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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
S. Jett Rink 17247427 a English
Alyssa S. lisa 301463319 Female, age 45. Divorced. Live in Indonesia. Enjoy travelling and sports. Moslem. 2 beautiful daughters. English
Andreas S. Movi 212324511 Male, age 42. English
Angela S. AngelaSan 207815945 Female. Born 1962/12/30. Live in Brazil. English, Portuguese
Angela S. Charlie 94843350 Female, age 48. English
Angelia S. Savannah 37880877 Female. Born 11/18/60. Polite and friendly conversation. If ya can't behave, click the "Find Another Chat Partner Button" AGAIN. Adults over 40 only! English
Anika S. Yarik 260433811 Age 41. Russian, English
Ann S. ann 193930995 Female, age 41. Born 8\18\1961. Live with my dog Boss, a Boston terrier, my love. He doesn't bite or bark, just protects his mama - me. English
Ansa S. 261062241 261062241 Female, age 43. Afrikaans
Arnold S. Arny 71097216 Male. Born in 1960. Divorced. Live in London. Pilot. Enjoy golf, flying, skiing. English, Afrikaans
Arthur S. iron70 4766348 Male. Born March 27. Single and live alone in Indiana. Many hobbies and interests. Would like to have someone else in my life, but it is so hard to find that special someone that can put up with me and of all my past history. I must be a very bad person, but I do not believe that I am. Is this about the way everyone feels? Love camping in the summer, and when I am not baby sitting I am out in the country at my campsite. Love to cook out and work on the yard and build things that other people like to look at and enjoy. I love pleasing. English
Ashraf S. man 341975508 Male. Born 1\10\59. Arabic, English
Behzat S. freeman1234 256285333   English
Betty S. BettyBoop 137018355 Female. Born in 1961. Divorced. Live in Ill. Enjoy fishing, listening to music, cooking walks, quiet time. English
Bonna S. hippygirl 223273004 Female. Born 08-28-1963. Live in Indianapolis, Indiana. English
Brenda S. Brenda 241008973 Female, age 45. Born in 1957. Widow. Live in Ontario. 2 sons. 10 pets. Enjoy crafts, meeting new people. Love to cook, fish, go for walks, read a book, write poems, spend time with my sons and their girlfriends. My background is from Newfoundland, but I am born a Canadian. English
Bryan S. bigbadwoolf123 217868211 Male. Born 08-26-1965. Happily married. English
Carla S. FRIEND_402000 199899943 Female. Born 10/19/1963. Divorced. Just became a grandma. I have two great girls. Live in Indiana. English
Carole S. nice lady 345282964 Female, age 40's. English
Cherie S. Cherie 256664412 Female. Divorced. Live in Wisconsin. English
Cheryl S. Morgana 85444758 Female. English
Connie S. MsMacy 279400030 Female. English
Cvety S. beti67 330066305 Female, age 42. Not married. Bulgarian, English, Italian
Dagmar S. Dagmar 304481196 Female. Born in July 1961. Married. Self employed mother of two. Living in Germany. Love interesting conversation about almost everything. Hope to "hear" from you soon. *smile* German, English
Dale S. d 258381614 Male. Born in 1964. Married. Living in Iowa. Looking for some excitement. English
Dale S. NMGuy 266706062 Male, age 51. Divorced. Living in the Southwest. Variety of interests. English
Daniel S. Dutchie 168544259 Male, age 44. From Chicago. Like reading, camping, studying history, listening to New Age music. English
Dave S. Jaguar 1116640 Male. Born in 1962. Single. English
David S. davideadonay 233903598 Male. Born in 1956. Divorced. Live in Miami. Enjoy outdoor sports, chess. English
David S. scorpio 163238294 Male, age 50+. English
David S. whiskey 111638391 Male, age 47. English
Debbie S. deb 308674588 Female. Born 28.4.1955. Married with 3 children: 2 boys 17, 22; 1 girl, 20. English
Debbie S. sexitigress49 289309810 Female, age 49. Separated. Enjoy crocheting bedspreads and giving them as gifts, collecting angels, frogs, white tigers, religious items. Live in upstate New York. 2 kids and the usual pets. Also love waterfalls and God's scenery. Hoping to meet some sincere friends. English
Debi S. debisee 230669114 Female, age 43. Want a mutual friendship with a romantic, sensitive male who likes children and animals. I like a person who is not lazy and does not give out bs. A real true person. English
Deepak S. Deepak 123181966 Age 45. Married. Live in Nepal. I am a business man; I import medicines. Enjoy making intimate friendship. Well settled but looking for more fun and enjoyment!! English
Dennis & Leora S. Denlee 28774718 Age 47. English
E. S. Elise 215514285 Female. Born 23-04-1955. Single. English
Ella S. ejs920 344410590 Female. English
Ezzat S. cloudnine2003 262706807 Single male, age 45. Like chat with sexy girls. Talk about everything. I like music, travel and reading. English
Flora S. florasegal 205243647 Female, age 45. Live in Atlanta, Ga., USA. I am 5'7" and 38-25-35. Looking for a good conversation and fun. English, Russian
Fred S. Fred 307756717 Male. Russian
G. S. Gille 220307756 Male, age 41. Looking for friendship and more. German, English
Gabriela S. mtreysun 208445714 Female, age 47. Single work-a-holic living on the Monterey Bay in California. If I'm on this confounded machine it merely means I have nothing better to do; so don't be shy... say Hi! English, German
Gail S. gldwn 273206883 Female. Born Oct. 25, '57. Divorced. Live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. English
Garry S. Garry_nz 104632011 Male. Born 08/12/1954. English
Gerald S. jay5712 217821307 Male. English
H. S. Lobo 159789974 Separated male, age 52, near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Like the outdoors, swimming, snorkeling, martial arts (still teach) - Judo, Kung Fu, Karate, etc., traveling to exotic places... South Seas, Barbados, Mexico, etc. Like all sport but GOLF!!! Wish to meet an attractive woman, for MORE than just sex (but that is a definite bonus). For living, loving... all the truly important and spicy things in life. "LIVE AS LONG AS YOU WANT TO, AND WANT TO, AS LONG AS YOU LIVE." Wish to meet passionate women (considering all races) who want sex and love, genuine LOVE.. No part time thrill seekers. All the way or stay home!! English
Harry S. harrydotcom 233331995 Born in 1938. Divorced. English
Holly S. Merryberry 329943122 Female, age 45. English
Hubert S. Runningbear 300202540 Male, age 46. Born Mar. 07, 1958. Divorced. Live in Slanesville, WV. Enjoy hunting, fishing, camping. English
James S. ike 204500067 Age 50. Single male in Greenville, SC. Love sailing, some tennis. Work with visual arts. Seeking a woman who might enjoy a different lifestyle. I'm open, honest and easy to look at. 6', 190 lbs. Love the beach; lived there most of my life. Enjoy laughter, fun and good company. Don't be shy. Let's at least chat. English
Jan S. Janr 341492598 Female. Born in 1956. Widow. English
Jan S. smart 259161851 Male, age 50. Live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Interested in motor racing. Divorced. English
Jan-Erik S. WODDY 301120371 Male, age 59. Norsk, Engelsk
Janusz S. Jotes 191859331 Male. Born 04.11.1958. Polish
Jean S. Jeannie 276247335 Female. Born Nov. 15, 1947. Single. Looking for my soul mate. English
Jeanette S. agg19451 209015606 Female. Born 12/9/45. Happily married with grown children. Have 9 grandchildren. We live at Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia. English
Jeff S. jstill41 242200911 Male, age 41. English
