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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
Andrea H. commander 343248011 Female. Born 7.12.1960. English, Deutsch
Andy H. HandyAndy 231578354 Male. English
Ann H. navyspring 202791570 Female, age 45. Born Sept. 3, 1958. Widowed. Live in Cambridge, Ontario. English
Anthi H. Anthi2 41153841 Female, age 44. Born 3/9/1959. Live in Cyprus. Hobbies: traveling, swimming, cooking, etc. English, Greek
Berdie H. chamuda 318786527 Female. Born 12/01/52. Divorced. Young, playful, woman seeking man that is fun-loving, passionate and loves and enjoys music! English
Betty H. Bet 92452669 Female, age 55. Looking for a female. I am married, but soon to get divorced. I like walks in the park, watching tv, and playing on the net. English
Brenda H. Brenda 294301847 Female, age 46. Divorced. I have 1 son, 1 grandchild. Love to camp, quad, fish, hunt, read, dance, and be romantic. I'm 5 foot, waist length blonde hair, and blue eyes. Have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. English
Brett H. lurch 162707192 Male, age 47. Born in July, 1957. Divorced. Live NW in Ohio. English
Brian H. brian 265880448 Born 07-07-1959. Single, and if the right person came along... welll..!!!!!!... u never know. Give it a go. Let's chat 'n have fun . English
Brian H. Burn 72273549 Male, age 41. Widower after 21 years of marriage. Now looking to start over again with a new friend/lover. I know what it takes to keep the fire alive in a relationship and how to keep her happy. Tired of the loneliness and no one to cuddle up to. Life begins at 40 in more ways than one. Drop me a line and tell me your story. Love to chat. English
Camilla H. cammi 266898109 Female, age 40 something. English, Swedish, Icelandic
Cathy H. Sue 212596760 Age 44. Born Feb. 27, 1959. Divorced white female who stays up late. Love Nascar (Winston Cup). Like NFL. Would like people to talk to for fun. New at this. English
Catrin H. Miss Zelda 178481712 Female, age 43. Engaged. Live on the west coast of Sweden Interested in spirituality, meditation, arts, travels, Italy, friendship. Would like to have Italian/English pen- friends. Swedish, English, Italian
Cherokey H. cherokey 57604291 Male, age 51. In Ohio. Love to talk to nice ladies. English
Cindy H. toritrucker2001 58984618 Female, age 43. Single. Live in Oklahoma. Like trucks, family and life. English
Craig H. aus1961 282565678 Male. English
D. H. creative-f 16002489 Female. Divorced. English
Dana H. dhulova 347660986 Female, age 44. I like animals and nature and correspondence with friends, male and female. New pals of any age are very welcome. English
Debbie H. lildebb48 196425827 Single, age 48, young looking lady. 5 ft., 100 lbs., blond and blue. Looking for friendship, good conversation and maybe more with someone I really connect with. English
Eva H. Jablon 310625928 Female. Born 27.06.1958. German, Russian, Czech, English
Faruk H. faruk 79424582 Male, age 56. Looking for a female friend, age 45. English
Frank H. frank 223531061 a English
Furakh H. Baba 233897006 Male, age 50 plus. Want long term friendship with female 45 plus. Good looking Pakistani, sunny person. English
Gail H. Red 9986599 Female. Born May 29, 1955. I'm 48, if I did the math right... born in '55... yep, 48. Single, with a fur family of two (cat and a dog). We live in California. Would like to chat with anyone with a terrific sense of humor, intelligent and quick-witted. Not interested in cybering, so please don't invite me. English
Gary H. Gazza 130748240 Male, age 54. Born 01 Aug., 1949. Divorced (2). Live in NSW, Australia. Like movies, music, 60's, sports, cultures from other lands. English
Gary H. WildnCrazyGuy 331754395 Male, age 47. Just looking for an mature lady to have fun with on line. ;] English
Gene H. gene henderson1954a1 246970519 Male. Born 09/04/1954. English
Gunnar H. gunnar 73434761 Male. Swedish, English
Harry H. COOKIEMAN 17898740 Male. Born 03/11/1943. English
Ian H. Ian0710 27879054 Male, age 48. Born 10/07/1955. Divorced. English
