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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
U. scorpioly 241914136 Male, age 49. German, English
Adnan U. sadnanu 106971989 Male. Born 11-04-1963. Single - never married. Live in Istanbul, Turkey. Enjoy swimming, cars, finance. If you want to be friends with me, send me a message. Turkish, English
Bette U. sweaty Betty 83511945 Born Nov. 21, 1955. Single. Just looking for the right person, that's all. Easy to talk to and laugh a good laugh. English
Manuela U. wella 207189083 Female. English
Terry U. jo 217106032 Female, age 41. Born 4-21-62. Married. Live in Fla. Enjoy quilting, sewing, spreading the word of God, helping others in need. Sing in a praise and worship team. Put God first and family, then new friends and old. I love the mountains, hiking, riding a bike. Most of all, learning new things every day. And I love the computer. English
Ulka Ulka 221791857   German
Ultimate ultimate 257628872 Female, age 45. Separated and looking for a close friend or more. English
Tanya Undova onda 191467246 a English, Russian, Polish
Unique unique 30775730 a English
Uniqueone uniqueoneNS 240570081 Born March 12, '62. Single white BBW from the Annapolis Valley of NS, Canada. Enjoy playing darts, cribbage and hanging out with friends. Love to go dancing. Enjoy country music as well as classic rock and some pop but don't like rap or heavy metal.
Feel free to drop me a line :)  .
Floriamo Urs floriamo 214868816 Male. Born in 1949. Separated. Living in the Italian Alps. Artist, stone sculptures, blues guitar. Worked 20 years for son of Nobel Prize author. Hobbies: computering, bicycle riding, swimming, European Rainbow gathering. Focalizer, peace activist. English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français
Syed Usman usman 303829312 Male. Born 04/08/1954. Would like to have friends all over world. No matter what age, sex, race, colour, I respect whoever it is. All are welcome if you wish my friendship. English
Abel V. Abel 260300485 Male, age 47. English
Alice V. licinha 107766340 Female, age 42. Single. Brazilian. Interests are reading, garden, travel and making new friends around the world. Portuguese, English
Angel V. Gus. 250251136 Male. Born 05-01-58. Spanish, English
Bart V. Bart 272194983 Male, age 55. Legally separated since March 2003 and ready to look for that possible special person in my life. I'm a Christian looking for a "soul mate." Past year has been one of growth for me - learning to get back to life's basics, appreciating the joys and blessings that each day brings. I've learned to be content with my life and my solitude, but i'm ready for more now. Have a healthy appreciation of life, with a naughty twist that betrays itself through the twinkle in my eyes. English
Bert V. roxy 348016722 Male, age 47. Born 14/01/1957. Dutch, English
Chris V. ammo 242526417 Male. Born 1/3/57. Single. Enjoy sports, travel, just plain fun. English
Colleen V. wildnjaded 193030293 Female, age 46. Recently widowed. Have a son 22, and a daughter 16. Like to talk with men or women with similar interests, such as music, books, gardening (especially if you're from Maine), collecting (anything!). Just want to chat and meet new people and make friends. Love a sense of humor and sincerity. English
Donna V. Donna 3158607 Female. Born in 1961. English
Eddie V. edntenn 14408318 Male, age 47. Divorced. Currently in MO. Interests include guitar and prophecy, among others. English
Eva V. Eva 176285633 Female. Born Oct.31, 1958. Very happily married. 6 grandchildren. Like to fish, go camping, ride our ATV's. Like sci-fi movies, and I am a avid fan of Stephen King novels. Have all the movies that were made from his books. Just looking for people with similar interests. Not looking for anything romantic. English
Greetje V. greetje 307141623 a English
Hans V. Snoop Cat 99256095 Male, age 52. English, Dutch
Heather V. kenzie 194747212 Age 40. Single female. English
