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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
C Painted_Lady 299175589 Female. Born 24/04/58. English
Ada C. sweetkandy2kiss 285360782 Born Jan. 11, 1956. Married bbw. Love the outdoors, fishing, long walks, romance, holding hands, playing pool, music, watching my 7 grandkids grow and spoiling them silly, making new friends on and off line. So if you're looking to make a new friend, give me a try. English
Al C. Charpy 1418575 Male, age 43. English
Alberta C. pagge 293012480 Female, age 63. Widowed. Love life, friendship and fishing! English
Alberto C. al 301088790 Male. Born 28/02/57. Spanish, English
Alessandro C. Amore 24751375 Male. English
Alice C. cellnetje 334146449 Female. Born 23/11/1962. My interest and my hobby is helping people to make free phone calls all over the world. Dutch, English, German
Allen C. ridgerunner246 143731094 Male. Born 01-25-51. Whatever it takes to be happy 'n my mate happy. English
Anna C. cyy 84407437 Female. English
Antonio C. MerlotWine 286271884 Male, age 50. Single good looking, well built Italian male!. Love to cook and drink Wine. Let's go wine tasting, and let me cook for you!! English
Arlene C. angeleyes 266118824 Female. Born May 31, 1959. English
Becky C. Unicorn 110802583 Female. English
Bob C. Scooter 190394504 Male. Born in 1949. Single. Live in Colorado. Would like to talk with women who like Harleys. Dig women who ride their own. Maybe a riding friend? Leather and Lace. English
Bobby C. syd terrapin 216535197 Single male. Love the outdoors, fishing, swimming, biking, movies, music. I'll leave the rest blank so we have some more things to talk about. English
Bradley C. Wishmaster 254199482 Male. Born 04/14/1962. Separated. Living in Oregon; originally from BC, Canada. Enjoy cooking, dancing, walks, biking, martial arts, archery, reading true crime books, movies at home and the cinemas. Love pets; have a rottweiler-sharpei cross. English
Carl C. cli pper 301201018 Male. From Trinidad. Love ballroom dancing and traveling. English
Carol C. CAML 269487225 Female. Born 12/19/1956. Like all outdoor sports, especially anything with water - beach, boating, diving, kayaking. Travel, Harley riding, movies, reading, cooking, gardening and lots more! English
Carol C. ladylee 292094461 Female. Born 04-13-1953. Single, age 50. Tenderhearted country girl with a little redneck there. Like music, grilled food and staying home (most of the time), dancing every now and then, gardening, good movies. English
Carole C. habsfan 123607587 Female, age 43. Like to play baseball, meet new people, take long walks with a loved one. Luv the outdoors. English
Celeste C. pcock61 249695200 Female, age 42. Divorced. Live in Dundalk, Md. Enjoy movies, dramas, dinner or just relaxing at home with that special someone. English
Charlie C. Bill 342522800 Male. English
Darlene C. cammy 293357989 a English
Dave C. chosin 293357989 Male. English
David C. David 193568953 Male. Born 05/18/1954. Divorced. Live in Rhode Island. Enjoy the outdoor life: biking, hiking, rollerblading, camping. Also like dancing, romantic evenings, dining in or out. In my free time I enjoy woodworking, reading, relaxing by a fire. English
David C. harry 212088445 Male. Anti gravity propulsion. Employed area 51. English
Deane C. deaner 307405180 Male, age 44. Born 13 May, '59. English
Den C. Apple 74907655 Female, age 47. English
Diane C. Di 245656334 Female, age 48. Live in Launceston, Tasmania. Divorced with 2 grown up children. Love animals; have 7 cats, 2 dogs, 2 rabbits and 13 goldfish. Currently studying business subjects at TAFE Tasmania. My interests are many and varied, but I do love the beach and camping and going fishing. Like to live life to the fullest and try to make the most of every day. English
Diane C. Di 316190999 Female, age 47. Born 08.08.56. English
Dianna C. sidekick 279277142 Female, age 44. English
Doina C. Doina 137769212 Female. Born May 21, 1956. Divorced. Looking for single, white, intelligent, classy, good looking men over 40! English, Romanian
Don C. Don 204558695 Male. Born in 1950. Live in the Great Northwest. Love to fish and play in the outdoors. Am a US Veteran and retired. Also disabled, but people can't tell by just looking. I am an honest man looking for other honest people who enjoy making friends over the Net. And as a friend, I am a KEEPER, LOL. Looking for FEMALE company only, LOL. English
E. C. Roger 344701957 Male. Born 2/9/57. Divorced. Living in south NJ. I'm 5'8", light brown hair (no grey), green eyes, 145 lbs. Love to laugh, spend time with my 4 YO grandson, and fishing, camping, and walks in the woods. I'm told I'm a handsome guy. Very young at heart. I'd like to hear from you!! English
Elbio C. el polaco 124371986 Male. Español, Italiano
Elena C. campollita 156221543 Female, age 47. Divorced. Like yoga meditation, painting, nature. Live in Guatemala. Have my own beauty supply business. Live alone. 120 pounds, 169 mts, black hair, eyes like honey. English, Español