Inam H. enmee 227637077 Male, age 45. Married. Live in Karachi, Pakistan. English, Arabic
Isack H. ieh 138819388 Male, age 52. Hebrew, English
James H. Deleryus 4221787 Age 49. Hetero male. Single. Law degree. Gov. contract specialist. Enjoy communicating. Like the outdoors, the water, fishing, discovery. At home: watching movies, writing, gourmet cooking, reading, cats, trivia, cultural things, intelligent talk, dreams, goals. Amaze me... be honest. English
Jean H. JustJean 115085419 Over 70. Married. Retired. Enjoy music, gardening and most of all travelling. English
Jill H. jill 174197990 Female, age 42. English
Jim H. jim 1634598 Male. Age 56, but 29 riding. In Cincinnati, Ohio. Separated for over 2 years. My hobbies are my Harley and my PC. Back seat is open, and I enjoy lively intelligent emails. English
Joe H. BamaSexy Guy 290289862 Male, age 53. English
Jolene H. NONE 276339322 42 yr old female from upstate NY, USA, looking to chat. Love to play the piano, cats, cross stitching and love life. Anyone want to chat, for clean chat only? English
Josef H. Orka 225771939 Male. Born 07.08.59. Deutsch
Judy H. Sweetie 270849620 Age 61. English
Julian H. oldiegoldie 233125949 a English
Karel H. Moglwy 336675366 Male, age 45. Divorced since 1978. One daughter, age 23. Was in the Navy for 22 years until January 1998 as a sergeant major in the marines. Now I'm living in the north part of Holland directly (10 minutes walking) at the north-sea beach. My interests are motorcycling (making trips), sun, sea and swimming, walking with my dog in the forest and on the beach, cooking and visiting interesting places. Hope to make contact with women who want to e-mail or chat with me. Dutch, English, German, Swedish
Karin H. mixmax 161345464 Age 46. German, English
Katie H. kate39701 345164769 Female. English
Kay H. Southernminx 310420859 Female, age 52. Like meeting folks all over the world. Enjoy witty chat with intelligent folks. English
Ken H. khebert0186 239023175 44 yo divorced male. I travel internationally. Currently work in Russia, UK, Africa and Brazil. Enjoy meeting new people and discovering new cultures. English
Kenneth H. night501 344402222 Male. English
Kerstin H. Kiki 308389442 Frau. 42 Jahren. Ich interessiere mich für Fitness, Malen und Reisen, Politik. Deutsch
Kev H. Kiki 54296070 Male, age 50. English
Klaus H. Harry 301214990 Hobbies: house, IT. Danish
Lars H. hansen 327341073 Born 22/10/56. English, Danish
Laura H. Maria 176409045 Born 20/03/1962. English, Spanish
Linda H. Lin 320612383 Female, age 50+. Widow living in Michigan. Enjoy dancing to 60's and 70's rock and roll. Enjoy the outdoors in the warm seasons. Hate winter. Like sci-fi and action movies and good conversation. I enjoy discussions where you don't have to agree but can respect different ideas. I'm a secure and capable woman who enjoys a man's company and having someone to encourage, support and help me to do the things I want to and have to do daily. I enjoy just having fun and doing and trying new things with someone. I like laughing at the little things about each other and myself. English
Lucy H. lucy 105665412 Female, age 44. Widow. Live in the Philippines. Love music and clean chats. Not so beautiful but surely honest in everything. Just send me a message. English
Maggie H. wrinkles 289854210 Female. Born in 1954. Single. Just seeking friendship. Live on large sheep station. Like all animals. Australian
Mark H. Djs Pap 218138858 Male. English
Mark H. feathers 343535132 Male, age 48. Divorced. Live on Gold Coast, Australia. Enjoy horse riding. Seeking contact with ladies in the U.S.A. English
Martin H. m_o1958 348800454 Age 45. Married (estranged). Live in NSW, Australia. Enjoy music, reading, gardening, fishing, socialising & spending time with my kids. English
Maryann H. lovemuffin 195484832 Female, age 50. English
Maya H. mayahi 276993329 Female. Born in 1957. Romanian, Hebrew
Michael H. ICE 253573063 Male, age 49. Born 9-17-54. Single. Live in Anchorage, Alaska. Enjoy playing guitar, long walks, gulf fishing, hockey, dancing. Am an electrical administrator. 6ft, 200lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. Would like to meet the "right lady." I'm a little old fashioned; I still open the door, I like to pay for the dinner. English
