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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
M. m 344994309 Male, age 47. Separated. Looking for clean conversation. English
Alan M. TAM 204459837 Male, feel about 35. Aries. Single, like to laugh, have fun, pull people's legs. Kind of a practical jokester; only the harmless kind though. I'm 6'1", about 175 lbs., long hair and short brown eyes... err is that the other way around? Have two pet peeves. I despise anyone that takes advantage of elderly people in any way! My other is anyone that is cruel, mean to any helpless animal. Dogs and cats have more love to give than a whole lot of people walking this earth (my opinion)! I like neat, cool funny ladies. I have no ulterior motives. Friends are great! If something else should happen, all the merrier. I am very shy and just happy riding a bike or coffee somewhere. Clubs aren't really me, but I can cook! English
Alex M. Alex 214376307 Male, age 43. Enjoy the outdoors, fitness, diving, movies and films, song, chat. English, Thai
Anita M. eyesfromalabama 190932878 Female, age 47. From Alabama. Enjoy making new friends. English
Antonio M. Antonio 153523164 Male, age 53. Portuguese, English
Audie M. chief49 151565935 Male, age 50. Married. Live in Colorado. Hoping to retire soon and head to Arizona. Love to make new friends all the time. English
Barry M. Bazza 315922461 Male, age 57. Married. Love fishing, weekends away at B&B's, beach days and long walks at night. English
Bill M. Bluebear 120289539 Male. Born 03/04/1961. Divorced. English
Bill M. William 247565872 Male, age 45. Bright, outgoing, playful, successful. How about you? :-) English
Brad M. Brad 8458599 Male. Born in 1953. Married. Live in Oklahoma. Enjoy woodwork, gardening, skiing, cars, coin collection, travel. English
Brian M. Brian 346842384 Male, age 41. Single. Live in Utah. Maybe moving back to California. English
Bruce M. cokeguy44 309857659 Male. English
Caleen M. Kelly 96972146 Female, age 40. English
Cathy M. Cathy 52471835 Female. Born . 1/30/56. Live near Toledo, Ohio. Divorced mom of 3 grown kids and 2 grandbabies English
Christine M. Chris 110950831 a English, German
Cindy M. belle 270234706 Female, age 44. English
D. M. dvmisa 321107278 Male, age 45. Looking. Live in Kansas. English
Dalia M. Asia 245014082 Female, age 40. Divorced long ago. Like to learn languages. Hope for friendly chat. If you're looking for an honest friend and serious conversation, add me. English
Danny M. pinnekes 137096665 Male, age 43. English, Dutch
Darlene M. dar 271534620 Female. Born in 1963. Married, 3 kids. Live in Bridgewater, NJ, USA. Like karate, crafting, new age & metaphysical. English
Dave M. daveyd 176733122 Male, age 52. Looking for casual romance in Winnipeg, Man., area. English
Dee M. badgirl68b 304184299 Female, age 46. Married. Located in Kansas City, Kansas. English
Derlith M. nening 177904082 Female. Born 11/15/51. English
Diane M. diane 262212296 Female, age 42. Divorced. Like the outdoors, camping, fishing, riding Harleys. My favorite hobby is building things out of wood. English
Donald M. Donny 298019424 Young at 48. Single male. Railroad conductor. Love hunting, fishing, camping, and all the outdoors. Conservative in nature, but have a fun loving outlook on life. English
Donna M. mardi 251629980 Female, age 45. Born in 1957. English
Elena M. gendel 248381824 Female. Born 18.05.1956. Divorced. Like travelling and meeting people. English
Elias M. caligula1 242924551 Male. Divorced. 190/89. Very nice man. Intelligent. Romanian, English
Emily M. mscanadianpie 286553540 Female, age 44 going on 24. Maybe we can share our thoughts without shame or regret or disappointment. Maybe just your words are the key to open me. I have family, pets, yadda, yadda, yadda. The best sense of humor and an open heart and mind. Most of all, I am a chatter box! English
Fayyaz M. fay 227113661 Male. Born 13 Jan., 1953. Now-a-days I am single. Badly need to get married again. I am a man of strong build, fair color, caring nature and trustworthy. 5 ft 8 inches tall. Slightly overweight but love to play games. Found of driving and talking to loved ones. Have my on import/export business and own my residence. I wish that my loved one should be fair, slim, smart, attractive, caring, trustful and loving nature, who knows how to live a life with a life partner. English
Finar M. Choube 173851114 Male. Born 10/15/1963. French, English, Spanish
Frances M. fran 330752631 Female, age 59. Born 24/01/1945. High school teacher. Divorced with two sons. Live in Sydney, Australia. Love music and travelling. Always looking for mature friends to travel with. English
G. M. super1 119556242 Male. Born Aug. 21, 1957. Separated. Tanned and fit. Self employed fitness center and tanning salon owner. I never take life too serious because no one ever gets out alive anyway!!! English
Geo M. mac 312210109 Male, age 45. Looking for someone to chat with. Old Hippy biker artist. Live 20 miles from nowhere. Up in my mt's and need a friend to chat with. U name it baby, let's dance. English
George M. b1ahqy85 282271880 Male, age 41. Widower. Live in Sutton, Ont., Canada. Blonde hair, brown eyes, 5 feet 9 inches, 150 lbs. One quarter native Indian, grandfather's side. Like football, hockey, swimming, hunting. Will talk about any subject. Pic available. Women only. English
Gerald M. shyman6159 310816221 Male, age 46. English
Gerry M. GoodFellow 81467609 Age 42. Married. 3 kids. Love 70, 80's music, soccer, social drinking and just trying to enjoy myself. English
Harold M. HAL 278185595 Male, age 49. English
Harry M. deamon707 328536428 Male, age 47. Single. Looking for the right person to be in my world. Love to walk in the moonlight, read lots of books, and have fun with my dogs. I am a rare dog breeder as well. English
Ignacio M. SPRITE 239656157 Tierno, cariñoso, sumamente divertido y capaz de llegar a amar hasta el limite de tu imaginacion. Si buscas a alguien mas que especial, ese soy yo. Español, English
Ike M. SINNER 283507707 Male. Enjoy fishing, music, cooking, travel, stay home night dinner, dance and more. English
Iwona M. iwett 249765299 Female, age 42. Vivo a Parma. Sono alta 173 con occhi verdi. Peso normale. Sono separata. Cercho una persona responsabile, onesta, educata, sincero. Italiano
J. M. Jan 302372699 Female, age 47. Divorced. Live in Scotland. Enjoy theatre, cinema, eating out/in. Like all kinds of music, especially sentimental. Mature nursing student (final year). Friendly outgoing person, good sense of humour. No cyber, viruses or other kinds of nonsense. English
