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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
Ahmed G. gheitbig 305278408 Male, age 53. Engineer. Working as a piling contractor. Arabic, English
Barbara G. ginger 210191953 Born 01/27/58. We have to grow old, but we don't have to grow up! English
Berk G. cenk 264956262 Male. Born in 1962. Married. Spiritualist. 1.70cm., 72kg. Dynamic. Very interested in other cultures. Turkish, English
Bill G. midnight rider70 293714537 Male, age 48. Born July 26th, 1955. 5 ft 5 in, brown eyes and hair. In good health. Live near Ottawa. Looking to talk to ladies from the area, 35 to 50, for friendship or more. I'm single. I like dogs and cats, rock music - 60s and 70s - and the blues, muscle cars of the same era, Corvettes, NFL and boxing, nascar, and much more. English
Bogomil G. Etranger 195777360 Male, age 54. Divorcer. Commercant d'articles d'occasion, peuvent m'ecrire tous cuex qui sont dans la meme branche. Musique, voyages. Je cherche relations avec personnes ayant les meme interet au afinitees que moi. Français
Brian G. Brian 134071399 Age 45. Single dad to a lass of 16. Interests are camping, fishing, caravanning and driving. I'm fortunate to own a caravan, so get away most weekends. I'm presently at college doing an IT course. Looking to chat and make friends with ladies from anywhere, single or married. It's only banter and friendship. If you wanna chat, give me a holler. English
Bruce G. TallTxnMo 117101718 Male. Born 08/26/1958. Divorced. Live in Missouri. Enjoy golf, fishing, hunting, camping English
Butch G. Bushman 239967885 Born 09/18/1955. English
Carlo G. Jack 25005575 Age 41. Italiano, a little English
Chris G. hardono7 232371330 Male. Born 10/1963. Recently divorced. Looking to expand my horizons and have some fun. English
Clint G. Clint 196200260 Male. Born 06/09/58. Divorced. Live in Newport News, Va. English
Darcus G. rudy 173594630 Born 01/19/1954. Widowed but have someone special. I am from Louisiana and believe that one can never have too many friends. When not online, enjoy cooking, music, and hanging out with friends at home. Like playing pool, Wheel of Fortune, hangman, and other games. Drop me a line if you want to chat. Male or female welcome to become my new friend! English
Dave G. woody 69353213 Male. English
Debbie G. Debbie 84733586 Female, age 42. Single. Live in southern Ontario. English
Debbie G. snowbird 294627081 Mid 40's. Single, professional woman. Involved in several veterans orgs. Love outdoor activities - camping, fishing, swimming. Enjoy most sports. Just learning to play golf. Love to travel and really like Vegas. Just looking for good conversation and to meet some interesting people. English
Deborah G. Deborah 176484758 Female. English
Dejan G. din-din 116995965 Male. Born 28/01/1963. Divorced. Live in Padua, Italy. Polymechanos. Italian, English
Denise G. NewMotherNature 210673667 Born 03/29/59. 45 year old Canadian woman. Been married 28 years. Three grown children and a 7 year old granddaughter, Into reading, movies, woodworking. Have a goofy black lab named Ebony. Love to chat, make friends and maybe have a few laughs in the process. Contact me if you are interested, male and female. English
Ed G. Ed 199396129 Male. Born in 1958. Single and looking for someone special. English
Edith G. Edie 323394617 Female, age 45. Single. Live in New Jersey. Like to chat with nice men age 40 to 50. English
Gabriella G. gabriella 280514599 Female. Born 7/24/54. Live in Bahrain. Hobbies: reading, writing, culinary, yoga, walking. English
Gertrude G. Witschi 5144738 Female. Born in 1958. Single, 1 adult daughter. Living in Andorra. Horse enthusiast. Computer freak. Freelance translator. English, Spanish, French, German
Gina G. Gina 172864582 Female, age 48. English
Harvey G. shyharv 35081697 Male, age 53. Single. Live in Montreal, Canada. English
Hussain G. Nice man, 133781101 Born 1-3-56. Love to meet with educated lady. English
Jacques G. "Jacques" 123055936 Male. Born January 4, 1959. Single. English, Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, French