Mike H. Killer6 59019135 a English
Moise H. moise 237847140 Male, age 49. Born 5/12/54. Married, 2 teenage boys. Retired/disabled auto mechanic. Like raising geese, ducks, chickens. English
Mostafa H. hms 298609846 Male, age 49. Widower. Live in Qatar. Enjoy tennis. Seeking long term relationship. English, Arabic
Natsumi H. Crown 48045430 Female. Location: Japan. Interests: hiking, cooking, gardening, history, reading, foreign languages. English
Pat H. Bird 24858009 Male. Born 01/10/59. English
Pat H. SpaciKatz 195618673 Female. English
Penny H. sylverpenny 233717772 Female, age 47. Single. Live in Montana. SSBBW. Enjoy reading, movies, music. English
Reg H. bigdaddy_44 207718658 Male. Born July/10/1958. Single but in a good relationship. Not looking for anything, only friendly chat with women. 35-45 only, please. English
Rhonda H. funangelfire 261540846 Female, age 43. Separated for 3 years. Live in London, Ont., Canada. Four children; only one still lives at home, and he is 17. Recently moved to this area and would like to make some new friends. I don't go to bars, but I live to dance. I enjoy swimming, walking, camping and crafts. Love to travel and enjoy a good laugh. Have two cats and a dog. I am honest and caring, and I am a great listener (social worker). English
Richard H. theirishman 194791022 Male, age 44. Single. Like sport, music, movies, going out to bars, travel, chat and having fun. English
Rick H. Rick 270628538 Male. Born in 1963. Married. Live in central NJ. Hobbies include hiking, biking, jogging, reading, gardening and movies. I'm shy at first but open up the more I know you. English
Robert H. Dutchy 249268274 a English, Dutch, French
Robert H. Robert 103226153 Mann, 43 Jahre. Musik, Joggen, Tiere, Natur, Malen und ab und zu mal Chatten. Melde Dich einfach mal! Deutsch
Rod H. Rod 199791351 Male, age 50. Divorced. Located in the Great Midwest. Liberal, lefty. I garden, cook and enjoy the outdoors. English
Rolf H. Flosse 326402896 Male, age 52. Deutsch
Ron H. HILLBILLY 8192710 Male. Born in 1955. Single. Looking for chat with ladies. Any subject (open mind). Like to laugh and have a good sense of humor. English
Ruben H. robbi 121731211 Born Oct.1.53. The one and only (special). Hebrew, English
Sayed H. NCALM2 304740065 Male, age 50. Doctor. Love my friends. Need real love. Arabic, English
Selim H. selim 133894199 Male, age 52. Enjoy swimming, walking, travel. English, French, Arabic
Stephen H. steve 92045495 Male, age 49. English
Steven H. bandit 92019994 Male, age 43. Divorced. Love to cook, snowmobile and travel. English
Susan H. Sherman 251664219 Female, age 46. English
Terri H. mamajugs 93036206 Female, age 42. Divorced. Love all sports, a real wrestling nut. Love to dance, sing, go for long walks, cuddle. Love the outdoors. I collect salt & pepper shakers. Very bold and blunt but honest. Very open minded. I have a daughter and a precious granddaughter. They are everything to me. English
Terri H. Terri 207295212 a English
Terry H. ter181 206781111 Male, age mid 40's. Married with children. Love to snow ski, hike, bike and be a beach bum. Really enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. English
Theresa H. Stormy1292 267826370 Age 45. Born 5/10/58. English
Thomas H. bigyin56 291948167 Male. Born 07/02/1956. Divorced. Enjoy fishing, driving. English
Tim H. Javelin 41261745 Male. Born Sept., 1958. English
Tina H. Pinguin 209018978 Age 46. Single mother of 4. I love nature, music, photography, talking to people. German, English
Ulf H. Nico 25863329 Male, age 51. Single since '85. 2 adult sons living by themselves. Living in my own house in the country, but very central to the nearest town and larger cities. English
Hady Hady 177806110 Male. English, Arabic
Hafeeza feeza_a 177721386 Female. English
Lynette Hagen Lynette 299976743 Female, age 46. Looking to have clean chat with friends. English
