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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
Aad P. Kleintje 223754635 Male, age 53. Like to chat or email with lovely ladies. Interested in everything. Dutch, English
Arlene P. FreeSpirit 50213068 Female. Born 12/02/52. Divorced. Live in the Northeast. Enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, travel, music, dancing, movies, reading, family. English
Beth P. Beth 85665960 Female. English
Betty P. Joep 293596885 Female, age 46. Divorced. Living in the Netherlands. Hobbies are my dogs, reading, listening to the music, gardening and a lot more. Like to chat with people all over the world. English
Bob P. Foggy 16144391 Male. English
Bob P. skitchly 263539870 Male. Born 11/03/45. Widower. Live in Brisbane, Australia. Enjoy fishing, movies, going on long drives in the country, camping, browsing at flea markets, meeting people. English
Chaitanya P. chetan 265330734 Male, age 52. Chatting nicely is a hobby and fun. Enjoying life, too. Every body welcome for a real chat.
English, Hindi, Gujrati
Chris P. curly357 155231462 Male. Born 3-6-1959. Just want to meet nice ladies and chat. English
Dave P. Tomatoe PHD 13889264 Male. Born in 1958. English
David P. Dave 291017497 Male, age 49. English
Donna P. Good and Plenty 162233850 Female. Married. UK and Canada. English
E. P. Priceless 305580916 Female, age 44. Single. English
Elieta P. elly 346716805 Female. Born 11.05.1959. Was married. Last year my husband passed. Two children. Master in economics; have my own business. Like to read, to travel, like music, theater. Have a sense of humour. Just need some more smiles and colours in my life. English, Russian, Bulgarian
Ely P. Ely 235018516 Nacido el 26 de Enero. Español
Evelyn P. evelyn6193 313161579 Female. Born Jan. 1, 1957. Divorced. Live in Kentucky. Hobby is singing. Wanting someone to talk to. Needing a friend. English
Evelyn P. Nickelina 331189393 Female, age 45. English
Franci P. papilon 199687524 Male, age 52. Divorced. Living in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. Interested in young females from all over the world. Best regards for all people of the world! Slovenian, English
Gem P. beb 267892841 Male. Born 29.08.48. Married. Looking for someone to talk to. English
Haydee P. sweety 268760123 Female. Born 5-2-1948. Single. English, Spanish
Hubert P. pilkdad 340208853 Male, age 47. English
Isidor P. Texas 159184274 Age 58. Spanish, English, German
Jeff P. jeff 326222689 Male. Born 3-26-60. Plumber. Enjoy outdoors of all types. English
Joe P. PineTree 245274859 Male, age 50. M. Massachusetts. English
Jon P. ballref 165811128 Male. Looking for a female near Colorado Springs for chat and fun. Must be discreet. English
Jorge (George) P. Jlpjr1950 346451802 Age 53. Single male. Musician. English, Spanish
Joseph P. Joe 283466612 Male. Married. Like to surf internet, play faceoff.com. English
Karen P. LostSoul 219438394 Female, age 43. English
Keti P. MeXiCaNiTa 219067886 41 años. Mi escritor favorito es Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Me encanta la musica new age, regge, blue. Mis cantantes favoritos: Sting, Peter Gabriel, Enya, Era, Vangelis, Pink FLoyd. Mi lugar preferido - New Orleans en la Bourbon Street. Mi cita preferida: "LA MEDIDA DEL AMOR ES AMAR SIN MEDIDA," y mi cita amorosa preferida - no me importa en ke lugar sea, solo ke sea con el hombre al ke amo. Español
Kostas P. patrick 304777163 Male, age 55. Born, 28/11/48. English, Greek
Linda P. Magic Texas Rose 220972126 Female. Born 6-18-65. Interested in Native Americans, since I am 1/4 Cherokee. Also like fishing, exploring beaches, traveling, the medical field and health, dating and relationships, music and much much more.  Have a B.S. in business administration from Texas A&M as well as an A.S. in emergency medical services. Have twin boys that are 14. Separated for the past 3 years. I really enjoy meeting and talking to new people, so if any of this sounds interesting, message me!!!!! Hope to hear from you soon. English
