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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
A. D. Blue Skys..Egypt 115121204 Male. Born in 1956. Here I am... what were your next two wishes?? lol... Living in Egypt. Cannot think of much to say here that I wouldn't rather say by way of messaging.. It will be easier if you asked me questions! So message and ask away. :o) Do love making new friends on the net. English, Arabic
Alaa D. nielson 212504396 Male, age 52. From Cairo, Egypt. Now living in Madrid, Spain. Like to travel, works and commerces, worldwide communication. Like a calm, secure life. Looking for a woman to live with me. She must like a secure life and know I can help with all things. More details when I hear from you. Español, English, Français
Ann D. ann 210193377 Female. Born in 1958. Live in NYS . Enjoy meeting and talking with people... making new friends. English
Ann D. annie 232896697 Female, age 43. Single. Live in the UK. Enjoy books, laughter, music, travel. Very easy going. English
Arvid D. bossangel 248645866 Male. Born in 1959. Going through nasty separation & divorce. English
Ashley D. Ashley Faith 161917666 Female. Born 19.3.64. Live in Brisbane and have lived in Melbourne. I'm 5ft 2, 8 stone, and I have long brown hair to my hips. Brown eyes. English
Bob D. Bob 310289524 Male. Separated 3 years. Live in Kingston, On. 2 kids. I like walks, movies and the simple things in life. English
Bonnie D. rosie 271434951 Born Sept. 25, 1962. Divorced mother of two sons, ages 17 and 14. Interests are reading, cooking, crafts, shooting pool, camping, chatting, learning new things, etc. I am a very open person; ask me anything, I will give a direct answer. Really enjoy chatting and companionship and like having fun. If you are looking for a female who is slim/fit... move on, because this gal is 300 lbs. English
Carlos D. Carlos 299248618 Male. Born 16.04.1952. Some questions have bothered me all through my life. I believe very much in God and know He is always next to me guiding me with all I do. I pray to Him daily and thank Him for it too. In spite of all this, you go through life with so many disappointments where people start cheating you or wealth seems to be the most important factor in life for them. Why is everybody turning out to be a reckless person and has no respect for his next neighbour, family or friend? Do we believe in a life after death? Are we not scared of one day meeting Him who created us? Some questions like these and many more have left me very disheartened as I went through life. Maybe someone has the same opinion and needs someone to discuss this with. English
Cathy D. luvlylady 197827942 Born in 1958. Single Oshawa woman. Down to earth, great sense of humor. Play on a ladies' ball team, golf when I can and big hockey fan. Love to try new things. English
Charlene D. 1KEYSO 304316287 Female. Divorced. English
Cheryl D. Cheryl 334091334 Female. Born in 1959. Married happily. 2 boys. Likes crafts, reading, writing, cats. Am not a great computer literate but tried to do well. Seeking clean chats with fun thrown in. English
Christine D. Christine 86080733 Born 24 Feb., 1960. Married with a large family. Love to chat and make new friends. English
Debra D. Deb_32_01 116243226 Female, age 42. Born 07/19/61. Live in Louisiana, near the water. Like to be on the water. Like the outdoors. I have 2 boys, one 24 and one 20. They are my world, as well as my hubby, but don't let that scare you. I love to chat on here. English
Diana D. oceanwave 218839262 Female, age late 40's. Hobbies and interests include art, computing, technology, alternative therapies, nature and a lot more. Live in the UK. English
Elmor D. apple 192428992 Male. Born 06.03.1955. English, Turkish
Enzo D. enzo 331394012 Male. English
Fer D. lony 333723920 Male, age 47. Single. Work as an operator. Like to walk in nature, dance, bike and talk with people from other countries. English
Fiona D. feefs 229933730 Female, age 40ish. Divorced -- not ready to be put out to graze, though!! English
Frank D. GlassWizard 247895607 Male, age 42. Single and looking. Not into head games. English
Gabriel D. Gabriel 292901767 Male, age 44. Spanish, English, Italian
Gary D. Gary 5426787 Male. Born 10/14/1949. Divorced but still wanting to live and enjoy life!!! English
J. D. JD 222546975 Male. English
Janet D. jinty 318023620 a English
Janie D. sunny150036 304969677 Female, age 46. Married to wonderful man. Have grandkids. Just hunting for women my age to talk to. English
Jean-Pierre D. favori 301803073 Mâle, 43 années. Celibataire. Vivez dedans Montreal. Athletic. J`aime las bon resto et la bonne compagnie. Français
Joanne D. Joanne 348265438 Female. Born in 1957. Live in Bonnie Scotland, UK. Like most types of dance and keep fit. Love to shop for clothes and have a good conversation with people from all over the world who are honest and truthful, please! Clean chat only! English
Joy D. quiet_whispers2 231047058 Caucasian female. In a long term relationship. Looking to meet other women for friendship and fun. I love the ocean, especially sea foam on my toes, the warm soft sand of the beach, the bright vast clear skies in a sunny day, the wind on my face, and all the beautiful birds. Love motorcycles, oil painting, candlelight and most music (SORRY, NO OPERA). English