Becky Hale Becky 195480210 Age 45. Divorced white female. Hobbies include computers, crafts, music, dancing, animals, outdoor activities. Wishing to chat with others around the same age. Would like to find someone who is between 40 and 50 who is understanding and willing to be in a committed relationship. English
Joyce Haley MS_SOUTHERN_ REDNECK 295321041 Female, age 47. Born 9-20-1955. Separated. Looking for a good friend first, then we will see what happens. English
George Hall Lonewolf 243429234 Male. Born 6/30/1964. Live in North Carolina. English
Lisa Hall Granna 322197868 Female. Born in 1960. Divorced. My nickname comes from just getting my first grandchild. Would enjoy chatting with people my age. English
Razali Hamizi mizali 258711215 Male, age 48. Married. English
Handyman Handyman 204394382 Male. Born in 1953. English
Maggie Hanley wrinkles 289854210 Female. Born 5.10.54. Single, nth. Live in west N.S.W. Australia. Living in the country, outback. Have 5 great danes and a number of quarter horses. Like peace and quiet of country living, working hard . Australian
Kathy Hanlon Kathy 169576279 Female. Born 10/24/1944. English
Karin Hansen naturpige 224279010 Age 41. Danish
Hansi Hansi 322682937 Female. Born 22.10.1956. English, German, Greek
Harmony Harmony28 277758883 Female. In my 40's. Live in Victoria, Australia. Interests: family & friends, gardening, music, home renovations, travel, television, computer games (currently playing 'Pharaoh'), finding a harmonious lifestyle. Note: please no cybersex, just good wholesome chat. Looking for like minded people with similar interests. English
Ron Harrison Yorkshireman 335321730 Male. Born 22/04/1949. Divorced 4 years. Living in Derbyshire. Good solid lad, not flabby and a trimmed beard, which I have had for over 30 years. Intelligent and gentle, on the quiet side and a bit shy when it comes to meeting people I don't know, so you might have to kick me when I meet your friends. Seven years Navy, educated to degree level. Had until recently a good but high stress job as a computer systems engineer but was made redundant. Now taking time out at College adding to my qualifications prior to getting back in the job market. My ideal evening, after I get to know you, would be dinner, in or out, cinema, a nice quiet drink, probably coffee if I'm eating out, followed by a quiet cuddle in front of the TV. I do not eat a lot but enjoy good food, and I'm a great cook. Old fashioned enough to believe that a female who enjoys her femininity is the most beautiful of God's creations, and she should, and would, be treated as a lady. Looking for a woman between 35-50, slim and attractive. You should be romantic and on the quiet side, but not afraid to live life and enjoy yourself, intelligent and content and proud to be a lady. I believe that every relationship must be based on mutual and undeniable trust, and because this trust would be there, and as long as I know you are safe, you don't have to spend every waking minute where I can see you, but expect to be made a fuss of when you do get back. Your ideal holiday would be long, lazy sunny days, good food and gentle partying somewhere with blue seas and white beaches or maybe a motorlaunch on the Norfolk Broads or Fens, with the occasional weekend at the good old British seaside thrown in now and again. You should be a woman who enjoys looking after her man and being looked after by him. You would like holding hands and watching the world go by at the wayside cafe of a Greek village as the sun went down, sitting by a quiet English lake or drinking wine and chatting in the gardens of a country pub. If you want a stable and loving relationship with a real honest to goodness man and you're genuinly willing to commit, then take a deep breath. You have nothing to lose and who knows what to gain. English
Harry Hamintc 339733816 Male, age 54. Single. Live in Michigan. Interests include fishing, boating, hunting, grilling out, country living, gardening, football, sci-fi, classic rock and new country music, astrology, travel (would love to go on a cruise!). Looking for a single interesting female similar in age and interests in the Midwest area. Stop by and say "hi." Who knows what could develop? English