Lionel P. OhbearyGood 226858362 Male, age 50. Divorced. Love camping, walks on the beach, swimming, cooking (am a chef), traveling. Most of all, I love romance, cuddling, kissing, holding hands. Please message me if yu are single or separated and reside in Queensland, Australia, or anywhere else if yu have got money lol. English
Liz P. snuggerly 208887610 Female. English
Lorraine P. jane 299418290 Female, age 45. Divorced. Live in Kansas. Enjoy walking, gardening, cooking, driving, movies, oldies music, crafts, bingo. English
Marcia P. angel04 264221119 Female. Divorced. Live in North Carolina. Enjoy shopping, eating out, chatting on pc, going to the movies. Have a 19 yr old boy. I'm disabled with arthritis in both knees. Just don't put me down because of my disability. English
Maria Eugenia P. Uge 37302414 Female, age 46. Born 08/07/57. Married, not chained. Live in Venezuela. Civil engineer. Love to have friends all over the world. English, Spanish, French
Marina P. Marina 155995489 Age 42. Well educated, attractive Russian female is looking for her second half. English
Mark P. Mark 177019347 Male. Born Apr 27, '60. Married 22 plus years. Enjoy hunting, fishing, canoeing, all outdoors. Country boy. English
Michael P. Batman or Twoeagles 3649789 Male, age 44. Divorced. Live in Houston. Like Gold Wings, animals, fishing/camping, music, movies, reading, tv, computers, games (PC), fun. English
Michelle P. heart4god 198454014 Female. Born 03/24/1963. Divorced Christian looking for a Christian man. English
Miguel P. latin 266260899 Age 41. Separated. Live in the Caribbean. Like sports, romance. English, Spanish
Mike P. mike134395 197899060 Just turned 40 (eleven years ago!). :) 6'5", 235 lbs. Divorced after a long marriage. Three wonderful grown daughters and a grandson; great parents; sisters and a bro. Guess I'm a pretty lucky guy! College grad and a salesman in the communications industry. Interests are wide and varied. Music, sports, current events, politics, science, history. Like traveling, a little bit of Las Vegas, ancient basketball player, all kinds of music and the Moody Blues. I even dance! Always enjoy the company of good friends and maybe one day with someone special. Got to have some fun and always feel good about you. My ideal match: I guess what every guy wants. An attractive, fun loving, personable and caring gal! And if you're a good cook... well it just doesn't get any better! (Ok if you have any of these qualities, I'll do the cooking!) :) Do you enjoy time with family and friends and especially with each other? Dancing? Travel? Good conversation? And a mix of outgoing fun stuff and quiet relaxing times? Then I'll be hoping to hear from ya! English
Minke P. juda 210374789 Female. Born 25-09-1956. Dutch, English
Nataliya P. nataliya 281297561 Female. Born July 29. Would like to meet a serious man who is caring, loving, generous, honest, sincere, my soul-mate. I'm simply a Christian Russian woman with a cheerful, curious, kind character. I'm blond with blue eyes. Like to read books, walking, travel, to meet other people. English, Russian
Patty P. PATTY 179174147 Born 04/29/1955. English
Petar P. toptop12349 321384119 Male, age 45. Married. English
Pete P. corky 246691936 Male. Born 16 Nov., 1962. Single. 6 ft, 180#. Love my Harley, books, movies, space. English
Peter P. Pesho 166226722 Male. Born Oct. 03, 1952. Divorced. English
Pinco P. PINCO 324198018 Male, age 54. Italiano
Ran P. pisces 232733080 Male, age 45. English
Rick P. bluesucanuse 345300838 Male, age 46. Single. Love the blues. English
Rick P. jivearooni 247012176 Male, age 52. Never married. Native American. Spiritual. Musician. Like to read and go to movies. Enjoy my home living in the country. Not into games or head trips. Love to laugh and live to love. It's about all there is that's worthwhile. English
