. deborah 209680585 Female, age 46. Married and living in the U.K. Two children, one at her third year of university and the other at college. Love dancing. Been line dancing for about 7 years but have just discovered Nu Jive. I like meeting and chatting with new people. English
Eduardo R. eddie 336908317 Male. Born 1/28/59. Single. English
Elizabeth R. elizabeth_tulsa 222721260 Female. Born 5/1/1962. Single. Received associate's degree in 2003. Working on my accounting degree at the local university. Collect teddy bears. Love to have fun and laugh. English
Francisco R. francisco 298885629 a Português
Fred R. Happy 21519806 Male. Born in 1945. English
Gabi R. baddy 326260952 Male, age 48. Born 5/10/56. Hebrew
Galal R. Galal 198636856 Male. Born 18.06.1961. English
Geoff R. Hooky 336250138 Male. Born 04/03/61. I`m a happy go lucky type of person. Separated for 3 years now and enjoying life. Enjoy going out on the weekends & meeting people. I play football, darts and also referee on a Sunday morning here in Essex. Feel free to contact me; I`m always happy to chat. Thank you for taking an interest in me. I won`t disappoint you; I`m a friendly chap. English
Glynn R. glynn 102244000 Male. Divorced. Like anything outdoors and some indoors. Like reading, woodworking, use of hands. English
Graham R. gra 1519542 Male, age 59. A happy, jokey person who likes to talk to middle aged women. I love my red wine, Indian food and humourous chat. When I get to make a friend, I am a friend "for life." English
Grant R. grogan 32466948 Male. Born 7/8/56. English
Guillermo R. Guillermo 120686812 Hombre, 47 años. Español
Henrike R. Ike 220896742 Single. Saarland (Deutschland). Sprachen, Mode, Design, Sport, cosmopolitisch Denkend. Deutsch, Franzsisch, Englisch, Italienisch
Ira R. ahotblackman2 215288196 Male, age... ask. Looking for a mature female over 40, open and honest. Will be open and honest, make something work. English
Jeffrey R. LONELIEST FISHERMAN 29182039 Male, age 47. English
John R. fat boy 252225413 Born 11/12/52. Not married now but am looking. Just want a woman to love me just me as I will love her, just her. English
John R. randy 232338850 Male. Single. English
Judy R. jiggyjay 346985014 Female, age 48. Divorced with no children. Looking initially for friends to chat and share news, views, etc., with. Enjoy reading, walking, theatres, films, having a laugh. I do care work, which can be quite stressful, so try to find some leisure time. English
Ken R. Ken 215585137 Male. Born in April, 1961. Married with 2 kids. Living in New England. Generally not the type who signs up online for anything, so chalk this one up to curiosity. Typical rabid Boston sports fan (except for the Celtics, whom I wrote off when Bird, McHale and Parish retired). Spend most summer weekends fishing in Maine with my youngest son and a majority of winter watching (and sometimes playing) all things ice hockey. I'm probably like most guys in their 40's that were pretty good athletes in their younger days and wonder why I breathe extra hard when I horse around with my 15 year old son (I guess I could have taken up smoking after all) and also wonder when that tire started showing up around my mid-section? Keebler Elves or something for sure. Not sure why I'm doing this since I have a great job. I think I'm mentally stable but who knows? Like to kick back and enjoy life. Have a great sense of humor (just ask my two golden retrievers, Ben and Jerry) English
Krystyna R. roxy 297333986 Female, age 50. Single. Living near Kielce. Interested in traveling, gardening, animals and like to have a good time generally. Not a marriage type. Like being single, but from time to time I like a man's company. Polish
Laurence R. Helixxx 202271944 Male, age 45. Separated. Location - Perth, Australia. Interests - motorcycles, computers, reading. Own business. English
Laurie R. Kitten 226034522 Female. English
Leslie R. leslierose 310725939 Female, age 45. Divorced. Live in Boise, ID. Enjoy reading, movies, jazz/classical/blues and some opera. Fun-loving, witty and optimistic. English
Lin R. Linda 142233970 Female, age 48. Divorced. Artist. Would like interesting conversation about art or other hobbies. No sexual situations please. Looking for gentle soul to share thoughts and friendly conversation. English
Linda R. lyn 340846251 Female, age 44. Single. Working as a nursing asst. Living in Somerset UK. Love all kinds of fun from bowling to holidays, pubs, walks, reading. Love 70's upwards music. English
Lisa R. Niko 13329061 Born November 20. Divorced female from Texas. Chef by profession. English
Lourdes R. LOURDES 230250877 Female, age 44. Divorced. From Rhode Island. Originally from Puerto Rico. English, Spanish
Lucia R. kuschelmaus 307328743 Female. Born 31.03.1957. Ich bin nicht verheiratet und habe derzeit auch keinerlei feste Beziehung. Meine derzeitiger Wohnsitz ist in der Dom.Rep./Karibik. Hobbies: Tanzen, Lesen, PC, Wassersport u. einiges mehr. Du willst mehr wissen? Frag mich einfach.