Julie D. rjulia 217575848 Female. Born in 1957. Married for 10 years. Looking for friendship only. Have a wonderful nine year old son. Interests: reading suspense and thrillers, some horror, no gore, same for movies. My favorite season is autumn; something about this season that is nostalgic. I love walking and looking at the different color leaves. Like listening to oldies, 60's to now, working out, computer games. Would love to meet new friends. English
Karen D. maddy 326395038 Female. Over 40. Divorced happy lady looking for friends, both male and female. English
Kathy D. Kathy 138196991 Married. Like nascar racing. Love shelties. English
Kiss D. rose 332755135 Female. English
Krister D. Krille 165076981 Male. Born in 1950. Like to hunt and fish, shoot clay pigeons (skeet and trap). Interested in almost everything. Enjoy talking to people all over the world. Swedish, English
L. D. louiseandree62 194065813 Female, age 41. Currently living in New England w/ 3 teenagers and husband #2. Am struggling w/aftereffects of a sudden death in the family. English
L. D. newlife 260098915 Female. Born in 1960. Looking for friends who want to chat about life, its trials and tribulations, happy times, politics, outdoors. Like animals. Live in Kelowna, British Columbia. New to chatting. Surprise me; send me a note. English
Leasha D. riski lady 19750676 Female. Born 2/23/1961. Married. Live in Texas near the Houston area. Like to bowl, sing karaoke, go to comedy clubs, and also into NASCAR racing. I like any type of outdoor recreation that includes water. English
Lila D. lilac 321810541 Female. Born 9/29/55. Not married. Like country music, talking, knitting and crocheting. English
Lorraine D. quichelor69 209414402 Female. Born Oct. 28, 1961. Single. Richmond, BC. English
Lowell D. Dave 334175474 Male, age 60. English
M. D. Ariel 343500767 Female, age 41. Like to enjoy the little things in life and appreciate everything and everyone I have. Keep it simple and no games. My family, my friends, and the one I'm with, and my cats are the most important things in the world to me. The most important quality I look for in someone is integrity. The best way to make me smile is: be genuine, soft and honest. English
Marc D. TDH 11938694 Male, age 46. English
Marcel D. binky 312507146 Male, age 53. Widowed. Dutch, German
Marcus D. Airborne 44538920 Male. Born 19 Jan., 1950. English, Tamil
Maria D. Pippi 111818609 Female, age 44. German, English, Bg.
Mariana D. Macca 151028561 Female. Born March 1, 1959. Not married anymore :) . 20-year-old son who studies abroad. Love travelling, entertaining, watching movies, tv, reading books. English, Bulgarian
Moises D. icqtinu 223035627 Male. Born 16/09/1960. Portuguese, English, Spanish
Nick D. netboy2203 211253962 Early 40's. Bisexual male living in nw UK in a ltr & a keen naturist. Have a wide variety of interests from travel to cooking & IT (am self taught newbie). Welcome contact from ne1 regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. Especially welcome contact from other LGB's who r either coming out, coming to terms with sexuality ie. gay/bi curious or who've concerns about being 'gay & grey' & problems of agism with LGB world. English
Norman D. Norman 22821026 Recently retired male, age 59, in southwest Ohio.  Enjoy the computer, photography and travel. English
Rebecca D. ~rebecca~ 176153531 Female, fit, forty-seven, fun, fairly fussy. English
Richard D. Dick 21011275 Male. Born 05/01/51. Married. Enjoy swimming, cycling. I play saxophone and accordion and teach both to children and adults. Also play the bagpipes, and I have enjoyed playing the pipes at several wedding and dinner functions. IF YOU NEED A PIPER, MAIL ME! Enjoy female company, preferably the same age or older. Would like a discreet relationship with a lady. English
Richard D. justwishing 216032140 Male. Born 7/24/55. English
Richard D. Richard 148677696 Born 10/57. Single male. Involved in a relationship with a woman a few years younger. I'm a communication and data consultant representing major carriers in the mobile community. I've been a member of ICQ for a while, just never utilized all these wonderful features. Open to all conversation, though I lean toward intelligent women {wink}. English
Rob D. robwil 242211437 Male. Born 21/04/56. Divorced. Fit athletically built 47 yr old. Loves to cook, very romantic, the wining and dining type. English
Robyn D. robdob 266555323 Female. Born 11.3.40. Divorced. Varied hobbies. Enjoy reading, tennis. Love walking the beach. English
S. D. Silk Degrees 343955866 Married. Live in Amsterdam. Love travel, music, films, reading, nature. English
Sally D. sally 196921487 Female, age 42. English
Sandha D. sandy57 257110445 Female, age 47. Married with a son. Hobbies - reading and baking. Would like to keep in touch with those with similar interests. Only clean chats. English
Sandy D. 4u2nv 215799200 Female. Born 25/9/58. English
Shashona D. Whisperingwind 277965931 Female. Born 5/1/1961. English
Silvana D. Luna 324587742 Female. Born 4/18/1959. English