Rob P. shavedfish75 201591949 Male. English
Seri P. sarah 233677764 Female, age 43. English
Starr P. Star 207467750 Female. Born 3/9/52. Single. English
Susy P. Susy 247812590 Female, age 41. English, Spanish
Tami P. tami 250225644 Female. Separated. Live in North Carolina. English
Tatiana P. starry 144827875 Female. Born 04/09/1961. Please see my ICQ profile. English
Tatyana P. pearl 95908562 Female, age 46. English, Russian, Ukrainian
Teena P. witchifly 235491799 Born in 1960. Married woman. Would like to make friends just to chat. I like music, animals, collecting dragons, but would like to meet people for general chats on anything. I have three children, 2 girls and 1 boy. Live in Auckland, New Zealand. Look forward to hearing from someone soon. English
Ton P. Teun 221283289 Male, age 53. Married. Living in the Netherlands. No job because I'm disabled. Car racing and Koy fish are my hobbies. English, Dutch
Vladimir P. Volli 136712562 Male. Born 11.06.1949. Single. Two adult sons. Russian; live in Estonia. Hobbies are sports, nature, dialogue with friends, internet, technology. All-around interests. Russian, English, Estonian
Paddy Rory O 274068976 Male. Born 18/03/54. Single. Born in Sth. Africa; Irish parents. :) Live in QLD. Like Aussie rules 'footy' (Richmond), Rugby Union/League, cricket. Luv music - Irish, country, 70/80's. Like the beach, country & singing - I'm not too bad ;) . Like to get to the karaoke now & again. Luv a laugh, a good book when I can find one, the beach & country. Would probably like to buy a house right near the Glass House Mountains. Would like to talk to women. English
Paintedredcat paintedredcat 334605688 Female. Just sitting here having a Tim's and was looking for some company for awhile. English
Ron Palmer RON 118316145 a English
Pam Lady 35003367 Female. Born in 1954. Divorced lady. Kids grown and gone. Living in Arkansas. Wanting CONVERSATION of an intelligent nature with other intelligent humans (i.e. actually knows how to form complete sentences). American
Pam - Anne pam - anne 156693958 Female, age 45. Live in Nova Scotia, Canada. English
Pamela P J 24799336 Female. Born in 1960. Single. Live in California. Enjoy doing needle crafts and cooking. Looking for a friend, someone who wants to find a helpmate, and I am a bit of a dreamer. English
Pamela pam 176451420 Female, age 45. Married. Like reading and computers. English
Pammy ausbear 309106428 Female. Married. English
Pan pan 224982128 a English
Pandora 111 pandora111 319153502 Over 40. English
Mukesh Pandya Mukesh 323757256 Male, age 41. Married. Live in India. Hobbies: reading, music. Preparing for CISA Exam June 2006. Those in IT Area are requested to chat. English
Irvin Pansano swtcajunguy 21874497 Male, age 49. Born 9/27/54. Single. I like a lot of things in life. English
Alp Panu panu 335955467 Male. Born 5.19.1957. English, Turkish
Regina Parker Gina 2592605 Female, age 46, married. Mother of 2 teenagers. Work for the school district in my hometown, heading up the computer lab at the elementary school. Having watched my children chatting and making new friends via the net, I decided it was time for mom to get into the act. Look forward to meeting new people. English
Colin Parrington Dusty 194501819 Male, age 47. Born 26/4/57. Married. Live in Australia. Collect old bottles. Keep goldfish. Enjoy gardening, reading. English
Susana Passos Susan Girl 170757914 Born 10-10-1958. Portuguese, English, French
Pat Patti 215142824 Female, age 61. Born in 1942. Married. Live in Australia. Love to chat and make new friends. Love working out in the gym. English
Pat Scottietottie 158822307 Female, age 40+. Divorcee living in Bonnie Scotland.
Have diverse interests and would love to chat with likeminded people worldwide.
