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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
A. K. POUPI 231153128 Male. Divorced. English, Hebrew
Andrea K. GoGoYubari 253667130 Female, age 42. Single. Looking for friends all over the world! Interested in movies (Tarantino, Fincher, Coen and more), music (alternative, Indie, country, metal), art and travelling (Asia). Love black humor and opened-mindedness! Looking forward to funny chats! English, German
Bala K. kris9 86857700 Male. English
Barry K. beeker 67356872 Born 5/18/61. Single white male, blonde hair, blue eyes. Enjoy the outdoors. English
Baum K. hp 219337827 Male, age 46. Married but looking. English
Brigitte K. Brigitte 326615507 Ich suche chat Kontakte über 40. Deutsch
Candace K. Sweetburst 331329977 Female. Interested in meeting others that are active and enjoy going out to live theatre performances or to dinner and up north, curling, sea doing, all kinds of things. I am open minded and looking forward to meeting some nice people in Toronto who are actively employed and thriving on life in the city. English
Charlotte K. j_chardel 332074187 Would just like to meet people and chat rather than read advertisements and junk mail. Just have some time on my hands. English
Chrissie K. Chrissie 289260448 Female, age 47. English
Daniel K. devito 261943536 Male. Born March 10, 1960. English
Darrell K. trader52 257146632 Male, age 55. Like chatting and meeting new people. Also like selling on ebay, flea markets, auctions and yard sales. Like riding bicycle; do several 30-50 mile rides. English
Dave K. DK 246067151 Male, age 48. Born 08-03-1955. Never been married. Enjoy watching the Green Bay Packers on television. My favorite pastime is playing blackjack at the local casino. Have an internet business at www.dudleys.itcstore.com in which I sell bicycles. Also go to computer school. I'm looking for a woman that likes football, going to the movies, watching DVD'S at home, going out to eat and occasional bar hopping. One that smokes and isn't afraid to drink. I live in Madison, Wisconsin. English
Debbie K. DEB 207871237 Female. Born July 24, 1961. Divorced Italian/Mexican female. Like reading crossword puzzles and long walks hand in hand with the right man. I am open to a lot of things and will try just about anything once. I enjoy great sex and giving and receiving it back as well. Be true to yourself and all will work out in the end. If any of this interests you - gentlemen only! - add me to your list. English
Deborah K. kissable_pink_lips_4 335609624 Female, age 45. English
Diana K. ladydi 255018249 Female, age - later 40's. Enjoy walks, beaches, practicing reiki, painting ceramics. Looking for friendship first. Divorced 20 years or so. English
Diane K. diane 280757101 Age 42. Engaged. Three daughters, 23, 21 and 15. All of them love horses, two of them keep holding on with endurance riding. I love to work with my hands - knitting and embroidery, and other stuff. Swedish, English
Dilip K. dilip02 72067970 Male, age 45. Born 10-6-1958. English
Donald K. donk 293229994 Male, age 43. Born 12-21-1960. Recent widower after 15 years. Live in Indiana. Love to watch Nascar, fish, swim, hiking, bicycle rides, camping, working on cars and carpentry. Have 2 kids at home, 1 daughter 13 and a step-son 18. Looking for someone to talk to. Ready to start the second half of my life. Looking for someone new (special) or even new friends. English
Doug K. Dutch 7277725 Male, age 49. Live in the Raleigh, NC, area. Interests: photography, computers, karaoke, camping, and sex. English
Doyle K. woody 280388913 Male. English
Hafeez K. Paaras 244001100 Male, age 51. Widower. Live in Pakistan. Enjoy reading books and magazines, the internet. English, Urdu
Holly K. christene 214911457 Female. Born 12/28/1963. English
Irina K. kis5 73702250 Female. Born 30/08/1963. Live in Tyumen, Russia. Widowed. Russian, English
Ivanka K. Ivanka 143461062 a English
Jahan Mohan K. Jagan 271964267 Male. Born 4th May, 1959. Married and have 2 children. Live at Ahmednagar in India. Interested in philosophy, reading books and listening to classical and western music. English