Jamie G. JamiesAngel 303802482 Male. English
Jim G. Jim 227050069 Male, age 71. Born December 03, 1931. Divorced. Looking for a woman for a companion/pal who could hopefully share some of my likes and joys. I like green growing things, a good red wine (and not so good). I like really gripping movies with strong plots and actors who are believable in their parts. Keep up with current events. There is, of course, a lot more. English
Jo G. persephone501 119078222 Female, age 41. Interested in cycling, walking, gardening, keeping fit, swimming, visiting European cities, cinema and theatre. English
John G. whitehorse 9620471 Looking for hot chats. English
Joyce G. joyce 289923156 Female, age 56. English
Judith G. Brweyed45 275343439 Female. Born March 12, 1958. Very independent, divorced, attractive plus size girl. English
Judith G. Judy 191855519 Born Sept. 27, 1956. Divorced white female looking for that Mr. Right. Three grown children. Like camping, fishing, having a nice romantic dinner with that special someone, going to the movies. Live in Missouri and like chatting with men from different countries. Also like to travel. English
Kat G. softspoken39 16680870 Female, age 41. Born January 19th, 1962. Divorced Christian. Mother of two. Ride a motorcycle and am a member of the CMA. English
Leroy G. Roadrunner 345859539 46 year old male with three children. Only one lives with me at times. I'd like to meet a nice Latin lady who is interested in web chat and maybe more. English
Leslie G. JustLes 276487069 Female. Born 7/16/1957. 47 year young female just looking for honest worthy people with similar interests like the blues, Harleys, fun parties as well as quiet times. Life is short, no time for games or drama. Hope you're out there... English
Linda G. linda 156245157 Female. Born 07/25/53. Married. Love gardening, animals. Want to hear from foreign pen pals. English
Luz G. LUCY 251221712 Mujer. Nacida 17/03/61. No estoy interesada en "cyber sex." Español, English
M. G. Ravenhaired 10196973 Female. Born 05/21/1955. English
Magic G. magicstouch 177504332 Female. Born 08/14/1958. English
Marie G. ree 326055230 Female, age 46. Divorced. Love family. Love God. Love life. Would like to find friends to talk with. English
Marilyn G. Mazz 280326764 Female, age 45. English
Marina G. Marina 340529994 Female, age 43. Love music and people. English, Russian, Ukrainian
Mario G. Zenzek 117754042 Male. Single. Italian
Mark G. holiday 292513587 Male, age 52. Single. English
Mark G. wraith1994 270570609 Male. Born 6-16-62. Looking to meet people from around the world, make new friends in places I might never get to see. English
Mary G. ladywytch 246485983 Female. Born 8/9/1958. Separated. Live in New Orleans area. Enjoy computers & surfing the net. English
Melba G. southern belle 319238848 Female, age 47. Married but always alone and bored. Live in southern Missouri. Love to chat (keep it clean please). I love the outdoors, fishing, camping, ball, horseshoes, etc. English
Melinda G. Mel 262531175 Female. Born May 6. English
Mike G. patm51 14310035 Male. English
Miguel G. Miguel 3193667 a English
Mirage G. Mirage 341572845 Female. Born 02-11-61. Recently divorced after 12 years of marriage. No children. I'm small, 1.60cm, 48kg. Green eyes. Like to read and listen to almost all kinds of music. Like classical music, especially Gregorian, and some jazz, pop, romantic. Like to dance all kinds. I also do exotic and Oriental dance. I'm silly but sophisticated, creative type. Really enjoy movies and going to the theatre. Very interested in psychoanalysis, sociology, and astrology. I like travel, sports, hard work. I'm playful, very romantic, sarcastic, spontaneous, flexible aaand sexy. Love animals; have a dog. I like energetic men. Don't like to hear "tired;" this word is not in my dictionary. I love my man to spoil me. Looking for a man who is not quickly nervous or stressed. Of course, a good looking man would make my smile bigger, but other things are more important, like humor, independence, caring, tenderness, friendliness, humor, open mindedness. He should like to go out, like travelling, like art and be loyal, honest, adventurous, curious, full of energy aaaaand sexy. If you think we are fit each other, I'd like to hear from you. English