Fiona C. nomad 348547380 Female, age 40. Presently live in Brussels, Belgium. That can change at any given time, because I work for the government. Like reading and outdoors and a few various other things. ;) English
Gale C. eve 220814854 Female, age 54. English
Gracia C. GRACIA 142966451 Female. English
Greg C. Paradise Biker 4661072 Male, age 49. English
Havel C. Jamm_It_Nice 155678024 Male. Over 40. I love women. English
Helen C. KittyCPurrs 216729534 Female, age 48. English
Henry C. Antigonius 328530322 Male. Born in 1955. Single. Love to laugh. Would like to dance more. Enjoy quiet nights with videos and board games. English
Hugh C. sexless 167556225 Male. Born 12/06/62. English
Janee C. Janai 284629357 Female. Born 1/15/48. Married; extremely lonely. There is a difference between lonely and desperate. Looking for American black or Jamaican man. Must be employed. English
Jef C. Jef 113128852 Male, age 41. Would like to chat with anyone. English
Jim C. sugarbear 317452468 Male. Born 04/02/51. Age 53. Married. Not happy. English
Joanne C. JoanneC 170517256 Female. Born May 8, 1957. Divorced mother of 2 teenagers. Enjoy golfing, reading, listening to jazz and computers. I teach high school French and computers. Live in a small town in rural Manitoba, Canada. English
John C. Chef 323528854 Male. Born Sept. 8, 1960. reen out of the dating scene for some time. Looking for women to E-mail to try to get up to date so I don't look like a fool when I do start dating again. English
Jorge C. THUNDERBOLT 277174814 Male, age 40. Single. Live in Miami, Florida. 5ft 8, black hair, hazel eyes, 179 pounds. Hobbies are fishing, computers, movies, videos, going to the beach, walks on the beach after sunset, cuddling with that special someone. My background is computer hardware. Hope I find that special someone. English
Julia C. julia 311617185 Female. Born 01.01.1964. Single. Live in Russia. Interested in art. English
Kate C. MsMonkeynuts_39 162692082 Female, nearly 40. Live with my daughter who's nearly 5 and just started school in the Midlands, UK. I enjoy reading, TV, internet and do a lot of competitions! English
Katharyn C. Kathy 249365818 Female. Born 3/4/55. Divorced. 2 adult children. Restaurant manager. Interests - being a poor artist, smiling a lot, and meeting people. English
Kathy C. Sociable Redhead 271965671 43 year old sociable gal from Canada. Young at heart, friendly and fun. Love music, dancing, camping & playing sports. I like honesty and trust in a person and would like to chat with you if you have anything in common with me. Clean chat. English
Kay C. Kaelly0907 319584264 Female. Born 09/07/63. English
Kim C. JazzyKlayz 95844884 Female. Born in 1960. Long-time separated. Interested in crafts, computers, carpentry, music, writing, psychology, and succeeding. Also love to go fishing! I am a complicated yet simple person who loves the little pleasures in life (along with the greater ones) but will protect the right of justice at all cost. I am a loving mother and have devoted my life to providing my children with a firm foundation they can build on. My goal is to be happy with me and to help others to do the same for themselves. English
L. C. ~L~ 13945469 Female. Born in 1960. Single. Live and work in north Florida. I am active in the arts and love the outdoors. I value a sense of humor, honesty and optimism. I'll try to talk about anything. Try is the operative word. I'm a fun person and have many interests. Movies are a great interest and love of mine. I'm allergic to cats *ACHOO!* English
Liza C. Liz 314562776 Age 43. Taken and happy. Live in North Carolina. Collect Teddy bears and angels. Also like unicorns. English
Luisa C. bastith 159657997 Female. Born 07-04-1959. Single. Would like to know good friends. I like music and to read good books and over all, to make good friends and speak about life. Spanish, English
Mabelle C. Belle 199482892 Female, age 41. Single. From the Philippines. English
María Fernanda C. 258503944 Female, 38 años. Solteira. Moro em Sao Paulo, Brazil. Procuro amizade com homens acima de 40 años. Adoro a naturaza. Português
Maribel C. Belle 136489823 Female, age 40. Single. Like to cook different kinds of dishes and love listening to music. English
Marina C. m_arina 24971561 Female. Born in Oct. 1962. Alone with two children. Nice woman. Work in gov. education... I'm a teacher. Would like new friends. Spanish, English
Mark C. bigtex45 316229383 Male, age 45. Live in south central Texas. Would like to get to know more people in the area. Web first, of course. English
Markus C. Makas 281426278 Age 47. Please visit my homepage at http://www.mstrmaghke.home.icq.com English
Martin C. martin286 345951536 Male. Born March 19, 1946. English
Martin C. martinc 164782271 Male. English
Michael C. 1tophat 258048217 Male, age 41. Photographer. English
Michael C. flyer416 336853135 Male. Born in April 1955. English
Michael C. Michael 18988055 Male, age 49. Divorced single man looking to meet his soulmate. English
Mike C. Mike 175178959 Age 44. Single father living in Kansas. English
Mike C. nobby 124502809 Male, age 49. Born 25-12-54. Enjoy golf, cricket, football, kids. English
