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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
Adam W. Tesoro 270895658 Male. Widowed. Just like to know how life is treating you. Let me know. German, English
Ann W. annie 331366451 Female, age 50. Separated. Live in Adelaide, SA, Australia. I'm a craftaholic. Live on my own, and it gets a bit lonely. It's been a long time since cuddles. English
Barbara W. beebee 165884544 Female. Born 24-5-56. Separated. Have two boys who live with me. Enjoy scrapbooking, gardening, reading and having a good time. English
Ben W. malelibrarian 310977210 Male, age 45. Divorced. Have 2 kids at home with me, boy 15 and girl 11. English
Bernie W. Bernie 145609204 Male. Divorced. Live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. English
Bill W. BEARME324 226147433 Male. Born Oct. 27, '56. Single. Love motorcycles. Drive a truck long distance, mostly in Canada. English
Birgit W. Elbiwi 253502714 Born 09 Jan., 1959. From Germany. Living near Cologne. Hobbies: chatting, drawing, painting, gardening, nature, Reiki, my family and my pets. Like to talk to friendly people all over the world about any interesting theme. English, German
Bob W. Boss128 288601075 Male, age 51. Married. Live in Canada. Enjoy music, people, Internet, and on and on and on!!! :) English
Bob W. Ghost 137234225 Male, age 49. Single. There are better days coming. They're called "Saturday and Sunday." English
C. W. Here4Fun 176680194 Male, age 48. English
Carol W. Collie 261663779 Female, age 43. Separated. Very out going and open mined. Love to chat from different areas of the world. English
Chuck W. Chuck 89212843 Male. Born 10/16/52. Live in Michigan. English
Dale W. dalew_pitt 326197645 Male, age 45. Single and live in the Pittsburgh area; feh, that's a great combination! Enjoy cooking and spending time with family and friends the most. Eat drink and be merry - there is something better? In the warmer months, I enjoy white water rafting, hiking/backpacking, fishing, along with the various festivals. Also enjoy traveling and meeting new people and I'm pleased to meet you! English
Dan W. Dan 210094719 Male. Born in 1955. Married. Live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Enjoy sun and water, boats, skiing (snow and water), scuba, movies, arts, nice looking women! English
Dave W. dude 300549030 Male. Born 11/22/58. Divorced. Live in NY. English
David W. chiche 20470641 Male. Born 3 Oct. Separated. Living in Israel. English, Spanish
Deborah W. a_delight 300493333 Female. Born Nov 29th, 1957. In the process of divorce. Now looking to meet and make a lot of friends. I am a pretty fair sense of humor gal, but not practical jokes at another's expense. Have 5 grown children, 4/f, 1/s. Youngest gal is 14 and smart as a whip. I want to become as many friends as I can be, so please don't be shy. You won't be sorry to get to know me. I'm not looking for relationships, just people to hang with and chill and shoot the breeze about how good or how shitty life is. I dare you to drop all your inhibitions and drop me a line sometime. Who knows, we may be able to go for a good cup of coffee. English
Derf W. DERF 216345562 Male. Born 11/11/1930. Single and retired. Live in Australia, 100 meters from the beach, approximately halfway between Sydney and Newcastle. I like surfing, swimming, bush walking, touring by car, and bar-be-ques. I'm healthy, by this I mean I'm as fit and as mean as a wild scrub bull and twice as ugly. Interested in science fiction and UFOs. Australian
Edith W. spatz 264023579 Age 46. Born 21/02/1957. Separated. Living in northern NSW. Love my two grown up daughters and one grandson. I love the beach, lots of friends, dining and dancing and laughter. Open to new adventure, but no cyber sex!!!!!! Love meeting people with humor. German, English
Emma W. Fairytale 284124898 Female, age 48. Live in Germany near Stuttgart. I am quite easy-going, fun-loving and unconventional. Love to travel, socialise with friends, weekend getaways, music, movies, dogs. Would also love to meet a decent and honest man of my age with a good sense of humour. Someone responsible and unmarried who is willing to give it a try. If you are international and love communicating, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. English, French, German
F. W. Fritz 132199215 Male, age 49. Divorced. Live in Austria, Vienna. Interests: computers, Internet, fitness. Lonely but not yet ready for a tight relationship. German, English
G. W. G 8233993 Male, age 42. Love to chat. Very open minded. English
