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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
T InsuranceBroker 8858459 Male. Born May 9, 1956. English
T Trease 75521022 Female. Born 05/29/1959. Northeast Ohio. Hobbies include but are not limited to ledge climbing, volleyball, trail hiking, fishing, boating, intelligent conversation, psychics, clairvoyants, country music, CWG material. English
Al T. simpleman 226597074 Male. Divorced. Live in Buenos Aires. English, French, Spanish
Arthur T. MonMakr 1267212 a English
Billy T. billy t 229464510 Male. Enjoy cooking, walking, country music, movies, reading. Single with one daughter. Have just moved to Brisbane. English
Charlie T. sarge 280020222 Male. Born 06/23/1962. Divorced. Live in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. I collect tattoos, but don't let that fool you. I am called by others just a big teddy bear. I don't go to bars or clubs; can't stand them. Also don't drink or smoke. I am 6'1" tall and weigh about 270 lbs. I'm not sure if this is the right place but I'm looking for companionship. Of course, I will talk to anyone for friendship. English
Christine T. Chris 246603027 Female. Single in Seattle. English
Cory T. nightswade 198577437 Male, age 40. Enjoy meeting new people online. Live in Florida. 6', 220. Dr br eyes, dr br hair. English
Daniel T. Danz44 238978920 Male, age 44. AVAILABLE! I'm not with anyone to chat with. You know why? Cause I'm with everyone online. Wow! I've got women at every port, train station and bus stop. Oh my, you'd think I'd not have any time online. Sometimes our souls will touch and some go nuts. I keep a balance, and from your eyes I see you're able to understand me. Can talk forever. I'm fun, spontaneous, and in time other special traits come out. Pure and from within. Perhaps we could chat or write to break the ice. I'm a great listener. Enough said. What do ya say, angel? English
Dannielle T. dany 112351208 Female, age 45. Mariée. 3 enfants. Aime nature, travail dans le public. Recherche ami(e)s. Français
Delia T. del 345162122 Female. Born in March, 1954. English
Derek T. Derek 1739547 Male, age 52. English
Dirk T. Dirk 5492881 Male. Born 7 November, 1957. Married, 2 boys. Dutch, English, French
E. T. E 345668034 Male. Born 2/19. Married. English
Fatima T. Fatima 327897117 Female. Born December 4, 1963. English
Gabriel T. gabrieLT10 333879776 Male, age 47. Married. Live in Bucharest. Enjoy music & dance, friendship. English, French, Romanian
George T. George 160463786 a Romanian
Glenn T. Theclearone 313022956 Male, age 46. Born 10.31.57. Ask away! English
Gordon T. Nonamegord 293164869 Male, age 51. English
Ila T. lollipops 313987039 Female. Born 05/04/60. Single. Live in NY at the present. Love fishing, though I don't get to as much as I like. Would like to have pen pals for friendship from all over the world. English
Ingrid T. Inga 340238400 Female, age 40+. Enjoy travel, arts, writing, dancing, wining & dining. English
Jimmy T. jimmy d 25730525 Age 50. Divorced African American male seeking a blonde hair, blue eyed, slender female 30-50 years old for friendship first and maybe more later if the chemistry is right. My hobbies are fishing, gardening, golfing, and watching NASCAR. English
Joan T. littlemspetite 329460029 Female. Born Sept. 19, 1951. Single and divorced. English
Judy T. Judy 177242561 Female. Born in 1961. English
K. T. kestrel 35631251 a English
Karen T. Kareniselegant 267089743 Female. Born in the 1950s. Enjoy conversation with people in the medical field. Love to talk with those who enjoy keeping physically fit, mentally challenged. English