Nellie C. nellie 252420113 Female. Born 02/25/56. Divorced 20 yrs. Live in Okla. Interested in computers, movies, chatting, psychic things. English
Nelson C. TOMovieman 101330044 Male, age 49. Married. Have two teens who live w/ their Mom, three step-children (1 teen who still lives w/ us) and 3 step-grandchildren! Work in tech sales in the Toronto/Scarborough area. Love biking/roller-blading in the beaches, alpine skiing, 5-pin bowling, spending every summer weekend at our lake! Love reading Dean Koontz, John Saul, Iris Johannsen, movies, the usual. English
Patricia C. PATT 206349454 Mujer. Español
Patricia C. zakira 216280653 Black female, age 48. English
Paul C. apaul 267116892 Male. English
Rick C. Music 15602431 Male, age 49. Located in New England. Interests include psychology, motorcycles, bicycling, cooking, reading fantasy and science fiction. I play drums, guitar and synthesizers and write music and poetry. My personal webpage is: http://synthrick.tripod.com English
Rob C. Ducky419 332480511 Male, age 49. Interested in meeting someone from Houston, San Antonio, or Austin. I'm recently divorced, and just lloking for a friend to have a great time with. Maybe get to know well enough to take to Vegas and Mt. Rushmore with me this year. So let's have fun; write me! English
Robert C. Bert 256007867 Male, age 48. Divorced. English
Robert C. rvartist 236285686 Male. Born 10/16/54. Single. Live in New Mexico. Enjoy painting in pastel, photography, hot tubs, wine tasting. English
Roger C. Rarefied Man 340684591 Male, 48 years young. Born 4/56. Single. Live in Hanover, Pa. Interests: guitars, recording music, Rarefied/Black Dog music. Will share the music and more. Ladies, sex. English
Rose C. LaContessa 274299597 Born 10-18-1959. English
Rose C. LivnSingle2001 120589922 Female. Born 10/18/1959. Single. Live in Rochester, NY, USA. English
Royal C. RoyalMusic 310889410 Age 48. Born 4-29-56. Hot. I like a lady who's the same, Hot panties. will work. Music player/Inde. Live in Hanover, Pa. Can travel to meet a lady. Good coffee and a friend. Maybe we can sing our song. Irish/Southern man - for you. English
Ryszard C. Rick 193455955 Male. Born in 1957. Married. Live in Poland. Like music, travel, internet. English (but I don't speak very well), Polish, Czech
Sakir C. elnino 156227141 Born 10.06.1955. Divorced. Live at Ţzmir city, Turkey. Interests:  travel, photography and camera, painting, watching movies, swimming at sea. I am an honest, kind, joker, serious, cultured, sociable man. English
Sam C. sam 192242270 Male. English
Sergio C. scost@ 76094682 Male, age 42. Divorced. Live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Interested in music, tourism, logic and computers. Portuguese, English
Sharon sharon 156039108 Female, age 51. Married but separated. English
Shelley C. Shelley 334374600 Female, age 44. Born 2/7/1960. Live in Camden, NY. 5 feet tall, long brown hair. Love the outdoors, fishing, camping. Love the Beatles. English
Sherrie C. ghettolove 322815762 a English
Sidney C. Sid 37740469 Male. Born 7/02/60. Single. Living in Greenville, NC. Have a 3 year old son that lives with me half the time. Love the beach, amusement parks, fishing, shooting pool, grilling out, and long romantic nights. English
Silvia C. Silvia 212404528 Mujer, 37 años. 26/12/1965. Direito. Jurídico. Portugues
Silvia Mara C. Silvia4.0 334147033 Procuro o meu Grande Amor!!! Portugues
Sue C. STOKIE 248952895 Female, age 49. Trying to enjoy life. English
Svetlana C. Svetlechok 339673752 Female, age 40. I can be naughty and affectionate like a fluffy kitten, or enigmatic and charming like a lioness of fashion. I can be calm and cosy like the warmth of a fireplace on a frosty evening or merry and bracing like fresh spring water on a hot afternoon. I am like a fragile and defenseless exotic flower which waits for its own ray of sun, ready to bloom for him and always give happiness and joy to him. Every day and night with my beloved man will be happiest time. I wish to live and to breathe only for him. Family is the most important thing for me. Hope to get acquainted with reliable, magnanimous, clever man, appreciating in a woman femininity and fidelity. Looking for a special man to spend the rest of my life with. Someone to share my interests with and to build a happy and loving home life with. A man that can be my best friend, my lover and my husband! English, Russian
T. C. Sonnyblu 249640097 Single white male, age 45. Live in South Venice, FL. Musician; I play in Ybor City, Tampa, FL. Love 70's rock, blues and soul and also early swing, T-Bone Walker, Count Bassie, etc. Please feel free to add me to your IM buddy list if you wish to. Very single and looking. You can find me at Nokomis Beach often! http://community.webtv.net/sonnyblu/sonnyblu0 English
Tami C. wizard 293298317 Female. English
Teri C. Teri 215946833 Female. Born 5/61. Single. Living in Seattle. English
Terrie C. "T" 228382666 Female. English
Terry C. bullrydr63 293423192 Male. Born 5/5/1963. Single. English
Terry C. mysterrymann 215540881 Male, age 55. Born 25.05.1949. Married but separated. Looking for a new woman to come into my life. English, basic German
