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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
Angie N. nicknaks 194902306 Female, age 46. Single.. Living in a small seaside town.. Like eating out, cooking, walking, cinema... the usual things. Recently learned how to salsa a wee bit. English
Bala N. bala101 323036513 Male. Born Jan. 24, 1956. Divorced. 6'1". Live independently with my son (12 years). Have a business operation and live fairly comfortably. Enjoy classical music. English
Bill N. CCRider 262170472 Male, age 54. Divorced/single. From Illinois. Looking for that special woman to fulfill my life. Not into games only looking for serious minded females. English
Carol N. Devatoo 254415764 Age 49. Mother of 4 teenagers, 4 dogs, 6 cats, 1 canary and some virtual fish. Would love to talk about anything, but please keep it clean. English
Curtis N. nord4lane 282902491 Male. Born 4/14/54. English
Darya N. Darya 255052769 Female, age 50 (04.09.1952). Widow. Live in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. I have a tomcat. Like Russian women's detective stories English, Russian
David N. Lungo 172736270 50 year old American (US) now living near Verona, Italy. Married. Looking for a woman from Italy or nearby Europe as a chat partner, friend, or maybe... Have webcam.

Ho 50 anni. Non-libero. Cerco un amica, anche se non-libera, per chat, amicizia, e forsé...

English, Italian
Fariss N. yassmina02 279206726 a Arabic, French, English
Gordon N. Gerdie 103383529 Male. Born in Nov. 1930. Married. Live on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. Enjoy boating and fishing, music, graphic arts, photography, dancing. Enjoy chatting with ladies over 50 about dreams and fantasies of a mature nature. Open minded and very honest. English, German
Ineke N. rensina 178032649 55 years young woman from the Netherlands. I'm a supervisor in a nursing home. Married for 36 years. 4 grown up boys, 5 grandchildren. Don't have much time for any hobbies except spending money like any woman does, I guess. Like to chat about anything. Have a great sense of humor. Am a real down to earth person. English
J. N. training462 100206891 Born 6/53. Separated. Youthful and athletic 51 y.o. Asian male. Always well dressed and well groomed. 5'6", 154 lbs. Love to dance all dances. Looking for my soulmate. Currently live in New England, USA. English
Jagadish N. HerbalDOCTOR 302354240 Male, age 46. Looking for fun loving females/couple over 40. Live in India. English
Javier N. Dustylion 251452516 Male. English, Spanish, French
Jazmyn N. RadioStar 337009000 Female. Born in the summer of '58. Divorced with 2 grown children. English
JelJeli N. JeliJeli 159710768 Mâle, 46 ans. Je suis seul. Je souhaite trouver une personne pour condiviser les soucis de la vie. Français
Jim N. flatman1954 307448309 Age 48. Separated; soon to be divorced. Live in Buffalo, NY. Enjoy sports, movies, Broadway plays. English
Jimmy N. JNEW 192530881 Male, age 40-50. Especially interested in medical people, nurses especially. I am in the medical profession as a radiology tech. English
José N. Joma 218468101 Male. Born December, 30, 1940. Divorced. Living in Brazil Professor, dentist. Enjoy classical music and literature. Portuguese, English
Lisa N. long legs 232583798 Female. Born in 1961. Divorced. Enjoy anything outdoors, fitness and exercising. English
Lyudmila N. necto8 256626775 Female. Born March 06, 1963. English, Russian
M. N. Snowbunny 305892395 Female. Love to travel, long walks at sunset on a beach, reading books and wonderful visits with friends. English
Marc N. doc 281755422 Male. Born in 1949. Married. Grown children. RN since 1982. Work with mr/dd population. Just interested in talking. English
Marco N. Tano 349356440 Male, age 43. Divorced. Live in Cape Town, South Africa. Spanish, Italian, English
Marco N. tronner 248773653 a Italiano
Marian N. Sweetpeany1961 239063752 Female, age 42. English
N. N. Kalipso 162898379 Born 6.11.63. Single Russian lady! Ask me more! ;-) Seeking men 40-47 years from Europe. Russian, English
Nick N. Nick 179276496 Male, age 41. English, Danish
Nik N. 4xa13 260719533 Male. Born in 1956. Engineer. Live in Moscow, Russia. Learning English and seeking friendship. Russian, English
Noraida N. aiddah 158335448 Female, age 47. English
Olya N. Nika 311520445 Female. Like to talk but only to anybody who doesn't talk rot. English