Jackie M. jademi 156038030 Female, age 43. Divorced about 10 years now. Have been dating but haven't found anyone to continue on down the path with me, at least not yet. I like to read, be in nature, and walk. All of these activities are enhanced with good company. English
JB M. JB 179117303 Female, age 53. Single. Love the outdoors, from rough camping to rv'ing across the US. Creative. Christian but not closed minded. I need to laugh a lot, so no depressive personalities allowed. I also believe friendships last longer than lovers, but I want both in one. English
Jeff M. ®ZOEMEISTER 294634171 Born 4/15/47. 56 year old male. 4 children, 4 grandchildren. Involved with girls' fast pitch softball; coach high school varsity, travel teams, umpire, and 1 on 1 instructor, teaching all aspects of the game. Play guitar in my free time. Listen to almost any kind of music. Enjoy chatting and playing on the computer, meeting and talking to people. English
Jeff M. fluffy 302437148 Male, age 47. Divorced. Lancs. English
Jeffrey M. Machiavelli 240311285 41 yr. old DWM. 5'8" tall brn/brn with what I have been told are deep brown "bedroom eyes" ( you can decide if we meet). I am laid back and grounded. Love to laugh; enjoy being around, watching, and interacting with interesting people. I've come to that part of growing where I can enjoy the wonder in a sunset as much as the red on a Ferrari. English
Jim M. captngreybeard 234660829 Male, age 43. Born 5/9/61. Easygoing guy in Maine. Like to chat. Interested in music; play guitar. Have own maintenance business. Love winter; good for snuggling around the fire. English
Jim M. Hotwop 18437186 Male, age 45. Single. Open minded. Would love to talk to women, make friends. English
Jim M. pirate2parrot 334904933 Male. Born October 16, 1950. English
John M. little me 276069879 Male, age 52. Ex in Luton. Love t' make people smile and be happy, eating out, shopping, sport. English
John M. spike 217859263 Male, age 58. Divoised. Live in London. Enjoy driving, camping, countryside, girls, films. Lots of things to talk about. English
Josiane M. Serena 170721358 Female. Born 14/05/59. Separated. Brazilian. Love life. Portuguese, English
Jozsef M. Joey 237333416 Male. Born 08-13-1952. English, Hungarian
JP M. jp 293022252 Male. Born in 1954. French, English
Judi M. Sapphire 109068386 Female. Born 02-02-63. English
K. M. midnightdawn 309411437 Female. Born in August. Just be patient; I'm new to this. English
Kathy M. kat 342777750 Female, age 49. Divorced. In Florida. Raised 6 boys alone, one still at home. Now it's my turn. English
Katie M. ladykateandoz 294761285 Female, age 41. Divorced 7 years. 2 grown children and 1 brand new beautiful granddaughter. Looking for someone interesting to talk to now that the kids are gone. English
Kevin M. kevinM 270075657 Male, age 50. English
Lauren M. krazydoobie 310757669 Female, age 47. Single. Like outdoors, travel, swimming and sewing. English
Leroy M. royboyone 299988265 Male, age 41. Separated. Looking to just go out without a commitment. I like camping, hiking, some fishing, or just going out and having some fun without getting drunk. English
Lesley M. Butch 167450009 Age 46. Single father of three. From Missouri. Love the outdoors, kids, animals, fishing, camping, hiking, gardening, working in my yard. I am 5'10" tall. Weigh about 200 lbs but losing. Homeowner, full time worker. Lonely as hell for adult companionship and conversation. Looking for a lady to chat with, become friends with, and hopefully something down the line. No games, no bull, just me. I smoke. Don't do drugs, nor do I drink. English
Liam M. Lee 296202640 Male. Born 12/07/50. Single. English
Linda M. hotelgal 262039902 Female, age 48. Been divorced for about 12 yrs. now. I'm a bus driver for pre-school children and really like it. Also a bartender. Have been doing that on and off for the past 30 yrs. Would like to find a nice single man that is honest and responsible and likes to have a good time. I have a lot of good close friends, so I can't have someone that is extremely jealous. It would be nice to have someone to share my life with and be close to. English
Lucas M. kentucky moon runner 171819431 S.w.m. age 51, Kentucky. Born 11-20-51. Just a country boy by heart. Love the full outdoors from camping out under the stars along the lake beside the fire, to hunting, fishing, hiking through the woods, nature walk or climbing a bluff. Boating, water sports, also. Enjoy the oldies classic rock, 60's on up, cooking different dishes, cuddling up in front of the tv on the cold winter nights :-) with the right lady. Always open for a chat with s/w/f. English
Luigi M. marco_1077 204745843 Male. Italiano
Maina M. Maina 84176150 Male, age 53. Born 3rd Nov., 1950. Married. 2 kids. Live in India. Enjoy golf, cricket and tennis, movies, and music. English
Maria M. m.anselmetti 304135621 a English
Maria Cristina M. creta 266823627 Female. Born 14-03-1955. Widow. Single. Professional. Español, Ingles
Marisol M. mariangeldeken 203130385 Female. Born in 1964. Single. Looking for friends with whom to exchange cultures, music, hobbies, etc. English
Mary M. mimi42 319880665 Born in April 1963. In a long term relationship. Live in Texas. Like the outdoors, camping, hiking, gardening, etc. Have four grown children. No grandchildren yet. Looking for friends. English
Mawad M. kw 172902858 Male, age 43. Married. Living in Nigeria. English
Melissa M. soundqueen 209629305 Female, age 41. Married 11 yrs. Just renewed our vows in Cabo. Haven't used icq since our son left for college. Guess that makes me a newbie. Not looking for anything other than possible new friendships. English
Melody M. mel 263426495 Female. English
Melvin M. mel 303334064 Male. English
Miglena M. MARIA-MAGDALENA 342022059 Female, age 40. Live in Varna, Bulgaria. Doctor of medicine. Like to travel. English, Russian
Mike M. SunGod 310498571 Male, age 46. Single again and still searching for my life partner. I am easy going. I think I am passionate, caring, compassionate, and loving. I am a Leo, and you get whatever comes along with that, which would be I am loyal, I am devoted, I have an ego, I am stubborn, "I have a way of turning love making into an art form." Not my words; they were in my astrology chart. Have a temper but have made great strides to control it. You really have to push my button to get it to show anymore. Am happy to say that was not always the case. Really hate arguments!!!! Would much rather talk out issues with open communication and not play the blame game. Like going to the movies and out for dinner. Sushi is one of my favorites. If interested, please send me a message and let's see where it goes. English