Thomas C. Tom 271841897 Male. English
Tim C. keith 204478674 Male, age 46. Separated. English
Tina C. leadfoot 246818469 Female. Born 11/03/1956. Very happily married. Have two boys, a poodle named Spaz, my son's pit bull Endozier, my black Mr. Boots and a tiger cat named Poohbear. Just love meeting new people. English
Tom C. tom 277705655 Male, age 49. Single. English
Tony C. tonyakela 220288969 Male. Born 08/10/1963. Married, kids, s/employed. English
Vincent C. fufh 244234548 Male, age 49. Spanish, English
Violeta C. Leti62 248481081 Female. Born 06 December, 1962. Single, no kids. Live in Lima, Peru. I love to sing and dance salsa, also to listen soft rock. Looking for a professional, responsible and single man. Someone to share first of all a good relationship, then we will decide about our future. English, Spanish
Windy C. ohvwc 286920586 Female, age 46. Outdoors person. Lovesto travel locally and internationally. Ride motorcycle and quad.  If you'd like to chat, give a ring.  Not interested in freaks or sexual oriented chat. English
Cadie WkWitch 6289535 Female. Born 11/56. English
Mandy Caffey mandyc46 313797797 Female. Born 10/2/1957. Married with 3 grown kids and 4 grandchildren. Live in Lubbock, Texas. I'm a housewife. Raising my 4 year old granddaughter. Love to chat. English
Paul Cahoon Paul63 267993361 Male, age 40. Divorced. Have no real hobbies. Going to Uni this year to improve myself. People say that I am easy to get along with. Like to try out new things. English
Calwyer calwyer 233041170 Male, age 45. English
Cam Q-cat 3513017 Male, age 53. Long term relationship lacking in sex. Need some. GTA West. Daytime encounters preferred. English
Cameleon cameleon 265105480 Female. English
Steve Camhi steve818 209908061 Male. Single. Live in Brooklyn, New York. English
Candy candy 167193141 Female. Born in 1956. Divorced. Enjoy reading, walks, talking, coffee, needlepoint, country music. English, French
Dennis Canfield denny 6143791 Male, age 53 Born 8-21-1950. English
Dave Caplinger Cappy 63642379 Male, age 56. Single. Live in WV. Enjoy the outdoors. Like to travel and like to enjoy life to its fullest. Love to party and have fun. I am trustworthy, kind and sincere. Passionate and very cuddly! English
Joseph P. Carey Joe 145078937 Male. Born in March 1947. Divorced and widowed Irish-American male. 6' tall, above average build. Live in the Great American Southwest. Single parent for very many years, but it was all worth it; I have a fine 22 year old daughter. Have been a private investigator for the last 35 years (my own company). English
Carl Carl 57021017 Male. Born 11/10/54. English
Carl Carl 63521055 Old as dirt. Canadian outdoor guy. Love fishing and camping, making new friends. English
Carl sullythegreat43 315427689 Male. English
Celia Carlatti wiserme 344488434 Female, age 50. Divorced. Mature, educated. Living in Florida; born in Brazil. Good sense of humor. Witty. Love music, books, travel, cooking, music, arts. Love to share a nice and intelligent conversation with a well articulate gentleman. My sign is Libra. Feel very comfortable with those born in Leo, Aries, Aquarius, Cancer and Sagittarius. English
Carleen4155 Carleen4155 290515432 Female, age 43. Nurse. Have worked on a med-surgical unit of a hospital for 16 yrs. Love to camp, fish, picnic, watch movies. Divorced and looking for friends in same situation. I'm not into games or sex chats so please do not icq me for that. Looking to meet friends and talk. English
Carlo carlo 248325517 Male. Born 2/4/1957. English
Derek Carlson Tweety 21799804 Born 9/29/63. Single male living in Los Angeles. Work full time at Reuters. Interested in programming, sports, internet. English
Ron Carlson Ron 327147628 Male, age 52. Married. Interests: jogging, weight lifting, movies, work. English
Carmen MysteriousOrchid 113602062 Female, age 47. Separated. Live in Miami, Florida. English, Spanish
Carol an ozzie 127913283 Female. English
Carol Carol 9390445 Born in 1960. English
Carol cat 280480019 Female, age 49. English
Carol Leila 790777 Age 44. Hobbies: Middle Eastern/Indian Style belly dance, ethnic percussion, Wicca, Society For Creative Anachronism (Historical re-creation group covers Europe and Middle East during time period 600 ad to 1600), Renaissance/medieval Faires, ethnic bead and wire jewelry, fantasy/science fiction, cats, nature. Would like to learn more about Aikido, Tai Chi, and Yoga, also healthful Mediterranean foods. English
Carol Sassy 140818407 Female, age 59. Married happily. Doesn't mean I'm dead. English
Carol tattoo 334749267 Female. Born 20 Dec., 1960. English
Carol Anne CarolAnne2357 336798574 Female, age 46. Married for now. Also a BBW. English
Carole Carole 328026719 Female, age 48. English
Carolina carolina 171458440 Female, age 44. Caribbean woman. Professional. Like to share with interesting, calm people of higher mind. Love England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. English
Carolina Su Chacha 231605525 Female, age 42. Single. Looking for interesting people to talk with. English