Nancy G. mcwebski 288280845 Female. Born 07/20/1956. English
Patricia G. msokie 175543059 Age 47. Single gal. 100% country. Love thunderstorms, rainbows and walking barefoot. Favorite pastimes are trail rides, camping out, 4 wheeling and flea markets. A jeans and t shirt person but am told I clean up nicely if the occasion calls for it! Friends call me a practical joker. Like to live life like there might not be a tomorrow, cause who knows! English
Paula G. PJ 254672775 Female, age 44. English
Piracha G. khalid 164430835 Male. Looking for good friend, companion, a sincere and true and honest friendship and more. English
Randy G. needx3 171381758 Male. Born 11/22/56, age 47. Just like having fun.... life too short. English
Regina Helena G. Re 205195074 Female, age 51. Portuguese
Rob G. mawgan 348859479 Male. Born 10/09/1953. Teacher. Divorced 10 years. Seek a lady in my life. Like to travel, scuba, hike, camp. English
Robert G. bluenight200345 281058653 Male looking for ladies to chat. English
Roderick G. rod_1951 192694494 Male, age 52. English
Ron G. RONNIEG63 166582283 Male. Born 09/26/1963. English
Rose G. oldybutagoody 222086410 Female. Born 24/09/59. English
Rui G. ruigranadeiro 240322583 Male. Born in 1961. English, Portuguese
Russell G. Russero 344222906 Male, age 45. Married. Amateur soccer player. Own my own company in Hong Kong. Like European cinema, indie rock, theatre and stand up comedy. English
Sam G. OGOGO 213769240 Male. Born 05.14.1954. Russian, English, Armenian
Sandra G. Sandra 259810790 Born 08/16/1961. Female, age 42. Divorced with 2 children. Originally from Mexico. Spanish, English
Sherry G. Green Eyes 327506468 Female, age 44. English
Silvia G. Silvia-v 302532619 Female. Would like to make friends with people in other countries. Spanish, English
Sudhir G. sangeet 304144972 Male, age 42. English
Süleyman G. slmglt 162283913 Male, age 47. Have been living in Antalya, Turkey, working as a scientist. English, Turkish
Terry G. biker44 264997452 Male, age 45. Separated 4 yrs. Live just north of Brisbane, Australia. Like bike rides, movies, good books on history and SF. Pretty easygoing person. Like meeting people from other cultures. English
Tim G. tim 12663493 Born in Oct., 1956. MWM, 47 yrs old. Enjoy chatting with women, variety of subjects. Live in southern New England, USA. English
Todd G. recov2000 100260932 Male, age 44. Interests: horses, travel, search & rescue and the list goes on!! English
Uwe G. Keule 93238125 Male. Born in 1964. English
Valadia G. valadia 282505227 Female, age 45. Separated. Parent of 4. Living in a tropical climate in Australia. English
Victoria G. Vicci 328544058 Female, age 44. Single. Live in Ukraine. English teacher. English
Gaber asdneil 316153153 Male. Born 6-10-1947. Prof. dr. in academy of arts in Egypt and work director of documentary film. Interested in panting. English, Arabic
Gabi Gabi 248175861 Female, age 40. English, German
Jamie Gagnon GNU 251018052 Male, age 41. Married but lonely. Located in Wis. Find myself on line a lot lately. Hobbies include watching sports, golf, woodworking, remodeling house, a never ending process, and being a goofball. I've never talked online, so I'm REALLY new to this. Plus, I type really badly. English
Gail Gail 167172449 Female. Single. Interested in gardening, photography, cooking and eating out, travel, reading, etc. English
Sheryl Gailey GrdMomRd 206617078 Female, age 48. Married. Live in Michigan. Interests: horses, baseball, family. Like to meet new people. English
Gairy gairy 341149315 a English
David Galliher puterdave4u 258752959 Male. Born 04 19 1956. Divorced male looking to chat about almost anything. English
Ron Gamboa RONNIEG63 166582283 Male. Born 9/26/1963. Just turned 40, so I'm new to this. Single; never been married. Hope to do a lot of traveling but for now work til I drop. Dancing, movies, eating out or playing pool are a few things I like to do for relaxation and just winding down from a long work day. Hope to hear from those that just want to meet me and say "hi." English