Ineke V. meisje 337178606 Happy-go-lucky person not bothered by my age. Who wants to stay young must die young and I LOVE LIFE. My hobbies are reading (especially thrillers), travelling (I've traveled a lot), music, dancing, gardening, swimming. I love nature in all seasons except winter, brrrr. Love dogs, my family, my friends. and lately I love the PC and all it brings into my life. Soaking it up like a sponge. Who's gonna' contact me? I like meeting interesting people, male or female, for a nice chat. My general knowledge is OK, and I am interested in many things. Exclude erotic and filthy subjects; I DO NOT LIKE THAT. I live in my own place, have a long LAT relationship. For those who don't know, it stands for Living Apart Together and has nothing to do with Lesbian. I'm as hetero as it can get but value the beauty of love and friendship and not what they make of it on-line in many programs. So... is there still someone interested? Dutch, German, English
Jan V. jan 330509922 Male. Born 9 June, 1933. Separated. Looking for a female age between 55 and 65 years old, open minded, spontaneous emotional, passionate. I mean a real soulmate. Dutch
Jean Luc V. jlvanno 313235601 Homme. 48 ans. Je vis seul à Herouville, St. Clair. Mes loisirs: vélo, internet, informatique. Sens de l 'humour très développé. Recherche mon alter ego au féminin. Français
Jeanette V. ninner 99825542 a English
John V. truckr 85801521 Male, age 51. Born 08-19-52. Divorced. 6'2", 195#, caucasian. Anyone wanta chat, give me a buzz. English
Josef V. josefv 291119992 Male, age 45. German, English
Luis V. wicho 250403274 Soltero. Vivo en Tijuana, Mexico. Deportista. Español
Luisa Maya V. Mimi 120257143 Female. English, Spanish, Dutch, German
Nisarat V. jeab 85204790 Female, age 40. Born 15 Sep., 1963. Divorced. Enjoy swimming, knitting, reading, etc. Looking for sincere people to be my friends. English
Philip V. philHD 76223722 Male, age 41. Born 31 May, 1962. Married. Living in the Dominican Republic. Have a wonderful job as co-manager of a romantic beautiful hotel on the north coast. My lil place in space: http://go.to/philHD . English, Nederlands , Español
Ruud V. duur 346407359 Male. Born 14/07/38. Dutch, English
Sheri V. blondeangel 326306964 Female, age 42. Likje long walks, good wine, romance. English
Skip V. SKIP 159920496 Male. Born 11/16/45. Single and searching. English
V. V. Freedom 76814271 Female. Born in October. Single. From Canada. English
V.K*MuT* V.K*MuT* 170258580 Mann, 40 Jahre. Deutsch
Vanessa V. nessa 172502932 Born 25/9/1954. Single mother of 3. English
Vivian V. Overtime 301880104 Female, age 41. English
Wouter V. remy 242241071 Male. English, Dutch
VA Country Girl VA_countrygirl 198142775 Female, age 45. Divorced. Mother of one teenager. Enjoy watching the sun rise and set. You can look into my eyes and see my soul! English
Gary Vail Coyote 274313565 Born 08/30/60. Divorced. Like hunting, fishing, and long walks on the beach at sunset. English
Val Val 78041697 Female, age 42. From south Australia. Happily in love despite being married. I'm a registered nurse, still at uni doing further studies. Love camping, particularly in Tasmania. I'm an inexperienced new gran and the wife of a handsome police officer. Also into computers, sci-fi movies and classics. Live long and prosper Dr. Who... giggle. Love to laugh. Quite approachable BUT I DON'T cyber, so let's not embarrass each other - I MEAN IT!! English
Val Val 147683688 Male, age 46. English
Valerie Val 103186524 Female, age 44. Live in Portland, Oregon. White. Divorced. Part time freelance artist and mother of 2 teenage boys looking for honest, caring male. Prefer non smoker non drinker. English
Valerie val 213140041 Female, age 46. Not one for one-on-ones. Used to chat rooms, but if you're a talker I will listen and try to get the hang of one on one chat. Only interested in down to earth people with integrity.