Lanny T. twoknives 136524077 Male. Divorced. Living in Columbus, Ohio. Enjoy touring the country on my bike, weather permitting. English
Lilia T. Chinita 225869180 Female. Me gusta mucho chatear con diferentes personas del mundo solamente para hacer amistad. Gente chevere y que le guste mucho conversar de todo. Español, English
Linda T. lsjrjt 102753192 Female. Born 04-11-59. English
Lisa T. chevygirl 258523280 Female. Born 09/16/1962. Married, 2 kids. Enjoy camping, fishing. English
Lyn T. Lyn 138145628 Female, age 48. Born 10/07/54. White female living in Florida. Looking for someone to love. Was married all my life, it seemed, to one man. Now a widow and looking to feel complete again. You must have a full head of hair, please, and know what it is to actually date a woman. I have my degree in nursing so would prefer someone with some education also. English
Marg T. marg 287210578 a English
Margarida T. Guida 70281686 Female. Born 11/01/62. Divorced. Veterinarian. Like travel and camping. Would like to get new friends for a good talk. English, Portuguese
Mark T. mark 34216459 Born 18/12/58. Single male, age 44 yrs. Had a sailing accident that left me in a w/chair but still sail though. Love swimming, chatting, keeping busy, warm ppl. Live in Australia. English
Marcos T. Alemão 279100800 a Portuguese
Maria T. Tika 125676259 Female, age 48. Divorced. Portuguese
Marie T. marz 252946631 Female. Born 17/6/1960. 44 year old female separated from husband, and now have new partner. I find people fascinating and would like to chat with just about anyone. Not into dirty talk; get enough of that at home ha ha. Live in Australia; born here. I'm a florist and love it. Also go to gym most days and love gardening and boating. Two kids, 17 and 11. Partner has four kids, all grown up, thank goodness. Couldn't handle six at once. English
Martine T. toune 298425216 Female, born 11/01/57. Reading, natation, plonge, ski, montagne, bicycle. Français
Meleita T. Nikita 343958869 Female. 59 y.o. Aquarian going on 30. Divorced with grown up family. Like most modern music (told you I was going on 30), cooking meeting people from anywhere. Very young at heart. Loyal to my friends and a good listener. Have to admit, though, I do tend to be a bit of a chatter box. A little overweight at the moment but working on that. I am attractive, don't look my age, but above all a warm, friendly genuine person. New to the northern suburbs of Sydney. Looking for friends of either sex, and if I'm lucky, maybe that special one. Also love to chat to people anywhere. English
Mujdat T. tukel55 202075050 Age 49. English, Turkish
Nita T. nita 299361749 Female. Born 25 Feb., 1956. Single, age 48. Live in Georgia, USA. Not looking for a husband, just friends. Not looking for sexual encounters, just chat. English
Pam T. pam 238200721 Age 46, female. Married. Just looking to visit and make friends. English
Patty T. Patty 256241602 Born 03/28/56. 47 yr old woman, married, and working in the medical/health field. I enjoy meeting and making new friends online, so if you'd like, pull up a chair and let's chat and have a few laughs! NO CYBER PLEASE! It won't be tolerated, so respect me and we'll get along just fine! English
Paul T. ptrooper_2000 323470190 a English
Regina T. prhana 168697254 Female. Born 24/08/1954. Portuguese, English
Rich T. richny72759 220377121 Male. Born 07/271959. Enjoy meeting new people. Have a variety of interests: movies, theatre, music, outdoors - those bonfires, night sky, walking, camping, gardening. Looking for friendship. If you have been hurt by another guy, I am sorry. I really am. I will not hurt you. I can be trusted. Give me a try; you never know what will come of it. English