Arkady Garbar ark100 346660675 Male, age 43. Married and have two daughters. I like science fiction, science, fishing and to meet new people. Russian, English, Hebrew
Everett Garrett ELGEAGLE 213958521 Male. Born 07-24-61. Separated. Live in Houston. Maint. director for several apt. sites. Currently with my girlfriend. Have my own part time business. Like to get out and just find things to do... bowling, movies, camping. Well, can't list everything - just having some fun. If anyone responds, PLEASE be nice about it. English
Garry gtleeee 91077139 Male. Born 04/27/54. English
Gary 289822067 289822067 Male. Born June 17, 1958. English
Gary Gary 1076884 Age 45. Single male looking for friend to chat. Work with cable modems. Love to ride my motorcycle, working with computers. English
Gary gbobb 259688498 Male. English
Gary GT 236107928 Male. Divorced. Love chatting, Las Vegas, traveling. Fan of the local sports teams... Blues, Cardinals and Rams. Love music. English
Gary penrodz 237838718 Male, age 52. Single and lonely in Minnesota. Hobbies are beekeeping and woodworking. I like to fish and ride in the country looking for old schools and frontier houses and farms. Enjoy antique stuff and, of course, this machine. English
Gary ppa 342634894 Born 17.01.1958. Divorced 45 year old man. English, Greek, German
Gary uss3412 304404078 Male, age 41. Married. Like to talk about sex to females. English
Gawdfather gawdfather 118229368 Male, age 54. Enjoy reading, writing, fitness, gardening, camping, fishing, and exploring. English
Gemmer gemmer 265970987 Female, age 42. English
Gene Handy 332549321 Male. English
Geojett geojett 11679573 Male. Just love to chat with intelligent people who are honest and open with their feelings. No phonies! What you see is what you get with me. No hidden surprise. You ask and you will receive the truth. Thanks for reading this. English
Geordieboy Geordieboy21455 170751931 Male, age 47. Separated. Very honest and caring. Live in Northumberland, UK, which is next to Newcastle. English
George canadiancrossbreed 193932523 Age 41. Born Dec. 23, 1963. Widower. Live in Sutton. Like hunting, fishing, swimming, camping, watching sports, reading and music. Love to chat. 5 feet 10 inches, 165 lbs. One quarter Indian. Blonde hair but now black, lol. Brown eyes, dark. English
George daylight 62628331 Male, age 50. English, Greek
George george 157525197 Male, age 50+. Looking to meet more friends. Love the puter. Hobby is home up-grades and repair. Like to create things. No cyber-sex; I like the real thing. Friendly chat only. Let's meet. English
George NASTY G 70494407 Male. Born 08/16/1962. Divorced. Live in Jay, Maine. Live-in girlfriend. English
Gerard commando 130142720 Male, age 52. Married. Five daughters. Dutch, English
Gerard gerard 214549869 Male. Dutch, German
Geri earthangel 204347657 Female, age 47. Married. Live in Newfoundland, Canada. Like the outdoors, fishing, long walks, chatting with online friends. Would love to travel to meet all my online friends. Hmmmmmmmmmmm anyone win the lottery lately? lol English
Gerry Gman04 228426033 Male, age 40ish. English
Gerry yogi 211062438 Age 40. Single Canadian male who enjoys horse riding, reading, traveling or just quiet at home with the right lady (if I ever find her). English
Gg gg 320608625 Female. English
Gil groovygh 265455949 Male, age 46. English
Gilbert gilbert 70615588 Male. Enjoy sailing, biking, gardening, reading, chatting. English
Elizabeth Gilbert Bunny 230350002 Female, age 61. Married. Just looking to meet people with good sense of humor from all over the world. English
Victoria Giler vgiler 122715501 Mujer. Nacida 15-03-48. Soltera. Abogada. Deseo amistad con hombre de negocios o de preferencia profesionales. Español, Portugues