Caroline Amethyst 141779631 Born in 1957. Single mum living in Australia. Interested in the paranormal, books, writing short stories, cats, music and making friends. Looking for genuine friends, male or female, from any country. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers! English
Caroline Buttons 235608330 Female, age 45+. English
Caroline treacle 294134757 Divorced. Live in England. English
Carolyn Caro 49144347 Age 41. English
Pat Carothers Princess 168481416 Female, age 49. Widowed RN after 30 years. Lost my best friend; wanting to talk with other widow/widowers. Lonely. Wanting to meet new friend for travel, talking, companionship. English
Richard Carter doc 311126372 Male, age 54. Married. Living in Arkansas. Semi-retired psychotherapist and an artist. Very much into fitness. Love to laugh!! English
Casey 22 casey 22 204729201 Male, age 41. Divorced. Looking for a chat. English
Cassandra Cassie 12599037 Female. Born 9th August, 1962. Live in south Australia. Enjoy talking to people overseas and would like to make some new friends. I visited Canada in 2000 and hope to visit some friends in England at Christmas 2004. English
Casselina Casselina 257971318 Female. Born 18.09.1957. German, English
Cassie MissMarauder 297456798 Female. Born September 14, 1954. Married this year for 2nd time. Live in Australia. Work as music teacher. Hobbies are motor bike riding, travel, movies, listening to rock/pop music. Love my pc for games, chatting, finding music, web surfing. Like to chat with people of similar or varied interests and age who enjoy meeting new friends. Interested in friendly chat with women and men from around the world. English
Cat cat 337348415 Female. Born 16/10/1962. English, Nederlands
Catherine Catherine 255757727 Age 54. Married. English
Catherine Cathy 256932975 Female, age 45. English
Cathie sweetlady45 256744824 Female. English
C.D. Sunny1 222277309 Female, age 44. From South Carolina. Like college football and Major League baseball. GO TIGERS (Clemson Tigers). GO BRAVES (Yea Right). Worst year ever! Enjoy country music, swimming, lying out, working out, walking. English
Cecelia Chilena 283723390 Mujer. Separada. Vivo en Chile. Me gustan cine, m˙sica. Soy cari˝osa, leal, sincera. Español
Celtic^Myst Celtic^Myst 161522992 Female, age 45. Not married. Am from NY. Like reading horror. Love the movie Phantom of the Opera. Favorite actor: Gerard Butler. Looking to make new friends. English
Ana Maria Cestac cherry 335707054 Mujer. Español
Ann Chandler ann_chandler_in_lea 222292129 Female, age 45. Divorced. Looking for love. English
Rosario Charambura Rosario 329033836 Female. Born 3/25/48. Divorced high school teacher. Enjoy exercise, the great out of doors, nature, books, movies/tv, writing short stories and poetry, and lots of conversation. English
Charisma Charisma 1324522 Female, age 49. Divorced. Live in Houston, TX. Interests: reading, aromatherapy, spirituality, relationship assessment, wine tasting, friends, fun. English
Charlangel2002 Charlangel2002 291705484 Female, age 41. Live in Canada. Looking for friendly chat. English
Charles bear 174146357 Born 9-19-53. Hello from California. 49 yo pagan male here with interests abound. Looking for a magical girl or ? Let's sit and talk awhile. English
Charles Tangableone 262018784 Male. Born 11/21/61. Single - never married. Live in Volcano, Hawaii. English
Charlie Charlie 105473206 Male, age 48. Married. From NYC. Love talking to diff ppl from all over. English
Chas Lone Stranger 86556962 Single IT guy. Seeking... English
Chatterbox48 chatterbox48 335925149 Female. English
Josephine Chen Josie 112573411 Female. Born 1963.02.23. English
Cherie Chegan 162782660 Age 44. Born in April '59. Single mum of 3 (plus cat and dog). Living in coastal western Australia. Interests include country music, entering competitions, playing card/board games, crosswords and other puzzles. English
Cherie Cher 22156118 Age 46. Born 1/26/1957. Single woman. Live in Florida. Love the beach, movies, good books, cuddling, fishing, hockey, football. English
Cherie paintswithcats 288355189 Female. Born 10/12/1963. Married. No children (but two cats and a dog). I am an artist and an art educator. My interests, other than art, are science (mostly biological sciences), animals, nature, culture, music, yoga, relationships, and meeting people from other countries. English
Cheryl Cheryl 25338105 Female. Born 12-29-1957. Divorced, 2 daughters (21, here in MI attending college & 17, lives in TN with father). I like to read, crochet, computer games, chat. Want to learn how to fish, since I live near Lake Michigan. I enjoy camping and being outdoors. English
Cheryl kitten 255201072 Female. Born Aug., 1962. Single. English
Cheryl SingleWoman49 348537676 Female, age 54. Divorced. Live in upstate NY. Interests: biking, fishing, romance, dining and cooking, dancing and many more. One-man woman seeking a one-woman man. Honest, neat, good sense of humor. Looking for a friend and mate to share the better things in life. English
Cheryl Snuggles3940 339394390 Female, age 40. Live in San Antonio, Tx. Married and have 2 children. Love to do crafts and paint. Have 2 dogs named Zeus and Sparky. English