Stacy D. Quanah 216760047 Male, age 50. Divorced. Live in Illinois. Lots of interests. Genuine, honest, part Native American (Comanche), very easy going, mutualist by nature, compassionate and passionate. Very good sense of humor, down to earth. Hmmmm... that's enough descriptive adjectives for now. :) English
Stefany D. stef13 196387186 Female, age 45. English
Stephen D. steve 305121917 Male, age 44. Divorced. MCSE. PC mad. Interests: engineering, xcountry cycling, diy. English
Takis D. zanax61 331735544 Male. Married with two daughters. Live in Athens, Greece. Love soccer, Olympic sports, cinema, traveling, computers, clubbing, music. English, Greek
Tereza D. Teca 272714757 Age 48. Divorciada. Portuguese
Trevor D. nudedude 339599964 Male. Born 05-04-48. English
Veronica D. Ronnie 178656655 Down to earth 46 yr old married female with good sense of humor. Free spirited, fun loving, spontaneous, romantic, sensitive. Seeking male 50-55 yrs old for a little on line conversation. If interested drop me a line; let's chat. English
Yoneesh D. yoneesh 190517264 Male, age 56. From Bombay, India. From well-to-do family. Was working for a pharma company and recently opted VRS. I am 5'-10" and 78 Kgs. Now self employed. My hobbies are travelling, net surfing, jogging, yoga, philosophy. Also interested in different cultures of the world and making friendships with people from all over the world. Am a little bit romantic, healthy with good personality and physique. Not a professional guide, but I can be a good guide/company for any non-Indian who wants to visit India as a tourist. I can speak many Indian languages fluently. Or be an online friend as u wish. English
Dad dad 106486716 Male, age 47. English
Sara Dagan cheers 20542120 Female. Born February 7th, 1958. Divorced. English
Daisy Daisy 127853604 Female, age 49. Born 16 May, 1954. Divorced over a decade. Live in Barnstaple, North Devon. Enjoy horse riding, country life, etc. Single mum with 3 'orrible teenagers messing up my house, lol. Hence I'm in a permanent state of being financially bereft! English
Daisy Daisy 148172305 Female. Born 2-11-59. Divorced. Live in Michigan. I am a student and have a 13 yr old daughter. Love to watch hockey, especially the Red Wings. English
Dale Desperado 163678832 Male. Born 5/60. Widower, age 43. Northern Indiana. I like camping, fishing, amateur radio, photography, billiards, cooking, flea markets and garage sales, and honest and open conversation. English
Linde Dale Lindchen 270050625 Female, age 48. Born 9 Mar., 1956. Separated. 3 children, 1 granddaughter. Live in Georgia right now but will be moving to California in June. Just looking to chat with some nice people with a good sense of humor!!!!!!!!! English, German
Dallas tex 169746401 Female, age 42. Married. Live in Canada. English
Kenny Daly ken-74 263253500 Male. Born 06-06-1956. Married. Like bowling, riding my bike. Enjoy looking at sexy girls. English
Dan NewfieGuy 160968321 Born in 1962. Married male. Would like to chat with married females. English
Dan-Stelian pass 138380701 Male. Born 30.04.1963. English
Dana wing54 241130371 Male. English
Dangerous dangerous 282326421 Born 6/28/53. Live in Texas. Like to e-mail and receive e-mails from ladies. English
Dangnoi1 dangnoi1 302189923 Born 1 Jan., 1955. Seeking somebody who wants to know a sincere friend with many experiences to share and who will teach my English better because I haven't used it for a long time. Thai, English
Daniel AbsoluteZip 31226068 Male. Born 06/12/1960. English
Danielle Sweething 160643108 Age 47. Single petite woman. English
Daniro daniro 162764261 Male. English
Danko Danko 309172753 Male. Italian
Danniez danniez 276523545 Female. English
Tatiana Dantchovska tania 150375686 Female. Born 02.27.1954. Single, attractive, open minded and easy going. Many interests. Hobbies: traveling, music, movies, exotic and historical places, delicious kitchen, strong coffee and mellow dry red wines. English, French
Anne DaPonte buttons04156201 274591158 Female. Born 04/15/62. English
Dar humid47 304244775 Female. Born 12/09/55. Widowed. Enjoy camping and meeting new people. English
Paula Daracunas paula 288587609 Female, age 47. Born 10-12-1955. Married with 5 girls and 3 grandchildren. Work full time. English
Daring 007 DARING007 190608151 Male, age 40's. Divorced 7 yrs. Live in Cincy. Interests: yoga, tai chi chuan, spy/sci fi movies, reading, learning, growing, learning new pc programs, arts, music, guitar (I play all kinds of music!). I work on computers, networks, server pc's. Have children not living with me; only one left in high school. Expert at massage and soothing busted egos. lol Love to take long walks and watch movies with one lady. Could it be u? I hope so. Let's talk and see how we can grow together! English
Darlene Sherrby 307764765 Female. Born August 21, 1964. Separated for the past 2 1/2 years. Busy mother of 4 great kiddies. Work part time in the transportation field. Love animals... and good thing, as I have a dog, a cat, a bunny and 1 Beta fish.  ;/ Love the outdoors, camping, long walks, etc. Wish I could travel more; I love to see and meet new people/places. Most sports interest me, and I like to keep active. I do make a great cheerleader for my kiddies!  :) Love music, especially the 1970's era.  Enjoy crafts when I have the time, especially cross stitching, or just kicking back and watching a good movie. English