Jeffrey S. Jeff 320749393 Male. Born 07/24/58. I enjoy talking with women. They are just more interesting. English
Jenny S. jenny 237372158 Born 6.3.1964. English
Jim S. cubbie 301503914 Male. Born 10/04/53. Divorced. From Indiana USA. Love to fish, love all sports and music, except rap. I have a saying you can never have enough friends, and that is why I am here. If you have questions, ask. I will answer all truthfully. English
Jim S. Freebird 170998363 Male. Born in 1960. S/D/W/U.S. Live in Northern N.Y. Hobbies and interests: amateur radio, hiking, backpack camping, canoe camping, snow shoeing, traveling on vacation to N.S., Cape Breton, Newfoundland, Canada, where I shall retire. Over fifteen years in law/government for N.Y.S. Living in the northern Adirondacks. Investing for retirement. Love my Canadian friends and hoping to meet as many as possible. English
Jim S. jaidenhunter 257707288 Male, age 44. Live in Lansing, MI. English
John S. John 13184628 Male, age 49. Live in Toronto. English
John S. John 277745063 Born 06/27/52. Single, age 51, male. Live in Florida. English
John S. JS0173 159810901 Male, age 45. English
John S. Speedcourier69 167383191 Male, age 54. Born in 1949. Divorced. Live in Essex. English
Jon S. jon 196537202 Male, age 59. Separated. English
Joyce S. JOYCEHULL3 267648105 Female, age 45. Divorced. English
Julia S. Juli 295266718 Female. English
Julie S. Jule 204922919 Female. Live in Arizona. Divorced with 3 grown children. Have been told I'm too nice for my own good. Many interests, a few being Nascar, Harleys, outdoors, friends, music. Have lived in Arizona for almost three years and still don't know very many people (I tend to work too much to keep myself busy). English
Junnie S. Junnie 176275633 Female. Born 13.08.54. Only friendship; no sex. English, Danish
Kathleen S. femalerain 37457474 Female. Living in Pennsylvania. Originally from south Jersey. English
Kathy S. cosmogirl 212776399 Female, age 45. Single. Interests: dating, friendships, relationships, romance. English
Kelvin S. hullygully 191710644 Male. Born 26/01/1953. Single. Living in Somerset. Originally from Yorkshire. English
Ken S. Agro 340483948 Male, age 47. Live in Australia. Enjoy fishing. English
Kevin S. kevin 224309661 Male. Born 27/11/1963. Separated. 2 children living with me. Live in England. Looking for friendship and romance. English
Khaled S. Khaled 67897814 Male. Born 2/15/1964. Egyptian and living in Saudi Arabia. Divorced and have no kids. I like graphic design and do some work on the web, too. Looking to have friends from all over the world, so I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Men and women are welcomed. English
Lance S. chili 18661352 Male. Born in 1956. Australian living in England. Separated for two years. Enjoy travel, cooking, movies, a walk in the park. Like to go out and to stay in. English
Larry S. Larry 102329313 Male. English
Laura S. laura 230726115 Born 13/07/1962. Married lady looking for friends to chat with. I have a good sense of humour. Enjoy music, movies and chatting. Look 4ward to hearing from you. English
Lee S. tigger46 220163147 Female, age 40-45. English
Linda S. Linda 205831845 Married. 1 son, 2 daughters. Love to read, listen to music, sports, and good movies. English
Lisa S. lisa 125040590 female. Born 27/2/1965. Married. 5 kids. Personal career. Live in Australia. English
Liza S. Myzan66 234570512 a Svenska
Lizette S. Salome 326420362 Female. Born Oct. 11, 1968. Single. Live in Colombia. Nice lady looking for a nice guy for a long term relationship. English, Spanish, Italian
Lori S. desperado 272369713 Female, age 43. Divorced. Live in Canada. English
Louise S. snoog23 335525541 Female, age 49. Live with my partner and his 3 children, ages 7, 8 & 11. Also have a foster daughter. She is 16 and has lived with me for nearly 2 years. I am a New Zealander. Enjoy walks and country music and enjoy the odd night out. English
Lucja S. lucia 200923534 Valentine's lady, age 46. English
Lukmunin S. Luk 257988822 Female. Born 26 Dec., 1963. Divorced. 1 son age 6 yrs. Live in Thailand. Hobby: singing. Interests: nature, mountains, beaches, swimming, sports, dining out, travel, cooking. Easy going, honest, loyal, sincere and have true love always. Education: masters degree (TFL). Teach grades 8,9,10,11. Would like to meet a man who is sincere and has true love, loves kids. Long relationship, not temporary, for spending the rest of life together happily. English, German
Lynne S. Stenly 140001244 Born 05/06/1962. Divorced mom of 2 kids (ages 12 and 10). Enjoy good conversation, movies, books, and being near the water. I have a good sense of humor and try to find something enjoyable about life every day. English
M. S. mimo 220717820 Male. Born 3 Feb., 1950. Widower. Live in Egypt. Enjoy arts, sports, reading, travel, fishing, chatting & outdoors. Seeking friends all over the world over 40. English
Marc S. greywolf 299123924 Male. Born 04-07-1962. Single and still looking. English
Margaret S. spudmama 225252403 Female, age 44. Divorced. Live in NC. Like to watch movies, go out to dinner, talking, and being romantic. I have a son (22). I like fishing, boating, nascar racing, picnics and more. English
Margarite S. rose 101758362 Born December 21. Looking for friendship. English, Spanish
Maria Cida S. Cisouza 248156632 a Spanish, English
Marie S. elkiebass 100785132 Female. Born 7/31/52. English
Maureen S. JASMINE25-4 234831212 Divorced woman. Living in Scotland, UK. Love to travel and enjoy dancing. Like to laugh and go out with my friends shopping and sometimes for a drink. English
Medi S. king 140934728 Male, age 46. German, English, Dutch
Meera S. mir 194621166 Female, age 43. Married. Love reading, alternative medicine. English
Michael S. alwaysagentleman 172507292 49 year old divorced dad living in Toronto. My son Jeffrey, 17, lives in Richmond Hill. For 18 years I've been entertaining kids and for 3 years driving a school bus. I also volunteer for pre schoolers. I'm a gentleman and a gentle man looking for companionship. Non smoker. English
Murad S. Murad 313305358 Male. Born 1/1/64. Now single. Looking for an honest female near my age to be friends or long term. Arabic, English
Mustafa S. Mustafa 11318336 Male. English
Mwafaq S. teacher 111752105 Male. English
Nilda S. kilabot 265324366 Female. Born May 10, 1956. Age 47. English
Olga S. Olga 216574581 Age 44. English
Pam S. o-Maddi-o 300756487 Female. Born 1-17-5?. Happily married with 2 teens. Just want a friendship with sincere, honest people. Interests: Native American, rummage sales and thrift shops, some outside stuff. English
Paul S. paul 118296726 Hi everybody. English
Pedro S. zozo 282754773 Male. Portuguese, French, English, German
Peek S. PEEK 72967637 Male, age 42. Like to chat in any way and about anything. We can smile, be serious and so on. Dutch, English
Peter S. devon17 317596306 Age 50. Single; never been married. Looking for pleasurable experiences with someone like myself who has not had you-know-what for some time and is missing it badly, if you know what I mean, and would like some. Please contact me, and we will chat and see what develops, ok? English
Peter S. peter 55158859 Male. Interested in everything. English
Phil S. axle 298181689 Male. Divorced from wicked witch of the west. English