Orit N. oriol-female 327617761 Female. Born in 1962. Divorced. No kids. Live in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Love hobbies that involve crafts (like painting, mosaics &...). Attend a gym club. Love animals; have a dog. Like fun and interesting people. English, Hebrew
Robert N. tiny 295139255 Born in 1957. Separated. Live in Sydney, Australia. Love to spend time with my family and friends, love weekends away and barbys. Also love to spoil my love. I value honesty and affection as major must haves. Like to meet a nice honest women with a view to a relationship. English
Silvia N. Silvia 124758095 45 years young lady from Bulgaria. Looking for friends all over the world. Bulgarian, English, German
Susan N. Gypsy 174447644 Female. Born 05/12/52. Divorced, no kids. Crazy about animals and the environment. English
Tabrina N. tabekat 273016075 Female, age 44. Non-smoker, straight, smart, sincere, bbw, at Lake Powell. Love to fish and go boating. I enjoy sci-fi, tarot, metaphysics and Byron Katie. Would love to meet an affectionate, husky guy with a great sense of humor and a positive approach to life. English
Tom N. rail1954 211786555 Male, age 49. Married. Live in Texas. Love golf and hunting and travel. English
Volker N. Volker 8167588 Male. Born 28-08-55. Deutsch, English
Wanida N. Nida 138635720 Female, age 48. From Asia. Wanna chat with others. English
Wayne N. Pooh Bear Wayne 6748585 Male, age 49. Separated with no chance of reconciling. English
Zorica N. unique 271935649 a English
Nadide nadide 223569506 Female, age 48. Divorced with 3 older children. Like making friends and having fun. Turkish, English
Suman Nair suman 235689257 Age 50+. Divorced male, professional. Enjoy cooking, reading, writing. Seeking intelligent conversation. English
Nancy Nancy 241483660 Female, age 41. Love the outdoors and everything that goes with it. Am a animal lover and love having fun. English
Nancy Nancy 278086347 Born in 1962. 40 year old divorced woman with no children, 2 cats. Passions are travel, culture & language, the outdoors, meeting people and being social. Am very open-minded and believe strongly in honesty and being genuine. English
Nancy Nancy Lou 239371093 Female, age 47. Live in PA. English
Nancy nasu 179349603 Female. Born in 1954. English
Napat Napat 341321470 a English
Narin Narin 109264820 Female, age 42. Born 03.08.1961. Divorced. Russian. I am an English and Spanish teacher but also speak a little Italian and study Turkish and Arabic. I like studying languages, history, visiting historical places, making photos, good movies, music (pop, classical, spiritual, but my favourite ones are Spanish, Latin, Arabic and Turkish music). I like dancing salsa because I have lived 4 years in Cuba. I like nature, the sea and the mountains; I like the air of the sea and the odour of the pines in the mountains. I like swimming and cycling. Also like animals. Now I am studying Arabic dances, and I like it very much. Also studying flamenco. I like comfort at home - comfortable and nice. I am sociable, emotional, sensitive, spontaneous, understanding, responsible, honest. English, Spanish, Italian, Russian
Nasi nasi 314062810 Male, age 40+. English, German
Natali Natali 300144173 Female. Programmer. Like to read mystery books, such as Steven King and Dean Koontz. Russian, English
Nataly S_W_E_E_T 262102602 Female, age 46. English, Russian
Nathy_mab nathy_mab 98645605 Male, age 49. Separated dad of three children.. Live in the southeast of Ireland. Hobbies, as such, are reading, walking, cinema, etc. Would love to meet a woman to chat with and who knows, maybe more. If you want to find out about me then send a message, please. English
Naughty2 naughty2 116190459 a English
NCguy42 NCguy42 40961111 Male. Born in 1961. Not on ICQ real often. When I am, I'm bored, so I enjoy talking to ladies about anything. English
Gerd Neckel Gerdassi 340358088 Mann, 55 Jahre. Deutsch
Neil aussie_45 202860040 Male, age 45. Born 14/02/1958. No cyber, thanks. English
Neil mere male 166136545 Male. Born in Jul. 1959. English
Buck Neilsen BUCK 305465918 Born 07/16/1950. Divorced white male living in South Carolina. Enjoy the outdoors and chatting with ladies on the internet. English
F. Nelson maingen 199472877 Male. Born in 10/1961. Married. Live in northern Wisconsin. Enjoy canoeing, roller skating, movies, camping. Just looking for someone to do things with in my area and chat. English