Jeannie K. kay 323978765 Female, age 48. Single. Live in Edmonton, Alberta. English
Jeff K. jakman44 277973337 SWM, age 44. Dark hair/green eyes. Financial and computer professional. Have never been married, but that doesn't mean I am opposed to marriage. In fact, I would love to be married someday. Love children, but I guess having children of my own is optional at this point in my life. After all, I'm not getting any younger! Hoping to meet an attractive SF/DF, with height and weight truly proportionate, who has great eyes and a captivating smile. I'm also a sucker for ankle bracelets!! You should be someone who hasn't let life's "baggage" get you down. I am adventurous, open minded, fun loving, and outgoing. I've NEVER been accused of being shy, but sometimes that's just a front. I would consider myself a "hopeless romantic;" am very sentimental and extremely sensuous. English
Jere K. JIKY 15545157 Male. English
Joan K. firelady 237008990 Female. English
Keith K. keithcugar 75733300 Male. Born 05/14/1955. Live in Hartford, WI. Like the parks, beaches, lakes, reading sci-fi, TV, movies, ZZTOP to country, Gretchen Wilson, a nice walk in the park, flea markets and more. Chat rooms, too. English
Larry K. Blue Fox 72572276 Male. Born in 1955. English
Larry K. Larry 174021540 Male. Divorced. English, Farsi
Lars K. LARS 169032657 Male. Interested in all kinds of chat. English, Danish
Lesley K. pklesley 262808655 Female, age 44. Live in Ontario, Canada. Welcome any friendly chat. I'm married and just looking for friends to get to know around the world!! Enjoy painting (tole), tv, movies. English
Lori K. Kazlady 81117417 Born 08/19/1962. Divorced Caucasian female. Interested in cultivating world-wide friendships which could possibly lead to more. My primary role at this point in my life is being a good mom, but would like to find a man to help keep the rest of me alive as well. :-) I power walk for exercise, love exploring places that allow me to tangibly connect with history, and do have a weakness for sappy movies and chocolate. Also love conversations that challenge my thinking and expand my knowledge. While I don't believe in knights on white horses, I do believe in and respect a man with honesty, compassion, strength of character, personal integrity, a sharp mind and quick wit. A handsome face and well kept body are nice too. :-) I need tangibility, so keeping it real is very important. English
Luba K. Me 262992081 Female. Born 4/07/58. Live in Israel. Not religious. Divorced. Have 2 grown children, good job, good friends, 2 dogs and a tamed hamster - but still need something more to feel happy. Love maybe? English, Russian, Hebrew
Lyn K. butterfly 256690993 Female, age 44. Divorced. Live on the central coast of NSW. English
Mansoor K. MAK 112701170 Male, age 52. Single. Live in Karachi, Pakistan. Travel, play golf, watch sports - tennis , cricket, golf, formula one. Interests are teaching & corporate management training. Love to meet people and make friends. Outgoing, easy person. Simple pleasures and tastes. English
Mark K. robi 126429202 Male. Born 8/13/51. Hello all! Michigan here. Plz stop by. Interests: women, sports, books. Married, but... English
Micky K. micky48 304647548 Male, age 50. English
Mikael K. mikarl 306641200 Male. English
Moshe K. moise 277861444 Male, age 48. Hebrew
Natali K. natkam 327950392 Female, age 50. Widowed. Interested in art, culture, painting, travel, communications, garden. Hobbies: embroidery, lace making, bobbin lace, pets and many more interesting things. Bulgarian, Russian, English
Natasha K. Natasha 150457588 Female, age 42. Feeling lonely and looking for new friends. Love chatting via ICQ. English, French
Neli K. neli_123 149593648 Female, age 43. English
Norma K. tucky 254395473 Female. Widow in KY. Bored to almost death. English
Normala K. aquarius 179185942 Female. Born in 1959. English
Osama K. semaso 291634040 Male, age 43. Single. Live in Egypt. Enjoy music and love stories. English
Paula K. abbyone2003 275061603 a English