Rob S. rob47 275747389 Male, age 47. Married. Live in Birmingham, UK. Like to travel. English
Robert S. bullet 288371873 Born 3-4-50. Divorced male seeking friendship. Would like to date and be affectionate w/ some one. I like sports, movies, Vegas, fishing, and most red blooded American things. English
Robert S. Cruzin 221145262 Male. Born 12/31/53.Love classic R & R music (50's, 60's, 70's), classic cars, football (Green Bay, Nebraska). I'm an ex-criminal psychologist, now singer in classic rnr band. Like riding a mountain bike, camping, dancing (jitterbug!), and swimming. Also enjoy talking about current events, politics, and philosophy. Lastly, I love to write music, political humor, and science fiction. English
Robert S. doug 169829119 Male, age 57. Live in California. Enjoy talking, computers, repairing things, fishing, walking. Looking for friends. English
Robert S. SIRSTOOGE1957 206631156 Male, age 46. Born Feb. 25th, 1957. Divorced. Living in central Virginia. Like the outdoors. Play paintball. I deliver pizzas for a living. Loves cats and dogs. English
Roger S. phantom 76616087 Male, over 50. Married. Living in east Tenn. Love to talk to the ladies. :o) English
Rosemary S. rosie 280842038 Female, age 48. Engaged. Have 5 kids 4 grandchildren. Located in California, soon to move to the great state of TN. We will be trucking for a living soon. Would be nice to have some people to speak with. Please stop by and just say hello, or let's start a chat and become friends. Then we when are out there we can stop by and say hello to you nice people out there. Hope to hear from you and all. God bless. English
Ryan S. Ryan 175759430 Male, age 53. English
S. S. Shell 321384119 Female. Born June 9, 1963. Enjoy most things outdoors; walking, especially on the beach; boating; camping; sports. Like spending time with my family and friends having fun or just relaxing. Honesty is very important to me, and I expect my friends to be as honest as I am. Have two teenage boys and am currently married. English
Sandra S. cool_jo9001 331838874 Female. Born 11-25-56. English
Sattar S. Shazee 213021966 Female, age 39. Love traveling, music, friends, drink, etc. English, Japanese
Sheila S. valleygirl 200209517 Female. English
Shelly S. shelly 175512474 Female, age 40. Divorced 40 yr old mother of two. Love the outdoors and a bit adventurous. A new roller coaster sounds fun, too. :) Would love to talk with you. Just give a HI. :) I'll be nice if you're nice. Michigan area people would be great!! English
Sid S. lordfenwick 149747050 Male, age 40ish. English
Stephan S. Taurus 104140610 Male. Born 1958-05-13. Like lots of travelling, wine and good friends. English, Swedish
Stephanie S. Stevie 179335756 Female, age 40. Happily married. Live in Alberta, Canada, on a feedlot farm between Red Deer and Penhold, with my husband. I enjoy writing poetry, the outdoors, music and travel (especially when I'm doing the driving). My special interests are dinosaurs - well, I do live in Alberta, the hotbed of dinos - and reading period novels by Jean Plaidy - England's history from the 1500's to the 1900's. Like to chat about almost anything, but I'm looking for a chat friend and not romance. If that's you, let me know. Open to anyone who just wants to chat about life and the ironic, humorous way things sometimes happen. I'm not into romance or related chat. English
Stoffer S. stoffer 261559436 Male, age 45. Ik ben op zoek naar een leuk vrouw van rond de 40. Ik ben gescheiden en ik heb twee kinderen, een zoon van 18 en een dochter van 20. Ik hou van wandelen, reizen, muziek. En ook van uitgaan onder het genot van Ierse volksmuziek!! Heb jij zin om met mij een keer een avondje op stap te gaan en kom je ook uit de regio Groningen, reageer dan met een berichtje!! En uiteraard schrijf ik je dan eentje terug!!

Sue S. Sweetsue 7820570 Female. Born in 1956. Happily married with three children, two at home and one married. I have one grandchild now and one on the way (Sept. 2003). I have not been on ICQ in a long time. I enjoy square dancing, or any dancing for that matter, LOL. I like meeting new people and enjoy chatting with all types. English
Susan S. Sue 152962294 Born 21.12.1959. Enjoy romance, cooking, children, outdoor life. English
Tanya S. tanya_200363 299159031 Female. Divorced. From Russia. I'm a cheerful, loving, pretty, tall woman. I like sports, nature, animals and children. English
Terry S. Terry 349532282 Female, age 45. Single. Like to fish, boating and camping, like to dance and golf. Live in Canada. Clean chat, please. English
Thierry S. Blacky 116554447 Male. Born May 4th, 1959. Divorced. Living in Paris, France. This day is the first day in the rest of your life, so live it. Every day is a new start in your life. Laughing keeps you young and positive. So let's share the best and give us help to handle the worse. heeheeee...! French, English
Tilly S. Lemontree 231561140 Female. Born in 1958. Divorced. German, English
Tim S. TIM 10309655 Male. Late 40's. Enjoy sailing and meeting new contacts on ICQ. Love to chat, among other things!!! English
Tom S. JetPilot 322029084 Male. Born in 1958. Married once and only once and still a LONG time. Live in St. Louis. Airline pilot. Interested in aviation in all forms - gliders, models, sims. Love history. Travel the world. Have seen 49 states and a bunch of countries. Treat people with kindness and respect at all times. English, German
Tommy S. rangert 341203312 Male, age 45. Married. Hobbies are cliff rappelling, fishing, hiking and just simply enjoy the great outdoors, etc. English
Tommy S. tazzman1964 225504770 Male. Born 10/23/1964. Divorced white sexy male. English
Tony S. rodeoclown 275775153 Male, age 46. English
Valério S. lemão 304264821 Age 41. English, Portuguese
Vijayan S. vijai 140642960 Male, age 40. Live in India. Like to have business contact and pure genuine true friendship all over the world. English
Walter S. koolgmny 285128419 Male, age 40. English
Wayne S. lookinup5829 208025312 Male. English
Wil S. Bol 121555716 Born 17-02-1958. From Holland. Married man. Interested in a lot of things. My hobbies are computer, gardening and cooking. Love to go abroad to visit other countries and cities, but I also love sitting on a sunny beach. Dutch, English, German
s354354 s354354 227753326 Male, age 47. Divorced. English
Sabine shivaluck 63828569 Female, age 47. Divorced. From Belgium, but the world interests me. Been all over Europe and often to the States. Easy going, sense of humor. Hate human stupidity with all it goes with :) . Only real values attract me. Love people and want to learn more about them. A good laugh is always welcome, but pls. don't talk sex; I only do it in real, lol. If you want to know more, just ask :) . English, French, Dutch
Hans Sachs Beutel 233680864 Male. Born 21.09.1951 in Germany. Singel! Live in Arnsberg/Sauerland. Enjoy driving my Lotus ELISE or OPEL GT 1900AL from 1970. Deutsch
Danny Sadai quincy 56819614 Male, age 40 (born 23-01-64). Single. Live in London, Hobbies/interests: tenpin bowling, cricket, football, rugby union, swimming. English
Sal cheeta_10 103081647 Female. Born 7-20-55. Widowed. Live in Minn. Enjoy camping, TV, watching movies, reading, dancing, going out, some bars, computers, chats, music, cooking, chatting on web, cuddling. English
Salah kicker 336012880 Male, age 49. Please try to be honest. English, Arabic