Fran Harshman FRÄNNY FRÃN 238761359 Female, age 48. Born 9/16/55. English
James Hartley mesaj440 166314403 Male, age 44. Born 24/12/1958. Tall, fit, sometimes even charming, bright, married and with a sense of humour that knows no bounds... well almost! English
John Harvey Peeler 24862105 Male police officer living in London, UK. English
Hank Hawkins Hank 60562027 Born in 1946. Separated. Native Texan working in Nebraska for a few months. Have gone places and done things most people only dream about. Can chat about most anything to people of any age. Texan
Henk Haydn Serious51 311131098 Male, age 51. From Amsterdam, Holland. Love to have fun and flirt, especially with ladies of my age or younger. :-))) English
Phil Hays freewayfil 237329779 Male. Born 10/5/56. Age 47. English
Hearts hearts 68364237 Male, age 49. Married. Love to chat. English
Wendy Hebel mae-mae 329842924 Female, age 49. English
Heiddi3 Heiddi3 151617454 Female. Born 9/7/1956. Single (if I'm found, meant to be). 47, no children, one much loved cat. Enjoy walks on beach in winter (exhilarating), cosy nights in, dining, bbq's, gardening, animals, reading, cryptic crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, genuine people, GSOH! Love frogs too, rbbttt!! Older I get, sillier I get :)) English
Helen cheekybabe 239253117 Female. Divorced. Two boys. Love wining and dining. Looking for open minded person to talk to. English
Helen Miss Demeanour 237124728 Female, age 44. My life is weird at the moment. I won't bore you all with the details. Just need a distraction and some intelligent & or amusing conversation. English
Helena Lenapt 10723551 Female. Born March 28, 1961. Mature lesbian looking for other lesbians or bifems for fun, friendship or more... :-) English, Portuguese
Hellen helenx 176190510 Female, age 41. Born 04.05.1961. Spanish, Romanian, English
Helmuth rantanplan 259188185 Male. Born 12.02.1957. Bin 46, 178, 66 kg, ehrlich, schlank. Suche wieder eine ehrliche glückliche Beziehung. Du weibl. 30-40 Jahre, schlank, gern mit Kind, würde mich auf deine Antwort freuen. Bin aus Wien-23. Bezirk. Deutsch
Pam Henderson dragnrydr 280923433 Female. Born 11-1955. Divorced. Live in Missouri. Like country music, crafts, garage sales, flea markets, dogs, horses, lake living. Family oriented. Have a special spot in my heart for blue collar men, truck drivers, and motorcycle riders. English
Sharon Henegar classylady 168780248 Female, age 49. Married. Like to read, garden, and cook. English
Henk Henk 107328847 Age 43. Like soccer, internet and talking with women. English
Henry B. MusicMan57 206087652 Single man in Stockton, California. Interests include plays and guitar sings, computer chats. Hobbies include carpentry, computer building, coin collecting and book reading. I am 5'9" tall, brn. hair, brn. eys, medium build. Love outdoor life: boating fishing, camping swimming hiking and most things that get my attention. Would love to meet someone from California or a close neighboring state. English
Nejat Hepyalcin izmirlineco 311862595 Male, age 44. English
Herlina lina 114253446 Female. Born 26 August, '63. Single. Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Enjoy reading. English
Herman dimwit 151282981 Male. Born in 1954. Whoever you are, whatever you do, I'd like to hear from you. English, Dutch, French
Hermine LIBRA 202384696 Male. Born 09/25/1964. Russian, English
Sören Herold Soeren 198494622 Mann. An 29.12.61 getrangen. Verheiratet. Wohne in Chemnitz, Germany. Arbeite am Theater als Techniker. Deutsch
Dominique Herve Phadoree 265504403 Age 44. Born 11.04.1959. Divorcée. 2 enfants de 15 (garçon) et 9 ans (fille). Aimant la musique, la lecture, les travaux mauels, les voyages et bien d'autres choses encore. Je cherche des ami(e)s avec qui échanger idées et opinions sur toutes sortes de sujets (sauf religion et politique). Français
Jude Hess Paracelsus 1760153 Male. Portuguese, English, French
