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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
L L 332470073 Female, age 46. English
Alan L. SANDY 194126413 Male, age 48. Divorced. Moving to Va. I drive a truck for a living. Enjoy hunting, fishing, camping. English
Amber L. MtCat 179581874 Female, age 42. English
Angie L. zen2 257801990 a English
Ann L. buckhouse8 98800994 Female. Born 24 04 1951. Single. Lived in Norwich for last twenty years. I take in lodgers from the university. My daughter is independent and studying in Manchester, my sister teaches in New Zealand, my brothers farm in Suffolk, my parents are retired to Aldeburgh. I write, read the Guardian, and swim and walk to keep fit. Travel as much as I can afford. I am a social science graduate and have an unfinished MA. I am bipolar and interested in anti-psychiatry. English, French
Arlene L. alin 192873511 Female. Single parent of 3. Interested in friendship. English
Bill L. Bill 13830891 Age 45. Born Feb. 12, 1959. Divorced. Live in Rancho San Diego, California. English
Bill L. Bill 208366079 Male, age 50. Born 10/20/1951. Divorced. Live in Michigan. Outgoing, fun loving. Love the outdoors. Looking for online friends. English
Bill L. snapshot721 311369178 Male, age 45. Married. English
Bill L. wild willy 206739174 Attractive divorced 45 yr. old male. English
Brock L. CanadianJackalope 249843693 Male, age 45. Divorced. Looking for some fun. English
Bruce L. Sasquatch 304359297 Male, age 51. Divorced. Live in Washington state. Enjoy sailboating. English
Cheryl L. cherbear 241918564 Female. Born 08/24/1961. Like to go camping, crafts, walk on the beach watch the sun go down. Like to make new friends. Enjoy talking to people. English
Chris L. chrisl 250792503 Male. Born in 1958. Separated. Live in Brisbane. Trying to make ICQ friends. English
Claire L. claire44 17255795 Female. Born 4-4-1950. American living in Australia. Many interests. Basically just enjoy my life! English
Curt L. Curt 971265 Male. Single. Live in Stockholm. English, Swedish
Dan L. fargo 346349460 Male. English
Dave L. truckcop 43900983 Male. Born in Sept. '61. Just interested in chatting. English
David L. dave 272812455 Male. Born 11/4/52. Separated, divorcing. English
David L. laneo 1439185 Male. Born in April 1958. English
Deborah L. jinja 173711125 Female. Born 4/26/62. English
Dee L. nmbr41 327022325 Female, age 40 something. "Huge" Dave Matthews fan. Dying to meet someone who's over the age of 35 that is as crazy for DMB as I am. English
Diane L. sonine50 294420895 Female. Born in 1956. Divorced. In a relationship. English
Dianna L. ladydi 58149654 Born July/12/58. Single female, age 45. Active. Enjoy dancing, reading, walking, weight lifting for tone. English
Dick L. Dick 29436312 Male. Born 2/23/47. Widowed. Charter airline pilot based in Key West. English
Douglas L. Dougie 106185286 Male. English
Ed L. fax59 112345610 Male. Born 4/29/41. Divorced. English
Edward L. Edward8 54363995 Male, age 70. Divorced. Happy-go-lucky person. English
Elaine L. lainie 262526549 Age 47. Born in 1956. Separated. Living on my own. Wishing to make new friends and maybe find a soulmate. I like walking, swimming, writing letters. Have many interests and would chat about most things. English
Eliot L. uiz 194129297 Male. Looking for friendship from anywhere. Mostly looking for friend to practice Castellano Spanish. Small business. English, a little Spanish
Estelle L. estelle 276539544 Above 40. Single. Love to meet and chat with white men living in KL. English
Evgeny L. TirasLap 327525465 Born in 1959. Russian, English
Gina L. Lovemoon03 295994982 Female, age 47. Single. Would like to make friends. English
Grant L. Animal 220987173 Male. Born 5/7/1963. English
Heather L. Angels_Whisper 232274946 Female. Born Nov. 21, 1961. English
Hui L. jesleen 256124394 Age 41. English