Single. Living in the Dominican Republic. Originally from Germany. Hobbies are: dancing, reading, PC, any kind of watersport. If you want to know more, just ask me.

Soy soltera. Vivo en la Rep. Dom., pero soy alemana. Mis hobbies: bailar, leer, PC, deporte aguaticas. Quiere saber mas? Entonces pregundame.
German, English, Spanish
Mabel R. MABELRR 323437748 Mujer. Nacida 12/18/62. Separada. Vivo en San Juan, Puerto Rico. Me gusta leer, viajar y conocer diferente estilo de vida y costumbre. Español
Mar R. Mar^/ a 47911227 Mujer, 46 años. 4 de Mayo, 1958. Español
Marc R. bi_twinrivers_il59 282192499 Male, age 44. Looking to chat with women or men, bi or straight, married or single. Interested in meeting new people and chatting about whatever comes up. Interests: erotic art and photography, astronomy, outdoors, reading. English
Marcel R. Tex 137701859 GWM, age 45. Confirmed country 'n western addict with stetson & wranglers all the way to boots! Looking to get to know more guys like me who enjoy romping online to liven up our evenings or weekends. As I live out in the country, it's easier to meet other guys on "my side of the fence" than driving around a city or bar-hopping, which is not a flattering activity at 45!! I don't have any inhibitions. I'll be the first to admit I enjoy a good repartee with someone who can talk without too much hesitation. All welcome to chat/visit/get to know me! I admire anybody with an open mind and enjoy meeting new people no matter their beliefs. No topic too tender; no repartee too raw for this one! Give me a chat any day or... any night! English
Margaret R. justme 233530890 Female, age 42. Single. Living in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Mother of 1 teenager. English
Maria R. almeida 242726138 Female. Born 8-1-1960. Portuguese, French, Spanish, English
Maria R. Nany 84431420 Female. English
Mariela R. mery 298051726 Mujer. Nacida el 19 de Mayo de 1961. Soltera. Vivo en Colombia. Me gusta la mùsica, Español
Mary R. maumin 176146637 Female. Born in 1956. Widowed. Would like to chat or meet Irish men between the ages of 42 and 56. English
Matt R. libido 265024065 Age 44. Born in 1959. Married. Interested in chatting with mature women about whatever is of interest. Discreet and not looking for cyber or pics. Looking for penpal/chat partner. Interests are erotic photography/art, reading, outdoors, travel. English
Michael R. Mike 264596624 Male, age 50. Love the great outdoors. Come enjoy a mountain hike with me. English
Michel R. michel 235640750 Male. French, English
Mo R. diamond 195514934 Female. Born 04-01-1961. Live in the Netherlands. Divorced, 4 kids (boys). Like to shop and to spend evenings with friends. Not looking for a new relationship. Just like to chat with people all over the world. Dutch, English
Murli R. janjanjan67 194358139 a English
Nancy R. redmomma 308638959 Female. Born 4/21/55. Single. Live in Salem, Oregon. Like gardening, camping. English
Phillip R. Phill 165123273 Born in 1952. Recently widowed Welsh guy looking to restart his life. Love to watch soccer and follow my local team avidly. My three other real interests in life are music, cooking and photography. Would love to chat with someone living in the south Wales area. English
R. R. Roll Me Over 314779241 Male. Born in 1958. Looking for chat in almost anything. Very open minded. English
Ratz R. Albiero1905 230184656 Male. Born in Aug. 1960. Separated; not divorced yet. Have 5 yo son. Like sailing, traveling, Reggae, Jazz and all the good things in life. Walk on the beach. I'm calm, honest and sociable. And one day I will sail around the world. Be free to contact me. English, German
Richard R. Rick 5687162 Male, age 53. English
Rickey R. Rick 319485393 Male. English
Rita R. LittleMsDaisyLou 235709546 Female, age 45. Married. Live in Texas. 5th grade teacher. Enjoy meeting people from all over this world. I hope to hear from ya!!! English, Spanish
Robert R. robert 160809608 Born 4-8-55. Divorced male. English
Robert R. Siroflex 4636326 a English
Roger R. survivor7622 236425309 Male. Born 02/12/1959. Single. English
Ron R. ron4life 12593482 Male. Born 16 Jan., '60. Single. Live in Miami, Florida. Hobbies: photography, jewelry design (gold & silver), scuba diving, cooking, bowling. English