Maureen Hey lurve2b 170445435 Female, age 51. Divorced for some time now. Looking to make friends and chat with honest people with a good sense of humour. English
Hijazi HAJAJ 211968428 Male, age 58. Widower. In need of lovely gf to understand me. I am a cultural man. Want to meet an open minded lady to talk with her and have a clear mind. No married ladies. English
Ron Hill ron 228914137 Male, age 56. Born in 1947. Not so happy married. Enjoy walking in the country. 6 feet tall, dark brown hair, blue eyes. English
HisNibs HisNibs 163694874 Male. Baby Boomer. Enjoy internet chatting, webcam and online gaming (T or D, bridge and poker). Avid woodworker. Currently building my dream workshop and started building my "yacht," a 33' ChrisCraft Cabin Cruiser. Also love to customize, restore and race Chevrolet Corvettes. I've been a car nut and "hot rodder" since I was 12. English
Hitspeeds hitspeeds 83772199 Male, age 49. English
Jiri Holasek JURANUS 344714960 Male. Born in 1952. Widowed. Enjoy hiking, skiing, swimming, volleyball, photography, movies, reading, country music, etc. English
Holiwe holiwe 278816734 Male, age 55. Separated. German, English
David Holland holly54 340364157 Male, age 49. Born 01/01/54. Separated 2years. Very lost and all alone. Very truthful and do not lie or offend anyone in any way. English
Holly holly 42253486 Female. Born 07/22/1947. Married. Christian. Interested in meeting Christians who have lost children. Hobbies: crafts, reading, gardening, choir. Mother and grandmother. Was also a foster mother and now work with disabled kids. English
Wim C. Holm Dongo 296125125 Male, age 68. Married. Live in the Netherlands (Zeeland). Hobbies: computers, chatting, gardening, photography (digital), listening to music from classic to pop. Like to chat all over the world. Dutch, English
Jake Holman Jake 214818088 Male. English
Kenneth Holovach konnection 222630508 Male. Single. Born in 1956. Like chatting, golf, photography, internet, the outdoors, living a health-conscious lifestyle. English
Honest 71 Honest71 102992822 Male. English, Greek
Hoople Hoople 1757821 a English
Hot Golfer hotgolfer 176026901 Male. Born in 1957. Married. Seeking friendship and companionship. English
Dave Howell bigdave 178243967 Male. Born 10 July, 1945. Divorced 20 years. Collector of automobilia photography, 4wd license plates. English
John Howell John 33480767 Male. Born 4/21/60. Married. 5'11", 200 lb. Good looking guy. Play a lot of golf. Looking for a woman that wants more out of life, as I do. English
Jerry Huckaby danny 106426717 Born 9/22/1955. Single. English
Hugh Hughie 148047264 Born 08/08/61. Single dad living in eastern Canada. Love all types of music, especially Celtic and folk. English
Robyn Hughes gemini 172357681 Female. Born 4-6-44. Divorced. Warm caring lady with a good sense of humor. I don't smoke. Love music and family. Have adult son and daughter, son-in-law, and two wonderful grand daughters. I am 5ft 5in, slim build, blue eyes, brown hair. Looking for friends I can talk to and perhaps meet to share ideas and interests (no cyber at all please). Would dearly love to meet an American living in Australia. I have many friends in America and find them warm loving people. Would also love to meet a kind, caring sweet guy with a romantic nature, but I guess they are all gone, lol. If I am wrong, give me a call. Who knows, we might even like each other. English
Jack Humblet Jack 64236596 Male. Nederlands
Humming Bird humming bird 297223204 Female. Born 04/09/1962. Portuguese, English
Hummingbird hummingbird 337955484 41 year old widow. Professional. Living on the west coast of British Columbia near Vancouver. Enjoy hiking, gardening and training for the sun run. Interested in Buddhism and herbal medicine. Have a dog and cat. English
Bill Hunter bill 202851666 Age 43. Single white male. Nice looking. Retired military. No tie downs. English
Kevin Hynes kev 337997383 Male. Separated. Come from the Brisbane area. I like what most men do. English

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