Darrell dwmnsn 269589571 Male, age 43. Separated. English
Brady Dart drtazz_2 194804140 Male, age 46. Widowed. Live in Richfield, Utah. Love to ride ATV's. I volunteer as a trail guide for the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree. Have recently lost my wife and my best friend, and I find myself looking for a new best friend that in the future could lead to a serious relationship. I am a one woman man and believe that if two people get married it is definitely until death do part. I am looking for a woman who doesn't mind getting dust and mud in her hair and who likes to ride ATV's and loves the out of doors. English
Darts4me2 darts4me2 58309891 Female, age 48. English
Bill Daugherty Bill 217584716 Male. Born 01/20/53. Divorced. Live in Pittsburgh, Pa., (Coraopolis). Enjoy photography, astronomy, cooking and sex. Fun guy, act younger. Love to pleasure my lady. English
Dave Dave 6419033 Male, age 52. Single. Live in British Columbia. Like to talk about music primarily, but like politics, classic movies and old time radio. Would like to talk to BC women over 40. English
Dave dave 255262344 Male, age 50. Married. Live in England. English
Dave dave1 207116962 a English
Dave davesyorks 293217634 Male. Born Nov. 24th, 1952. English
Dave DiogenesUK 155977211 Born 12/07/1957. 46 year old guy. Very happily divorced 6 years ago. Living in Nottingham, UK., with my 2 great kids (13 & 11). Happy to chat about anything & nothing. Certainly wouldn't dream of 'cybering' unless asked very nicely, and even then I've been known to decline. English
Dave DocH 133771222 Male. Born 30/05/52. Married, 2 kids - teenagers. Just looking for people to talk to around the world. Interests: fishing, hunting, gardening, tropical fish keeping, sailing, photography, dogs and anything to do with the outdoors. English
Dave Elzippo 242277671 Male, age 46. English
Dave GEAR 256820519 Male, age 41. English
Dave joker00 312090420 Male, age 42. Born in 1961. Married. Live in Scotland, UK. Only fems 4 chat plz. English
Dave Kanga 5729758 Male. Born in 1953. Happily married for 21 years ;-]]. Hobbies: bridge, chess, aquariums, and reading. I enjoy mentoring people for success in life. Live in Wichita Falls, TX. The only limits placed on you is what you feed your mind. Nothing is impossible if 2 or more people get together and decide they will do it. English
Dave Kato 289684910 Male, age 50. Single. Living in Cyprus. English
Dave Lonewolfspirit 153019282 Male, age 46. English
Dave Male41 289430329 Male. Married. Looking for a little excitement in my life; I think it is dull. English
Dave Myplaytime 252146790 Male. English
Dave panthersuk 281237023 Male, age 47. Separated. Live in England. Enjoy ice hockey, rock and blues music, going to concerts, and most things us adults like to do at this age. Motorbike riding. Medium build. Always try and smile; life's too short not to. English
David Davee53 249674304 Male, age 49. Divorced. Living in Missouri. Love to write, read and play racquetball. Looking for friends to chat with about anything. English
David David 1084926 Male, age 47. Work with computers. Interests are photography, golf, people and many others. Contact me and we will have a nice chat. English
David David 46702340 Male. Born 01/10/1946. Divorced. Live in Los Angeles area. Loving, witty, educated. English
David David 147009810 Male, age 50. Live in Melbourne, Australia. Interests include photography, visual and other arts, music, pets and movies. Say hi and let's see what happens. MSN, Yahoo and Cam. English
David David 277039460 Male. Born 04/21/1956. Live in Minnesota. A romantic at heart! Retired from the Army with 20 years. English
David David 320998889 Age 54. Married Englishman now living in Spain. Looking for people to chat to. Usually logged on whilst in the office; come and chat. English
David doutlaw177 325587237 Male, age 55. English
David Hermy 66618570 Age 49. Divorced. English
David newguyintown 318331530 Male, age 43. Interests: history (all sorts but esp. military and US), bird watching, writing (prose and poetry), world events, baseball, gardening/landscaping, photography, reading (alt-history/sci-fi/nonfiction/history), movies (esp. old and/or quirky ones) et. al. English
David roadrocket 308808494 Male. Born 09/27/1946. English
David Soldierboy 12672102 Male, age 42. Married. Live in central New York state (Utica/Rome). Looking for female chat, picture trading, penpal, friendship, more. English
David superscouser 13006499 Male, age 44. Will chat about most anything to most anyone (sport, politics, music, computers, the meaning of life). Just leave out the sex stuff; I'll go to the top shelf if I need that. English
David TAZ! 83292517 Male. Born Aug. 1960. Very "SINGLE" By Choice =8~) English
David tigger 118818596 Male, age 47. Separated awaiting divorce. Live in Scotland. English
David42 david42 150146528 Born in 1960. Engineer. Single. Live in Egypt. Like reading, Egyptology, natural places of all the world, meeting new people all over the world. Collect stamps. Open minded. English