Rose R. rose 270446328 Female, age 53. Married with 2 grown and 2 school children. My age has only been an issue when it is time to put it in a little box. Like all sorts of board games. Play a lot of 21, solitaire, mahjong. I am pretty quiet. These days find me sharing pc time, putting a quilt together, basically lazy. When I want to get away, I take a long walk on a trail. It takes courage to message. I don't have courage, so I post. This internet world is great. Still, sometimes the pc is still a mystery. English
Rose R. Sassy Lotus Flower 280757299 48 tears old. I'm a jazz singer and song writer. Also work on a television show. I am passionate and creative. Live in New Zealand. Have done university degrees. Have been married, and I do have grandchildren. Love entertaining. I also love the truth. Love to drink really good vodka and have a good time. Love music of all sorts. I love European type men, passionate men. I love people's minds. English
Rusi R. Rusi 311877755 Male. Born 09.03.1948. Divorced. Live in Sofia-Bulgaria. Enjoy sports. Bulgarian
Sam R. hendersam 225971045 Male. Born 1/21. English
Sandy R. sandy 316594907 Female, age 53. Live an hour north of Houston, Texas. Work at Wal-Mart. Love country music, and I go country dancing. Love watching the stars with a special man, him holding my hand. I have long auburn hair, brown eyes, and am 5'5. English
Sarge R. Sarge 349906983 Male, age 45. Born 09-14-1957. English
Sharon R. Scrawny 310568271 Female. Born 9/19/44. Divorced. English
Steve R. topgun39 146402045 Male, age 40. Married. Live in England, United Kingdom. Enjoy sport, especially football, ten pin bowling, the internet, chatting, and more importantly, making new friends, male and female. English
Terry R. east ky male 96076347 Age 49. Divorced male from eastern KY. Have 3 kids, one at home. I like dining out and doing a good movie, like the outdoors. etc. Looking to meet a nice lady in her late 30's or 40's. English
Tom R. tom 313444685 Male, 51/m. Born 8/24/1951. Live in nw PA. 6'2" 170 lbs. Tall and skinny and a little bald on top - just a little more face to wash, lol. English
Tyteca R. LIOUBOV 226708718 Born in 1956. Interests: all sports, social problems, life. English, Russian
Vered R. vered 127431770 Female, 40+. English
Vicky R. Vicky1955 311727760 Born 21st April, 1955. 49 yo divorced lady living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Also the mother of two grown children. l enjoy life in general with the simple things in life being my favourites such as: the Great Outdoors, visiting new locations whether they be on a day trip or weekender. Also have a passion for listening to good music (anything from the 60's upwards) reading, movies, music and spending quality time with special friends. Would love to chat with new contacts, BUT PLEASE NO CYBER CHAT, THANKS (you will be removed instantly)!!!! English
Walfrido R. wally 206390914 10/12/1953. Soy divorciado y en este momento estoy buscando alguien con quien compartir ideas para un futuro. Soy Cubano residente en Miami por 9 años. Tengo dos hijos de dos matrimonios en Cuba. Trabajo como instalador de systemas de Fire Sprinklers. Vivo solo. Me gusta salir a pasear, ir a un restorant a comer. Me gusta bailar y soy tomador social. Fumo. Me gusta ver peliculas de video. Me gusta jugar ajedrez, que es mi favorito. Español
Yagos R. asterias 276576600 Greek. Soy un griego. Have been around the world. He navegado todo mundo, casi. More Latin America. Vivi mucho tiempo en Argentina. Retired now. Living en Grecia, visitando cada cuando S. America. Busco amistades do todo mundo. Como deziam os antiguos griegos si o encontramos alguma vez. Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Rab rab 301702499 Male, age 54. Widower. English
RB RB 57221969 Male. Born 10/16/51. Divorced. English
Russell Ragan SouthrnGent42 345245140 Male, age 42. Divorced. Live in Gainesville, GA. Work, work, work. English
Rahul ra 205788154 Male, age 50+. Married; obviously unhappily. Enjoy music, poetry, animals, gardening, sports and outdoors. English
Rain rain 91590001 Female. English
Raj raj 177151151 Single male, age 42. Like music, movies and reading. Looking for female chat friend. English
Rajka nema nicka 246256357 a Serbian
Ralph sober24_92702 347051497 Male, age 45. Divorced. Live in Tacoma, Washington.