Miki M. Soulsister 285157376 Female. Born 06/06/1961. Divorced. Love to travel, sport, music, especially soul, R&B and Northern Soul. Have many interests, so won't list all, as I need something to talk about. :-) English
Monica M. Mona 112960248 Female, age 53. Born 26.12.49. English, Italian
Mostafa M. battawy 299002690 Male, age 49. Married, Civil engineer. Like music, the sea, walking in moonlight, love/friendship. Arabic, English
Mounir M. Mony 309596856 Male, age 63. Born 04 July, 1940. English, German
Nancy M. Nancy219 273531867 Female, age 48. English
Nema M. neems63 276403576 Female. Born July 11, 1963. Single. Hobby is collecting anything to do with Indians, wolves, and Teddy Bears. Love the outdoors and love house plants. Anything else, you may wish to ask. English
Nikolaos M. ÓÏÊÉÍ 247448535 Male. Born in 1955. Greek
Nora M. Happy 281305147 Female, age 55. Married. Enjoy chatting with people who have great sense of humour. English
Nuntawon M. yee 158409180 a English, German
Omar M. omarmoham 165777025 Male, age 40. Single lonely man. Like music, nature, travel. I enjoy every beautiful thing, animals, flowers, even words. Wish to meet true friendship by this way. English
Pat M. Pat 150271203 Male. English
Patricia M. mapa 112848560 Female. Born in 1957. Divorced. Live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I like movies, traveling, family, music. Happy with my life. I like people. Spanish, English
Patty M. Patty 41657944 Female, age 46. English
Pauline M. petal2 240087949 Female. Born 11/10/52. Live in Wales. Married and in a happy stable relationship. Would just like to chat. Enjoy communicating by msn/yahoo/icq and e mail and snail mail. Also LOVE reading, music, cooking, photography, antiques, walking, swimming, theatre and films, gardening and hunting down bargains. Two sons, one stepdaughter, two step grandchildren. I am a teacher. English
R. M. Tiger 41947094 Male, age 47. Married. Live in Cairo, Egypt. Love sports, music, reading. English, Arabic
Rafael M. sagitario77 196242494 Born 15 December, 1935. Well educated gentleman. Widowed. Loving life and nature, beach, sea, country, walks, travel. Living alone in Cascais, Portugal. Looking for compatible lady, Portuguese or European. English, French, Portuguese
Randy M. Randy 242239853 Male. English
Randy M. Randy 284957149 Male, age 48. English
Rashid M. rashid 250894698 Male, age 44. Married with two children. Live in Delhi, India. Interests: spirituality, finance, other wide interests. Love to make friends, preferably of the opposite sex. English
Ray M. Ray 200271793 Age 46. Single. German living in Italy. Romantic, caring, in need of love. English
Rayne M. rayne101 307933547 Female, age 43. Divorced. Live in Peoria, IL. Enjoy reading, internet, computers. 5' 3" tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, few extra pounds. What I'm looking for in a man is HONESTY, SINCERITY, TENDERNESS, TRUST AND TO BE A GENTLEMAN. If one or more of those do not apply, please DO NOT RESPOND. English
Remy M. Rem 331062029 a English
Richard M. lyonheart 207626918 Male. Wise beyond my years. I am an interesting man who likes people. I listen well and am gifted with a certain amount of insight into the hearts of others. I can give advice upon request that might give a solution to what might seem an impossible situation. I would like to talk to you and get to know you better. English, Spanish
Richie M. richie 328219259 Male, age 47. Live in western Australia. Enjoy music, chat, meeting people. Architect and wine lover. Would like to meet genuine people to share thoughts and life. English
Rick M. rickpack 222285319 Male. Born November 22, 1961. English
Riyaz M. ri 160262923 Male. Born 20 Oct., 1953. Fun loving person who is caring, loving, honest, romantic. I love making friends, travelling, cars, movies, reading. Seeking someone fun loving, broad minded, honest and of course romantic. Remember, beauty lies within. English
Robert M. Littlehawk 227969761 Male, age 49. Single. Live in California. Enjoy music, dancing, singing, movies, fishing, camping, local and, Uhhhmm, possibly further out traveling. Interest in any water scene. Love the beach and ocean. Very interested in the color of your eyes, hard earned curves... LOL!!!! Yes, sense of humor too! Hope we can talk. Even better yet, hope we live close to each other if we connect. Wish you well; warm hugs. English
Ron M. rockinron 222007135 Male, age 40 something. Single. Live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Work in the oil field (drilling rigs). Hard to find time for hobbies. Interested in puters and cars. Don't do drugs or drink. English
Roseli M. roserj40 279890521 Age 40. Brazilian. Live in Rio de Janeiro. Love reading, music and the beach. Looking for friends and love. Portuguese
Sandra M. sandi 250025552 Female. Born 31/12/1957. Single. Live on the east coast near the beach. Love to be on the water. Like doing just about anything outdoors. Like taking photos, dancing, traveling. English
Saundra M. auburnrose 162981992 Female, age 49. English
Shane M. silas_marner 192413916 Male. English
Silvia M. pusa958 150929825 Female, age 45. Romanian, English
Stephanie M. step 257713537 Female, age 43. Single. Live in Cebu City, Philippines. English
Steve M. jayray 65670783 Male. English
Steve M. sfm209 256051957 Male. Born 6-15-61. Divorced and live alone. Work two jobs and don't get out much. Like to do dinner dates with people I meet on line. I have a profile on yahoo with the name stev43. Please check it out. English
Steve M. xplorer3 216333174 Male, age 48. Single. Looking for female friendship from anywhere in the world. I live on the south coast of England. Many interests and hobbies. English
Sue M. _devil69 259712576 Female. Divorced & luvin it!!! Sussex in UK. English
Sunney M. cowboy 5039117 Born 5/15/60. Divorced dad. English
Susan M. MizBookfiend 263155251 Female. Born in 1962. Single, Canadian (Alberta). Love great conversation about books, movies, art, science, politics, dogs, cats, etc. English
Susana M. Susy 18007041 Female. Single. Well educated. Like music and country. Spanish, English
Tami M. Tam 208650847 Female, age 45. Live in San Antonio. English
Terri M. Terri 311511239 Female, age 43. Single. Like the finer things in life. Enjoy photography, the beach, champagne (or a good wine). Love travelling. Would like to meet somebody intelligent, hardworking, attractive with a good heart. English
Terry M. 1aussiguy46 197631987 Male. English
Thomas M. tmaris 245201926 Male, age 47. Separated. Live in Thessalonika, Greece. Enjoy travelling. English, Greek
Tom M. catfish51 283366251 Age 51. English