Rita T. sweetleopard 261427904 Female. Born October 6, 1952. Looking for friendship. I like nature, music, arts. Looking for a nice clean chat only. French, English
Robin T. robin 243960994 Female. Born in 1962. Divorced. English
Roland T. lonly2 266402534 Male. Born in 1954. Living in the Netherlands. Married but lonely. Like to meet women who are also lonely in their life and want some romantic chat. Have my own design studio. Like car racing and soccer. Like to travel. Love life. English, Dutch, German
Rosey T. Rosebud 215884890 Female. Born June 30, 1958. Divorced. Work full time. Live in Ontario Canada. English
Sam T. Sam 166402631 Male, age 39. Not married. I enjoy music, play bowling, fishing, different kinds of meals, nature and travel. Like to meet new people and get to know each other better and culture. English
Sara T. tansy 209977362 Female, age 49. English
Sherrie T. Sher 229073442 Female. Old enough to know better. English
Teresa TERESA 221505104 Female. Born 11/27/1961. Like reading, walking, crafting, and being around people. Live in the middle eastern part of West Virginia in Lincoln County. Interested in making new friends to chat with. English
Tim T. WordQi 202264240 Male. Born 6/20/1956. Separated. Live in Hawaii, USA. Professional: tech writing, journalism, editing, websites. Interests: Taoism, I Ching, music, literature & books, jazz. English
Valeria T. Valeri@ 152641444 Female, age 45. Not married. Live in Moscow, Russia. Russian, English
Victoria T. vi 16923501 12 de Septiembre de 1955. Espaol, Italiano, Frances,  English,  Portugues
Yee Fong "Dick" T. fJ 14685493 Male, age 48. Come from Hong Kong and want to know somebody who lives overseas. Of course, all Chinese people are welcome. I like reading, traveling and swimming. Chinese, simple English
T-Man T-Man 160125704 Male. Widowed in Jan. 6 foot, brown hair and beard (ok some white in it too), blue eyes. Fun loving. Will to try new things. Looking for some good friends if there are any out there. English
Motazedi Tabrizi Polarstern 328804222 Male. Born 26.Oct.1955. Single. Live in Germany. Enjoy reading, music, walking. Deutsch
Mona Taha sweetdream 174545613 Female, age 40. Born 15-5-1963. Teacher, mother of two girls and still studying. I like music and sports. Hard to write about myself; let us get to know each other in a chat. Would like to chat with friendly warm people. English, Arabic, Dutch
Tal tal 212888990 Female, age 42. Hebrew
Tallboy tallboy 302096645 Age 52. Married & in a loveless relationship for a few years. Looking for someone the same or indifferent to chat with. English
Tally TALLY 17305839 Born in Dec., '54. Divorced Harley riding guy. English
Tami babymeok 53002931 Female. Enjoy doing a lot of things. In summer, swimming and camping the most. Do crafts and love to make friends. Have a boyfriend and not looking to make another. We can talk more and know more later. English
Tami tmc1960 217677558 Female, age 42. Divorced. Live in Iowa. Enjoy dancing, fishing, camping, bike riding, walking my two dogs, gardening, cooking, quilting, Disney movies, car races, golf. I am an old fashioned, red headed, Iowa country gal that likes to laugh and be treated like a lady by a gentleman. English
Tamino tamino_ya 270066273 Male, age 40-50. Spanish, English
Tammy BluStar 316396835 Female. Born 11/22/1960. Divorced. Mom of 1 18 yr. old son. White. Long brunette hair, bright blue eyes. SSBBW.
Looking for new friends & nothing more right now. I am a chat junkie... LMAO. Yep, I love my P.C. If you want to talk, give me a hollah.