Like to write poetry, camp, take walks, read self-help books.
Ram Ram 22355397 Male, age 46. Egyptian. Living and working in Kuwait. English
M. Ramadas mgr 249680872 Male. English
Hans Ramaekers HansR 234241152 Male. English
Ramdas vtra63 265738927 Male, age 41. Married with three kids. Enjoy making great friends around the globe, reading, travelling. English, Bahasa Malaysia
Randy Snowbird 263489491 Male, age 55. Born in 1948. Single. I walk, rollerblade for exercise. Like old cars (actually all cars), good theater, backyard fires, quiet times, working around my yard and house and animals (although I currently do not have any). I am 5' 10" tall and 155 pounds and take care of myself. All my parts are original, and I am wearing well. English
Rani Ranee 178039566 Female, age 43. Wish to get to know some friends who can share views and interests of theirs. Want to learn more about computers and also discuss problems. If you wish to talk to someone who is understanding and friendly, then I am here for you. All I'd like to say is be honest and sincere if you wish to get to know me. English
Evan Raskin razz 210847340 Age 49. Retired single male from Darwin, Australia. English
Vivien Ratcliffe veecee 223392068 Female, age 48. Live in Adelaide, south Australia. Separated with 2 children. Looking for someone for friendship and to perhaps go out to dinner occasionally. View to something monogamous, but not a surrogate father for the children. I keep fit, love the beach, cycling, being outdoors. Looking for a man who might occasionally bring me flowers and make me feel good about myself. I am a nice person and will make the right person feel good, too. English
Raven Raven 77251722 Female. Love to chat about most things. No cyber. Enjoy fishing, water sports and motor sports. Say hi sometime. English
Sue Raven 4everbloom 343425353 Female, age 45. Married with two wonderful kids. Like to read, love to cook, do some travelling, cycling every day to keep fit and meet up with friends for a chat, movies and shopping. Love to have a circle of friends regardless of age, gender, religion and so on. They say a friend is someone who is always there for you to share in your life's laughter and to cheer you when you're blue. Someone who with word or deed brightens many days. Someone who can warm your heart with understanding ways. I say a friend is all these things; each quality I have seen. Friendships are priceless, time is invaluable, health is wealth and love is a treasure. That's what I found in FRIENDSHIP. English
Ravensprite59 Ravensprite59 283387935 Female, age 45. I like the beach, mysteries, any music but rap, Monty Python, Edgar Allen Poe. Just looking for someone to chat with. Prefer males, as I don't tend to get along with women. But NO cyber, so don't ask. Anything else, you can ask.  :) English
Ray Searcher 209705007 Male. Born 8/5/56. Divorced. Live in Michigan. Love the outdoors, music, working out, walking. English
Ray unhombri 283965657 Free to good home: one slightly used male, few bad habits, dependable, respectful, but boyishly playful. Born 10/10/54. Needs best friend to complete a circle. English
Raymond raymond 19010073 Mâle. June 18, 1928. Français
Rdnana rdnana 101610417 Female, age over 50. Widow. Live in TX, USA. English
Susan Reader ShirleyValentine 308808623 Female. Born in 1951. Live in England and have three children, one living in Australia. Love to travel there as often as I can and would like to live there eventually. English
Rebecca Becky 54937740 Female, age 46. English
Rec rec 113957352 Male. English
Red Red 29987776 Female, age 54. English
Red dog reddog 204091216 Male. Divorced. Enjoy motorcycle riding. English
Redshirt7 Redshirt7 18648722 Male, age 53. Anything light and fun; nothing too serious. English
Reece039 Reece039 104702020 Female, age 40. Born July 3, 1963. Single, 2 children. I enjoy many things. Too numerous to mention all, but here are a few. I love photography, art, drawing, writing poetry, reading, rollerblading, car racing, swimming, flea markets, movies, music/dancing, and thunderstorms. I live in London Ontario, Canada. Also love animals and collecting things from Asia and Africa. I'm interested in interior decorating, architecture, and homes in general. I love all kinds of music from old and new country to pop alternative, and some classical & opera. I'm a very open minded person and will at least try to try everything once. Trying to start my own business. Still looking for thy Knight in Shining Armour, so if you see him send him to me. No cyber, please. English