Marco Antonio del Valle marcoavs 67932424 Nacido el 9 Nov. de 1956. Divorciado. Tengo un hijo de 11 años. Me encanta leer, viajar y me gusta mucho el camping. Deseo una pareja. Español
Bruce Valters bakersboy 258729928 Male, age 49. Born 17/01/1955. N.s.h.m. Live in Newport, south Wales, UK. Dry s.o.h. Looking for friends. English
Georgia van Eijk xgeorgiax 240118104 Female. Born 22/08/59. English
Lucien Van Laere Lucien 193427902 Male, age 63. Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Russian
Linda Van Zandt angelicsoulchild 234106394 Female, age 47. Single, not really looking. Seeking friendships - MORMON Christian Faith. Located at the Lacamas Creek Ward church in Vancouver, Washington, 98682. If you interested in formatting a site and chat room for Mormon Christian persons for interaction, friendship bonds, please contact me . English
Vandy VanDenburgh vandy 429658 Male, age 44. Born 11/9/1957. Happy couple looking to share with other couples. We are fun loving and like to party. Looking for like minded couples. She's bi. Both devoted & open-minded. I keep myself physically fit, clean & carefree. I'm an honest man & expect the same. Firm believer in whatever u do shall come back 10X fold. Give what u expect...... English
Rochelle VanderMeir KimVan 168709933 Separated 42 year old woman. Hispanic/German mixture. Live in Taylor, Michigan. Very into Honesty. Let's chat. English
Vanessa VanessaRenee 329975112 Female. Born 2-2-1959. Divorced. Live in the Kansas City, MO, metro area. Interests vast and varied. Live life to the fullest... always take the scenic route! English
Iliana Vasileva Iliana 280282736 Female, age 44. Bulgarian
Vasko vasko 313459257 Male, age 43. Single. English
Gregory Veith greggie 161253312 Male, age 55. English
Vel vel 168251815 Female, age 45. Married. 3 kids; 1 daughter and 2 sons. Interested in making new friends on ICQ. English
Velvet ColoradoVelvet 9572697 Female, age 47. Animal freak (graduated from animal lover long ago). I live a very simple, happy life but a little quiet. Love horses and all other animals, Harleys, home improvement, tattoos, swimming, roller coasters, lingerie and rainy nights. I'm a homebody for the most part - love curling up with a cup of strong french vanilla coffee, a warm blanket and a couple of furry kids as much as I love getting in the dirt to build a flagstone walkway or plant something. Don't like big drinkers but do like to occasionally go dancing and have a few. I'd much rather smoke than drink. :) Hippie chic personified. :) English
Vera VeraUkr 32725883 Female. Born in 1952. Married middle age lady from Ukraine. Like to practice English in my lunch time. If u are online and have time for a short conversation, knock on my door and let's talk.  :-) English
Verite Verite 166166815 Female, age 46. Enjoy travel, sports, music, cultural events, outings with friends and everything refined in life. English
Veronica konka 165881380 Female. Born 24/02/1958. Single and enjoy life. Dentist. Live in Brazil. Like movies, music and the beach. Seeking true and sincere love. Want to love and be loved. I believe in love. I know that it exists. Life without love is less sweet. I want to be happy. Seeking a sincere man who believes in love and loves life and believes that two people can find happiness together.

Moro no Brasil. Sou dentista. Sou solteira e gosto da vida. Estou procurando um verdadeiro amor para mim. Acredito no amor. Sei que ele existe. A vida sem amor é menos doce. Quero um amor real para mim e sincero. Quero amar e ser amada. Quero ser feliz.

Português, English
Versus Versus® 105507620 Born 01-05-1964. Interests: writing, social science. English, Turkish
Vickey vickey 268571773 Male. Born in 1955. From Netherlands; originally from Asian region. More than a gentleman. Let's chat and u can judge for yourself. English, Dutch
Vicki BubblyGirl 275399734 Female. Born in 1956. Like music, socialising, good wine, dinner parties, good friends, movies. English
Vicki Leo 116063978 Female. Born 16/8/63. English
Victor teaka1 332735498 Male. Born in 1948. Single and looking for that special girl. English
Victoria Tory 346442363 Female, age 44. Single parent of a 15 year old boy. Laid back and easy going. Go-with-the-flow type of person. I have a sense of humor; I think that is very important. Like movies, quiet nights at home and spending time with my son. I do crafts and just bought a scroll saw. English
Raoul Vigneau jojo 64931922 Male. Born 09/16/1950. English
Vimal vim 43028707 Male, age 50. Live in Bombay, India. Looking for some one to pamper and shower love on. Good sense of humour desirable. Looks not very important, as beauty is just skin deep. English
Vince honestvinnie 145162178 Male. Born 02/06/65. English
Vince sheveck 193849968 Male, age 42. Enjoy music, movies, being outdoors, most romantic things. Looking for someone (female) to chat with and share ideas and learn new things. English
Vincent Vincent 301396604 Age 50. Divorced male looking to chat with women from different areas of the country. English
Leo Vines David 294397166 Male, age 47. Single. Located in Benalla but in Melbourne regularly. Like dining out, art house films, jazz and a range of other music, current events, esp. Australian politics, art, antiques, outdoor exercise walks, bike rides, camping country drives. English
Jan Vis Javis 254662208 Male. English, Dutch
Vlinder Vlinder 281493146 Age 44. Single working mother of two kids (17 and 14). Lots of hobbies, interests. Travel, music. Dutch, English, German
Vladimir Vlk Vladimir 101552925 Male, age 49. Czech, English
Debbie Voegerl debdeb 277370573 Female. English
Cecilia Voinea veronika 175645456 Female, age 50. Born 3.May.1954. Want to find a man who can love and respect a woman. English
Volker Volker 123665647 Male, age 45. Want to chat with many people and find new friends of all of the world. German, English
Vzach vzach 201033406 Female. English

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