Janine Davidson Aquarius 28063094 Female, single, 50 years young. Friendly Aussie living in Queensland. Enjoy the beach and the bush. Interested in chatting to others of similar age. English
Davidwan davidwan 334566882 Male, age 56. Separated. Living in Malaysia. Wish to know some friends and perhaps some travelling partners, m/f. English
Jim Davies Sunrunner 272443466 Male, age 46. Like the outdoors, travelling and sports. Camping, rollerblading, biking, etc. English, French
Lenny Davies lennyd 205005263 Male, age 48. Born 14-12-55. Single. 5 ft 4 ins, medium build. Working. Interests: football and rugby. Live in Bolton, Lancs. English
George Davis hotconnection2 230405288 Male. Born 12-23-1963. Single. Love to play chess, coach little league hockey, sit by fireplace in winter. Love to talk about anything. Have long blonde hair, weigh 210lbs. Blue eyes, six feet 1 inch tall. One quarter native Indian blood. Love to watch some sports and read, swim, fish hunt, and sex, lol. Not necessarily in that order. English
Joan Davis joni 337678715 Female, age 46. Single. Living in Indianapolis. Love horses, racing, fishing. Avid golfer. Enjoy water skiing. Looking for friendship and penpal. English
Dawn CaseyJ 76647564 Female. Born in 1956. Widowed. Live outside of Adelaide, SA. Enjoy fishing, volunteering and football. English
Dawn deltad 135258696 Female, age 44. English
Dawn destiny 44083428 Female. Born 30/03/1958. Divorced, now single. 2 children, aged 13 and 14. English
Dawn Tunerboons 9624393 Female. Born Nov. 30, 1958. Single. Live in Mississauga, Ontario. English
DC tequilarose 14762994 Female, age 43. Love to shoot pool, camp, fish and read a good book. Also like crafts and cooking. Would like to chat and make new friends. English
DD 75 DD75 286349978 Male, age 40+. Will be happy to hear and say soft and nice words that help hearts to warm up: closely and remotely. English, French
Rhonda De Pasquale Amesbury 226690587 Born 29th April, 1947. Married lady. Live in Melbourne, Australia. Interested in dancing, music - especially Latin and music from the 60's and 70's - gardening, animals and anything to do with the sea. English

Lope de Vega Lope 305009301 Female, age 40. Single. Live in Bulgaria. Enjoy traveling, going out, having fun. Sales agent. English, Italian, French
Mary Kay Deaner kay 288451254 Female, age 42. English
Deb Deb 9692341 Female. Born in 1956. English
Deb Deb 252271214 Female. Born 08-20-58. Married. Live in Troy, Pennsylvania. Enjoy computer and crafts. Like to fish, chat with people. I am easy going and have a good sense of humor. 5-8, weigh 142, blonde hair, hazel eyes. 45 years old. English
Deb pisceanwoman 269143791 Born in 1962. Single, independent mum. Live in Newcastle, Australia. Like the outdoors, getting together for picnics, BBQ's and camping with friends. Like reading, some sports, having a chat! English
Deb Smokey 99890095 Female. Born August 17, 1959. Separated. Wishing to talk to anyone wanting to talk. Live in lower part of Ontario near border. English
Debbie Deb 173045524 Female, age 40. Happily divorced. 2 children. English
Debbie Debbie 502783 Female, age 42. Born 10/01/61. English
Debbie Debbie 121190075 Female. Born 2/2/58. MARRIED but still alive. Enjoy chatting with others (preferably men). It`s nice to chat with someone closer to my own age. If you have chatted much on here, you will totally understand what I mean. English
Debbie Debbie 229984757 a English
Debbie Huggs 298302622 Female, age 41. English
Debbie Lovinit41 196730091 Female. Born in 1962. Married. English
Debbie okielady_42 247902326 Female. Born July 29, 1961. Divorced. From Oklahoma. Love to ride horses, fish, camp and dance. I don't like game players. English
Debbie oshawagirl 349269124 Female, age 48. Single. Looking for friendship, possible romance. English
Debbie Perpetual 249587994 Age 44. Single, educated, hardworking mom who loves to chat when I have free time. Have a 13 year old son who I absolutely adore. I have a great sense of humor, am down-to-earth and a "real" person. Also easy on the eyes. Employed as an IT analyst as well as working on my Bachelor's degree in web development/design. Love rainy nights, roaring fires, cooking, music and reading suspense novels. Enjoy movies and dining out. English
Debbie rosebud47 341803675 Female, age 48. English
Debbie Sunshine 156573140 Female. Born in 1956. Divorced and have 2 sons living with me, 22 n 24. Looking to chat with any nice men, clean only. I read a lot, mostly thrillers, some romance, but don't believe in that anymore. Had a rough go at life. I'm shy but a very nice person hoping I will meet Mr. Right, hopefully sooner than later. I am on Social Security disability and don't go out much. English
Debi blackpanther 305642330 Female. Born in 1955. Widow. Live in Edmonton, Ab., Canada. English
Deborah debbie 195506482 Female, age 44. Divorced. 3 children, 1 grandson. Enjoy gardening and reading. Clean talking please. English