Wal Reed flash 190436336 Born 15/01/51. Like sport, travel, driving. Enjoy playing six-a-side soccer and socializing. Married. Live in England. English
Reetz Reetz 293278983 Female. Born 3-4-60. Newly single and enjoying it. Work at a local radio station and would love to meet others who have a great sense of humor and independence. English
Reg gizmo 3991643 Male, age 48. Divorced. Bisexual. Like to chat, trade pics. English
Regina *)))CAT(((* 250828601 Frau. Deutsch
Leo Remmel limaero 274022990 Born 07-03-1953. Nice, good looking, open minded Dutchman living in the south of the Netherlands. Interested in people with the same opinions in relations and life. I'm interested in relationships, photography, airplanes and handball. Dutch, English, German
Renate Reni 303481843 06.03.1961. Deutsch
René René 273094365 Male. Born 28.03.1933. Married. Interests: literature, languages, politics. English, French, German
Rick Rhodes Rick 198938509 Born May 1958. MWM, 44, from west central New Jersey. Love the outdoors. Seeking one female friend for weekday activities with hopes of developing a deeper spiritual relationship. I enjoy hiking, biking and walking the dogs, camping, fishing and will try just about anything else you can throw at me. English
Rhonda Moonlight 230106320 Female. Born 13/03/59. English
Mary Rial sweetjanie 229318475 Happy young looking 56 year old female. Smile all the time. Not married. English
Rich Rich 135393611 Male. Born 02-11-51. English
Rich Rich 153569446 Male, age 42. Divorced. Live in central Pennsylvania. At home nudist. Belong to local mud racing association. Enjoy disc golf. Love to camp and fish on warm summer nights or just have a cookout with friends. I am an outdoor person during the summer, and during the winter I like to stay warm, cuddled up with good woman and a movie in front of a fireplace. English
Richard doc59 254071125 Male. Born March 22, 1959. Love to read, play tennis, hike and surf the net. Been told I have a great sense of humor, but then again, what do they know? Will chat with anyone wishing to, and any subject is fine. If I don't know the answer, I'll fake it. Feel free to get in touch anytime. English
Richard jazzman 34962761 Male. Divorced. Live in Florida. Enjoy light cybering. English
Richard Night Owl 267933598 Male. Always interested in smart funny conversation. Never rude but often off center. English
Richard Jim dandy! 232764584 Male, age 50. Love to chat with ladies from Ont., Canada. English
Richard Rich13 101998545 Male, age 48. Single. Love to cycle; guitar and music of all kinds, but jazz and blues most; graphic computer art; photography. There's more, lol, but you guessed that. English
Richard Richo 271392293 Male. English
Nancy Richard snowball 256428623 Female. Born Nov. 28, 1963. English
Nick Richards deejay 193877646 Born in 1956. Single w/male. Athletic, funny, serious, smart, loyal and totally awesome guy. One dog, one cat, ex-fighter. Live in Clearwater, Fla. English
Raymond Richardson LifeSaver40 192296591 Male, age 40. Born 2/20/63. Divorced. Love to cook, enjoy movies, computers, chatting, pool, darts, NASCAR. English
Kerry Richburg kayshond 248603613 Female, age 44. Widowed. Hobbies include wildlife rehabilitation, working with hands creating, quiet time reading while fire roars in wood stove! Do not play games, and will not! English
Richmantkt Richmantkt 148728011 Male. Born 25.12.50. Married. Chit chat on all topics. Any interesting subjects u wish to talk about. English
Rick Long Range 288994793 Male, age 45. Separated. Interests: outdoors, sports, movies, chatting, motivating, meeting First Nation/Aboriginal peoples, life in general. Name it; we'll talk. English
Rick Nobilis 345319469 Male, age 53. Youthful, fit, 50ish guy in good shape and good health. Married with 3 grown sons. Lots of interests. Have a great career but also have ambitions to become a free-lance writer and am actively working on my first novel. English
Rick Rick 170196516 Male, age 47. Enjoy travel, having fun, scuba diving, having fun, meeting people, etc. English
Rick Rikkus 13162516 Male. Born 9-5-59. Single white professional working in industrial automation. Enjoy chatting with folks, music, biking, and am a beginner at real golf. English
Rhonda Rickard Rhonnie 192854753 Born 04/13/1959. Divorced single mother living in sunny Arizona, USA. Would love to chat with anyone. No cyber, please. English