Ben Tan Ben 209724791 Male. Born in 1960. Divorced. Live in Singapore. English
Tanambogo tanambogo 8688432 Male, age 46. Divorced. English, Spanish
Taner tansur 326093633 Age 45. Turkish, English
Renee Tanner NatureNae 164826620 Female. Born 1/11/1957. Single and looking in northern California for an honest, caring human being with integrity and compassion for fellow man. English
Earl Tapley ewtap 208199514 Male. Divorced. Looking for everything - chatting, romance, etc. English
Tate wildraven 349653228 Male. Born 08-21-59. S. Live in Portland, Ore. English
Tatjana tatra 289462886 Female, age 40. Divorced. No kids. From Serbia. Love psychology, animals and people. Interested in social science and politics. Serbian, English, Croatian
K. Taylor buda 328528700 Male, age 42. New at this. Somebody walk me through, and I assure you that you will be pleased. English
Ted spot 334860252 Male, age 64. Married. Live in Adelaide, south Australia. Retired. Looking for guys to chat and spend mutual times together. English
Lennart Tehage lt_100 264005536 Male. English, Swedish
Telegraphic eyes TelegraphicEyes 313375133 Age 44. Married female who loves to read and chat. Looking for witty, fun, intelligent conversation. Let me know if you want to chat. (no cybering) English
Temarie Temarie 164020462 Age 43. Single BBW white female near Toledo, Ohio. Love email, chatting, tanning, swimming, gardening, and much more. English
Tenn Master TennMaster 137818610 Male, age 45. Married and looking. BDSM. Romance in Tennessee. English
Teo corcolinos 322320596 Male. Born 14-4-59. Interests: feelings, humor, sensitivity. Greek, English
Teo velvet 244075236 a Greek
Teodora Dora_46 158714102 Female, age 46. English, French, Italian
Joann Teoh Jo Jo 14443271 Female. English
Terence Houdini 63637228 Male, age 55. Many interests, including music, reading, autos, walking and admiring the wonders of nature. English
Teresa daggerznails 297325489 Born 5/2. SWF living in Columbus, Ohio. Enjoy hiking, reading, and movies on the big screen. A romantic at heart and looking for new friends on icq. English
Teresa Teresa 272610052 Female. Born Sept. 28, 1959. English
Teri LPITA 258783359 Female. Born 05-25-62. Single. Miss talking to ppl. on icq; have been off for a few years. Love a sense of humor. Sensitivity is attractive, too.. I'm in for the long haul, as long as I get honesty and not bull&*^#, unless it is all in fun.. Been accused of being ornery. Really a soft heart, but you have to work hard to get there... sorry. English
Terri moonlitehearted 273669843 Female. Born 6-18-1957. Divorced, no children. Take care of myself and work hard to achieve that. Enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, biking, ATV'n, snow-machines and BBQ's... when I find the time. LOL. Looking for new friends for chit chat and some laughs. English
Terry plesseyhouse 284933767 Male. Married. Live by the sea in the northeast of England near Newcastle upon Tyne. Always looking to make new friends. English
Terry Terry 132632862 Female. Born Jan. 13, 1953. English
Terry Terry 190531848 Male. I like bowling, swimming, horseback riding, cards, movies, hotrods, mechanics, woodworking. I'm trying to find my birth parents, Willie Louis Smith and, last I heard, my birth mom was Katherine Henry. Any one in Kentucky that can help me, I was born on July 17th , 1953, in Louisville, Ky. English
Terry Terry 338689409 Male. Born 09/13/59. English, Spanish, Portuguese
Terry wondering_terry 256787142 Male. Divorced and looking for a genuine single lady in a central western country town in N.S.W., Australia. I have a very simple life and really not much of a party goer. More into home life nowadays and settling down. Please contact me only if you are a genuine, truthful and honest person. English
Teshuin vankat 272475319 Male, age 48. Married, one daughter. Professional. Looking for bored, loving, caring lady. English
Thatsmine 2 THATSMINE2 242932485 Female, age 40. Looking to chat with men in the 40 age bracket. Introduce yourself. English
The Real Thing therealthing 149038176 Male. Born in 1959. Married. Living in arguably the best city in the world - Sydney, Australia. I love life and embrace most things. Not that keen on cyber, but love everything else. Especially love discussing feelings, emotions and coping. Need a sounding board for advice on love, life and happiness - I am your man. English
Thehotallens thehotallens 271468560 Age 43. Just a single busy woman looking for grownups to talk to. English