Gill fregg 45919346 Female. Born 21-10-1956. Live in south Yorkshire, UK. Love to chat but can't hack the 'cyber-scene'; it does nothing for me. Been on ICQ for awhile and also use MSN. I'm a graduate (BA in communication studies) and have very recently embarked on a BSc in psychology. I must be mad!! Have a fantastic family. Love music of all kinds. I particularly like House, Acid House, Trance but I'll listen to anything. Depends on my mood really. I have a profound love of books and literature (this stems from spending nights alone as a kid). I have opinions on most subjects (which seems to wind some guys up!). I don't claim to be right or wrong; they're just my opinions. I could sit here for hours trying to tell you what I'm interested in, so it'd be easier for you to give me a shout and we'll chat. Looking forward to it. English
Bob Gill Bob 27655940 Male, age 67. English
Elaine Gillespie emerald 229868800 Female. Born 26-5-56. Would like to hear from male and female members, not just male. English
Gary Gillespie Fionn 54455360 Male, age 50. Irish. Tall, athletic, poetic, articulate & handsome. Interested in articulate and interesting ladies. English
Gina blondeinok00 41224904 Female. Married. English
Gina preciouslady_oh 297888016 Female. Born 7/27/59. Separated. Live in SE Ohio. 2 grown sons and 1 grandchild. Looking to make new friends and see where things go. English
Girlintn girlintn 225054136 Female. English
updated Hughes Glantzberg Swede 1719987 Barely over 60. Living in Colorado. I'm a computer consultant running my own business. Grandfather of triplets plus one and yet another one. The triplets, born in October 1999, were joined by their brother in October 2002. Then another brother was born in February 2005. I'm still wondering if my daughter has figured out what's causing this. English
Glen Glen 205387939 Male. Born in 1952. English
Glenda One Happy Kid 50895894 Female. Born 10/26/1952. Married. Live in California. Love horses, pets, gardening, psychology, chat, computers, fishing. Work a 40 hour week in the mental health field. English
Glenda willr4 141923626 Divorced lady, age 48. Like to chat and talk about life and other such puzzling things. English
Glenn lazzlo 292727804 Male. Born 23/07/54. Married. Looking for general friendly chat on a wide range of interests... family, life, love... English
Glenys Glenys6933 334915311 Female. Born 28-2-1952. Live in the UK. Married, but it's only a piece of paper. 2 boys, 30 & 17. Have been on ICQ quite a few years now but have lost contact for one reason or another with a lot of my chatters. I like reading & cooking & music & chatting on ICQ. ONLINE CHAT ONLY. All the info about me is on my ICQ. Not interested in meeting a man - just clean chatting. Would like to chat to people over 50. Online most nights after 10:30 pm UK time. Not into cyber. English
Glynis BLONDIE 145532406 Female. Born 14/04/1949. Divorced. In good shape, healthy, a little unfit. Non smoker. A young looking 53. Blonde, blue eyes, 5' 3", 85 - 90 kgs. (all in the right places). Sexy, sensuous, broad minded (love occasional dirty jokes). I love meeting people, dining in & out, live theatre, dancing, occasional glass of wine, walking in parks/beach holding hands. All in all I enjoy life. Like to get into my garden to tend my weeds. English
Mary Kaye Godden MKG 116073950 Female. Born 10 June, 1954. Divorced. 25 year old son. Work and live in Singapore. In good physical shape. Swim regularly. I value honesty, sincerity, trust, tenderness, and communication as qualities that make a friendship special and an enduring life-long relationship. I enjoy traveling, outdoors, quiet moments, movies, dining, and walking. I treasure the love in a family. As an ESL teacher, I value making a difference in a child's life. Looking for a soulmate who is sincere, kind, sensitive, caring, understanding, a sense of humor, down to earth, and enjoys life's little pleasures. Someone who desires sharing togetherness, affection, talking, a faithful relationship and values a commitment. A special person who enjoys growing in a relationship. A man who would want to spend growing old together with me. A good heart and soul is more important than how he looks. He should be a non-smoker, healthy, occasional drinker, and financially secure. Last but not least, someone who fears God. Please do not write to me if your age is 38 and below... merci beaucoup! English