Sally truthe60 133916261 Divorced female. Looking for friends to chat with. English
Sally64 sally64 292971519 Female. Born in 1964. Live in Australia. Love outdoors, fitness and meeting new people. English
Salsa Salsa 132286600 Over 40. Separated. Looking for a place where I can make friends. I had a channel at irc in chatnet, but the server is down. So I need a place to meet ppl of my age and have fun. English, Portuguese, Spanish
Sam Sam 20930900 Male. English
Sam sam 134909287 Male, age 44. Married. Live in Alexandria, Egypt. Like all kinds of music, CD's. Engineer. English
Samebsof samebsof 205800943 Female, age 46. English
Sammie Jo NayNay 306292171 Born 8/11. Single female living in Tucson, Arizona, looking for some good friendly conversation. English
Rich Sandgren Rich 168062587 Age 45. SWM in Allen, Texas. Enjoy fishing, bar darts, pool, swimming, reading, pets, dating, children, computers, antiques. Seeking SF for LTR. English
Sandi GG 167702735 Female. Born 10-24-1953. Divorced. Hillbilly from state of Kentucky. Two grown kids and starting over raising my 4-yr. old grandson. Would like to meet some new friends. English
Sandi Sandi 291675289 Female. Born 06/30/63. Married. Live in Ca. Want to know, just ask. Clean chat only!!!! English
Kathy Sandlin Kat 310521360 Female, age 44. Born 10-26-58. Single. Student. Live in Arizona. Enjoy horses, rock hunting, hiking in beautiful mountains and fresh air. English
Sandra alligreg 212208447 Female, age 41. Single. Living in Va. Have just gotten out of a really bad relationship. Looking for friends. Also am looking for that someone special. Have two kids, a boy 21 and a girl 8. Also have a grandson, 2. Like nascar racing, animals, beaches, dances. English
Sandra Congruence 93980494 Female. English
Sandra London_Catwoman 105335755 Female, age 45. Single larger than life lady living in London, UK. English
Sandro chrisman51 56480937 Male. English
Sandy nwlady 246291570 Female, age 43. English
Sandy sandy 148704543 Female. Born March 20, 1958. English
Sanndy Sanndy 287812138 Age 56. Bulgarian
Angela Sant AngelaSan 207815945 Female. English, Portuguese
Esther Santos esther5 262832002 Mujer, 42 años. Español
Saponifier01 Saponifier01 211980547 Female. Born in 1955. Separated. Living in Perth, Western Australia. English
James Sargent DQ Knight Errant 264812888 Male. Born in June 1962. Live in London, UK, Single. Retired (choice, not necessity) but have plans to write novels. Hobbies include swimming, sailing (one day I will own a Fife boat), scuba, hill walking and travelling. Also enjoy chatting on the net, reading, cooking, a quiet beer in my local and listening to music, especially Runrig. English
Damodaran Sasidharan Gopu 73842995 Male. Born Sept 09, '53. English, Tamil
Sassy Miss M Sassy Miss M 178578457 Female, single. 54 years old, look 44. Blonde hair, green eyes. 5'7" and built like a brick s***house. Now that I have your attention, would you like to have an intelligent conversation?? ;-) English
Robin Savage Louise 330389084 Female, age 48. Married. 2 children, 17 and 24. Have real bad rheumatoid arthritis. Like nascar. Keep score for an 8 ball and 9 ball team. English
Savvy savvy 225658209 Female, age 42. Single, 5'4 (who's short?) brunette, living in Perth, Western Australia. Into music, art, books and, gawd help me, reality television (I'm hoping it's a phase!!!). English
David Saxo saxo 100934260 Age 42. Single man. Like to talk to single women from all over the world about arts, travel, countries, etc. English, Dutch, German
Charles Scarberry Charles 252788265 Born in 1954. Divorced male living in Texas. I'd like to meet an honest caring lady for friendship n maybe more. I like camping, reading, dining out, flea markets, cookouts on the grill. Looks are not the most important thing to me; it's what's inside that counts. English
Helmut Schamberg Helmut 164844649 Male. Born 17.01.1937. Married. Live near Hamburg (Rellingen in Schleswig-Holstein). Enjoy boating, biking, making holiday in different countries. German, English
Lyn Schmidt cowra 340534654 Female. Born 31-07-1957. Living with defacto in Ballina, N.S.W., Australia. Interests depend what mood I'm in at the time. Could be going for a drive or the markets or could be anything. I don't believe in talking dirty. English
Tina Schneiders coka---cola 277770386 Female. Born 15-10-1960. From the Netherlands. Looking for new friends, esp. from Ireland, England, UK, Scotland, Wales, but other countries are also welcome. Like to meet people for my msn. English
Emma Schwartz Emma 335039210 Female. English
Randy Scoggins randy 289736856 Male. Born 11/07/1961. Divorced. Live in Tampa, Florida. Enjoy flea markets, sports, movies, bike riding, walks. English
Andrew Scotford Bigandy 274920879 Male, age 45. Separated for 11 years. Just never got round to divorce; had no need to. Hobbies are photography and music. I like a wide range of music from classical to rock. Have also been blessed with a great, if sometimes warped, sense of humour. I like a good laugh but can be serious as well. English
Boo Scrub BooScrub 47676949 Male, age 48. Born in 1955. Married father of three who likes to chat. Live in Saskatchewan and like the lakes. English
Rob Scullion Dr Rob 3976116 Born March 17, 1950. Divorced gentleman would welcome the opportunity to meet an attractive lady. Living in Niagara would be nice. English
Sd486 sd486 191669446 Male. Born in 4/57. Married but not dead. English
Seaweed seaweed 281279913 Female. Born in 1963. I am in governmental work and would like to meet with people from different parts of the world. English
Dawn Seccombe dawn 213879018 Female, age 40. English
Sel tygwyn 99865310 Male. Born 22/03/44. A bit of fitness (body toning). Divorced. Enjoy walking with my dog. Interested in foxes, dining out, generally having a bit of fun. Very broad minded. Would like to talk to women from UK. English
Lior Sela viajero del oriente 226118144 Male. Born 31-10-1957. Vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Español
Tonieta Semien Tee 320492099 Female, age 40. Born 10/21/1963. Single. Mess with my plants and love to cook. Outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people. Love to have fun and laugh, also joke around. Open, understanding, loving, and caring. English
Seniha SENIHA 285622372 Female, age 45. Like to chat with polite and educated people. Seeking an educated man age 45-60, polite. English
Sergio westwind 99789139 "Married but looking" best describes my status. Traveled the world for my business til I had the chance to say "stop!" and was able to give body to my dream. From the old Europe to the shores on the other side of the ocean. I love people who have no "imposed fences" on their mind and don't love to live in the pack. English
Serin Serim easypilot 201735521 Male. Born 02 May 1953. Living in Antalya, Turkey. Interested in travelling, parties and sports (fitness, snowboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding). English, Turkish
Sexy Eyes Sexyeyes 138224203 Female, 47. Divorced. Live in South Africa. Please ask me if you would like know... English
Shadow shadow 210807705   English
Jodi Shaffer JoSugar 249760122 Female, age 47. English
Natalie Shand nat 161040511 Female. Born Dec 6, 1961. English
Shane Shane 255651431 Born 08/24/1962. Divorced white male from Dallas, Texas. Just looking to meet people. English