Tommie M. Blue43 254279352 Born August 3, 1958. Divorced female. Three children and one granddaughter (step). Live in southeast Texas near Beaumont. I like fishing, hunting, reading good books, sewing, crafts, playing board games or cards, bingo, short walks on the beach on a clear night or on the lake. Also love music and dancing. I like peaceful things. Looking for someone to treat me like the lady that I am. I do smoke. Drink occasionally. I'm 5'4", blonde hair, blue eyes, large frame. English
Trishabelle M. trisha 334463561 Female, age 44. English
Wayne M. mort 329429623 Male. Born 12-4-50. English
Yadelin M. cubana_de_miami 202592275 Mujer. Español
Yehia M. Yehia 173643895 Male. Born 9\9\1948. Love to talk with honest ladies. Arabic, English
Yoli M. Yoli 112100810 Female, age 41. Married, two daughters. I love languages and also speaking to different people to know other ways of life. I only want to talk to someone who wants to tell me something. German, Spanish, English
Mabel mab 340913904 Female. Wish to chat with humorous, fun loving male. English
Mack mack 310441586 Male. Born 10/01/1955. English
Al MacMillan Al 282715184 Male, age 61. Gemini. Widowed, self employed in technical sales. Live in the mountains, interior of B.C. Canada, although ex Scotland. Interested in meeting people, M/F, from all over. Can discuss many subjects. Too busy with my business at present for any hobbies. I was into boating, both power and sail, played a lot of golf, did a lot of photography, shot a few weddings for friends. Have been on two hot air balloon flights -- Fantastic!!! Just looking for friends to talk to, no smut or cyber, although I do like a good joke from time to time. Would appreciate any conversation. English
Macy Macy 2756772 Female. Born in 1962. Enjoy music and travelling. Have wonderful dogs. Would love to have friends here. English
Maria Magdalena anna 301401654 Female, age 47. Enjoy exchanging ideas with mature people all over the world whether male or female. With this type of technology I can learn history and geography direct from citizens of the different countries I come across. English, Tagalog
Magdy egyptman 268170762 Male, age 39. English, French, Arabic
Mage2k9 mage2k9 320584932 50 yr old swm that has never been married but open to the idea if the opportunity presents itself. Looking for new friends on the net. Interests include travel, computers, hiking, fishing, camping. English
Maggie Maggie 46297242 Female. Born 23 Sept. 1948. English
Maggie Maggie 127056762 Age 44. Single gal not looking to pick up anyone; quite happy to be single. Currently in the middle of having 4 months of work. Have 3 teenagers & no other abnormalites! English
Magic John magicjohn 293962178 Male, age 51. English
Mags minty 156116970 Female, age 40. Single. Love swimming, gardening, music. English
Charles Mahany DART LtC 421st FS/IP 51970843 Male. Born in Nov. 58. Divorced. Live in Homestead, Florida, USA. Like crafts, sports. English
Maiden city babe maidencitybabe 281501100 Female, age 40. From northern Ireland, the land of the wee folk, and that includes me. I'm only 5ft with long black hair, green eyes that have a wee twinkle in them when I get into mischief, lol. Love rock'n'roll and oldies and love to relax and chill out the odd time, as well as having a good laugh at life. Always on the lookout for a good friend because I like people who don't take life too seriously, and that includes me, too. So get in touch and have a laugh and a chat. Love ya all. xx English
Madonna Majabague Donna 266881364 Female. Born in 1956. Single. Live in Austria. Enjoy my job, walking, seeing the world. Am a Filipina living and working since 1976 in Austria. Seeking people with good behavior and educated. English, German, Tagalog
Pamela Makboul Pam 230358038 Born 2/8/55. Single mom. Living in Kissimmee, Florida. Love to sing and am presently working in the studio on my first CD. Am a teacher by profession. Love concerts and theatrical performances, gospel music, jazz, and Christian contemporary. I am looking for a man to share these interests with me, as a friend or even more. Who knows? English
Malcombe Malcombe 61240052 Male. Born 28th February, 1956. Divorced. Residing in Essex. Enjoy reading, listening to music, walking in the countryside, camping. Enjoy the "outdoors," visiting places especially of historical interest, reading biographies and personal travel experiences. I'm an honest, caring, supportive person. English
J. Mammen jack 240798743 Male, age 50. English
Manati9 manati9 276690983 Female. Born 11-11-59. English
Carolynn Mandala kittykat 201993870 Female, age 53. Just an interesting, fun-loving baby boomer. Everyone says I'm really pretty. Slim and with it. English
Vicki Maness spider 157862799 Female. Born 9\24\1953. Happily married. Two grown kids. Live in west Tennessee. English
Kate Manor Tara 297431812 Female, age 46. Born 30/06/58. Would like to chat with divorced men (parents). English, Afrikaans
Josie Mapa josie 179297628 Female. Born May 20, 1963. Married. One child. Filipina living in Israel. Enjoy meeting and making new friends, on the net or in person. Clean chat. English
Marc Marc 292578948 S.W.M. Age 44. 6'2" 200 lbs. Attractive, fit, blue eyes, full straight black hair. I'M sincere, loyal, honest, forgiving, compassionate, Christian. Enjoy a lot of activities. Interested in finding a sincere S.W.F. English
Marco marco 235996456 Male. Born 17-04-1948. Married. Live in Poland near Gdansk. I'm a sailor (on lakes). Sing in church chorus. Have Briard breed dogs. English, Deutsch
Margaret mags_joan 331778119 Age 50. Married lady in UK would like to make new friends in any country. I enjoy outdoor activities boating, walking. Clean chat only. English
Margaret mona lisa 247769463 Female. Born June 20. Married but alone too much and would like someone to chat with about just about anything. Artist, love the outdoors, good food and good company. English
Margatemale margatemale 276388069 a English
Margie margie 205752140 Female. Born in 1960. Married, with three teenagers. Work full time as a registered nurse. I love to chat with a variety of people. I enjoy the company of friends & a drink or two when relaxing. I'm extremely tolerant of people & enjoy how they tick! English
Margie margie 236916770 Female, age 41. English
Margo margo 235838780 Female. English, Russian
Mari mari 250982019 Female, age 46. English
Maria Maria 33739531 Female, age 49. Born 28/10/1954. Divorced. Two grown kids. Would like to find a man who can come and meet me for real. I am looking for a serious and true full-of-love relationship. English
Maria marileyn 103254961 Female. English, Greek
Marie marie 162747453 Female. Born in 1956. Divorced. Work full time as a manageress in a clothes shop. I'm slim, blond, green eyes. Enjoy reading, movies, dancing, net, relaxing with friends. English