Minerva Rivera mimi 264522053 Female. Born in 1948. Divorced. Love jazz, movies, good books, some dance, and like to chat on line. Spanish
Rivers Rivers 173349007 Female, age 50. Born March 16. Divorced. Like dogs, life, bikes, fishing, hunting, camping, horses. English
RJ Nite Rider 24243708 Male. Born in 1961. Looking for someone to talk to. English
RJohn RJohn 232189834 Male. Born in 1961. English
RN nurse RNnurse 19808518 Female, age 46. Passionate about life and learning. Enjoy people that stimulate my mind. Love to laugh and smile. Single and the mother of two. Live in Colorado USA. Love creating works of art. I try to appreciate all those small things in life! English
Ro Ro 310684998 Age 41. Portuguese
Roadie roadie 191548228 Male, age 45. Single. Live in Toronto, Canada. Interests: Harleys, travel, women, lifestyle. English
Roadrunner roadrunner 170545776 Male, age 50. English
Roald robin 126416100 Male, age 58. English, Norwegian
Rob Phantomalias 169302023 Male. 50 years young. Born 12/02/1953. English
Rob rob 337354341 Male, age 58. Married. Live close to Montreal in Canada. Like walking, old movies, music and reading, among other things. I'd like to chat with a lady around my age. English
Rob Robfirebird 44819216 Male, age 46. Married. Not looking for a relationship, just some fun. Have a webcam. English, German, Dutch
Rob Robj 312777846 Male. Born 2-1-1946. Live in Perth, Western Australia. Interested in chat with lady who likes to chat. English
Robbie Robbie 248785668 Male, age 49. Single. English
Robert astrol 255885377 Male, age 65. Single. Interests: astrology, homeopathy, medicine, sports, history, computer, sex, women, emails, chat, website building, people. English
Robert kaihele 79497761 Born in 1958. English
Roberta Roberta 280288901 Female. Born in 1958. English
Robin american dream 57336998 Born 08/28/1963 under the Virgo sign. Single mother. Currently live in Arizona, where I have lived most of my life, except for a few trips to other states among the years. Interested in drag racing, although I am only a spectator at this point. Enjoy long walks in the park when weather permits. Am a hopeless romantic and enjoy a quiet evening cuddled up on the couch with a good movie. My favorite color is purple, and I collect Tweetybirds of every variety. Love the outdoors, and I am a Christian woman. Looking for someone who enjoys the same. Send me a message if you wish. Clean chat only. English
Robin Robin 333692189 Born May 26,1959. Divorced since May 2001. 3 children; my youngest is 18. 2 boys, 1 daughter. I enjoy classical music, reading, crafts, gardening, cooking (not very good at it but getting better), family, camping, traveling (although I do not drive), singing, piano, dreaming, sewing, learning. Also spend a lot of time with my family. I am the oldest of ten children, many foster and semi-adopted children. We like big family get togethers. I am easy going and tend to get along with anyone most of the time. English
Rockhampton QLD 267726751 Female, age 40. Separated. Hobbies are walking, fishing. Love studying. English
Rockwell rockwell 191251405 Male, age 46. Born in 1957. English
Sal Rodriguez Sal 40064127 Male, age 65. English
Tony Rodriguez tony 126594620 Male, age 58. Born 8 May, 1945. Separated 7 yrs. English
Roger bushwack 15032359 Male, age 50. Live in central Pa. I'm an outdoors person. Enjoy riding my atv. Open to talk about any subject. English
Roger RoadRunner 279258001 Born 11/1953. 49/male/married/eastern US. Always enjoy a good chat with a female. *Caution, occasionally a little bit of a devil. English
Roger Roger 17849386 Male. Born June 23, 1958. Live in Louisiana. Single parent of a 15 year old son. We are involved in scouting and have a very good time with it. Looking to meet new friends and possibly more. Love most all things that have to do with the outdoors. Also really like to cook and am told that I really do a good job at it. I am a man of the South and know how to treat a lady. English
Jacci Rogers lickle_legs 52840851 Female, age 49. Divorced since 1990. Been single now for nearly 3 yrs. Live in London with my two dogs. Have a variety of interests and hobbies that keep me busy. 3 grown up children and 5 grandchildren. Gsoh; like to have a laugh and joke but not at other people's expense, as that isn't nice. Want to know more, then don't be afraid to ask. Iwon't bite... honest! English
Wanda Rogers Wanda 329615348 Female, age 48. Married. Love reading. I keep journals, write poems and short stories. Love the outdoors. I love sunrise and sunsets and walking barefoot in the tide of a beach. Enjoy making friends. I am a Christian. English