Peachy K. peach 170432524 Born 3/2/60. 44 year old female looking for clean chat. Am a very sensitive person. Divorced with 1 son, 12 years old. Enjoy all sports, canoeing, rafting, swimming, camping, fishing, etc. Am an outdoors person. If interested, plz send me a message. English
Peter K. Moini 110345121 Male, age 55. Like to have nice talks about everything. Like humor, sports, computer. English, German
Ria K. sweet thang 160719965 Female, age 40+. Single. English
Rolly K. Rolly 55520034 Male, age 49. Born 7-29-54. Married. Love making new friends. Very outgoing and happy. Have an old car go to cruise ins and car shows. Finally got one kid in her 20's; now one teen to go! English
Ronald K. rhodssdalelooking 287590593 Male, age 41. Divorced. Live in Maryland. Hobbies are some fishing, some hunting, computers and dieting. American
Sami K. silvercontact 297991683 Male. Born 01/15/1960. English
Sheree K. spunky 289347512 Born Sept. 14, 1960. Single. Like Stephen King novels and cats. English
Shirlea K. Shirlea 222308450 Born 24/3/1962. Looking for friends, male or female, who love to share life's stories and have a laugh. I am in a relationship, so I am not looking for anything other than friendship. Have 3 children and a number of animals. Live in Perth, Western Australia. English
Staf K. intruder 166105742 Male. Born 21/04/59. Leuke babbel met een goede chatvriendin is altijd welkom. Interesse: covergroep, speel keyboard en ik zing. Nederlands
T. K. materialsman 93394057 Male, age 43. Divorced. Living in beautiful British Columbia. Open minded for almost anything, so just try me. English
Wim K. WIM 192905801 Male, age 48. Born 12-05-1955. Single. Volendam. Dutch, English
Wm. O. K. wok 242891205 Male. Born 10 October. English
Zee K. zee_k 268618628 Male. Born 5th Jan., 1961. From Lahore Pakistan. Looking for a female between 35 and 45 to have a loooooong term friendship/relationship. Wana come on board? Welcome. Plz rite to me. There are no hidden agendas here. A plain and honest friendship/relationship, nothing more if nothing less. I like to read P.G. Woodhouse, Archie, Tin Tin, Fortune mag, study business and human mind if I can. English
Ahmad Kamal daddy 340190458 Male. Born 18/03/1960. English
kamelkht kamelkht 307940927 Male, age 48. Single. Live in Lebanon. Enjoy music, sport, biking. English
KamrupGuy KamrupGuy 158414676 Age 45. Just a regular guy... intelligent, polished, thoughtful. Find pleasure in the small things of life like a hot cup of steaming coffee in the morning, a couple of beers with a friend in the evening, a stroll through the shopping mall with a bag of munchies in hand, a leisurely drive through the scenic route, an exciting DVD thriller on a rainy weekend, or even a long chat with an old friend over the phone. Essentially a person who knows that we see no more than about 36500 sunrises and sunsets in this beautiful planet, and all our achievements in the end add up to zero; we leave everything behind. Might as well be happy with everything we have for now and share it with a few good people, make this trip through the planet as joyous as it can get. Would you want to share it with me? English
Kannan Kannan 200050822 Male. All are assured replies and communication. Females from India are most welcome!!! English
Kara kara 227237864 Female, age 48. Born 6 May, 1955. Interested in all matters spiritual - angels, healing, etc. English
Karel karel 24006092 Male, age 50. Divorced. English, French, Dutch
Karen Gold*Leafe 4119544 Female, age 43. ISO a polite conversation. English
Karen greeneyedf 10397089 Female, age 44. Live in Alberta, Canada. English
Karen koolkaz 330809498 Female. Born 11-03-52. English
Karen LADYK42 48980062 Female. English
Karen lilac 278987351 Age 38. Single lady, young at heart. Looking for someone to make me laugh. I like fishing, hiking, biking and fireworks. If you are a gentleman looking for good conversation, a friend with the potential for a relationship, feel free to leave me a message. I have a lot to offer that special someone. English