Marie marie 163017821 Female, age 42. English
Mariela Mariela 281492969 Female, age 43. Happy, very honest person who likes to enjoy life. Like to be surrounded by nice people. I am a widow and a professional. Enjoy dancing, reading and also studying. Love nice views. Want to meet honest, sincere, very entertaining people from other countries. Spanish, English
Marilou Marilou 136299114 Female. Born June 14, 1955. Single. English
Marilyn GrammaMar 301402366 Female. Born 05/10/1942. Divorced. Live in Illinois. Interests are making new friends, travel, camping, fishing, going to concerts. Mainly, enjoying life. English
Marilyn mt.girl 125754193 Female. Born 3/24/55. Single. I like camping, swimming and doing crafts. Live in Maryland. Would like to find a companion who is sincere, caring, and serious about being with someone. I am a full figured lady with long blond hair and blue eyes. I'm about 5'4" tall. English
Marina Marina 152016052 Female, age 40. From Latvia. Divorced. I'd like to meet my new good friends. :-) English
Marina MarinaFr 345968174 Female. English, French
Marionmacmc marionmacmc 330205102 Female, age 42. Widowed. Live in Australia. Work in the medical field. English
Mark marckus 26986533 Male, age 43. A few of my interests are playing tennis, reading Stephen King novels, taking long drives along the coast or countryside, and just spending time with someone special. I'm polite, sincere and would like to chat with fun, interesting, women with a great sense of humor. Enjoy talking about anything, so stop on by and introduce yourself. English
Mark Mark 281516073 Male. Born in age 1955. Single for 3 yrs. Marriage and family therapist. Enjoy the outdoors and sports. English
Marla Marla 93092405 Female, age 49. Engaged. English
Marlene 1superstar 117360152 Female. Divorced but living with a wonderful man. Enjoy cross-stitching and genealogy. Also like walking and swimming English
Marlene hazel eyes 167265946 Female, age 50. Like football and basketball. Listening to music and dancing, as well. English
Marlene marmar 264719909 Female. Born Jan. 19, 1955. Divorced and living in Fredericton, N.B. English
Married amusedwoman 99874703 Female, age 46. Married English
married in to married_in_to 300177356 Male, age 44. I think woman over 40 are fantastic! Love meeting and chatting with women who are interesting, intelligent and self confident. Like to roller blade every day in the warm months. I try to be witty. Intense, intelligent, and try to always be interesting. Like to have fun; like to hear people share talk about themselves. Don't do fluff well, as I like to focus on the core stuff. Free during the days. English
Marsha Shabalyn 55209587 Female, age 49. Divorced. 3 grown children. Live in Vermont, USA. Looking for friends. English
Michael Marshall marsh 164679515 Male, age 43. Born 28/03/60. Married with 3 kids, son 16 and twins 13, boy/and girl. Live in Colchester, Essex. My hobbies are fishing and watching all kinds of sport. Am a keen Chelsea fan and Plymouth Argyle. I am a good dart player, also. Would like to chat with anybody who wishes to chat. I don't bite, can be quite witty and fun at times, and just because I am married doesn`t mean that I can't have female or male friends to chat with. So if you fancy a chat and I am online, just drop in. You never know you might like me... lol lol. English
Martha Rebel By Nature 304234192 Female, age 42. English
Martie Martie 41734241 Female. Born 10/28/57. Recently separated. Live in Pa. Mother of 3 and grandmother of 9. I like camping, going to the beach, quiet times at home, and spending time with my family. English
Barry Martin barry 201748948 Male. Born 22.11.47. Divorced. I'm romantic, tactile, honest, genuine. English
Bill Martin Bill 121710650 Male, age 49. Divorced. Live in Baltimore County, USA. Enjoy gardening, bike riding, reading, women. Divorced for four years and live alone. Have a dog and two cats. I work in the social work field and find I work too much. My hope is that this will spice up my rather hum drum life. English
Clarence Martin mangonebad 283514189 Male, age 43. Live in Arizona. Married but looking for a friend. English
Martina Tinja 279977235 Age 41. Deutsch
Marisa Martins Marisa 178148086 Female, age 46. Divorced. Love music and to dance. I'm an architect. English, Portuguese
Mary italgal 11723021 Divorced. Try to golf. English
Mary KOALA08 96927549 Female, age 40+. Single. Love music, movies, nature etc. Looking for male friends to chat with and get to know. Clean chat only, please. English, French, Dutch
Mary maryb12 10145989 Female. Born in 1944. Married. Have 3 grandchildren, a parrot, cattle, chickens and a pheasant. Enjoy meeting & chatting with people from all over. Interested in cooking, crafts, flowers & sewing. English
Mary MaryLiz 194740506 Female, age 52. Seeking real conversation. English
Mary satinroses 240412905 Female, age 52. Hobbies are sewing, computers, karaoke, going out and having good clean fun, bowling, music, and watching a good comedy movie or a good drama. I'm a Born Again Christian, and  attend church as often as I can get there. Like to chat on the computer, so if you have any interests like mine, then send me a message. English
Mary Sunnetlove 310355884 Age 47. Good looking single woman. Live in The Netherlands, Europe. Many hobbies and interests, especially languages. Would like to chat with men between 40 - 50 yrs. old that are genuinely interested in a nice chat with some depth and humour as well. Please, no kinky/cyber talk! English, German, French
Marygrace compqueen 344221615 Female. English
Mast Mast 172001037 Male. Born 04.03.49. English, Chinese
M. E. Matlock Bigdog4542002 224026746 Male. Born 10-16-44. English
Kev Matthews knightowl 298432358 Male, age 45. Defacto relationship. Looking for some spice in life. English
Maud Maud 226817652 Female, age 46. Born just a little too late to be a hippy, but I am an earth mother type. Love to play in my garden, work with my animals and enjoy life in general. Love to talk to people. I'm bisexual but not looking for any long term relationship-type thing. English
Maureen alvira 247709289 Born 4-2-52. Divorced. Live in northeast USA. Bisexual female. Cau., blue eyes, long straight blk hair, 5'3", plump and tanned. Seeking friendship first, and maybe then a relationship. I'm an honest, affectionate, compassionate lady. I like NASCAR racing, camping, fishing, swimming, boating, gardening, walks on the beach, animals, children, paranormal topics, bowling, bbq's, social clubs, family outings, picnics, going to the movies, reading, and all kinds of music (not in order). If interested, contact me. {:0) English