Jadira L. jadira 190153470 Age 46. Single working lady. 2 kids. Live in the Netherlands. Enjoy doing quashing, swimming, long beach walks, long drives, taking care of my birds, traveling, and the internet. English, Dutch, Spanish
Janna L. Janna 48000810 Born May 21, 1959. Just a single-again gal with a young daughter, tripping thru life helter skelter. Loving life after 40 and looking forward to what 50 has to offer.  Searching for a special someone whose intangibles light up a room when he walks in. English
Judy L. HELLS_BELLS 175845176 Female. Born in 1961. Divorced. Just like to meet and make new friends. Maybe meet that one special person. English
K. L. Katy 257839871 Female. Born 07/1960. English
Karen L. klyle8 341614214 Female, age 41. happily married with 2 kids, lots of pets. English
Kenny L. haggis basher 215440551 Male. Born 31-7-1958. Divorced. Live in Scotland. Like to travel. English
Laura L. Ladyinwaiting 254807446 Female. Born 08-21-1960. Love to voice chat with cam. Enjoy camping, card games, dancing, going to concerts, movies. Music I listen to is R & B, jazz, rock and roll, instrumental. English
Laura L. laura 111178364 Female. Born in 1962. Living in the Niagara region, Ontario. Single, now, with children. Friends here?? Hoping. Interested in health and sports, music and artsy stuff. English
Laura L. Lulu 43452899 Female. Born 5/4/1959. Divorced for several years. Live in Alaska. Am active outdoors and in my career. Independent, warm, genuine, articulate, attractive woman just hasn't found that soulmate yet and will settle for nothing less. English
Len L. abu 284892111 Male. Born 23/04/1949. Single. From Ballarat, Australia. Interests include travel and outdoor life. English
Lili lili 49930433 Female. Born in 1964. Live in Portugal. English
Lin L. lin 179258314 Age 48. Single female, Oregon (just moved here from Texas). My hobbies are horseback riding, hiking, camping. As you can see, outdoor stuff! English
Luis L. Argenta 139519390 Male, age 45. Live in Gijn, SPAIN. Divorced. Petroleum geologist. Like to travel, nature, sports and woodwork, music, dance and read. Without problems; happy and positive. I travel to 67 countries. Would like to know special lady with similar characteristics. Young and good looking lady, clever and smart, with no charges, free and independent, living in Spain. Spanish
Lynda L. lynda 149201124 Female, Age in 40's. Come on, sit down, let's talk. English
Marina Lucia L. Marina Lucia 252867252 Mujer soltera. Me gusta la fotografia y viajar. Tambien me gusta comer platos tipicos. Español
Mark L. ahardware12 199252793 Male. Born in 1959. English
Mark L. iMark 18192248 Born in 1962. SWM. Live in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Enjoy music, literature, sports, current affairs, internet. Dutch, English
Matthew L. Matt 281166519 Male. Born 09/03/58. English
Mike L. Cowboymike 218848617 Male, age 43. English
Mike L. lookingood 202151169 Male, age 55. Born in 1958. English
Olen L. Bandit 319392504 Male, age 47. English
Paula L. paula 283044467 Female, age 45. Single. Love NASCAR, Harleys and happy hours. English
Peggy L. pegg 120440197 Female, age 45. Single, no kids and just enjoying my time on the computer. Would love to meet some new folks. I kinda forgot about my ICQ account for awhile and figured it was time to get back into the flow of things. English
Pepe L. Pepe 281899729 Male. English
Pepe L. popeye 208175313 Male. Born 6/12/55. English
Raymond L. ultimateray 179585088 Male. Born Dec. 16, 1960. Divorced. Work in a hospital. Looking for a life time partner or forever soulmate here in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm honest and open minded. Not handsome, but understanding to your way. I try my best. Want real love forever. English, Tagalog