Karen little one 275890084 Female. Single. I enjoy life. English
Karin Karin 295293549 Female, age 55. Single now. Live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Blonde, blue eyes. Blue collar worker. Like to cook, entertain friends and family. Enjoy garage sales, the beach, dating, ICQ, dining out, drives in the country, mystery movies. English
Karine Kisses_n_Wishes 84751386 Female, age 40. Single. Live in southwest UK. Please don't cyber me, as I am not interested. Looking to make friends. English
KarizmaGirl KarizmaGirl 27727592 Female, age 52. Single. Live in Waterboro, Maine. Some of my interests are: genealogy, karaoke, computers and grandchildren, to name a few. English
Karola cloud 113764430 Female. American
Karolina karolina 216416385 Female. Born 06.22.1964. English
Karrie karrie 215042600 Born 11/10/57. Married. Only looking for friendships from either male or female. Do not mind from this country or other countries, but must stress, please, only friendships. English
Jack Kasper Jack 304000608 From Seattle, USA. Married, mid-fifties. The nest is empty, and so is my heart. Love to travel, work on my photographs, write and repair just about anything, broken or not. I was born in Europe but somehow feel attracted more to Asian ladies. Not sure why. Perhaps one of you can explain this to me. Any ladies out there who would like to exchange a couple warm words? I promise to respond to everyone. English
Kath Mardi 205464603 Female. English
Kathleen Kate 268187757 Female, age 41. Looking for romance and friendship. English
Kathleen kathy 158928716 Female, age 52. English
Kathryn Sister Kate 122586551 Born October 8, 1960. Divorced mum. 2 children under 12. Part time student, full time mum. Like movies, dining out, family times. English
Kathy flowerchild 326841571 Born October 27, 1956. Single female from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia seeking e-mail friends. If you'd like to chat sometime, contact me. English
Kathy justme 264191623 Born 5-3-54. 50 year old divorced white female living in Michigan. Trying a new way to meet people. English
Kathy Kat 241254832 Female, age 43. English
Kathy Kathy 170096043 Age 42. Single female in northern California. Love suspense movies and books, nature, the ocean, animals (including my cats), writing, learning about other cultures, alternative rock, oldies rock n roll, and UFCs! How about you?? Contact me and let's chat/email :O} English
Kathy kathy_f 298300377 Female. English
Kathy redhead 23795869 Female, age 43. Divorced and living in Louisiana. English
katieangel1999@ yahoo.com katieangel1999@ yahoo.com 155497247 Female, born 12/29/1953. Married. Hobbies: computer, reading the Bible, watching tv, being a wife, going out with my friends. English
Howard Kau kau2 18153043 Male. Born 11/08/1952. Single. Live in Honolulu, Hawaii. English
Kay Kay 163155688 Female. Born 6/10/61. Single. English
Kay Kay 254650953 Female. Born 6-15-61. English
Kay steelemagnolia6 313344681 Female. Born 09/17/1963. Single. Interests: scuba diving and writing my first novel. English
Kcinky kcinky 279248413 Female, age 43. Enjoy chatting with new and old friends all over the world. English
Lucinda Keech cindy 277455461 Female. Born 04/11/1961. English
Kees MickEhv 220012200 Dutch guy who wants to meet people all over the world. English
Keith Keith 177896852 Male, age 49. Married, on paper. Live in Wi. English
Keith Reciprocator 346070059 Born July 29, 1957. Divorced. Two and gone boys. Live in Georgia. My passion is writing. I like piddling in the yard, doing things outside. Also like to shoot pool, darts, ping pong, etc. Of course I am here as well on the keyboard. hehe. Is there a lioness that can remove the dis from discontented? I love pleasing my lady and having reciprocation. English
Kelcy Kelcy2002 164194521 Female, age 48. Divorced, starting over. Love sports, camping, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, whitewater rafting, skiing, skating, snowboarding, horseback riding, gardening, all kinds of music, animals, and fun people. Have a great sense of humor and love to make people smile. Life is too short to be grumpy!! Clean chat only please. English