Shanti san 209432899 Female. Born 5/8/1962. English
Shar sweet_swf48 169055966 Female. Attractive young looking 49 yr old. 5'4, med built, long soft sandy blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Have two grown sons and am a foster mom to teenage girls. I'm very caring, compassionate and trustworthy. Love music and love to dance. Very social drinker and a smoker. Hoping to chat with single honest, family oriented gentlemen with a good sense of humor. So much more. English
Shari GeorgieGirl 77250510 Female, age 44. English
A C Sharma acs 220047762 Male. Born 15/3/1947. Married. Live in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Interests: social and community mobilization, adult literacy, tourism, environment, information technology. Should be genuinely utilized. English
Sharon aussie 148631518 Female. Born July, 24, 1958. Divorced. 3 kids and 3 grandkids. Love the outdoors, hiking, fishing at times. Have a love for animals. English
Sharon hotcanadianmama 46200 222983800 Female, age 46. Born Aug. 1, 1957. English
Sharon Sharon 334601643 Female, age 48. Born in 1954. Looking for chat and maybe even more. I am single and live in New Albany, Indiana. English
Sharon Sonya 31883744 Female. English
Sharon Sunshinegal 148655528 Female. Born in 1962. I like playing in pogo, chatting, sewing, and dieting. Love animals. Have a very good sense of humor. English
Sharona1956 Sharona1956 317343167 Female. Born November 07, 1956. Married but love to flirt. Like to get to know people. Do not care for rude or to be hit with sexual things. Like to know a person first on the sexual aspect. Like conversation on many subjects. I am always learning. Love humor and caring, sharing. To me this is important! English
Shayla friskyshae 300355172 Female. Born Jan. 16. Widowed. Live in the Bahamas. My hobby is chatting on line and meeting new people. English
Sheila country_angel 22745923 Female. Born May 14, 1960. English
Sheila Gem 11939961 Age 44. DWF. Live in Maryland. Like music, books, yoga, tai chi, gardening, various hobbies, camping provided I have all the comforts of home ;-), "Normal" or at least relatively sane people to talk to. Like talking to people from all locations and cultures. I have a good but sometimes twisted sense of humor. English
Shelby Taurus baby 74622244 Female, age 52. Married. Enjoy watching nascar racing, reading, watching movies and shopping. Also like football. Live in Virginia. Have a degree in arts and science. Was working on a B.A. in history when my son was killed, so I dropped out and adopted his 2 sons. English
Sheleena ClassyLady 65535877 Born 02/04/1959. Happily married lady with three daughters. Living in NW Indiana. Love to write poetry, read, spend time outdoors, dabble in photography and spend time with my family. Enjoy meeting new and interesting people from all over the world. Life is too short and much too precious to waste, so I think it is important to share my life with others. Stop by anytime and say 'hi'! English
Shelly sixth sense 234233574 Female. Born 11/01/1954. From Montreal. Many interests, such as poetry, cooking, road travel, books, art, anything spiritual, astrology, psychology, paranormal, numerology, and much more. I'm honest, true blue, a soul searcher and truth seeker. I follow on my own path. Interested in chatting with interesting, creative types who are not afraid to go below the soul level in friendship. Happily married, no kids. Have 2 cats without the labour! Oh lordy, I'm over forty, and I feel good about it! English
Sheri med/surg/nurse 293832089 Female. Born 8/27/59. Married. Live in Arkansas, USA. I am an LPN in a small hospital. Love meeting people who are sincere and who do not try to be something they are not. I like to find humor in things. In my line of work laughter is very important, otherwise the stress will consume you. I have three children, two of which have moved on to start their own lives. My greatest love is music... I am more of a classic rock fan than anything else, but I do like groups such as Creed, Third Eye Blind, etc. I am here only to chat and maybe make a few new friends. One cannot have too many friends as far as I am concerned. English
B. Sherm bjs 72944374 Male, age 67. English
Sherri cheeta 10372709 Age 43. Single white female in the Pacific Northwest.. English
Sherry giggles 257953687 Female. Born Dec. 16, 1958. English
Sheryl pearl 204416221 Age 46. Single mum living in Australia. Looking for new friends. English
Aviram Sheth greenheart 204621096 Indian man of 50 years. I am separated and alone enjoying life with same kind of friends. I like and love to share things with my friends. Prefer all kind of friendship and want to experience the real depth of it also. English, Hindi
Randy Shetter rfs06 258023914 Born 9/5/1961. Separated. English
James Shiflet James 210893621 Divorced 49 yr old male from Texas. Looking for romance, dating, chatting, "a friend". I enjoy driving my 1990 Corvette and traveling, which I'm doing now after suffering 2 heart attacks (2-93 & 2-02). Just take the Rx, LOL. I like computers, photography, walks, watching movies and going out to eat. Sense of humor is a must, along with a good personality. AND PLEASE... do not not PUSH your religion and/or deity on me! English
Shirlee shirlee 296268454 Female, age 52. Married. Enjoy woodburning, fishing, walking the shore. Live in Canada. English
Shirley Shirley 55841347   English
Shirley SweetShirl 5874328 Female. Born Sept. 22, 1955. English
Shirunai shiranui 288088240 Female. Born 01 April, 1962. Suche Nette leute zu reden, lachen, weinen, dummquatschen.. Bin 42, Mutter, alleinerziehend, chaotisch, manchmal vollkommen abgedreht... und auch ernsthaft. Ach, schreibt mir einfach. Ich freu mich.

Looking for people to talk, laugh, cry, be silly. I am 42 and a single mom, often very chaotic, crazy, often serious. Oh well, just write to me. I am looking forward to it.

German, English
Shorty shorty 262684136 Male, age 46. Living with girlfriend. Lead singer in rock band from Wisconsin. English
Siamese rose Siameserose 164279608 Female. Born 18 June, 1951. Widow. Live in Bangkok, Thailand. Love art and music. Would like to make friends with people around the world to learn and understand different cultures. English
Sigma Sigma 126301812 Female, age 50. English, German
Sillie 2 sillie2 266521978 Female, age 45. Single. Live in Europe. Interests: politics, social, art, nature, people. English
Silver SILVER 67666528 Age 53. Mwm. English
Silverlight Silverlight 275245085 Female, age 47. Live in Manitoba, Canada. Love talking to and meeting new people. Work as a health care attendant and really enjoy my job. I like reading, working out, and learning new things about my computer. I play online games at many different sites. Love a challenge. English
Silvia Silvia 281160076 Female, age 40. Single. English
Dalton J. Simerly, III daltonjsimerly 250416638 Male. Born 7-1-57. Divorced. 4 daughters. I'm living life to its fullest with a mind and body in great health and shape. I live life on Life's terms. I care very much for life and honesty. English
George Simics Remete 236453762 Male, age 51. Divorced. Live in Hungary, near Budapest. I like a milk, but wine too. And I like many-many more in life. Hungarian, English
Jeff Simmons prayalot 281957366 Male. Born 9/1959. Divorced. Located in Virginia.