Geoffrey W. niceandtall 315181766 Age 49. Widowed. Live in Tacoma, Wa. Love hiking, sports, and going to the ocean. English
Goodwill W. GOODWILL 344535503 Female. Born 22-1-1954. Want to chat with anyone who's mature, understanding, experienced, dependable, honest, caring, optimistic and romantic. Can go steady. Seeking life partner, companionship. English, Chinese
Helen W. Helen 176547956 Female. Born 4/11/55. Widowed. Like to take walks, read books, and play Playstation Two video games. Have two wonderful grandchildren that I have visit me often. English
Jack W. Gotwood 300955587 Age 49. Live in Kansas. Like boating, fishing, outdoors, woodworking, ham radio. 5'8, 185 lb., brown & blue. DWM, Retired Army. English
Janet W. jan 332261729 Female, age 47. English
Jim W. Jim 169678619 Age 46. Single white male. Northern California. I like going out to dinner, movies, hiking, and the outdoors in general. English
John W. caveman 339964663 Male, age 46. Divorced. Like motorcycles, outdoors and long walks. English
John W. gaynor 289105656 Male. English
John W. swingpilot 214818005 Male, age 50. Widower. Like traveling, walking, golf. English
Julie W. Liz 345396723 Female, age 50. Divorced. Live in Australia. 5'9", blonde. Want to live life to fullest. Love people, partying, dancing, social life, theatre, movies. Have good sense of humour and love witty people. Like to meet new people. English
Linda W. benslinda 140350332 Female, age 46. Widow. English
Louise W. Elfin 8357201 Female. Born 04/22/1962. Single once again. Between my teenage kids and two dogs, I often wonder when or where I can take some time to myself! I manage somehow, though. Love to chat about books and movies, love to hike and take long walks, read, swim, horseback ride. Not necessarily looking right now, but who knows what could happen? Biggest net pet peeve? Being asked a/s/l right off the bat! Anyone who wants to talk, I'm there, but if you're just looking for someone to jump in the sack with, honey... I'm just not that easy!! :-D English
Louise W. SweetLou 295118917 Female, age 41. Born June 26, 1963. Separated. Work in a retirement home. 3 children, all grown. Like to read and dance, go to movies and go for walks. Have been training in Tae Kwon Do for 11 years and enjoy it very much. Only interested in making friends. I live with my b/f and am very happy. English
Manbir W. Juju 17644108 Male, age 54. English
Marion W. Marion 241689166 Female. Born 02-20-1960. Separated. Live in Bronx NY. Enjoy going out, gym, just enjoying life. I am 5'8 1/2; blk hair; brn eyes; 36,34,44. English
Michael W. iron mike 38924709 Male, age 41. Currently getting divorced. English
Pat W. peaches 95686712 Female. Born 2/26/58. Pre-kindergarten teacher. Like long walks, reading, cooking, tennis, baseball, basketball. Good listener. Am an honest person, so if you can not be honest, there is no need to talk with me. Let's have fun chatting. I am a very lovely black woman. Would like to meet new people in my age group. Make friends, no cyber sex; not into that. English
Patricia W. Tricia 341324363 Female. Born 15/03/49. Married. Live in Yorkshire. Work as a sales manager. Trying to keep fit, as a little on plump side! Go to gym most nights after work. Like swimming for pleasure. My dog is my favourite person. Not child friendly - dog or I! Like a laugh. Not into serious people or suffocating relationships. Does this ring your bell? English
Peter W. fubar 160842923 Male, age 45. Married. 4 kids. Live in Wollongong. English
Randy W. James 311078147 Male. Born in 1958. Married with an 18 year old son. Live on west coast of Vancouver Island. Interested in mental health issues. English
Richard W. Richard8213 246385314 Male. English
Rick W. ar-sparky 49133320 Male. Born 23 Feb., 1948. Divorced. Self employed. Enjoy travel,  music concerts, sightseeing. English
Rod W. Rod 64544383 Male, age 42. English
Roger W. too_wild_2 249895543 Male, age 42. English
Ron W. WOODY 241149551 Male. Single. Very caring person. I am considered well built, well adjusted and enjoy most of what life has to offer. Just need that special person to share life with. We can discuss more when you get in touch, so please do! English
Rose W. wildrose_2003 205738789 Female. Born 12/25/1956. Live in upstate New York. Separated. My interests are chatting on my p.c., reading, puzzles, bird watching. I like country music, slow dancing, making friends. English
Ellie W. Ellie 344556663 Female, age 47. English
Sheila W. Millie 24494236 Female. English