Dirk Theriault frontman 320630298 Male. Born 7/1949. Single. Live in CT, USA. It's all a hobby!  Music, country to classical, history, current events. Quick intelligent wit. Entertainer for 35 years; almost famous once. Not a bad cook if I can get started. Nascar fan. Neck shade ranges from light to medium-light red. English
Theresa alista 319742638 Female. Born 2-24-1963. Separated. Live in Arkansas. Like to read, talk on phone, make new friends, bowling, riding a 4 wheeler and motorcycles. English
Theresa Big Bird 314343097 Female, age 40. English
Theresa Starlite 218235479 Female. English
Theresa theresaa99 47247019 Female. Born December 26, 1962. English
Ann Thomas anntje 192157885 Female, age 44. Born 15.10 English
Jack Thomas johnny 310251015 Male. Born Aug. 2, 1946. Love the beach, walking along it late at night, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing in, the call of the gulls, pure serenity. Enjoy a game of golf. Travel a lot on business. Enjoy talking with ladies with wit and humour. English
Kathy Thomas katie 283480469 Female. Born in 1958. Single. Live in New Zealand. Two children (14 & 10). I work in a school part time. English
Patricia Thomas Pat` 234015940 Female, age 47. Born 7/6/1956. Married with 3 children, 1 stepson and 2 beautiful grandsons whom I love to death. Love to spend my time off work with them. I'm a CNA in a nursing home. Also love my job. Want to talk to any one who wants to have a clean conversation about family and good interesting things. English
Dave Thomason Dogboy 272314934 Male, age 49 big years. Single and looking. Crashed my flying machine 12 years ago and now I am trying to convert to a dog. My brain injury and my service dog work great together. Look at my sites; you can get to most of them from http://www.iamdave.us . English
Alice Thompson FAYEG7 310154124 Age 47. Head start teacher. I teach 4 yr. old kids and like it. I am a black female. Live in South Carolina. Love to go to church. I like skating. Don't drink/smoke, and I don't get high. Single; lost my husband in a motorcycle accident. I like respect, and I would like it back from you, too, ok? lol. That's not too much to ask, is it? Have a blessed day. English
Gary Thompson Gunner1 313463478 Male, age 46. Divorced. Live in Norman, Okla., USA. English
P. Thornhill Enigma39 84711901 Male. Born 05/05/1939. English
Thorsten Thorsten 123111116 Age 42. Live in Kiel, Germany. Interested in sports (esp. soccer, fitness, swimming). If you wanna know much more, please ask me ;-) . German, English
Thunder thunder 348377898 a English
Lee Tidrick LEEROY 215739364 Male. Born 03-03-1960. PISCES. Div. wht. male. Live in Elwood, Kansas. 5'6" & 155 lbs. Long brown hair, 11" past shoulders, but have enough character to admit that it is beginning to get a little thinner on top these days. Enjoy computers; I design and build them. Love outdoor photography! Guess I just get a little lonely sometimes, and I would just like to get to know at least a few other people (like myself) to give them someone else to talk to that will... LISTEN! (That's SINGLE, DIVORCED, WHITE, MALE!) English
Blanca Tiel sweety 215931564 Female, age 45. Want to meet people from all over. Like to be friends and chat with you. English, Spanish
Marlies Tietz egrossfamilie 234099731 Female. Born 18.05.1956. German
Tigger Tigger 336715825 Female. Born 12/08/61. English
Ekaterina Tikhonova katerina 200727161 Female, age 44. Russian
Tim TIM 389109 Male. Born in 1955. Looking for someone to talk to. I have a good sense of humor and a serious side also. English
Tim Tim 195863537 Born 1/19/61. 42 year old male from Philadelphia, Pa. Interested in computers and digital photography. Just looking for some woman friends all over the world, as they say variety is the spice of life. English
Richard Timms RPT 232583256 Male. Born 29-04-1956. Separated. Live in London, UK. English
Tina **Tina** 239536070 Female. Born in 1958. Live in PA. I'd love to chat with some new icq friends over 40. English
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell 122455636 Female. Born 28/11/1958. English
Roger Tinkler pagroove42 287134835 Male, age 55. English
Tino TINO 256194633 Male. German, English, Slovenian
TN Lady TN Lady 10640255 Female, age 45. English
Nikki Tobias Nikki 191615957 Female. Born 11/24/1960. Separated. Living in Manila, Philippines. Love music, beaches, long walks, travel. English, Tagalog