Max Guitarman 268944400 Male, age 48. Divorced. Friendly, open minded. Living in Sydney, Australia. Enjoy music, the movies, travelling, meeting open minded people for chats and making new friendships. English
Max Max 127725588 Male, age 50. Dutch, English, German
Max the florist Max the florist 172492544 Male. English
A. May Rosepetals 222739945 Female. Born April 19. English
Maz Pedla 179358980 Female, age 54. Single, sort of. Live in Launceston, Tasmania. Interested in poetry, writing, dream interpretation, personality analysis, feminism, walking, drinking red wine, partying, dancing, computers, Italy, cooking, ideas, philosophy, academia, books, books and books. English
Mazlyn Mazlyn 164089631 Female, age 43. Single parent of 3, though 2 have now left home. Completing a part time uni degree and love my sports. Known to love a chat on nearly anything. English
Vincenzo Mazzei Windchen 236254226 Male. Born 27/11/1951. Divorced. Italian; live in Bologna. Teacher. About 1.81 cm tall. Like to run and to be in the mountains. Enjoy gardening and spend a lot of time cooking Italian foods. Also read a lot. Looking for a woman friend; I feel very alone. Italian, English, German, Spanish
Brian McCaffrey brianmc 277608695 Male, age 56. English
Cat McConnell Cat 34888944 Female. Born 2/3/48. Married with 2 grown daughters. Love cooking, reading good books, jazz, beach, gardening and interesting conversation. Keep it clean, though. Love to meet folks from all over the world. English
Marg McDaniel pleaser 276030871 Female, age 52. Born 7/12/51. Married but looking for a special friend in the Marianna area that wants to get to know a special friend for some good close relationship in an out of the bedroom. I enjoy walking and nature and sport cars and just feeling free when I am with that special person to have some fun and be happy with each other. English
Joseph McGavin UNICORN 132267252 Male. Born 03/04/51. English
Sonny McGinnis Sonny 167985896 Male, age 44. Single. English
Steve McGough steve 171834139 Male. Born 21-08-1952. Single. Live near Nottingham, England. Own a small carpet shop. I try to play the piano + other instruments. Like to go to the Canary Isles every few weeks. English
Nancy McGuire Sorrel Lady 62676720 Female, age 45. English
Doug McIntosh Livewire 171034711 Born Dec/27/52. Single male who loves outdoor sports and shopping, dancing, dining, and lots of hugs. My location is Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Small business owner. Hobbies: computer, fixing cars, building anything and learning new things in life. Would like to find that person to walk beside in life. Could this be someone out there? English
Dan Mckim link2dan 316455295 Age 45. Single. Live in California. Own my own home business. Really enjoy working with and helping people. I enjoy showing people in 7 minutes how to earn a good income and get healthy. Also enjoy showing parents how they can make sure their children can surf the net safely. English
Billy McLauchlan Scottyboy 340590609 Male, age 40. English
Shaun McNally dview 306094987 Male, age 49. English
Belinda McRae BelindaM 314340566 Female, age 43. English
Me me 163587369 Female. English
Mecki Mecki 194159200 Female, age 40. German
Megan MeAgain 213362965 Female, age 41. English
Mei mei 56966057 Female. Japanese; live in Japan. Like cooking, listening to music, traveling, drinking with friends. I like a friend who is merry. English
Mei Mei Mei mei 232031814 Female, age 40. Born 1962, Oct. 13. I can only accept clean chat. English
Mary Meikle willow 203664604 New to ICQ. Looking forward to meeting new people. Not really looking for romance, but new friends are always very welcome. I am a nurse in charge of a busy surgical ward as well as a mother of 4 children, so my life is busy, as you can imagine. I look forward to hearing from you. English
Mel mel 262399738 Female. Born in 1954. Divorced. Live in Ontario, Canada. English
Kostas Melidonis patrick 304777163 Male, age 55. Born 28/11/48. With pleasure waiting serious ladies for clean chat. Greek, English
Melissa txblueyes1958 260524410 Female, age 47. Live in Houston, Texas. Have been divorced for five years. English
Menno nicekerel 228905547 Male. Born 25-03-65. Divorced. Self employed. Hobbies: formula 1, computer, chatting, and cam. English
Kim Mensman Kimmee 42876892 Born 09/1957. SWF. Happy, fun and love life. Love plants and working in my yard. Enjoy cooking and having friends over to eat. Have two pups. Was born and raised in La., then met, fell in love and moved to Ms. And now I just don't exactly want to go back. Would love to meet and chat with males over the age of 38, single, and just looking for a friend. English
Joe Merchant handsomeguy 337374812 Male. English
Merci merci 224992138 Female. Born 15 Feb. English
George Meredith bojim68 262518129 Male. Age 68. Born in Canada. Single. Live in Ontario, Canada. Hobbies: art, music, stamp collecting. Love meeting people worldwide. English
Merle Merle 244143359 Male, age 43. Married. Live in Orlando, FL. English
Rhonda Lee Meszaros meszaros_family 226718061 Female, age 40. Born in 1963. Recently separated. Interests are horses and working out. English
Tai Miacia Tai Miacia 4311147 Male, age 47. Married. Interests: music, computers, art. English
Hans Miauton Jerry 349431966 Male. Born 28.12.1937. Married. Live in Switzerland. Interested in photography, jazz, piano concertos, nature, walking, Formula 1 racing. French, English, German
Michael biggie 204597574 Male, age 50. Single. Live in Limerick, Ireland. Like chat, travel, sun dogs, meeting new people. Would like to chat with females from Ireland or the States/Canada. English
Michael Compustein 29880703 Male, age 49. Married. Computer professional in New Mexico, USA. Looking for chat partners. I'm a reader, a sci-fi fan and a heavy metal and hard rock sort of guy. Love to laugh and have a wide range of interests. Look me up and let's see what we can get going. English
Michael MADMAN 218148498 Male. Born 27.04.1965. German, English
Michael Michael 136178 Male, age 50. English, French
Michael Michael 319326823 Male, age 49. Divorced for a long time and am very content. My life is good, but I would like an honest friendly sensual woman in it. English
Michel spep 231074881 Male. Born in 1954. Looking for new friends. Live in Savoie, France. French, English
Michele Mike 171168532 Male, age 44. Divorced. Living in northeast Italy. English