Roland Rolli 332661379 Male, age 53. Born 07.08.1950. Married, 4 kids. Hobbies: bike racing, gardening and family. Deutsch, a little English
Ian Roland reallysadgit 264876295 Male. Born 25/12/1949. English
Nikolay Romanov rotter54 335487076 Male. Engineer. Russian
Romantic dreamer romanticdreamer 342188400 Age 41. Female. Looking for friendship and a laugh. Love to read and watch romantic slushy films. I have a passionate interest in vampires and all aspects of the paranormal. I'm an honest and open minded person, and I respect those qualities in others. English
Rome Rome 120206967 Male. Born 1/15/1961. English
Romonlady romonlady 204704015 Female, age 45. Live in Scotland. Divorced with two grown up kids. Like to travel, go for walks and basically just chill out after a hard day at work. Like chatting on the net (clean chat only). I'm a very happy person with a good personality and like to go out and have fun with my friends. Hope to make some new friends on here, too. English
Ron Meandogr 300640414 42 year old married father of two teenagers. They are both good kids, but are a challenge! Love to camp and take photographs. Pretty handy with my hands, too! English
Ron movieman1902 311043922 Male. Born 7-12-1960. English
Ron Ron 145052263 Male, age 43. Born in 1959. Married for the second time.. still alone. English
Ron Ron 229634040 Male. Born 7/9/57. Single. Love movies and music, love to sail. Also like cooking and going to the theater. Love quiet evenings at home. English
Ron Ronnie 66625069 Male. Born 3/11/1959. Single. Raising my 2 sons. Enjoy living in the country and a simple life with the pleasures it brings. I enjoy boating and am a avid bow hunter of many years now. Enjoy good movies and cuddle times. I do not smoke or drink but get my highs from real life. *Smiles* English
Ron RonO 196185758 Age 48. Divorced guy. Love sailing, singing, cooking. Love to go to the movies and the theater. Love dining out and dancing. English
Ron stinger 133919825 Male. Born 3/18/49. Divorced. English
Dan Rondish MEATONBONES 343724409 Male. Born 1/8/47. Single since November 1977 and looking. 5ft. 10in., 220 lbs. Brown hair and eyes, mustache. Live in Whitehall, Pa. Enjoy sports, w/c racing, romance, dining out, movies in home or out, computers and scanners and digitals, printers, superchips, chatrooms of mostly everything and anything. Seeking down to earth, honest, mature women for a relationaship. No children. English
Peter Ronne happysingleman 291752569 Male, age 48. Divorced and single again. Live in Canada. Looking for a sweet female who loves to love me as I can love this female. English
Ronnie ron29638 270735984 Male. Born 09-16-1962. Divorced. English
Ronnie sapphire 335002250 Female. Separated, not far from divorce. Interests: ICQing, cooking, computers, books, drawing. English
Ros Dolphin 257131233 Female. Born in 1953. Divorced. Australian. Love family, friends, dancing, gardening, social activities, renovating, new adventures. Would like to make more global and local friends. English
Rosa la preciosa rosalapreciosa 264331894 Age 41. English, Spanish
Rose Lady 77444028 Female, age 45. Born in November. Single. Live in Miami. Enjoy walking, reading. Like to chat. English, Spanish
Rose Rose 44168683 Female, age 44. Looking for a friend to share my life with - someone who is funny, sincere, sweet, stable and good natured. Am a single mom of an adult son who had been busy working and raising my son alone for so many years. Think I am now ready to take a chance again.. :) English
Rose Rose2extreme 324905568 Female. Born in 1964. Divorced mother of 2. Live in Frankenmuth, Michigan. English
Rose 123 rose123 159725303 Female, age 49. English
Rose 297 Rose297 195432700 Female, age 47. Born 29/7/56. 2 grown up sons. Recently divorced and looking to meet new friends - maybe more. Want to start enjoying life again - time to move on and up!!! I have a demanding job, for which I'm on call a lot - kind of limits my free time. I enjoy chatting on the computer and have met some really nice people - and some weirdos as well!!!! I like going to pubs and listening to live music. Have started to exercise at the gym and am permanently on a diet - well sort of!!!! Let's chat and get to know each other. English
Rosebud Rosebud 133807103 Female. Born 12/27/58. Happily married white cpl seeking bi-female roommate/playmate/companion. English
Rosie Rebel Mouse 71846242 Female. Born in 04/1956. Single. My two dogs are the love of my life. English