Neonfish1021 neonfish101 339945038 Female, age 48. Divorced, three kids. Italian. Interested in friendly chat with American chat partners only, age from 46 to 52. No dirty talk, please. English
Nesr nesrmasrl 257535551 Male. Born 20 July. Prof. dr. in academy of arts and painting, director of documentary film. Have been in many exhibitions. Now in one in Vienna. Arabic, English
Nether Nether 15625673 Male. Born 09/07/56. English
Jaye Newland natasha007 278608760 Female, age 60. Single m-f pre-operation transsexual. I identify as female fulltime. Passionate about human rights. Love cooking and communicating. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. Interested in males. English
Lien Nguyen lien_nguyen 337919885 Female. Born 14-02-1961. English
Nic nick 1918638 Male, born 1-23-53. Divorced for a couple of years. Three kids and one grandson. Just looking to make some new friends. I am able to leave my camper at one of the lakes here in Kansas all summer, and it's great. English
Christine Nichols chrissybabe 203833567 Born 7/08/1959. English
Nick Nick 11516411 Male, age 47. Divorced. Live in Ohio. English
Nick Nick 135750793 Male, age 40's. Single. Live in Singapore. English
Nicky the Micky nickythemicky 282306053 Male, age 40. In an open relationship that shares each other, and we also have our own friends and lovers. Love extreme sports, spending money and just having fun. English
Nicola Panico 66873183 Age 47. Italiano
Niftyfifty niftyfifty 273296474 Male, age 50. Common law. Love swimming, fishing, cards, chess, hockey, football. Coach hockey. Also love to read and watch good movies. Love to chat and flirt. Not looking for relationship. English
Nigel Nigel 148569259 Male, age 48. Married. Live in Denver. Interested in many different activities: hiking, biking, drives to the mountains, music and open to many other activities. English
Nightowl nightowl 62455404 Male, age 45. Just trying to meet friends in the state of Michigan or upper Ohio. I'm a workaholic and chat late at night to unwind. Give me a holler. English
Nikos Pireotis 318515493 Male. Born 11/56. Married. Live in Greece. In computer software business. Love gardening and fishing. English, Greek
Nikos tom 279145328 Male. Born 09/05/1959. Single. Living in Thessaloniki, Greece. Like football, reading, swimming, travelling. I am tall - 190 cm. Like to make friends. Work as a bank officer. Want to find a pretty girlfriend to marry her. English, Greek
Nils nils 206949065 Female. English
Arne Nilsson Johan 129826570 Male. Born 1948-06-16. Single and GAY. Swedish, English
Nims nims 238698374 Age 40+. English
Nina Nina 319156010 Female. Looking to make new friends. Married. In my forties. Mother to two sons, one daughter and two step sons. I am Canadian and my husband is American. We live in Canada on the west coast. I work in healthcare and am always interested in making new friends. English
Nina nina 339558334 Female. Born in 1961. English, Spanish, Dutch
Nitrous nitrous 87296331 Male, age 42. Single. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. English
Noel Ted 173137332 Male. Born 24/01/1949. Single. Location: Kootingal, NSW, Australia. Interests: PC, pets. English
Noellie Noellie 120042651 Male, age 50. Dutch, English, German
Nomad NOMAD 108186071 Male, age 40. English, Portuguese
Noosha noosha 252854522 a English
Valkyrja Nord Val 273670039 Female, age 49. Divorced female with two children at home. Live in northern New Jersey on the East Coast of the USA about 45 minutes from New York City. I look young for my age and act young as well. Enjoy the company of men very much. I love log cabins, fireplaces, snow, pine trees, the woods, lakes, the ocean and the beach, sand dunes, salt spray on my face, the occasional vodka martini. Would like to talk to men in their 40's or early 50's, preferably Scandinavians and northern Europeans. English
Nordlys nordlys 333857411 Female, age 41. Live in Norway. Nurse. Enjoy outdoor life, walking. Have one kid. Divorced. Like to go to see movies, read and talk about everything, but not interested in sex-chat. Norsk, English
Diane Nossiter diane0032003 274122337 Female, age 43. English
NW_OntLady NW_OntLady 136480732 Female, age 42. Live in northwestern Ontario, Canada.
Nybor nybor 95037129 Female. Born in 1960. Married. Live in Australia. Like go-karts, v8 supercars, and family. English
Nyrysy NYRYSY 312081168 Female, age 44. Russian

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