Deborah richo 310390664 Female, age 41. Born 17 Sept 1961. Located in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia (amongst the wine country). Single, personable, intelligent, warm, outgoing, person with a quick wit sense of humour. Interests include playing golf, tennis, walking, cooking, reading, restoring old furniture, socializing with friends new and old. Appearance-wise, I am pretty normal. Presentable, some would say attractive. Best attribute is my smile. English
Debra Debra 248864564 Age 47. Australian woman. Divorced. Loving life as a single woman. Work full time, dance, keep fit and studying. Still room for more. Come on and say hi. English
Dee Dee 60015721 Female. Born 08/15/57. Divorced. Enjoy crafts, boating, gardening, cooking, sports, motorcycle riding. English
Dee fortysomethin 159154225 Female, age 46. Divorced. Enjoy reading, walking, music. Love to chat. English
Dave Deighton Spitfire 247315930 Male. Born 13/04/45. Live in Canada. Long term relationship. Enjoy sports, outdoors, Internet, reading, movies, computer games. Love meeting people and making new friends worldwide. English
Delarue delarue 109746283 Male, age 45. Still trying to find out what life is all about... some boys never grow up. Always like to meet new people, and I am very straight (sorry guys). Enjoy music, sports and witty conversations; movies, art and the beach. Like long walks along cold and windy beaches ending at the open fire with some nice company and a good glass of wine. Nederlands, English
Nelson Delasio NELSON 135919537 Male, age 49. English, Spanish
Delia Engel 242318983 Female. Born 29.11.1958. Interested in a lot of things. Deutsch
Demes demes 3143904 Male, age 43. single. German, English
Denise Chicky 40850359 Female, age 46. Newly separated and would like to talk to people in a similar situation. English
Denise CradleMe 296178258 Age 41. Born March 28, 1962. Single mother raising 4 kids. Looking to chat with other parents raising teens. Love to laugh and socialize with people. I'm outgoing, work hard, and enjoy my down time. Feel free to contact me; I will reply to anyone interested in writing. English
Denise mikie(ipsa) 176508997 Gostaria de fazer amigos virtuais. Portuguese
Ali Deniz zine 287436503 Male. English
Dennis arty 128477006 Male. English
Dennis Dennis 100062597 Male, age 61. Separated. English
Dennis rover7 268408448 Male. Born 07-12-46. Divorced. Live in Yarrawonga, Vic. 5-7, blue eyes. Enjoy most sports, dining out, going places. Looking for a lady who is looking for a relationship. English
Linda Dennis Lois Lane 298276611 Female. Born 01-03-54. Separated nearly three years. Just getting over all the hassle that goes with this and looking for someone who wants a casual friendship to build on. I like going out. Friends say I'd go to the opening of an envelope if I got invited. Well, it would be rude not to. English
William Dennison Wacky D 261999358 Male. Single. English
Dave Denton Longhorn 238939802 Male. Born 22 December. Love the outdoors and anything associated with being outdoors, the beach, golf, motorcycles, trucks, dogs, cats, birds, walking, running, roller blading, and sun bathing. Just like to be happy, and I like talking with others that are happy like me. English
Heather Deplanche chickybabe 223321871 Female, age 44. Long term relationship. Interests are football, my kids and grandkids. English
Derek Derek 98294064 Male, age 64. Born April 26, 1940. Married. Live in Adelaide, South Australia. Enjoy fine arts, textiles, photography, gardening, music of most kinds. English
Derek Keredh 240129140 Age 44. Soon to be divorced bloke. Been alone too long and want to make some new female friends. Live in Hampshire, UK. Let's chat about anything and see what happens, eh? English
Destiny Destiny 227520914 Female. English
Gordon Dexter flash 102527029 Male. Born Nov. 6, 1959. Single father. Located in Regina, SK. Like computers, walking, jogging, hiking, biking, weight lifting. Love music. Enjoy social activities as well as quiet times. Need more laughter in my life. Fit build. My son doesn't need me 24/7 anymore, so I'm looking to find a lady to be my friend and more. If it develops into a lifelong relationship, that's great. I'm open to the chance. I'm a romantic kinda guy with a giant heart and too much honesty in me to be a "player," as I believe ladies are not on this earth to be played but respected. Love to play with my partner, but that's different type of playing, lol. English
Abdou Deyaa2 sunny 221830432 Male, age 42. Arabic, English
Dharam CIMARON 159710867 Male, age 41. English
Di dotty 298814160 Female, age 44. English
Di Snowbunny 283485207 Female. Born in 1955. Long term relationship with a wonderful fellow. Yes LOVE does truly exist! 2 kids, 21 and 25. Not kids anymore... lol. Love cooking, sunbathing, and a romantic dinner at home on our deck overlooking the ocean and listening to jazz. Very active in sports, skiing, golfing, biking, working out. Also love moonlit walks on the beach with my sweetie, to which we are blessed as beaches are just a stone's throw from where we live in Canada. Also love to spend time with our kids and grandchild. NO CYBER. English
Diamond Diamond4 267099958 Female, age 40 plus. Single. Love gardening, reading, writing, drawing, cooking, camping fishing. Love Mother Nature. Like animals, too. Love nice music. Enjoy helping people. English