Pat splodge 2 213954867 Female, age 51. Widow. Love tall men. Like finding out things on the internet. I'm 5'1" tall. Nice and cuddly. Love 2 have a laugh. English
Mirna Patek mi 218771276 Single, age 43 years. 1,66 m; 54 kg. No children. I live in S. Paulo and love travel around the world, trekking, reading, cinema, sitcoms, opera, jazz, rock, bossa-nova. Portuguese, English
Patricia Pat 223953615 Born 03/30/1956. 47 y/o widowed female in Baltimore, Md. One child in college. Employed full time. Interests include camping, collecting moose, reading, dating, fishing, having fun, meeting people, making people laugh. Kind, caring, sensitive, honest. English
Patricia patricia 192106212 Female, age 40. Love fishing, baseball, hockey. Love to cook. Family is very important to me. Live life to the fullest and have fun. Love to tease and laugh. English
Patricia SUNNY1 257694185 Female. Born in 1956. English
Patricia Tricia 167404322 Female. English
Patricia trish58 225386271 Female. Divorced. Age 45 with a 11 yr old daughter. Like to go camping, riding motorcycle, going to movies and occasionally to a nightclub to dance, that is when I ever take time off from my two jobs. I work graveyard shift Sun - Thurs. and bartend on Fri & Sat. English
Patrick Patrick 695679 Male. Born in 1955. English
Patsy Patsy 24707486 Female. Born 1/11/55. English
Patti MovieGal 104756777 Female. Born 05/12/56. Widow, with two sons, ages 17 and 18. They are preparing to leave the nest, and I am confident they will do well. So now it's time for Mom to get out, have some fun, meet new people and hopefully the love of my life. I love to cook, entertain, movies, concerts, dancing, walking, camping, billiards, darts, bowling. The beach is my get-away. English
Patty ~dezier~ 114327433 Born August 5,1959. Single woman with great sense of humour would love to chat. Clean chat only. English
Patty patty 146357484 Age 52. Alabama girl. Love animals, nature, and all that cool stuff. Love painting and drawing also. I take one day at a time and try to stay out of trouble. Enjoy anyone with a great sense of humor. English
Paul EnjoylifePaul 255401382 Male, age 39. 5/8, short brown hair, moustache, blue eyes. W190. Sense of humour. Happy. Prefer someone not too serious. Meet friends from all over the world. Prefer female age 35 to 55 yrs old. English, French
Paul Gomez 297360179 Male, age 56. English
Paul knackers 318284486 Male, age 48. English
Paul Paul 39747967 Male. Born in 1958. Married, no kids. Born/raised England, now living NSW Australia. Looking to make new friends either to chat with online from time to time or meet to socialize with. NO affairs or cybering. Been there, got burnt, no longer interested. Will chat about pretty much anything else. Must have SOH :) English
Paul paul 303826555 Single male. Live in New Zealand. Play guitar. Love British cars and bikes, music - metal, rock, blues, swamp. Looking 4 females. Friends fist, then 2 commitment one hopes. Any race colour, creed. 40 years young. English
Paul Paul 303968532 Male. Born 09/19/61. 40 something going on 18. Starting over. Currently live in Michigan but lived in California for 20 years. In the process of starting my own company. Would enjoy once again the company of a female to spoil. I am a very passionate man, more so than most women my age. I don't play games, and I don't lie. Would love to find someone to sweep off their feet and have every day be like the first date you had together. English
Paul ph2hay 168784526 Male, age 45. English
Paul Shychap 217187318 Male, age 48. Born 15 Nov., 1954. English
Paul Vengaboy 72895369 Born 10/05/1954. Irish male, age 49. Married but separated. Would like to chat with similar female living in Ireland or elsewhere. I'm very genuine. In fact i think I'm too genuine for this place, cause I don't seem to meet too many that are in my situation here. Maybe you can change that. <smiles> English
John Paulic john 53541384 Male. Born 21-03-1950. Separated 15 months; divorcing. Live in Perth, Western Australia. Interests and hobbies: dancing, music, golf, gardening, volleyball, redecorating, property development. Self employed in insulation, energy conservation. Miss the family life. Looking for a long term relationship with a loving caring person. Good sense of humor, easy going. 5' 10". 11st, normal weight. Fit and youthful. Lots of love to give. English
Paulie Paulie 204307151 Female. Born 31 Oct., 1958. Separated. Living in New Zealand. English