Shelly W. saw 219854951 Female. Born in 1965. Single. Live in western MA. English
Susan W. suz 209796650 Female, age 42. Engaged. Love to talk about anything. English
Tam W. WeeWizard 146243960 Male, age 44. Hopeless romantic. On the scrap heap after a difficult marriage. English
Tammy W. tambino 244180034 Enjoy taking pictures, photoshop, scenery. Love dogs. English
Tina W. Tina 195178205 Female. Divorced. Mom of 3. Love animals, springtime, friends and family... life!! English
Toney W. woody 272669382 Single guy, 40ish. Looking for some love in my life. Like the outdoors B.B.Q.'s, beach and camping. Would love to find someone to share it with and have a steady long term relationship. Please do as you would be done by. English
Tony W. tbone 100903631 Male, age 51. English
Vera W. Reva 208142546 Female. Widow. Live in Australia. Born in England. Husband died on March 4th this year. Interested in meeting friends on net. Please just ordinary day to day life, not Church or consolation. English
Werner W. Tiger 343520683 Male, 56 Jahre. Enjoy golf, tennis. Segeln. Deutsch
Winifried W. WinniePuh 101284535 Male. Born 12.18.1958. Married. German, English
Mike Waites Mongo 61062372 Male, age 49. Single. Like photography, travel, movies, and outdoors. English
Denis Wallin maverick2043 204163907 Male, age 44. Divorced. Live in Winnipeg. Enjoy golfing, fishing, anything to do with the outdoors. English
Randy Walling Ohman 301125496 Male. Born 9-14-1952. Single and looking. English
Walter Walter 13332478 Male, age 40+. Married but not happy. Lost something; seem to be going in a circle anymore. If you can send me a rope or a line, at least. Tick tack toe, where did everyone go? English
Wanderer wanderer 248115585 Male, age 47. English
Warmheart warmheart 158462870 Female. Born August 28, 1961. Looking for decent friends and not love or sex, who respect others and have a positive approach to life. Interests: nature lover, healthy life style, reading, poetry, education. English
Wasatch_tc Wasatch_tc 321716997 Male, age 46. Divorced. 6ft, 180. Brown hair, hazel eyes. English
Wayne Wayne 946666 Male. Born 26 Jan. 58. Single and looking. Live in the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland AU. I'm a mature age student in I.T. If you want to know any more about me you will just have to contact me and we can chat. I have Authorization turned on but I use ICQ every day, so it won't be long before I give access... that is if you are serious. English
Wayne Wayne 153011143 Male. Born 1 May, 1959. Divorced. Living in New Zealand. Interested in computers, people, books, and beaches and mountains. Family. Information gives you knowledge, a dream gives you the spirit to go after it. English
J. Webb drifter 114228903 Born in 8-58. Single male. Living in Arizona. 5'9", 150 lbs. Enjoy outdoor activities, hiking, biking, tennis, photography, four wheeling, crafts. Would like to meet/chat with a lady who has some of the same interests. English
Steve Webb bostonwinscup 137250483 Male, age 40ish. Single. Love to laugh, have fun. English
Friedrich Weber Friedel 231478972 Mann, 46 Jahre. Alles mgliche. Cam - Chat. Deutsch
Wee Guy weeguy 205390564 Male, age 52. English
Wenda Wendy 101307855 Female. Born 3/15/63. Married/divorcing white female living in Jacksonville, Florida. Have three daughters that keep me pretty busy but enjoy talking on the computer or through email quite a bit. My work schedule allows for me to be home most of the week, which is nice. I'm a nice person, very tactful, but when I've had enough, I've had enough. I'm looking forward to meeting you! If you would like to see a pic, I have one upon request. English
Wendy snakecharmer 320878754 Female, age 44. Common law. Live in Canada. Enjoy puzzles, playing on computer, fishing, knitting. Red hair, hazel eyes, 160 lbs., 5'7". Quiet. Do not cyber or talk about sex. Easygoing, warm hearted and caring. English
Dennis Wenger Denny 286209160 Male, age 55. Single American in southern Germany. Civilian, not military. Love to travel all over Europe, bike ride, snow ski, and meet people. English
Kenneth Westphaln ken 219274637 Male, age 45. Divorced. Live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Love the outdoors , camping, hiking, walking, romance, sunsets, waterfalls, holidays , zoos, museums, picnics, parks and fireplaces. English
White White 318991926 Male. Born May 26, 1956. English, Russian