Michelle mlj707 61238184 Female, age 46. 3 grown children (gone from home) and 3 girls at home, ages 15, 12, & 11. Shoulder length medium brown hair, hazel eyes and have lots of love to give to someone. Is that someone you? Do you like to take walks holding hands, hang out together watching movies ready with a tissue for the sappy ones and a shoulder for the scary ones, to dance holding each other close without hardly moving at all, sports - namely: football and NASCAR. Would you like to fly to a tropical island, just to lie in a hammock together and discover more about each other, or maybe lie on the beach watching the world float by as the water laps at our feet, or take a moonlit dip in the water? Do you like to spend Sunday mornings with a paper spread out around you while laying curled up on the couch with someone you love, a cup of coffee early in the morning while watching the sun rise all around you, to get caught in the rain? (My apologies to Rupert Holmes for stealing that.) Do you mind watching your partner talk to anyone, knowing the whole time they are, she is, thinking about you? Knowing she will be coming home with you? Do you mind that your partner may have a glass of wine while you have an ice cold beer, or to grab a beer because the mood fits? Do you mind that she is more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than in a dress? Oh, gosh, there is more, but all of that pretty much sums me up. If any of that describes you, please drop me a line. I would love to chat with you! English
Michelle Shell 47148125 Female. Born 03-03-59. Single. Like music, dancing, chatting, computers. Animal lover, travel, photography. 2 teenage kids keep me busy as well as full-time work in local government and teaching IT in community education. English
Mick Micky Dripping 339735524 Male. Born in May, 1961. Single. No bin lids. Live in Middlesbrough, England. Like to have a good chat with a sensible person with a good sense of humour. A big fan of ENGLISH football, especially Middlesbrough F.C. If you want more info, get in touch. I do not bite, ok? English
Mickey mickey 36357802 Male, age 40. Married. Like to play badminton. English
Micromichael micromichael 347873902 Male. Born in 1961. English
Mieke Mieke 203652507 Female. Born 24-12-1956. Living together. 2 kids. Work in a hospital. English
Mike 13thMEU_GYSGT. RECON 255200811 Born in 1963. Divorced W/M. Live in southern California. 5'11", 190 bald/brn. Chat, email...?? English
Mike cramden 108947035 Male. English
Mike Mike 114948260 Male, age 46. Like music, motorbikes, travel, the outdoors. English
Mike Mike 156411707 Male. Born in the 1950's. Divorced. English
Mike Mike_77 218806309 Male, age 54. English
Mike mikenmt 36585672 Age 49. Divorced single dad that raised his two kids. Both are now in college. I live near Yellowstone National Park. English
Mike Mr.Brief 236471952 Male, age 55. Single. Retired June 13th, 03. Ready to have a good time. I love to go north & enjoy Ontario. English
Mike Phantom 124204561 Male. 44 yo Gemini. Live in Sydney Australia. Divorced with two beautiful daughters that I love very much. I am looking for someone to share the rest of my life with. I am a bit of a loner, but not lonely. I enjoy going out, having dinners, shows, but I like being home too. I am a professional, own my own house and have a lot ahead of me. I am a caring romantic person and give all. English
Mike TN 286501315 Male, age 44. English
Mike wolfbaine 292519820 Male. Born August 29, 1961. Divorced. Live in Florida. Enjoy golf, movies, music. English
Mikedesy mikedesy 317750801 Male, age 42. Born 18/12/1962. Want to meet woman for friend. I like music. Hobbies: soccer, playing keyboard. Italian, English
Mikem mikem 16531254 Male. English
Mikey Mikey 4698686 Male. Born in 1962. Almost divorced. English
Mikhail Mikha 120117545 Male, age 50. English
Miko miko 8632972 Age 47. Unhappily married. Wanting to meet friends. Love photography. English
Hank Miller hank 320868146 Born 10/16/59. Age 43. Divorced white male. English
Mark Miller, Sr. dadnuts 221008377 Male. Born 03/08/1963. Married. Live in PA. Enjoy chat, reading e-mail. Have red hair, wear glasses, a few extra lbs. D/d free; clean bill of health. English
Kathy Millett piercerone 271612687 Female, age 40. Professional body piercer. Married with 4 children. Would like meet new people to chat with (clean chat please). English
Elizabeth Mills Marie 278526903 Age 44. Single white female. Just moved to Orlando, Florida. No children. Enjoy dinning, dancing, shooting pool, a good conversation, a gentleman that knows how to treat a lady like a lady. I am tired of games. English
Moira Milne moira_milne24 242495295 Age 45. English
Mima mima 104348270 Female. Born 14.1.1959. Libre. Français, Serbian
Mimi' Mimi' 28480911 Male, age 41. Engaged. Italian
Minba minba2000 291008273 Female. English, Turkish
Minibj minibj12 299754009 Female. English
Gary Minor Huey 7067286 Male, age 57. Single. English
Minttu Minttu 126869342 Female, age 56. Like sports. I play tennis and love to watch football, F1-races. Also like travelling, nature and culture. English
Liz Miranda ladyliz7182000 266469695 Female. English
T. Mirza mirzantx 215749478 Male. Born 01/01/51. Divorced. A straight, simple hard working man who loves all and in every colour and shape and expect the same in return. Never had the bad thoughts in mind and pray to the Lord not to have it ever. But being lonely is a pain. Everyone wants to talk to someone; so do I. I read a lot, net surf. Enjoy cooking, walking, work work and work, and if still some time is available, play with my cat. English, Urdu, Punjabi
Aditya Mishra Hindu Skeptic 1131674 Male. English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali
Misty Girly 2006 MistyGirly2006 342330539 Female, age 42. Single. Self employed female living in south Florida. From United Kingdom. Good sense of humor; can chat to anyone. English
Miss Moosejaw missmoosejaw 151895431 Age 52. Married lady with 3 girls - all grown up now. Love chatting, gardening, socializing and much more. English
Mister 45 mister45 328029675 Male, age 45. Married with 2 kids (13 & 9). Live in Northumberland, near Newcastle. English
Mistero 39 mistero39 339729915 Male. Italiano
Mistress Mnemosyne Mistress 333953180 Female. Born in 1960. Single and happy. English
Misty Misty 174226104 Female, age 49. English
Sue Mittchell missballfordbillfrog 263468879 Female. Born November 3, 1946. Married. Like to talk with all people to hear others' interests and ideas. English
Peter Modrow pete1955 236369913   English
Lucian Moga Lulu 14332231 Male, age 55. Married. Timisoara, Ro. Music, movies, computer. English
Mogo Mogo 1387557 Male. Born 9 May, 1956. English, Hebrew