Paulo brand 107057846 Male. English, Portuguese
Pearl smitten 265585693 Female. Born in 1959. Separated for three years now and looking to get into things again. Live in Australia. English
Pedro pedro 254827513 a English
Peef Peef 103840610 Female, age 46. Married female living in Ontario. Interests include the outdoors, movies, swimming, and any kind of music. Love to chat and surf and meet new friends. English
Peg justme 276819314 Age 51. DWF from N.C. Looking to make new friends and hopefully find that special someone. I like doing many things, from reading a good book to going to the beach or the mountains. English
Peggy loving_heart50 225538108 Born 08/24/1952. 51 year old widow. Live in Maine, USA. I like camping, hiking and going to the ocean. Looking for a serious relationship and my soulmate... a man that is romantic, is 5"10-6"0, average weight. English
Keith Pepper Keith 172760575 Male, age 53. Single. Never married but want to be now. I like hockey, boxing, pool, supernatural. English
Peppermint peppermint 249951065 Female, age 47. Single. English
Per pitou 82007251 Friendly Viking in Denmark (one of the last!). Love to talk to friends all over the world, as long as it makes some sense. Love animals (especially dogs), classical music, gardening, good food and wine. Traveller, collector, self employed and busy. Sense of humour a must, even if perhaps a teeny weeny bit wicked. Come and say g'day or whatever you say in your part of the world. English, German, French
Ricardo Pereira 2004Angellus 329328599 Male. Born 04/01/1964. Brazilian. I'm a sincere, loyal, frank, true, open-minded, good-hearted person. Teacher living in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Would like to correspond with different persons from the globe. It doesn't matter age, gender or country; I'll answer all. Hobbies and interests: movies, pets, travelling, reading, surfing on internet, tv, music - including country, photography, nature, walking, making new friends all around the world, talking, landscaping, going out with friends, language, beach, shopping. English
Lola Perez loly 174308737 Mujer. Nacida 1 de Diciembre, 1960. Español
Persephone Persephone 314364458 Female. Born October 15, 1955. Articulate, well educated and would love to chat. English
Myrna Pestano Munticarlo 258334305 Female, age 42. Born July 29, 1961. Single parent. Have lived in Bangkok 9 years. Love cooking, reading, music, teaching. Love making and designing crafts. I have a 4 year old son with me. He is now in kindergarten 2. I'd love to meet a man who is capable of loving me, honest and responsible, able to take care both of me and my son. English
Pete pete 7612178 Male. Like fishing, movies, all sports, picnics and arts. English
Peter habanero 197576106 Male. Born in 1955. English
Peter peter 243073302 Male, age 45. Interests: English football, 70's music, si-fi, tv-films, computers. English
Peter Peterpumpkinhead 159437801 Born 20th October, 1961. Divorced. Single dad with six children; three have left home now. Live just outside London UK. Looking for friendship from people of my own age from anywhere in the world! English
Peter pibentaur 299373972 Male, age 40. I'm like a butterfly, but my feet are on the ground!!! You have to be cool, funny, and enjoy the life the way it is. French, English
Peter ps911sc 347518585 Male. Born in 1962. Living in Austria. Married, 2 children. Interested in sailing and skiing. English, German
Petra piddy 207413248 Female, age 42. Born 22.10.60. Divorced. 2 children. Live in Germany. Interests are dogs, flowers and meeting people. German, English
Lilya Petrova Lil 178399153 Female, age 45. Français
Phil mell7_au 260825043 Age 48. Separated guy from Melbourne, Australia. English
Phil phil 232874425 Male, age 50. Single guy looking for chat with sensible people. Must have GSOH. English
Phil Radio Ga Ga 145620876 Male, age 46. Divorced. Australian. Hobbies include voiceovers for the media, etc., presenter for various organizations. Fun humourous outlook on life. Love wining and dining and of course chatting as well. English
Phil sugs 169031836 Male, age 42. English
Phil txgolfan 258641433 Male, age 49. Single. Love to play golf. Enjoy most anything outdoors. I like to get involved with friends and do cookouts, camping, playing cards, sampling wines, spin the bottle, fine dining, dancing, fishing. Like to meet new friends from all over the world. English
Marian Phillip Bandy 289342681 Female. Born 27/10/58. English