Claudia Chiarelli Clau 136829361 Mujer. Nacida 27/05/59. Me gusta intercambiar ideas, opiniones, charlas, gustos, etc. Preferentemente con gente de mi generación. Estoy en pareja. Soy de Bs. As. Argentina. Me encanta el cine, la música, la literatura y los viajes!!! Soy docente y trabajo en ayuda social. Español, Frances
Pierre Chiasson Grampo 219141219 Born 05 July, 1956. Single fellow wishing to meet an unattached 42-50 yr old female for travel and companionship. English
Razieya Chin Farah 335245681 Female. English
Chiquita chiquita 278393857 Female, age 46. Single. From the south of Sweden. Swedish, English
Chirp chirp 211371550 a English
Sheri Chittester littleangel 173728514 Female. Born 8/23/62. Single and looking for a funny guy with a laid back personality. I want someone who wants to be in a loyal and honest relationship. I love animals and mudding and reading. Love long walks and camping. English
Chocky 62 CHOCKY62 243800710 Born in 1962. Single Aussie mum. Would like to chat and possibly meet single men in Melb area, similar age. I work part-time. Love my kids, love my labrador and enjoy going to the footy (Aussie rules of course). English
Chris chris 130932229 Male. English
Chris chris 160971866 Female, age 45. Born 6-25-58. Separated. English
Chris Fundyman 307137419 Male, age 49. Born in 1955. Married. 2 children (girl, boy), 3 stepsons. Live in sw Nova Scotia, often referred to as Canada's Ocean Playground. Hobbies include glass painting and purchasing antique glass with a special interest in cobalt blue glassware. Like to bike, take walks along the shore and on the beach, spend quality time with my wife and family. English
Chris Osprey 525131 Male. Born in 1963. Single. Live in Maryland. Office manager/veterinary technician at a local veterinary clinic. Right now, those two duties keep me so busy I don't have much free time during the week. I'm usually free on weekends, and that's when I like to get outside and do just about anything. English
Chris robbo 266598057 Male. Born in 1961. Fire fighter. Interested in everything that makes the world go round. English
Chris Snow Tiger 32853957 Male. Born 20/06/1944. Single and looking. English
Christie Cristy 288488510 Female, age 41. Like to talk to people around the world. Spanish, English
Cheryl Christie Chez 247582784 Female. Born 02/08/1961. Married with 4 children. Live In South Africa. Love music and people. Play the guitar and sing. Work for an electrical contracting business. Teach Sunday School. Love meeting other people from all over the world. English, Afrikaans
Christina tina656 327041736 Female, age 48. English
Christine hi~iq 165602900 Age 46. Divorced mom of 2 grown kids. Caucasian, Trinidadian. Very romantic and pleased by the simple things. English
Chubby chubby 334692276 Born 9/5/64. Like the outdoors, traveling on a Goldwing and anything else that might be fun. English
Chuck aquarius_13155 11820804 Male, age 48. English
Chuck Chuck 294522698 Age 41. Separated; divorce in summer of 04. New to single life and just trying out my new wings. Not a pervert. Just a normal guy with a really cool career. Love life, kids, animals and being outdoors. English
Chuck MacDaddy407 216535942 M/W/M, age 53. Str8 lifestyler w/bi-fem spouse. Love music, karaoke, clubbing (lifestyle and regular) with friends, camping. English
Keith Chudley KC 211112035 Male. Born 27/2/50. Separated. Have a 10 yr old son. Live in south Australia. Enjoy going out and having fun. English
Chunda Chunda 194065030 Male. Born 11.30.1960. English
Cindi Cindi 164364490 Female, age 46. Married. Living in central Ohio. 2 children, 14 and 22. English
Cindi ladyinsane 230468765 Female, age 40. Married. Live in NC near Charlotte. Like to chat with people. English
Cindy Casper 111034292 Female, age 49. In a long-term relationship. Live in London, Ontario. Love to chat and meet new friends on the internet. also enjoy my family life, cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting, some t.v. shopping of course (doesn't every woman..lol). Have 2 cats which I love very much. Recently lost my father and am very lost without him, as we talked every single night on the phone. I'm finding myself very lonely without him even though I have my family. I always enjoy a few laughs, so if you're bored, come chat with me. English
Cindy Cindy 167730615 Female. English
Cindy cindy 211514093 Female, age 40+. English
Cindy Cyndi-Ann 34050320 Female. Born 11/09/59. Happily married. 4 children. Registered Nurse. Love chatting with people from all over the world. Not interested in cyber. English, understand French
Cindy saphire 252104536 Female. Born 11-25-57. Married. Just looking for friends to chat with. English
Circe KIRKE 297584416 Female. Born in 1960. Turkish
Citikat citikat60 141495139 Female, age 43. Divorced. English
CJ CJ 222791126 Female, age 40+. Looking for interesting people to get to know. English
cj cj 310204948 Age 46. DWF in Minnesota. English