Simone Dragonqueen1st 209281472 Female. Love music, meeting friends, having a good time. Like to meet nice people around my age all over the world. ;o) German, Dutch, English
Linda Simpson hearts 244448212 Female. Married with 3 kids, 2 girls & 1 boy. Love to sew. Like meeting new people on line. English
R P Singh Raju 85131455 Male. I like beautiful ladies to chat and become friends on line. English
Single Working Mom SingleWorkingMom 316817108 Female, age 40. Divorced single mom of 2 young children,  who keep me extremely busy :). Just looking for some casual chat with adult people, no young'ns please ;), who can relate to day to day living. I enjoy the outdoors & some sports. English
SingleInFlag SingleInFlag 305090962 Female, age 45. Single in Flagstaff, AZ. Hobbies: hiking and downhill skiing. English
Ashok Sinha ash47M 85502284 Male. Born Oct. 22, 1947. An executive and engineer but a simple affectionate person from India. Vegetarian and non-smoker. Occasional social drinker when needed only. 5ft 3.5 inches and 56 kg. Average build. I am shy and a bit of an introvert. Like listening to music, reading books, listening to news and watching Discovery Channel. English, Hindi
Sir *sir* 53279988 Male. Born 12 Feb., 1955. English, Italian
Sissy sissy 155227976 Born 12/30/1958. Married. Mom, grandmom. Full time nurse. Love cats, gardening, house plants, old movies. English
Sissy sissy 178747379 Female, age 45. Born 10-23-1958. Single mother of three. Really like to chat with people and get to know them. Like the outdoors, fishing, camping. Also like quiet times with someone and watching movies and getting to know each other. If interested, please contact me. English
Sky sky 119948739 Female, age 47. Single with a married daughter. Looking to chat with new friends worldwide. English
Sky sky 136578309 Female. Born October 14. Single. From the city of smile... Philippines. English
SkyBlue "SkyBlue" 191838565 Female. Born in 1956. Redhead with blue eyes. Like to think there are not many redheads with blue eyes, and I'm proud of that fact. Want to meet people to talk to about any thing as long as it's clean. I do a lot of art and design. Work from home and enjoy what I do very much. Love music all sorts (not heavy metal), and I still like to be treated like a lady. English
Autumn Skye AutumnSkye 156288185 Female, age 43. Married with children. Interests: my online biz, my kids, music, mountains, camping, nature, genealogy, pets, just to name a few. My favorite season is fall; I love the crisp air. English
Slava Slava 347849699 Male. English, Russian
Sleepless in Seattle Sleepless in Seattle 944457 Male. Born 3/15/60. One of the "Nice Guys" is now single again. After 7 long yrs in captivity, he is loose and can be contacted by ICQ. Come on ladies, step right up and meet one of the original "Nice Guys." Yes, it's true. It is a myth that these creatures are extinct. One still lives today (a little old but still working). This is the same one that tells you: Wow! You look great! while you're doing dishes. Or opens doors for you or sends you flowers for no reason at all. AND get this ladies, he even puts the toilet seat down after he is done!!!! No one will be turned down on this great offer; I will chat with you all. So ladies ADD me to your ICQ list now. Get your pencils ready, here is the number... #944457. This is shorter then your own phone number, even your address. You might not even need to write it down! English
Slin 48 slin48 262379272 Male. Born in 1954. Married. Italian, English
Eric Small kojack 178842528 Male. Live in Valdez, AK. Almost divorced. English
Smartie smartie 97487415 Age 48. Born 11th Oct., 1956. Married with 2 kids (21, 16). Businesswoman from Turkey. Positive personality. Love to laugh and make people laugh, but serious at work. Active in politics and NGO's. Would like to meet positive oriented people of any age from all over the world. English, German, Turkish
Daniel Smelko Daniel 159993311 Male, age 46. Single. Live in Rochester, In. English
Carole Smith Carole 88917448 Born 1/7/1961. 41 year old female, married, 2 teenage daughters and 2 teenage foster sons. I love life and talking about it. I Love to laugh and have fun, the beach, reading, and working. Really enjoy making new friends on icq, so feel free to message me. :) English
Garry Smith Gazzanz 104632011 Male. English
JB Smith SunnieGirl 258737 Female, age 40. Married. Live in NJ, USA. Interested in digital photography, computers. Most computer things I do are self taught, from web development to assembling computers and software fixes. I've always enjoyed the variety of options the computer/internet affords us. I've always enjoyed keeping things fun in my world of things. English
Joe Smith catlover1 286477122 Age 53. English
Kali Smith talia-x 209155343 Female, age 40 something. Single and content, but always looking to meet new people. I'm witty, attractive and very family oriented. Into fine foods and wines, organic lifestyles, books, reading, music. Heck!... I'm into anything that makes the mind work. Oh! and I especially like people with a great sense of humour. English
Peter Smith CyberSmudger 285961048 Male. Born 10 Jan., 55. Married. Live in the UK. Love music, most of all, folk dance music. Consequently, I play squeezebox. Also play guitar, piano and - if push turns to shove - bass. When I'm not playing music, I play games: card games, board games, computer games, video games, whatever. Being fifty years old, I suppose that makes me a big kid, really. Also like cycling and walking, which is a good thing because I am a postman. English
Smoke Stack SmokeStack 36795450 Male, age 55. Live near Lakeland, Florida. Single. Like to ride my motorcycle and work in my wood shop. English
Tarquin Smythe T F Smythe QJM 298565327 Male. Born in 58. An exceptional year. Locked in my room in the institute, this is a rare window on the world. Nursey allows me time on the web so I don't become totally isolated. There are few times between medication-induced comas that this is possible. Out of the window I can see the squirrels are in the tree again. I know what they are up to, and it won't work. Nursey will keep me safe from their scheming. Are you in an institute? What did you do to get there? When are you getting out? Who put you there? Let's plot our revenge together, or then again just have a bit of a chat. As you can see, I do talk rubbish and type too much. Talk to me. Please. English
Sneaky girl sneakygirl 337981490 Born 8-30-59. 44 year old married women who lives in Pa. Looking to make some friends, male or female. I am a lonely women and don't really feel like I'm married. 2 daughters that live at home yet, ages 14 and 10. Looking forward to chatting on-line and making some friends. English
Snorre Snorre Jens 335194908 Age 43. Born 24.03.1961. Single man. Looking for chat with single women in Norway, USA, other countries, too. Send a note and I'll answer. I like women slim, not fat women, and good sense of humor. Norwegian
Snow lady snowlady 325585444 Female, age 47. Born 11/06/58. Married. Live in western Canada. Looking for chat company with the over 40 age group. English
Snowflake Snowflake 161910304 Female. Born in 1963. Married. 1 child, 9 yo. Living far up north in "The Land of the Midnight Sun" (and far too long and cold winters if I may say so). My hobbies are photography, sailing ,reading, pets (have a cat) and cooking, just to mention a few. Just looking for interesting people to talk to. Whoever you are, I am sure we can find something to chat about. English is not my native tongue but if you can stand some bad spelling and lack of grammar, why don't you drop by and say Hi when I'm online. English
Sofía sofía 208112099 Female, age 43. From South America. Like to read, walks, movies, friendship in general. Looking to meet people from different countries, most likely men, and achieve a nice relationship. I am a professional in law. My mother tongue is Spanish. Español, English
Soft Rain 2001 soft_rain2001 251636778 Female. Born 12/22/1958. Divorced. Live in sw. VA. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. NO cyber please... thx. English
Softail Softail 246424309 Female. English
Soledad Soledad 236768531 Female, age 41. Single. Muslim. Like reading, walking, swimming. Would like to have friends of my age. Am an honest person, friendly, and have a sense of humor and like to laugh. English, Arabic, Spanish