David Phillips Buckram 110100377 Male. Born 27/01/1962. Single. Live in Newport, South East Wales. Interested in most things and would love to hear from anybody who would like to chat with me. English
Robert Pierce Bob 167675194 Male, age 55. Born 08/09/1947. Single country boy looking for a chat or two on just about anything (women only). American
Pierre voyager 205361521 Male, age 52. Want to talk to young ladies 40+ about almost anything: life, travel, love, family, relationships, etc. French, English
Pink pink 308347210 Born February 9, 1957. Typical Asian woman. Catholic. Age 45. Separated with 2 grown up children. Looking for someone to talk with and chat. Professionally and a little bit financially stable. Love cooking, home decorating, listening to music, and a nature lover. Picture... u can ask me if u wish! Welcome anyone who is sincere, professional, divorced. Age 40-50 male from anywhere in the world. English, Spanish, Thai
Andie Pino andy 149527338 Male. Born 18 May, 1958. From Philippines but now working at U.S. naval base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Tagalog, English
Pituca pituca 24345473 Female, age 40. Divorced. From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Interested in making friends and exchanging culture and experience of life. English, Spanish, Portuguese, and others
PJ PJ 271606461 Female, age 49 - YES! Live in Hawaii - the Big Island. I am submissive by choice. Love dogs and cats. They are my life. Enjoy Russian history, gardening, thinking I can cook/bake. I believe in the paranormal, angels, afterlife, healers, shamins, spirituality. Please also see me at mycatsluvme@yahoo.com. I use that messenger, too! English
Plain jane plainjane 342640266 Born in April 1958. Divorced after a 20 year marriage. Live in the Yukon. Would like to meet men who are unattached, don't smoke and don't drink too much. I like fishing and camping and other outside stuff, but sometimes I just like to veg on the couch and watch TV. English
Plato Plato 44382564 Male. Born in 1956. English, Spanish
Sharon Plesnarski sappy 244224594 Female, age 47. Single. English
Dave Plumridge plum 192762405 Male. Born 01/06/1951. Separated. Live in the United Kingdom. Like going out, films, the odd pint down the local. English
Bobby Polson Bobby 313356409 Male, age 46. Born 02/20/1957. Single parent of two children. Live in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. I like cookouts, fishing, anything to do with being outside. English
Gordon Porteous Gordon 19393763 Male. Born 10th May, 1963. Married. Live in Scotland. Work as a nurse. English
Cindy Powell sallymay70 133683030 Female. Born 5/3/60. Divorced with three children who do not live with me. I'm unemployed at the moment. My hobbies are reading and playing on the computer. English
Power Stroke Diesel Power Stroke Diesel 151555128 Male. Widower. Love to camp, travel, fish & hunt. English
James A. Powers Pilgrim 282741348 Male, age 46. Born 1-30-57. Divorced. Live in Winfield, Kansas. Interests: Christianity, research analyst, English lit., nature activities. College grad. 2 children that do not live with me. I usually assume a cautious and reserved demeanor when meeting new people. My relationships must grow naturally and in sincere ways. I am a simple man of character, integrity, true grit, sincerity, gentleness, yet I am quite strong and not to bad to look at! :-) Please use the judgment of charity - giving the benefit of the doubt. English
John Prevoznak jp 250220878 Born 4-8-59. Single male. Live in Adrian, Pa. Enjoy the outdoors, cooking, reading, walks in the parks, curling up in front of fireplace and falling off to sleep. Drop me a line sometime, please? English
Jerry Provost Jerry 76937605 Born 10/15/1954. Energetic guy with a pleasing manner, until u get me going! Love 2 please and will go the extra mile to see u smile! I'm easy going, passionate, have a kinky side and love aggressive women! I'm very fit; the construction type without the beer attitude! I don't do drugs. Seeking a happy, passionate, do-it-anywhere attitude! Good friend, good laughter, great companion! Lotsa romance. Down to earth real great mate and lover material! No drugs! No mental cases. English
Purple Wing Purple Wing 209831538 Male. Born in 1957. Lover of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Nada, "Cat Stevens The Real." English, Turkish
Tom Purvin Tom 325443283 Male, age 50. Divorced. Live in Joliet, Il., USA. English

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