Risto L. Remu 211427708 Male. Divorced since 1999. 4 children; some live with their mother. I like art and Finland national history. My hobbies are chess and table tennis. English, Finnish
Roger L. gbarafc 296051743 Male, age 40. English
Rose-Marie L. Rosis 248726005 Female, age 45. Married, grown up children. Swedish, English
Sam L. Coalminer_one 305724419 Male, age 52. In the beginning of a divorce. Looking for someone to talk to, make a friend and see where it goes... English
Samamtha L. sam 152310929 Female, age 40. English
Scott L. Scotty 5440507 Male, age 45. Live in California. Enjoy golf, scuba diving, chat, bars and women. :) English
Shaun & Mike L. NETYME4U 251750157 Ages 44 & 46. Married. We live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I am a secretary and my husband is in the Army National Guard and is a civilian employee that works on heavy equipment. We love movies, dancing, good conversation, etc. English
Sherry L. everlast 232323875 Female, age 41. Enjoy darts, pool. Like to live life to the fullest. English
Susanne L. SJLinJAXNC 276536522 Female. New to Jacksonville, North Carolina, and looking to meet new friends. English
Terry L. cheeks 216062418 Male, age 47. Divorced and looking for an attractive lady. English
Terry L. KidHauler 230097232 Male. Born Aug. 16, 1953. Separated. Live in Maritime Prov. Would like to meet nice lady from eastern Canada for friendship and more later. Serious women please; my head can't stand any more games. Love good cooking. Also love to cook. Enjoy long Sunday drives. I am 6 ft 1 and am 200 plus lbs. In pretty good health. Brown hair and blue eyes. Love my job as a school bus driver for over 10 years now. Only 10 years to go I hope, ha ha. Send message and we will talk. English
Thomas L. Ducce 825497 Male, age 52. Married. Swedish, English
Tonni L. donni 285365978 Female. Born Aug. 31st. Married women. Live 6 hrs. outside of Darwin in the N.T., Australia. I live in a remote community with my husband, who is a police officer. There are lots of out door activities - fishing for barra, shooting, camping, etc.! I live in a very hot climate, 40 - 47 degrees in our wet season and 19-36 in our dry (only 2 seasons). My interests include cooking, reading, enjoying a nice bottle of chardonnay and nice food, music. English
Venetta L. lawlis60 200224162 Age 43. Born in Feb., 1960. English (Australian)
Vera L. Vera 64549916 Female. Born 07/08/1947. Single. Hobbies: music - guitar playing. English, French, Italian
Walter L. Shrimpboat 333634017 Male. Born Dec. 2nd. Single/divorced. Like gardening and water activities. Involved in volunteering activities. English
Chris L'Heureux blue eyes,nice ass 89302757 Female. Born Nov. 18, '59. Divorced. Average build, blue eyes, 5'5. Would like to meet someone that has a big heart, would just be theirself and not someone they pretend to be and is loveable. I like the good outdoors, camping, fishing, movies and dinner. English
Li'l Blond Li'l Blond 326328397 Female. Over 40. English
Hubert Lacanau EtoileDeNuit 84047104 Male. Born 13 October, 1962. From Queensland, Australia. Born at Lyon in France. Came to Australia when I was 8 years old with my parents, brothers & sisters. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Enjoy camping, fishing, bushwalking, going to the beach, watching the sunset, quiet dinners & BBQ's. I do have a social drink with a meal. Do not smoke. Like to be treated the way I treat people. I was brought up to treat women like ladies and have respect for them. I consider myself an honest person with a good sense of humour. I believe in honesty. To me a romantic evening/day is:

1. having a quiet dinner at home and cuddling up to watch a good movie in a warm place.

2. going to beach with take away & a nice bottle of wine to watch the sunset and sit and listen to the waves.

3. taking a picnic lunch up to the Glasshouse Mountains and overlooking the view.