Rosie Rosie 300962301 Asian woman. Like to make new friends. I like romance and honest sweet guys. English
Mario Rossi mario 300698201 Male. Italiano
Rosyglow rosyglow 239150818 Female, age 51. English
Daniel Rouaix Daniel ROUAIX 1449144 Male. Born 25/10/62. Married. Artiste. French
Virginia Roxas vangie 214849946 Female, age 40. Single. Living in Tokyo. English, Japanese
Roy & Darla Red 273174399 Ages 57 and 61. Married couple married for 24 yrs. Kids all gone. Looking for 50+ couples for friendship and maybe more. Just 2 older people stuck in the 60's looking to meet others bent in our direction. We live in Delaware near the beach. Friends first, then who knows. English
Frances Rubin Fran 30567481 Female. Born March 13, 1934. 69 year old widow. I enjoy walking, going on day trips, movies and dining out. Would like to chat with someone between the age of 62 and 72. English
Rudiger rudiger 232199273 Male, age 44. Married. Happy. Love to laugh, love my dogs. Build a lot of things out of wood. Crazy about tools. Play guitar, drums, bass, some woodwinds. Love jazz, love Lenny Breau, love Bela Fleck, hate Steven Segal. Love orange, love women, hate cops, hate the phone. Miss camping, love the South of France. Respect my national flag. Love flirting, love ponytails on women, hate high tops, love vanilla ice cream, hate dial-up. English
Rudy rudy 152017056 Male. English, Portuguese
Run with Spoon runwithspoon 178148096 Born in 1960. Single 43 year old female. Empty nester. Live in the bush on 26 acres in northern Ontario. Looking for a happy healthy horny man who knows how to treat a woman. Soulmate/life partner wanted. English
Roy Runciman Radge 44719946 50 year young guy, lol, looking to have some fun and a laugh on here. Live in Scotland and have been separated for 3 years now. Not bad looking. Would love to chat with some easy going ladies who might be out there. Love to go out to pubs, watch sports, and fly off to sunny destinations. So come on ladies, get in touch. xx English
Peter Rushton Baker46 77123656 Age 50. Married 25 years. Just after a good chat with anyone that wants a good chat... from anywhere in the world. English
Rusty Rusty 14923269 Born 2/25/1952. Separated by God, not by us. Live in Regina, Sask. Enjoy, snooker, 8 ball, 9 ball, long walks, short walks, in-between walks. Any topic, as long as there is good conversation. In other words, just ask. English
Rusty rusty 176646990 Male, age 43. English
Rusty rustybwire 113331590 Male, age 58. Married. Retired law enforcement. Raise American quarter horses and ride them and my goldwing motorcycle every day, weather permitting. Live in Arkansas's piney woods. If our paths cross, may we be friends forever. English
Rutager Rutager 65740720 Male. English
Ruth CalleyGirl 337895852 Female. English
Ruth ruffus1107 36520511 Female. Born in 1951. Divorced. Live in the outer southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Love doing counted cross stitch, and I love my 2 dogs. I play competition darts 3 nights a week and am a member of the Victorian Branch of Legends Australia, a darts club for over 45 yo's. 3 kids, all grown now and off my hands. English
Ruth Teddy 173850916 Female, age 46. Single. 4'11", 114 lbs, auburn hair, blue eyes. Registered nurse. Interested in Ireland - the country, culture and the people. Enjoy reading, crafts, cooking, gardening and my pets. Mostly interested in men from Ireland. English
Ruud rardeo 146283971 Male. Born 10.04.1955. Single. Divorced some years ago. Work in a restaurant as a manager/cook. Used to have my own restaurant but sold it for profit and to be able to take it easier. Now I work about 28 hours a week. Have a rottweiler dog. Me and him are very close pals. Love to play backgammon, do a bit of cycling, like to hike with my dog and have travelled a lot. In one of my earlier jobs I was a cabin attendant for an airline. I like a good chat on a friendly basis but do not mind if I would meet someone and it would grow into a closer relationship. Nowadays an ocean has not to be that big and a country not too far. English, Dutch
Amy Lee Ryan amy_lee_ryan 316750855 Female. Just wanting a friendly chat. English
John Ryan j5o6hn 264392778 Male. Born 23/08/1946. Widowed. Live in Brisbane, Australia. Like to read, swim, look after my house. Like movies, rugby league football, politics. Can talk about most things. If I can't, I'm open to ideas. English

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