Goddess Goddess 349557065 Female, age 46. English
Goodflyer goodflyer 271527996 Female, age 47. English
Gordie kwnewf42 251120804 42 yr old single guy (never married, no kids). Looking to chat with a nice lady. I'm a smoker, social drinker. Luv to laugh and also quiet times cuddled up on the couch with some wine and candle lite. Work full time as a truck driver (but I'm home every nite and only work 4 days a week, so I have lots of time for a special lady). So let's chat and see what happens. English
Gordon Gord..... 99304854 Born May 01, 1946. Married white Canadian male. Would like to chat with a married female. English
Gordon Gordon 63879182 Male, age 46. Love to chat with women anywhere in the world and learn about life in other countries, so never be shy. Leave me a message. English
Claude Gosselin claude45 290880615 Male, age 44. Single. Live in Hearst, Ontario. French, English
Chris Goundry chrissy 218591815 Female, age 46. Divorced. Live in north England. English
Graeme Graeme 244179229 Male, age 55. Sort of married. Medical doctor. Casual or more permanent relationship sought. English
Graggle Graggle 195614585 Born Sept. 19, 1954. Single nice male in Lincoln, Nebraska. Just transplanted from southern California. Good sense of humor. Like writing, journaling (amazing for a guy, eh?), poetry, theatre, play piano. Not big into TV or movies; I'd rather use my own imagination. Would love to meet people in the eastern Nebraska area for real friendship as well as online friendship. English
Gray Ghost gray ghost 298383946 Single male from upstate NY. Enjoy golf and people. English
Staci Greenberg stacig 310853281 Female. Born in 1958. Divorced, 2 children. Interior designer in New Jersey. English
Craig Greenwood craig 250170812 Male, age 45. Long term relationship. Love movies, music and chatting to ladies from all over the world. G`day from Australia. English
Greetje Greetje 148051125 Female, age 48. Nederlands
Greg acss 214308993 Male. English
Greg Gregster 310216757 Born 11-28-60. Good looking dwm. Looking for single good looking women ages 30 - 45 for clean chat. English
Gregpaul49 Gregpaul49 20689877 Male. Born in 1949. Love to chat with people from all over the world. My hobbies include test driving new cars. Seeking intelligent chat. English
Groovy Grampa groovy grampa 287922690 Male, age 65. Separated. Enjoy music. English
Ebenezer Gudmundsson Ebbi 11166453 Male. English
Denise Guici Dedé 128613016 Age 38. Born May 27, 1965. Divorced and have no kids. Love chatting to people all around the world, including Brazil, exchanging nice ideas and cultural differences. Just nice and clean chat are welcomed. Please no cyber cause that would upset me and that will be far from my intentions here. Nice to meet you all in advance!!! Portuguese, English
Guidawoo guidawoo 280711789 Female. Born 22/5/1959. Portuguese
Kathy Guillemette Kat 283153628 Born Nov. 1960. Single full figure woman. Interests include sci-fi, music, art, camping, fishing. Many other items too, but I have to leave something to chat about. English
Terry Guinther terbear 340529973 Female, age 48. Born 9-18-1955. Divorced. English
Gunilla Gilla 211172690 Female, age 57. Live in Sweden. My hobby is painting photo. Have 2 cats and a Borzoi dog. 2 children, ages 24 & 25. Like to travel. Like people with a sense of humor. Swedish, English
Guntcher guntcher 23373020 Male, age 48. Married & flirting. Interested in photography and photo editing, music, reading. Looking for some new chat partners. Say hi, I don't bite. English
Arjun Gupta arjun 20772934 Male, age 47. English, Hindi, Japanese
Guy 1082 guy1082 258140563 Male, 40's. Married but not dead. English
Gwen babycake 249597375 Female, age 44. From the UK. Interested in lots of stuff; too many to list. Looking for friends and chat anywhere. English
Gypsie Gypsie 198033355 a English
Gyspygrace Taz 336706765 Female, age 48. Married, 2 grown children. Enjoy the outdoors. Would like to make friends, male or female. English

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