G. White snappyalmond 178072014 Born 7/26/52. Single female. No children. Interests are many. I like classical music as well as R&B. Like to read true story books. Like walking. In general, I'm easy going. Like to meet new friends. English
Jay White Dozer811 76039505 Male, age 50. Married but looking. Honesty stops, or starts, here. Depends on how you look at it. English
Dexter Widner Flier 9391770 Male. Born 08/08/51. Single. Live in Texas. Looking for friends, maybe more. Won't know until we meet. English
Wil Wil 124345412 Female, age 47. English
Wild Fl@wer Wild Fl@wer 106290780 Female, age 48. Divorced. Live in WA state. Enjoy traveling, movies, the outdoors, warm weather. English
Andrew Wilkie buzzyww 199073191 Male, age 55. Born in '48. Single. USA. Like all outdoor activities. Ask me later. English
Brian Williams Nightmoves 234778407 Male. Born 7-21-1962. Like to have a good time! I try not to take things too seriously, and I love to flirt. If you would like to spend a little quality time with a good-timin man, I'm your man! English
Carl Williams Carl 264979633 Male, 55. Divorced. Live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Enjoy bowling, pink floyd, larry the cable guy, ron white. I am laid back and shy because of having my heart handed to me so many times in last 20 or so years. Looking for someone to chat with at first and then we will go from there. No men, my boat doesn't float in that river!!!! English
Chuck Williams chew 137798060 Male. Born 7-23-48. Married. Live in Texas. Hobby: making jams, jellies, relishes to sell at flea markets. Like to meet new friends for friendly chat. English
John Williams AJ 338059043 Male, age 47. English
Raneta Williams Teddy 281158194 female. Born 9/30/1953. Single. Brunette, brown eyes, attractive. Enjoy traveling, visiting my kids and grandkids, fishing, archery, and exploring.

Currently in Florida visiting daughter. Originally from California, but an Oregonian through and through. Can't wait to get back there.

Looking forward to meeting new and interesting people through ICQ.

Life is good. Hope it is for you as well.  :-)
Willin' Willin' 292755002 Born Dec. 3, 1955. Single, except for a companion, He's cool, doesn't bite, just likes to go. Life's a trip, and I don't mind sharin'. Got a pocket full of "andthentherewasthisonetimes;" bettin' you got some too. Hey! Maybe I'll get the first round! English
Willy rafiki 313603596 Male, age 45. Dutch, English
J. Wilson combie44 139576027 Female. Born 8/8/57. English
John Wilson dingoboy 283449332 Male, age 51. Separated pending divorce. 2 teen sons. We call ourselves "the three musketeers." English
Tammy Wilson HealingHands 331527775 Female. Born 12-18-65. English
Roy Winders givined 322385962 Age 52. Divorced white male living in Ontario, although I am originally from Liverpool, England. Hobbies include military re-enactments. Vertically challenged, horizontally magnificent. English
Windflower windflower 233236259 Female, age 40. Separated. Living in Japan. Hoping to chat with someone who is honest. English, Japanese
Uwe Winkelmann Uwe 334379857 Male, age 42. German, English, French
Wip wip 172568662 Male, age 45. Single. Educated. Wide interests in topics. Like sports, reading. Well traveled all over the world by profession. I am good looking: 186cm, slim, muscular and well proportioned. Sensual, too. Like exchanging photos. English, German, Dutch
Helge Wittorf Helli 239920636 Male, age 44. Single. My English is not the best, but I like conversation via icq. I like to: perform music with my friends, paint pictures with real colours and PC, listen to music, listen to other people, etc. I am a serious guy with a lot of humor. English, Deutsch, Dansk
Colin Witts Red Col 257461622 47 year old male looking for chat and friendship... possibly more ? English
Wolf with Red Roses Wolf with Red Roses 223561861 Male, age 48. English
Michael Wolfe mike 170231424 Male, age 53. English
Louisa Wong TLC 7822351 Female, age 45. Married. English
Julie Workman Jules 75300379 Female. Born 27/3/49. Happily married. 3 sons, 2 grandsons. Interested in computers, internet, travel, photography, fishing, karaoke, partying, line dancing and having fun. Like to chat about anything interesting. English
Larry Workman STONY 205074797 Male. Born 11/27/1941. Separated for over a year now. C/w singer with my own band. Like to dance, play golf, bowl, travel, and just about anything outdoors. 5'10" tall, weigh 180 pds, blue eyes, drk brown hair. English
John Wurth John 167319592 Age 48. English
Alanna Wychuk mysteryone 268964970 Female. English

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