English, French
Lady Panther Lady_Panther 86552961 Married with 3 kids. Don't get out much, and I find making friends on the net a safe fun thing to do. Love to read, listen to music, chat on the net, talk to either men or women, but prefer people nearer my age than some one in their 20's, as I feel I have more in common. Hope I hear from someone soon. English
Lady traveller lady traveller 110172077 Female. Born 29/11/54. Single now. Live in the south of England. Looking for friendship. English
Spring Lai Ciao 134833331 Female. Born 06/06/1960. English
Jim LaJoie Terribletex 349998844 Male, age 63. Divorced for a long time but now looking for a nice gal in my area - north Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Texas. Although I retired early, I work at my son's custom cabinet shop north of Frisco and love it. He travels to Europe a lot, so I hold down the fort. Give me a shout. Most people say that I am a nice guy that cares about people. Send me a message and I'll reply. :) English
Tom Lamb Tom 284945066 Male, age 57. Live in Ingersoll, Ont. Retired for health reasons. Worked for 20 years in veterinary medicine. Love to cook and write. English
Jeff Lamont zamber 304320653 Age 44. Single. Living in the north of Cumbria, not far from the beautiful lake district. My hobbies include walking, keeping fit, and travelling. Looking to chat with a person with the same interests. English
Lali lali 267122417 Age 42. English
Lara Lara 221384100 Female, age 42. English
Felix Lara the cat 30736137 Born 09.15.1953. Single 50 yr. old Mexican American guy. Kinda goofy at times. Sure of myself, firm, fair. Love to cook, and I know my limits. Great in bed, too. Live in Merced/Bay Area, Cal. English
Patrick Lark papasmurf 138001047 Male. Born Sept. 6, 1956. English
Larry Larry 5383774 Male. Born 03/31/1958. Separated. Retired military. Seeking new friends and relationships. English
Larry Larry 34663170 Born 8/1956. Swm. Love the arts and to rollerblade. Live in St. Louis, MO. English
Larry wolf1946 41757460 Male. Born in 1946. Married. Two daughters, four grandsons. Love to travel, camp, hike, fish. Like old cars and thunderstorms. Clean chat. English
Tage Elkjær Larsen brok 193670192 Male. Born 16.7.38. Separated. Live in my big house. Have a big motor yacht. I live in DK near the sea. Have many hobbies. Interested in science, travelling, fishing, reading good books and making life comfortable as a whole. Write to me, young lady, and you'll hear a lot more from me. Danish, English
Doug Last snookie 198607098 Male, age 53. Single. looking for a female friend and lover who likes fitness and looking after her health. Don't care what u used to do and who u were as long as u r trying, like myself. I guess we were all a little wild sometime in our life. English
Laura laura 159047568 Female. Still single. Born 29 June 1960 in Vietnam. I work at the government in law. My hobbies are swimming, fitness, travel, reading, listening to music, discovering the internet. Interested in finding a serious and responsible husband. He must be an honest man, not trick. English
Laura Sweet Pea 327132779 Female. Born 7/12/1959. English
Laurie Ljean 4464115 Female. Born in 11/57. English
Laurie mschuckles 263166980 Female, age 44. Separated. Live in Alberta, Canada. Love reading, networking, hiking, fishing, camping. English
Lavender Lavender 127025204 Age 42. English
Suely Lavender celacanto 309866648 Female. Born 05/10/59. Portuguese, English, Spanish
Lawrence Larry 172161928 Male. English
R. Leblanc sushi222 319759552 Male, age 40+...? Like to talk , friendship with  people.
Amitié et echanges avec les gens.
Open to talk about anything.