Kell kell 307033648 Male. Born 2/59. English
Kelly hotpants_11 232635571 Female, age 44. Separated. Just want to be happy again and laugh instead of being sad all the time. It's lonely here all alone without my hubby. If you care to chat, clean chat, please message me. English
Kelly kelly 235618426 Female, age 41. English
Ken exiguous 196931273 Male, age 50+. Divorced. Live in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. Have always been a scoundrel and looked elsewhere even when I was in a relationship. Must be addicted to new experiences, I s'pose. Gentle, kind and a damned good listener. If extra activity is what you like, then I'm up for it. English
Ken Ken 62882611 Age 58. Straight hetero male. Will chat to anyone about anything. English
Ken Phxstud 170386101 Born 08/24/1959. Single white male looking for a sweet gal. English
Kenny sikander 164119015 Male, age 50. Divorced. Living in NRW, Germany. 19 year old son lives with me. Looking for ladies around my age to chat, maybe more later. English, German
Dave Kepley Bigdave 148303414 Male, age 54. Separated and looking. Love rottweilers, bass fishing, camping, romance. English
Kermit kermit ô¿ô 285395 Male. Born in 1957. English
Kerry sunshine 197988917 Born in 1961. Clean chat only, please. 41 yr old single female living in Australia. Looking to chat with other Aussies. English
Udo Kertzsch udi46 284398114 Male, 46 Jahre. Ich will nette Leute kennen lernen, vieleicht sogar mit cam. Deutsch
Liz Key pompey peach 318620078 Born 17/03/1961. English
kfk kfk 174561516 Age 38. Divorced. English
Mirza Khalid Mirza 251979236 Male, age 48. English
Asif Khan balloch 76852857 Male. Born 25 March, 1963. Belong to tribal area of Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan. I'm a very simple and warm friend. Like driving 4x4 Jeep in the desert or the mountains. Camping and outings are my free time hobbies. Love wild animals. Hate hypocrisy and religious fundamentalism. If u r open minded and devoted, then come on; we will become real friends. English, Urdu
Raziullah Khan razi 314377403 Male, age 40. Born 06-01-1962. Married. Live in Southeast Asia - Dhaka, Bangladesh. Interests: internet, chat, current news, computer games. Looking for a good sincere honest and long term friendship. Interested in making friends all over the world. English
Kharheen_4521 Kharheen_4521 274297954 Female. Born Nov. 14th. English
Kiara Kiara 284277310 Female. Born in April, 1956. Divorced. Live in Melbourne, Australia. Like walks on the beach, in the country, picnics, long drives, parties, dancing, snuggling by the fire, long chats, family. Enjoy my work. Looking for a fair dinkum honest person. Am 5'4" tall, green eyes, dark long hair. English
KiBu KiBu 4755338 Hombre, 41 años. Español
Bob Kiernan xtremebob 213948461 Male, age 48. Divorced long enough to be single again. Live with a woman (separate bedrooms) almost 20 years my senior. We are mostly like family now. Need attention in ways I don't always get. I want new friends and a lover. I am a graphics professional, into many kinds of music, passionate about politics (liberal) and love movies. I play guitar and sing, but I haven't done this in a long time. If I could meet someone else interested in brushing off the old music skills, let's go! English
Kiki Kiki 5898580 Female. Born April 27,1956. Divorced/single. Love music and dancing, exercising, fishing, gardening, travel, cooking and long walks on the beach with my dog. English
Kilkennykatt kilkennykatt 318388103 Age 48. Divorced Irish man. Like fun. Love to flirt, love to listen, love to chat, cam and have a laugh. Oohh... if ya know anything about sport I'm gonna love ya!! English
Kilroy kilroy 103392848 Male. Born 8/17/1954. Live in Lyons, Kansas. Divorced and looking for someone in Kansas. Own my home in a small town. I don't like to play games!! English