cjay cjay 91895018 Female. Born 4.1.55. Single, well and truly divorced. Looking for chat buddies in same age group. My hobbies are varied depending what I feel like doing. Love reading novels, self help books, love music from the top 40's right back, as well as classical and some of the operas. Love getting on the dance floor; just basically do my own form of dancing. Love good movies like Ghost, Sleepless in Seattle - nice romantic ones as well as good classics. If you would like to chat, feel free to drop in for a chat. English
Claire clairbear 295481615 Female. Born 18.8.59. Firefighter, animal lover, reader, garden. English
Clara Ms_weez 241654099 Age 41. English
Sonny Clearwater Sons 219438256 Male. Born 05-30-54. Single. English
Marie Clement marie 198732788 Female. 62 years young. Divorced. Looking to talk about almost anything CLEAN for friendship and just visiting. I am new to this so ty for responding, male or female! English
Cludol cludol 218926379 Male. English
Clyde ganymede 61011676 Male. Born April 7, 1954. Enjoy photography, camping, the outdoors and cycling, but most of all, smiling and enjoying life. English
Greg Clymens licker261 252397253 Male. Born 11-12-1961. English
Cmaster Cmaster 72687484 Male, age 49. English
Kenneth Cochran ltlbee 202716154 Male, age 45. Single...  forever. English
Coco coco 286821155 Female, age 46. Divorced. Live in NC. I like music and dancing and talking to interesting people. Also like to go camping and fishing. Anyone out there that will take the fish off the hook for me? I will do my own baiting!! English
Mordehay Cohen istanbullu 294718531 Male, age 52. Born 18.02.1952. Turkish, Hebrew, English, Spanish
RenÚ Cohrt cohrt 288704250 Male. Born 28-3-33. Married. Interests: literature, history, sociology, politics. English, German, French
Bill Cole gentleman jim 157261006 Male. Born 11/26/1940. Divorced. Live in Hickory, NC, USA. Love my motorcycles and freedom. English
Colleen col 200835891 Female, age 49. Live in New Zealand. Enjoy reading, woodwork. Would like to chat with down to earth folks. Like to make friends, as I'm a bit of a loner English
Commish COMMISH 340501766 Male, age 45. Just enjoy life and what it brings to us all. Be happy and have fun in life! English
Comp Guy CompGuy 8494698 Male. 47 year old widower looking for people to talk to in my age range. English
Jim Connelly con 285585614 Male, age 45. English
Connie Connie 32580206 Female. Born 8/25/1954. Live in Ohio. English
Sophia Consta mitsi 306353016 Age 46. Divorced, kind of. Live in Australia. Studying about finance, property investing, spiritualism, psychology. Like to watch documentaries about different civilizations and people. I am a counsellor. Mother of 2 girls; trying to do the best I can for me and the girls. I have an extremely high level of passion to succeed as a woman in the world both as a person and as a business woman. Don't go out much. Not sure of what people are looking for. I find it hard to find honest, intelligent, happy, successful people like me. Greek, English
Content Content 266332365 Female, age 48. Divorced. Live in Arizona but would travel if I met someone special. Simply looking to chat with adults on adult level who are single, divorced and looking for new friendship, dating and/or possible L/T relationships. English
Cookie cookie 41764945 Female. Born 12/28/58. Married. Live in Florida. Open minded. Warped sense of humor. Like camping, hiking, fishing, crafts, sewing. 1 dog, 3 cats. English
Cookie cookie 211276588 Female, age 50. Born 16/9/52. Single easy going gsoh lady with one child of 8. Love walking, ten pin bowling, swimming, music, movies and the outdoors. I give 100% of myself to the right guy. l am looking for a man with gsoh and down to earth with easy going nature and likes cuddly ladies. I am 4 ft 11 in tall, have hazel eyes and olive skin with light brown hair. Am spontaneous at times and quiet and shy at first until I know u. I have been on my own for 18 years so am looking for friends, too. English
Cool Cool 81224128 Female, age 42. English
Cool Babe coolbabe1959 340015849 Female. Born 26/03/1959. English
Coolshodan coolshodan 311364065 Born Oct. 9, 1958. Single male in Windsor, Ontario. Like martial arts, reading, going for walks, fine dining. Romantic, sincere, not a game player and with a great sense of humour. Looking for serious relationship. No head games. English, French
Marion Cool pickup69 299934587 White male. Born 7/25/47. Single. Live in Fl. Brown hair, blue eyes, 165 lb. Looking for female friends. Hobbies - women; interest - women. English
Bill Cooper Bill 327791774 Age 47. Dwm looking for female to talk to, maybe meet later. I'm 6 ft. 4. I hunt, fish, play golf. Am basically a homebody, tho been alone too long. Need to meet people to get on with life. English
Kim Cooper goddes4u 300285501 Female. Born May 5, 1960. Single and looking. Hope to find some one who knows how to sweep a female off her feet with his words. Looking for a friend, some one to go out with once in awhile, first. Due to my job, I am out of town a lot. Drop me a line and let's see how it goes. English