Diana Diana 175915 Female. English
Diana ~Net_Angel~ 191442 Female, age 39. From Michigan. Work as a registered nurse for our local CCU. Mom of three who are only with me part time. Separated and not looking to find a replacement at this time, but I do miss the conversation and companionship. Love talking to people and making new friends, but don't expect me to add you to my list without at least speaking with you. I will be 40 in 3 months, so thirty something doesn't really fit me anymore. English
Diana Diana 236808 Female. Born Dec./1955. Widowed. Living with my two children in NJ. Enjoy reading, talking, hiking. English
Diana diana 265515793 Female. Croatian
Diane Devilish353 132718363 Female, age 50. Divorced. Live in Blacktown, NSW, Australia. Like car racing, horses, dogs, movies, beaches, fishing etc. GSOH. Looking to start enjoying life with a caring guy about my age. Start by chatting and see where it leads, or just chat. 2 adult children that don't live with me. I am 5'3" and about 58 kgs. Non smoker. English
Diane Di 95811952 Female, age 42. English
Diane Diane 248655574 Born in 1956. 48 yr old mom of two boys, ages 6 and 7. Love camping, gardening, quilting, etc. Would like to chat with others for some clean adult conversation. English
Diane Diane2005 196884670 Female, age 46. English
Diane knadianecurls 156409295 Female. Born July 23, 1958. French Canadian BBW. Blond curls, hazel eyes that change bluish, diamond nose stud, some tattoos. I am open minded, honest. Love humour and laughter. Passionate, fun loving. Looking for my so called soul mate if there is such a thing. Tired of being alone but never alone. Message me; you won't be sorry you did! English
Dilika Dilika 103768333 Female, age 39. English, Russian, Bulgarian
Dina dina 136224586 Female. Born 19/10/58. Live in West Australia. Divorced. 2 adult kids. Lively woman, honest and communicative. Love to surf and chat. Looking for good friends to chat with. Respect is a must. Love Indian food, reading, political debates, justice issues and getting to know people from around the globe. English
Dirt queen dirtqueen 339558431 Female, age 48. English
Pam Distler sweetieinmissouri 308222169 Age 45. Born 8/11/1959. Single female from Missouri. Looking for clean chat. English
Dixie Dixie 318378691 Female. Born 12/09/1961. Separated with NO chance of getting back together with him!! Love a sense of humor, so make me laugh! I like movies. Have a tender heart and cry at commercials and everything else! Come chat with me! English
Dizzy dizzy1953 345650849 Female. Born in 1953. Divorced 8 yrs. Live near London. Enjoy the internet, chat, walking my dogs, driving, the countryside. I am 5`1", fuller figure lady with a gsoh. Told I have a lovely personality and love to laugh. Live on my own with my 2 dogs. Would love to meet a special someone to make life a lot more enjoyable. Must tell you I have a disability that means I cannot walk very far, but a gentle stroll is ok. So no long, hill climbing, romantic walks. Sorry. :( Looking for someone between 35-53 approx., young at heart, loves to laugh, and is 100% genuine and honest. If u can convince me of that, you will have a 100% genuine, honest, loyal, friend for life. I enjoy holidays abroad at times, the sea, beaches, anything connected with the sea really. English
DJ DJ 178250737 Female. Born Jan 1. Recently divorced. Married over 29 faithful years. Husband chose money over me, but all is not lost. I am still the same good-hearted one man's woman. English
dj dj 324803137 Male, age 44. English
Doc Doc 312107614 Born 1-24-56. Single male. Looking for friends in Arkansas. Favorite place to be? Outdoors in the arms of a beautiful woman. Love communication!! English
Doddykins doddykins 262184841 Female. Born 16/12/60. Married (24) years. Two grown up children, daughter, 25, and son, 21. Also grandmother to 4 year old grandson. Love dancing, singing, munging around antique shops, and cross stitching. Would like to make new friends. New to forums and chat rooms etc. Looking for friendship only. Don't go out to work, as I look after my grandson sometimes. Have a lot of free time which I would like to fill. I like chatting and finding about other peoples interests. Please contact me if you think you might like to get to know me. English
Dodger dodger 247163678 a English
Dog 466 dog466 204978989 Male baby boomer. English
Jimmy Dolittle Jimmy 294128694 Male, age 40. Like photography, walking, fishing, UK ladies. English
Don Shakey Deal 297201611 Male. Over 40. Separated but taken; long term relationship. Live in the western 'burbs of Chicago. English
Don Slo-Hand 49094285 Male, age 56. Married. Live in Illinois. English
Donna Amy from Canada 4657183 Female, age 47. Divorced. Will wait until we chat to get into the rest of the listed questions. ;) English
Donna casablanka 265222613 Female, age 40. Born 20/05/1963. English
Donna Gypalosa 236562616 Female. Born 8/05/60. Looking for long term friendships. Love children, animals, writing, dinner theaters and much more. I am married for 20 years and have three teens. English