Hussein Soliman hussein 251816445 Male, age 52. English, Arabic
Michael Solo Mike 42405446 Single male, age 41. Live in Hollywood, Florida, but originally from New York. I've always been fascinated with Eastern philosophies and cosmology. Was a serious bodybuilder for many years and an avid chess player as well. Must also admit that I'm a bit on the kinky side, also. LOL! I have this incredible fetish for women in leather. English
Norman Solomon Chris 48898418 Male. Born December 4, 1959. Married. Interests are computers, meeting people, travelling. Would like icq friends. Will talk about anything. English
Agustin Sonego Augie 40161832 Male. Originally from Argentina. 32 years in Australia. Social work background. English, Spanish
Jose Antonio Soria Ruiz soria1961se 330545616 Hombre; 24-09-1961. Soltero con dos hijas, una de 17 años, aún conviviendo conmigo en mi piso, con su madre. Nací en Huelva, viví allí 16 años. Estudié un par de años en Madrid, otro par otra vez en Huelva, y desde los 20 y pocos resido en Sevilla. Todavía dispongo de un apartamento en La Antilla / Lepe / Huelva, que es de mi madre, pero lo uso yo, igual que el piso de Sevilla donde vivo - vivimos. Trabajo de informático; tengo poco tiempo ocupado (y mucho tiempo libre) pero, a cambio, no alcanzo a ganar el sueldo mínimo. Mi afición principal es componer canciones (letra y música) y grabarmelas en mi casa, tambien me hago mis arreglos, sobre todo con sistenas MIDI. Me interesa el arte y la gente. Prefiero el mundo del espectáculo. Desde que tuve a mis hijas, me dediqué a trabajar, así que actualmente casi no tengo amigas. Español
Soul SOUL 276183986 Male, age 42. Interests: love and soul. English, Arabic
David Spall David 122645587 Male, age 54. Single. Live in East Midlands. Enjoy swimming, gym (some) walking, Friday night beer! English
Spanr spanr35 29938327 Male, age 51. Enjoy working on my all over tan with friends. English
Diane Sparby Buffy 334764761 Female, age 50. English
Debbie Spence DEB 339104190 Female, age 44. Married. English
James Spencer bluemoon 257728735 Male. Divorced. Living in Portugal. English
Spring breeze springbreeze 251925087 Female, age 46. Married. Live in Ontario. Love camping and chatting on my pc. English
Stacey46 stacey46 246219579 Male, age 51. Married. Live in New Jersey. English
Staci sisterdove2 284982398 Female. Born in March, 1961. Married to my best friend. We like to travel and take our time. My husband works construction, and I stay at home. Like to do arts and crafts. English
Ann Stanley Irish Girls 23240981 Female. Born 05/09/1958. English
Star 7 313201092 Female. Single in Florida. Like sports, music, movies, books, amusement parks. 5'6", long auburn red hair, green eyes. English
Stara stara 163898177 Male, age 47. Divorced. Live in Athens, Greece. Hobbies: sailing, tennis. Interests: architecture, travel, theatre. English, Greek
Starbuss starbuss 76077510 Male, age 50+. English
Willaim Starks bill 178069293 Male. Born 08/16/1947. Single. Live in Waco, Texas. Love to hunt and fish. Seeking single friends to chat with. English
Starship Starship 1095065 Male. Just like a good laugh and a decent chat. English
Stary stary 193200810 Female. Born in March 1962. Love to visit family and friends. I enjoy camping, fishing, amusement parks, motorcycles, race cars, movies and different types of music. Also love to dance. Write poetry. If this sounds like you might want to know more, please let me know. English
Mihai Stefaniu mihai 204113131 Male. Born 12.03.1957. English, French
Steffan Smokey 269973648 Male, age 46. Firefighter in Sydney (Land of OZ). Fit & actively enjoy the outdoors - swimming, canoeing, 4WD, camping, travelling. Love my cappuccinos (really hot) & can dance, hahaha. English
Steffen Manager 276661727 Male. Interests: network-marketing, computer, chat. My website: http://www.Club-der-reichen.de Deutsch
Rolf Stein rolle 109621032 Male. Born in 1925. Casado. Mis intereses son armas antiguas de polvora negro y tamaño grande, radioaficionado - dl7gx, y model aviation. Deutsch, Español
Steja steja1961 303096102 Born 07-13-1961. D/W/F living in Indiana. Age 43. Looking for friends. Possibly more. English
Stephanie Foo 320550590 Female. English
Stephen Little Giant 179431198 a English
Deb Stephens Deb 205658512 Female. Born 1/24/58. Happily divorced. Living in Arizona for now. Enjoy gardening (hard to do in the desert, a real challenge), nascar, all music, anything that I can do outside - swimming, camping, learning to inline skate with my 21 yr old daughter. Would like to met someone to hang out with, have a good time, not mushy. Looking for friendship (true). English
Michael Stephens Mike 286504310 Male, age 46. Musician and songwriter currently living in southeastern Michigan (USA). Would it be a cliche to say that I enjoy meeting new people? Well, I work all day (and sometimes most of the night) online, and interesting people are a pleasant diversion. English
Steve BUZZ 104741347 Male. Born 4/20/55. Married. Living in SE North Carolina.  Enjoy sports, bicycling, the beach, traveling and of course women. Looking for an intelligent woman to chat with on any subject that pleases you. English
Steve discreetgr 265351017 Male, age 49. Married. English, Greek
Steve Pinoy Boy Toy 227265533 Male. Born 10/01/55. Seeking light-hearted chat. English
Steve sambow 315831218 Male. Born 10/03/58. Single. Looking for a sincere relationship. I am 46, average height, slim. Interests include music, good films, weekend drives, animals. English
Steve stburni 165937010 Male. Time to ? English
Steve Steve 1821654 Male. Born 10-2-59. Married for nearly 20 years. Ride motorcycle. Have two grown children. Like to meet open-minded women. English
Steve Steve 7567199 Male, age 45. English
Steve Steve 91825418 Male, age 45. English
Steve steve 106615656 Male, age 47. Married. Live near Trenton, Ont. Good looking, so I've been told. Looking for some excitement in my life. I'm on in the day during the week; get lots of time off during the week. Like talking to women. Will be open and honest. Looking for a discreet woman who wants the same as me - just fun, no strings. English
Steve Steve 259673458 Age 57. I've been married for almost 31 years to my mother-in-law's daughter. Enjoy photography and pocket billiards. Other than that, I'm your average everyday guy.  Looking to find other friends who enjoy (especially) photography. American English
Steve steve-b,ham 262915530 Male, age 47. Married. Living in UK. 3 sons. Hoping to make many new friends. English
Steve Steve and/or Anita 1821654 Male. Born 10-2-59. English
Steve Stones 39741596 Male. Born in 1955. Married, 5 kids. Interests: photography, travel, anything fast. Love gadgets. News hound. Snow and water skiing. English
Steven Camantics 304183542 Born 10/13/1952. Single male in Minneapolis. Fun, serious, naughty... any kind of chat with open-minded females. I have a webcam, too. English
Steven Stinger 248415266 Male, age 41. English
Kelvyn Stevens NZ 305753264 Male, age 40+. Enjoy chatting with people from all countries and cultures. Male, single. Living in New Zealand. General interests. English
Stephen Stevens papasmurff 195443732 Male, age 46. Born 2/4/58. Divorced 2 years with two daughters 20/15, who live with me. Spend lots of time with them. Live in Missouri, United States. Love to hunt, fish, camp out, hike, water ski. Love just about everything about the outdoors. Also like to go to movies and dine out. Looking for someone that is interested in the same things, maybe a long term relationship with right person. Let me know if you are interested. English
Stew Stew 7853988 Male. Born in 1953. Single father who likes to ride motorcycles. English
Stew Stew 135976553 Born in Jan., 1956. Divorced single man. 2 teenage children living with me. Have recently completed a period of study (HND) and re-entered the workplace. English
Cathy Still kitten43 270849169 Female, age 43. Born 5.08.1959. Divorced. Two great kids, 17, 11. I am warm, loving and fun loving. Love to talk. I am an incurable romantic, for which I make no apologies. I am very genuine. If you wish to find out more about this grown up kitten, then message me and chat awhile. English