Tom redstorm 211950073 Male. Born in April, 1955. Like to camp, fish, do some paintball. Have a wife and 6 kids. English
Tom Tom 4554802 Male. English
Tom tusk 230350541 Male. Born in 1954. Divorced. Live in east Ont. English
Tommy Tommy 336904681 Male, age 40. English
Tommyboy tommyboy712 101184359 Male. Born in Feb., 1955. Married. 2 kids, 2 grandkids. English
Tone Tone 95340921 Age 60. Single male looking for a partner who is fit and sexual. English
Tony atakcat 4255760 Male. Born 2/14/61. English
Tony mapman 239051568 Male, age 41. Married but not dead yet. US English
Tony NEQSAS2 233169728 Born Dec. 23, 1956. Enjoy poetry, aviation/air fairs, music, playing keyboards, soccer, rugby rules football. Work as a safety/quality/environmental manager. English
Tony tb1 344666605 Male, age 60. Single. English
Tony Tony 346051614 Male, age 49. English
Tonyfitz tonyfitz 346662544 Male, age 43. Single. Live in Australia. Enjoy tennis, swimming. Looking for love. English
Debbie Toplis Cap43 232269926 Age 43. Divorced. Live in Johannesburg. English, Afrikaans
Travlinrose Travlinrose 18418328 Female. Enjoy music, plays, flea markets, cooking. English
Mary Tree maryjaneoz 220111960 Female, age 49. Gemini. Separated since Aug 2005. I've just found that there is life out there. I've had my own business for 6 years now, but it's still hand-to-mouth stuff.  Where I live it's known as the $10 town... $10 per hour for any trade. I live two blocks from the beach and hear the waves in the quiet of night. Love ancient history and reading. Love to learn. My garden is a delight to me, and I walk everywhere because my ex took the car. Ha Ha Ha. English
Tree fairy treefairy 156868888 Female. Single. Just looking for some nice people to chat with. English
Trevor trev 43601144 Male, age 41. Divorced. Live in Guildford. English
Trickyslim trickyslim 284813708 Male. Would just chat with people of my own age. English
Trish Rosie56 30994141 Female, age 46. English
Trish Trish 233293932 Born 5-29-1956. D/W/F. Recently divorced of a year after being in a marriage for 26 years. Am not looking for a serious relationship at this time. Interested in chatting with male or females. If you are married, that's ok, too - I can still be your friend. I am a good listener, and I hope you will be, too. Would really like to find me a "sugar daddy" out there - hehe... you know, like someone who will help support you, buy you fancy clothes, buy you a little red vette to cruise around in... but then again, what woman wouldn't want that, eh? Anyway, I'm just your average red-neck gal who can be the life of the party when she wants to be. Am very energetic, ambitious, caring and honest. English
trishann trishann 333893146 Female, age 45. Married, from Texas. Enjoy chatting. No cyber sex; flirting is okay. English
Trixy Trixy 205599892 Female. Hobby is art: painting, murals, art nail. Italiano, English
TT TT 237551363 Male, age 48. Hebrew, English
Tuck Tuck 21378745 Married male. Born 01/01/1957. 2 grown kids. Love to chat to pass the time. No games. English
Tuffy tuff_guitar_man 136817683 Male, age 44. English
Marina Tulupova panda 347465084 Female. Born 7 January, 1954. Biologist by education. Graduated from Moscow State University in 1978. English tutor at present. I teach mostly kids & students. Divorced. Live in Moscow, Russia. Hobbies: photography (wildlife, flowers, landscapes from numerous Russian nature reserves), travel - camping; reading English authors, esp. fantasy, detective stories & novels, some classics. I invite everyone over 40 to take part in my next expeditions to remote and rich in wildlife natural places. English
Tungategin tungategin 298053808 Male, age 45. "No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt English
Mark Turner mozach7 284747601 Male. Born May 8, 1957. Divorced. Looking for someone real. Want a serious long-term relationship with an attractive, intelligent, sexy lady who is free from the damage of previous relationships and ready to start a love affair with the right man. English
Neander Twain Neander 246878484 Male, age 43. Live in Germany. Like tennis, mountain biking, music, travelling. Looking for somebody to talk to via webcam or messenger. I am open for everything!!!!!!! German, English
Twn twn 262469108 a English
Tx tx 291548154 Male, age 45. English
Tx. Tx. 167628677 Male, age 50. Divorced. Live in Beaumont, Texas. English

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