Donna ladybugdcd 179405988 Born Feb. 20, 1958. Single white female. Enjoy meeting new people. If you are into cyber, move on! My kids are heavily into sports. I coached soccer for a number of years. Enjoy biking, tennis, hiking etc. If you have your head on straight, enjoy life and who you are - drop me a line. English
Donna Lilly 255119433 Born June 29, 1962. Single gal in recovery (grateful recovering addict). Live in California with my 2 cats, Callie and Romeo. Enjoy outdoor activities like camping, fishing, picnics, bar-b-ques, biking and also enjoy clean and sober events and activities like dances, conventions and meetings. Unemployed at this time. Been on disability for some years now but getting ready to get back out in the work force. Love life and am smiling most of the time. One of my favorite pastimes is napping.. lol. I'm a hopeless romantic and love to cuddle on the couch with that special someone. Just looking for friends right now. Maybe something will come from that. Looking forward to hearing from u. Women are welcome to respond, too. Always looking for new friends. God bless. English
Donna tsweet4me 203112023 Female. Born 02-25-1960. Single lady from Texas. Enjoy outdoor activities, dining out, movies of all types. English
Donna ynkeegirl6789 306469462 Female, age 47. Married. Live in southwestern N.H. Enjoy reading, music, shopping, gardening, beaches, lakes, BBQ's, hanging out with friends and family. Love to chat with women with the same interests for friendship and fun. English
Meg Donovan IrishMeg4U 348882445 Female, age 44. Born in 1960. Recently divorced. Love being 40 plus. I guess our parents were right when they said "When you get older, you will understand!!!" LOL English
Kola Dopamu alaska 242722048 Male, over 40. Married. Nigerian. Lawyer and electoral manager. Enjoy watching football. A lovely lady preferred. English
Dora piccina 272383939 Female. Born in May, 1955. English, Spanish
Stella Dordelly lulu51 194130587 Female. English, Spanish
Dorothy Blue-eyes 170763394 Single white female who likes walking, watching tv, reading good books and just enjoying life. English
Doubledelightfull doubledelightfull 257260233 Female, age 42. English
Doug cynicalflasher 327805647 Age 47. Divorced male. Looking for companionship with cool women. English
Doug DB 37234836 Male, age 42. English
Doug Douglas 169025660 Male. English
Doug Hunter 254923132 Male. Born 11-19-45. Single and looking for a woman to walk by my side. Live in the country. Retired. Check out my ICQ profile. Would like to meet someone who loves country living. English
Jane Dow Jane Dow 163744390 Female. Born 23.04.62. Deutsch, English
Lyndon Dowdell lincolnimp 153459797 Born 31/7/1961. 42 yr old single dad. English
Dennis Downes dennisdownes16 279350396 Male, age 52. Widowed. Live in York, England. Likes include films, music, football and having fun. English
Peggy Downing peggy_ ann 277877871 Female. Born 03/11/1960. Have just moved to College Station, Texas. Looking to find some friends to talk to. Living with a man friend that I am very much in love with. Have been divorced for 15 yrs. Have 3 children, 2 all grown and moved away, and the youngest stays with my mother in KY until he gets out of school in 3 years. English
Dream Catcher dream catcher 326860784 Age 54. Divorced. Fun loving, good sense of humour. English
Dreamer DrEaMeR 256904555 Female, age 50. English
Dreamer dreamer 294004149 Female, age 45. Married. Live in Armenia, Yerevan. Like music, especially old blues songs, reading books and poetry, swimming, horse riding and outdoors. When I am in the mood, sometimes I like to write poems just for myself. I just like to meet ppl with same interests and those who like to share their time and thoughts. English, Armenian
Dreamer Dreamer 331669232 Age 50. SWM with a sense of humour. Love reading and movies and my daughter "who lives with her mum :(  . "
Have a cat who barely tolerates me. Love eating out.
John Drennan HighwayStar 212299049 Male, age 45. Born 16/12/1957. English
Drew Drew 201776698 Age 41. Single white male.  Easygoing. Like to travel, weekend getaways. Looking for female friendship. English
Drummer2048 Drummer2048 253129944 Male, age 46. Divorced and looking. English
Dry Tongue drytongue 213213579 a English
Dude Dude 15962945 Male, age 49. Like motorcycles, all sports, romance. English
Duncan Duncan 229707445 Male, ae 52. English
Al Dunn Nash 295307593 Male, age 53. Born 02/09/51. Separated. Live in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Hobbies: collecting sports memorabilia, motorcycle racing, football, hockey, baseball. Own my own home. English
Dustie Dustie 339924817 Female, age 42. Open, sassy, wicked sense of humour. Born in Australia, living in Switzerland. Love cooking. Family is my first priority. Love to chat and get a good laugh. Look forward to chatting with people from all over the world. Not into keyboards sex... can't handle sticky keyboards! :-) English, German
Dude dude 234960141 Male, age 40. English
Linda Duke kysweetie_0 253736954 Female, age 47. English
Dusty Dusty 61341557 Male, age 46. Married with two kids. Live in SF Bay Area. English
Dwight palisados 84710053 Male, age 41. English

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