Nicki Stillions Care Taker 199961893 Female, age 44. Born 11-19-58. Divorced. Live in Ohio. English
Richard Stokes Masterrich 254176766 Male. Born 1/2/58. English
John Storgard Mudd 154311127 Male. Born in 1959. Divorced. Numerous hobbies and interests. English
Bill Strange SWM49 148724149 Male. Born 8-5-52. Divorced 3 years Live in Louisville, Ky. Love the outdoors, swimming, fishing, boating, walking, golf. Like movies in or out and like plays. Generally like about anything. English
Stranger Stranger 92437749 Male, age 52. English
Samuel Street trucker2000 224641506 Male. Born 03/25/1964. Married 4 yrs. Live in North Carolina. Chat. No cyber. English
Bill Streit billinwaterloo 172104258 Tall, slim 49 yo single man from Ontario, Canada. Kind, gentle and honest to a fault. I am employed in the co-operative housing sector and am passionate about music. Also interested in art, sports (it's a guy thing!), cooking, reading, and social/human rights issues. I would enjoy connecting with an intelligent, open-minded, courteous woman for friendship. A more permanent, long-term relationship is something that I would certainly be open to with the right person. Beauty is a very subjective matter, inner beauty being most important of all. Having said that, I must confess to preferring to meet a woman who is not obese. My apologies to all the wonderful ladies who are overweight. I have a strong preference for women who have a zest for life, a positive self image and a good sense of humour. If interested, please feel free to add me to your friends list. I would love to hear from you! English
Sherri Stroud sherri622 131846214 Female. Born 6/22/1961. 42 and single. Looking to make new friends. English
Stuart goodlooking 246569368 Male, age 50+. Alone in Canada. Like to chat and have fun. All subj. English
John Stuart Journey 233442601 Born 02/19/56. Single male. Just moved to California from Washington and would like to meet women in the area. English
Warren Stuart Warren 27086711 Male. Divorced. Live in Fort St. John, BC, Canada. English
Frank Stubbard scooter 198218787 Male, age 45. Varied interests and am gathering more as I meet new people. Would like to chat about anything. English
Stunning Ann in Motion WORLD WITHOUT END 332161040 Female. Single. Live in PA. Enjoy reading, movies, music, etc. English
James Styles stylesy 310229970 Male, age 43. English
Sue felix 51721595 Female, age 44. Born 16/04/1959. Married. Work full time as a health coordinator. Have 3 daughters and live in Australia. Although I am not on ICQ often, I do like to talk to people about all sorts of things. English
Sue sue 22850936 Female, age 45. Je suis célibataire. J'aime la formule1, j'aime la pêche, la nature, les chiens, la cuisine. Je suis une personne douce et à l'écoute des autres. Je viens ici pour connaitre plein de gens d'un peu partout. Connaitre des amis (es). Faire de nouvelles connaissance!! Français
Sue Sue 281822967 a English
Sue suzy 282526201 Female, age 42. English
Denise Sullivan neenee 270334382 Female, age 40. Born 06-20-1964. Married. English
Sumalee Su 179048896 Female, age 45. English
Summer SUMMER 286902142 Female, age 47. Love to live life to the full. Travelling and doing spontaneous, on the spur of the moment things. Love animals. Run my own small jewelery business. Feel really young for my age. Love to dress up glam, but just as at home in jeans. Love nice restaurants, good company and lots of giggles. Am warm, caring and honest. I like all sorts of music, anything from zz top to el divo, romantic slushy tunes to great rock. English
Summer breeze summer_breeze 226433907 Female. Just looking for some fun and nice people to chat with. I'm tired of the chat room scene and thought I would give this a try. English
Sumtime33 sumtime33 168230815 Male. English
Sunflower Sunflower 326025119 Female, age 40. Single. Live in Taiwan. Enjoy reading, music, sleeping, traveling, computer. Love to meet some nice friends and clean chat. English
Sungur sungur 319633751 Male, age 49. Interests: travelling, reading, ecology, cinema, television, etc. Turkish, English
Sunny sunney53@ hotmail.com 337510817 Male, almost 50. Single romantic Libra person who loves to meet similar minded females without inhibition and who would like to enjoy life. No time for fakes. Don't even try. English, Nederlands
Sunny sunny 131588079 Female. Born 30-06-1962. Dutch
Sunny sunny 231945563 Female, age 40. English
Sunset SUNSET 285641270 Male. Born in 1958. Married. English
Sunshine sunshine 258322592 Female. Born 25 May, 1962. Have lived with my friend for 21 years. We have 2 boys, ages 10 and 9, a dog and a rabbit. I'm a stay at home mom. Love 2 read and chat with anybody about almost everything. Dutch, English
Sunshine sunshine 273184333 Female. Born January 7, 1947. Divorced and happy. Live in Wales. Enjoy making friends and chatting on the net, etc. NO CYBER JUNK. English
Super super 4967829 Male. Born 17.08.53. Married. English
Muthreja Suresh mumbaipal 220322488 Male, age 48. Married. Live in Mumbai. Relationship with no strings attached with males/females between 35 to 50 years of age from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, etc. English
Susan Cat 25190966 Female, age 45. Divorced. Currently in Ohio. English
Susan susanx 344548950 Female, age 41. Married. Live in South Africa. English
Susan Susie 155345204 Female, age 47. Enjoy chatting to most people on most general subjects. Enjoy any type of business chat, current affairs, etc., or anything you'd like to discuss should u be at a loose end. Hobbies include reading, travelling, good conversation, quiet times too. Please, just message me. Would love to hear from you. English
Susan Susan 159609618 Female. Born in 1960. Divorced. Live in Nebraska. Love camping, fishing, spending time with my kids, most sports, lots of other things. Also, I am a bbw. English
Susan susan 302018988 a English
Susie Susie 222561865 Female, age 47. Live in Queensland, Australia. Interests: running, yoga, scuba-diving, fishing, gardening, travel, reading, movies, international affairs. Like to chat with interesting people from anywhere. English
Susie Susie 299030676 Age 47. English
Susie-p susie-p 172222678 Female. English
SusieQ susieQ 143606099 Female. Born in 1962. Divorced. Friendly. Live in Melbourne, Australia. Enjoy sport, painting, reading, movies and spending time with my children. Enjoy meeting new people and having a chat. English
Süsse süsse 268017636   German
Suzanne missmuffit 176634512 Female, age 40. Divorced. Live in London and Sweden. Enjoy all kinds of music, eating out, travelling, strolling, languages, culture. Gb., Fr., Es., Tr.
Suzanne mysteriousgirl 347245378 Female. Born 15/05/1958. English
Suzy poison ivy 71265901 Age 41. Single and looking to meet with fun people, so please message me. English
Sweet *SwEeT* 53627574 Female, age 46. Separated and looking for online friends. English
Sweet honey 42 sweethoney42 303366893 Female, age 42. Single. Sweet as honey. 5 ft 2", slim 8 half stone with long dark hair. Live on central coast, Australia. Interests r camping, bushwalking and 4x4 driving. Also in2 dancing, picnics, and bbqs. I am a fun loving easygoing girl. English
Sweet tease sweettease 42594956 Female. English
SweetGrammie48 SweetGrammie48 323435634 Female, age 48. Married with children and grandchildren. Interests include family, gardening, motorcycle riding, knitting, (and sneaking in an occasional nap). English
Sweetie sweetie 314026596 Female. Just turned 40!!! Easy going, open-minded. Would like to chat with anyone that is the same and has a sense of humor. English
Sweetpea sweetpea 190572744 Female, age 39. English
Sweety sweety 319516270 Female, age 40. Live in Ontario, Canada. Married, no kids. Enjoy chat with true friend. Hobbies are bowling, reading, walks, travel, spending time with friends and family, shopping, watching good movies, chatting with my friends and my relatives on the net and playing games with friends on the net as well. I am very friendly and very honest. I don't believe to have a true friend they have to lie if they want to be true friend with me. Males only, please. English
Sxysnowflake sxysnowflake 166748423 Female. English
Sylvia Suavey 136814648 Female, age 40+. Like to talk with men all over the world... and sometimes with women. French, English

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