Arabinda Kumar Mohanty Anu 39935442 Man of 53 yrs with sturdy physique. Married. Hobbies: Indian classical music, photography, homeopathy, astrology, philosophy and inquisitiveness to know something of many things happening around us. Would like to know and interact without prejudice. Would prefer a woman friend. English, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya
Moustafa Mokhtar sufsuf 197512718 Male, age 45. Separated. Live in Egypt. Enjoy sports, music (light). I admire romance in all things (nature, movies, people, music and so on). English
Javier Molinet mole 82791846 Male. Single. Live in Mexico City, Mexico. Enjoy reading, photography, movies. English, Spanish
Mom is Crazy momiscrazy? 45007312 Female. Born 02/18/1955. Separated since Oct. '99. Straight. Live in Ont., Canada. MARCH 17 1999: SMOKE FREE.. YIPPEE. Like walks, being with friends, a good book, crossword puzzles, ICQ, dancing, shopping, swimming, gardening, rollerblading, and biking. Enjoy the outside, camping, boating. Good sense of humour. Am also slave to sweet black cat. English
Mona MM 146054879 Female, age 42. Separated. English, Romanian
Mondo 03 mondo03 178616121 a English
Moni Moninogger 245630488 Female. Deutsch, English
Monica Monica 103310249 a Swedish
Monika monika 129807585 Female, age 43. Married. Live in a little mountain country. Hobbies: hiking, books, animals. Interests: history, archeology, sci-fi, travelling, music. Deutsch, English, Italiano
Judit Monspart Csuti 206320255 Female. Born 13/02/1951. Married, 5 children. Teacher at the university. Hungarian, English
Carlos Montagna Danton 272281960 Male. Born January 28, 1955. Married happily. 3 kids (17, 14, 12). Live in Azul, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hobbies: reading, conversation, politics, history. Spanish, English, French
Moon Light Moon Light 109448671 Age 45. Looking 4 a woman abv 35 yrs, healthy, white in clr, preferably fm India. English
Judy Moon jude 245219113 Female. Born March 11, 1954 (age 49). Divorced. Live in the USA. Enjoy camping, hiking, nascar racing. 5'1", brown hair, blue eyes, 160 lbs. English
MoonDancr1 MoonDancr1 2340974 Female. Born October 11th, 1960. Divorced. "Unbound spirit is always met by strong opposition from impoverished imagination." - Albert Einstein


Moonstar moonstar 221097107 Male, age 40ish. Single. Live in the UK. Interests are pub sports and fishing. English
Chris Moore sendsig 212231840 Male. Born 10/18/1961. English
David Moore Crocket 156721064 Age 59. Born Feb. 24, 1945. Single white male from Niagara Falls, Ont., Canada. Teddy bear type. Blue eyes, brownish red, hair nice smile. Love the outdoors, fishing. Love music; oldies, the blues, jazz. Have a soft spot for cute sexy ladies. Looking to marry one, lol. Maybe a red head with average body and same interests. Looking for a friend at first, hopefully with in 100 miles of Niagara Falls. Prefer a younger gal. I'm a non smoker, occasional drinker, employed. Good sense of humour. English
Darcy Moorhead animal 208565215 Born 02/09/62. Swm. Live in Edmonton, Ab., in Canada. English
Mordad 31 mordad31 196965238 Male. Born 1952/08/01. Farsi, English
Cathy Morgan cat_e 256184506 Female, age 42. Enjoy pubbing, clubbing, reading/writing poetry, diy. Have a daughter aged 23. Work as a care worker on night shifts. English
Moriaty moriaty 314875867 Female. Born 13/10/1955. Down to earth. Professional healthcare worker. 3 grown up children. Live in UK. Likes tv & videos, soft rock. Like music. English
Robert Morley Bob 285603378 Male, age 54. Born 7/4/50. Married but would like to talk to someone who just wants to chat about little things in general. Live in NJ. Enjoy pool, swimming, cooking. Like the oldies and good movies. English
Morphicau morphicau 271559181 Female. Born in 1956. Single again and looking for that special someone to share what's left of my life with. English
Von Morris taurus4554 321551567 Male. Born May 2, 1954. English
Sharon Morrison dolfinlady47 321889430 a English
Margo Moses muffin 283084944 Female. Born 07/07/59. Married. Love to meet new people to chat with. English
Dinesh Mota dodo11658 329050522 Male. Born 11-6-58. Never married. Double graduate. Willing to relocate anywhere in the world. English
Mrbean055 mrbean055 200457079 Male. Born in 1955. Divorced. English
ms_chatty ms_chatty 255452689 Female. Born in 1958. Married with 3 grown children and 1 grandchild. Interested in new friendships and love to chat. Anyone who is interested in conversation, feel free to let me know! English
MsB MsB 230891259 Female, age 40. English
MsS MsS 266869190 Female, age 49. English
Muha Muha 276214441 a Serbisch
Simon Munday free2date 288676312 Male. Single. Living in the UK. English
Al Muniz retdet 226093765 Male. Born 10/30/41. Divorced. Retired NYC Detective. Hobbies are Walking, Sailing, horseback riding, photo restoration and computing. Looking for interesting conversation. English, Español
Murray hunter 57406151 Male. Born in Jan. 1953. English
Raymond Murray squeaky 290115296 Male. Born Oct. 17, 1961. Single and live in the Niagara region, Canada. Enjoy camping, hiking, golfing, and much more. I stand about 6 ft and about 155 lbs with brown eyes and hair. I am a very out going person who's not afraid to try new adventures within reason, and who knows, I might meet my soul partner with this. P.S. I do love to chat... and about anything. English
Myah myah 148675879 Female, age 50's. Prefer European men. Enjoy intelligent conversation. Can chat about anything. Love to travel and read. Enjoy cooking and dining out. Like the finer things in life... smile. English
John Myers Gobbledygook 283472585 Male. Born 25/03/54. English
MysT MysT 178409154 Age 42. Atlantic Canadian. Mother of two teenage boys. Love to hunt, fish, & bake, not necessarily in this order, LOL. Love animals, thunderstorms, the sound of rain on a tin roof, the smell of fresh homemade bread & being on the water and walking, especially in the fog or in the woods after a new snowfall. Love to curl up with a good book in front of the fireplace, especially on blustery days. Love Pierre, John & Andrew most of all! Looking for someone fun-loving, relatively intelligent (male/female) to chat with once in awhile. Those interested only in "cyber sex" please don't bother, 'cause I ain't interested. English
Mystical Princess MysticalPrincess 259198370 Female. I'm a princess, and I like mystics, astrology, new age, dreams, poetry, beach, reading, chess, music and singing. I believe your eyes are the mirrors to your soul and if you smile it shines out all around the world.  :) English
MzzAtypical MzzAtypical 269843025 Female, age 42. Separated. Live in PA. Hobbies: going to the beach, spending time with friends, hiking, traveling. English

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