Kim Kimba 46818765 Female. Born 4 Feb., 1963. Live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. Lead an active life. Enjoy bush walking, swimming, going out to dinner or movies with friends. Own a cat and have a couple of goldfish. That's just a sample of who I am. If you are interested in knowing more, send a message and say HI! English
Kimberly boxingal 148015097 Live in Ontario, Canada. Enjoy reading, music and chatting. English
Kimberly WINDDANCER 92162953 Female. Born May 28, 1961. Currently waiting for my divorce papers to come through.. lol.. and planning a party!! Originally from New Brunswick and missing it terribly. Since moving to Ontario I appreciate home and family much more. I miss the smell of the salt water and seeing tall trees and green fields of wildflowers. Hoping to get back home soon for a visit. English
Tiga Kimet Orchid 149059657 Married. Life is free. Like to make friends abroad. Hobbies are music, dance, gardening, vacations and small business. English
King Cole 1 king cole1 135537343 Male. Born in 1956. English, French
Sílvia Kiss Sílvia 126734423 Born 17/04/65. Portuguese, English
Kiti La Ru Kiti La Ru 263306131 Female. Born 12.10.1958. Serbian
Bratislav Kitic bata40 316096660 a Serbian
Kitty Kit 223097880 Female. Born 02-07-59. Divorced. Two adult children. Love outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking, biking, gardening. Also enjoy quilting, cooking and crafts and travel, good movies, good books, and most any music. English
Kitty kitty 27987431 Female. Born 1/31/59. From far north FL. Would love to meet a single good man for spending time with and get to know one another. If there's a spark, who knows what could happen? I'm looking for a good man; not just any man will do. I'm 44, and I'd like him to be older. He needs to be tall, as I am 5'10 and prefer taller men. He needs to be caring, compassionate, uninvolved, and not into games. I'm too old for that. I'd love to hear from you. English
Kitty kitty 333960278 Female. Born 02/04/1956. English
Kiwi sis kiwi_sis 341586936 Female. A cuddly over 40 who loves the beach, a good night out for nice meal, music and then what ever comes next, a nice bottle of wine sitting on the lounge floor listening to great music, and good company, English
Kizzy Kizzy 77158002 Female. English
Kjell Hjelmrik 55013560 Male. Born 03 Oct., 1954. Divorced. Live in Norway. Seeking friends. Healthy. Spiritual. English
Klaus OldDruide 71214769 Male, age 52. Divorced. From north Germany. Have lived in Austria for 4 years. Am a doctor of alternative medicine. Seeking a dear, tender and faithful woman looking for a new life. In Scandinavia, England, no condition, with pleasure. German, English
Andy Klein heffanan 251566497 Male. Born September 22, 1962. Married. 2 children, 13 and 15. Enjoy my family, German football, music. Would like to chat with people all over the world. German, English
Wim Kley BigBrother38 274774237 Male. Born June 27th, 1951. Single. Looking for friends, relationships. Dutch, English
Ivan Kneipp ruready4me1961 217352251 Male. Born 10/04/61. Single. Live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Outdoorsy type. English
Kodsy kodsyrest1 320001014 Male. Arabic, English
Kokomo Joe kokomojoe 221167158 Male. Born 1959-09-09. 44 yr old police officer in Canada. Married, two daughters, two step-kids... one of each. Interests include but not limited to: classic rock, blues, woodworking, collect police paraphernalia, computers, guitars, and of course justice and crime fighting. Will chat with anyone about anything, but no gays or weirdos pls. English
Kool Gram 99 kool_gram_99 212865001 Female. English
Kouritsi Kouritsi 236291806 Frau. Deutsch
Krishna kc 334420268 a English
Arun Kumar ltvkumar 192498806 Male, age 46. English
Kupavalesi kupavalesi 239003143 Male. Born 14-06-1961. English, Turkçe
Christian Kurth Christian 3266988 Single male teacher, 44. Love music. Interested in finding single lady friend for stimulating conversation. English, German
M. Kuz KUZ_IS 322090134 a English
Kym kymba7461 313558588 Female, age 43. Born 7-4-61. Divorced. Live in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. English

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