Gary Corfield Exnavyman1 278699079 Age 47. Married man with 2 grown up children. Like reading, football, movies and surfing the web. English
Lynn Coulombe Risibility 311112871 Female. Born 8/12/56. Enjoy reading, hiking, swimming, lounging, bad/good TV, pets... nice sedate things as befits a woman my age  :)  . English
Countrygirl Countrygirl 156418254 Born in 17/03/51. Friendly happily married lady from the UK. Looking for good friendships. I have 5 grandchildren, 2 ponies and 2 cats. Love dancing and most music. If you fancy a chat, message me. No cyber, and that means NO. English
Countrywoman Countrywoman 155110462 Born May 16, 1957. Divorced woman. Live in the mountains of Va. I love simple country living. The city is fun for frolicking, but the quiet of the mountains and laughter at the country store in my holler bring joy. I spend a lot of time tangled up in old time music and love to share it. It would be refreshing to meet someone of like mind! English
Ian Court bulkcommando 126752045 SWM, 5'11", 170#, Brwn/Haz, Southeast US. Small business owner, professional musician. Spend time in Costa Rica and Tampa. English
Seelie Court HeeHee 289453188 Female. Born 7-28-1963. Would like to share tips on healthy living (e.g. nutrition, exercise, meditation, herbal skin care). Would like to share thoughts about current events. English
Dawn Cox star56tx 338488741 Born 1/25/61. Divorced mom of 2 living in the Dallas area. English
Lee Cox Lonewolf 345907677 Male. Born 09/08/1948. Single. Living in Roanoke, Virginia. Enjoy music of all kinds, reading, writing poetry, romantic evenings, walking in parks or on the beach. Enjoy watching the sunrise and the sunset. I am an old fashioned romantic who is looking for a friend, companion and lover. English
Cptcove cptcove 303436367 Male. English
Michael Crabtree micky 339993823 Born 4-12-1946. Married 33 years. Enjoy gardening, family, women. Seeking over 40 clean chat. Call me anytime 0700 am to 1000 am or after 7 pm English time. Don't cyber me or you will be ignored. English
Craig Wolfknoc 240669695 Male, age 49. English
Crawdaddy Crawdaddy 51198259 Male. Born in 1950. Divorced. Live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Love boating, camping, music, photography, genealogy. Would like to meet a nice woman for a LT relationship, etc. Easy going, laid back with a good SOH. Looking for same in a gal. English
Penny D. Crawford nickel 125661152 Female. Born in 1953. Divorced with married children and grandchildren. Work in the food industry and am a union rep. Like sports and music. English
Karen Crich maple leaf 106190367 Female, age 43. Born May 19, 1960. Divorced. English
Crissy unic1029 220187521 Female. Born 10/29/1961. Single white female from New Jersey. Fire inspector, arson investigator. English
Tom Crockett Tobeyone 278780972 Age 45. English
Brian Crombie Balo 280042507 Male. Born 13/2/57. Divorced. English
Fred Crook leave me alone 150670548 Male, age 47. English
Roy Crook rangerroy 272223686 Born 05/19/53. Divorced for quite a long time. Live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hobby is learning as much as I can about everything. Most interested in science. That also includes si-fi. I'm a middle aged man who is looking for new friends, maybe if I'm lucky even a partner to go through this life together. I guess we will have to see about the latter. English
Crystle Crystle 114277072 Female, age 46. Live in the Philippines. Looking for sincere/honest friends. English, Tagalog
Viorel Culda Vio 218869859 Male. Born 1942-02-23. Single. Live in Sweden - Göteborg. Originally from Romania. Looking for a sweet woman from anywhere in this world. I`m 175 cm., 82 kg. Swedish, Romanian, English
David Cunnel Angus 336897669 Male, age 47. Single. Live in Winnipeg, Canada. 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren. Lookin for some rockin good times. English
Andre Cunningham andrec1 15484551 Male. Born 08/18/1960. English
Dorothy Cunningham Pocodot 284372195 Age 61. Born 12/12/42. NO cyber sex. Just good clean chat, please. English
Curbsidesnail curbsidesnail 303738125 Female. Born 7/16/61. Separated for 7yrs. 3 children, 2 girls, 1 boy, ages 21, 18, & 16. Son living at home One granddaughter. I'm really a homebody. Live in a small town on Lake Michigan. Really not much to do unless you're a drinker. my life is my children. Love to go camping, crafts, shopping and most of all my grandbaby. Please no perverts. English
Curly Sue curlysue 341292109 Female. Born Oct. 25, '59. Married 27 yrs. 3 kids, 1 grandson and one on the way. Clean chat only please !!! English
Jeanne Curry dollboxes 1663880 From Ohio, 43, married. 3 kids, 1 dog. Have had multiple sclerosis 8 yrs. Looking for chatters. English
Curtis oldtools 236757958 Male. Born 10/18/1955. Separated. Just a country boy. Far from perfect. I like holding hands as we cross the parking lot,  sunset, wine, the lake with you and I watching the sunset, watching movies with me holding you, teddy bears, and flowers just because. English
Cyn cyn 101055026 Female. English
Cyndi Lou BlackWiDoW 105277944 Age 42. Widow. Talk to me. English

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