French, English
Lee TheBlacksmith 140956348 Male. Single. English
David Lee dwl5657 281875315 Male. Born 05-06-1957. Divorced. Live in Kansas City (Overland Park, Kansas). My hobbies are internet chats, long walks, picnics, dining out, movies, old time rock and roll and long deep massages. I'm 5'8', brown hair, hazel eyes, a little over weight but I'm on a diet (Adkins). My personalty is bubbly. Open to anything I haven't tried. I long for long, open, honest, and true conversation. Helping each other find out what's up with each other's feelings and gain a trust for each other. Be open, honest, and be willing to care for me as you care for yourself I'll be doing the same. Hope to speak with you soon. English
Leena Leena 274838717 Female, age 42. Born Sept. 18th. From Malaysia. Currently running a business. English
Leigh lilly 68333699 Female. Born in 1957. Wanting to talk to people with humour. Intelligence an added advantage. :) No cyber... no one word sentences!!! English
Martin Leighfield Martin 210566515 Male, age 43. Born 23/05/1959. Very very separated. English
Leo Boemer 197194077 Male. Born 22-09-1942. From Holland. Looking for good women. English, Dutch
Leo Leo_Volvo_s60 266885264 Male, age 50. Live at Laurentides/Montreal. Let's talk. Viens causer. French, English
Leon lee 312613353 Born in 1953. Married. Open to discuss anything English
Stephen Leonard midad 272108346 Male, age 54. Happily married with 2 grown up daughters and a grandson. Live in northern England. Hobbies include fell walking, bowling, family life, and people. Would like to chat to anyone about anything. English
Les fruit 25132549 Male, age 54. Married. Live in south Florida. Like a good chat. English
Lesley blondie 269385856 Age 46. Single woman. Looking for someone to chat to. English
Lesley Butch 167450009 Male, age 46. Single father from Missouri. Love the outdoors, kids, animals, fishing, camping, hiking, gardening, working in my yard. I am 5'10" tall. Weigh about 200lbs but losing. Homeowner, full time worker. Lonely as hell for adult companionship and conversation. Looking for friends, lover and a relationship (long term). I am honest, loving and caring. No games, no bull, just me. English
Levent cimbik 272101018 a Türkçe
Sheila Leverton litllady 321604806 Female, age 50. Single. English
Lewis Lew 321065836 Male. Born in 1950. Married. Would like to make friends with you. Please say hi. I will always reply. Live in western Australia. English
Cathy Lewis lewie 229800245 Female. Born in 1959. English
Deb Lewis debntx2002 283585945 Female, age 43. Married 6 years to the most wonderful man in the world. English
Jason Lewis jay 227324435 Male. Born in 1960. From the UK. Hoping to meet someone for friendly (perhaps flirty) chat. Have two children for whom I am persevering with the marriage. Love sailing, reading, music and the theatre, & country walks. Need a little mutual romance in my life. I'd love to hear all about you if you're interested. English
Pam Lewis Pandora


Self-employed professional. Very young 57. Enjoy chatting about many things. Enjoy travel, photography, movies. Give me a ring; nothing ventured nothing gained. English
Leyla Leyla 272238199 Female. English, Russian
Libby Libby 159308110 Single. English, Italian
Libby Libby 162857478 Female age 53. Born in 1950. Single. Warm, romantic. Seeking soulmate. Love camping, fishing, cycling, nature and wildlife, but my passion is painting and drawing. I live in Australia. Message me from anywhere, and I will get back to you. English
Libby Sammie 340722867 Female. Born August 14, 1962. Married to Paul going on 22 years this April. Live in Nicholasville, Ky. Have 3 grown children. Trying to adjust to my kids being grown and not needing me that much anymore. Hobbies: scrapbooking, reading. Enjoy getting on the internet. Hoping to make new friends, getting to know each other. Crochet. Teaching myself to sew and make quilts. Like to write letters and send cards and little things tucked inside. Love listening to music, oldies, country. I am disabled because I have a bad heart, so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I have 3 other 4-legged babies. I enjoy life one time at a time. English
Libra 46 libra46 163079555 Male. English
Lidia Lidia 339843864 Female, age 47. English
Bengt-Erik Lif Lappen 321491516 Male, age 59. Born 11.09.1943. Single, never married. Like outdoors very much - fishing, hunting, mountains, highlands, just walking in the woods hearing birds sing and smelling fresh air. I'm easy going, have lots of humor. Trustworthy; stand by my woman in good and bad. Working as a technician in a big hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, where I also live (just outside) in mt. flat, rented. Want to move back to the "highland" some day. Swedish, English
Lifzgood lifsogood 262048808 Male, age 46. Married. Love the outdoors, warm beaches, living life. English
Lildeb lildeb 937289 Female. In a former life, I loved to dance, ride motorcycles, and go on weekend trips. Now I spend more time at home restoring my house. Still love to dance and ride motorcycles but no longer have a partner to share in those activities. Unlucky in love and content to be on my own for a while. I'm very shy, and it's hard for me to meet people. Would like a pen pal. English
Lill Lill 105765446 Female. Born Nov. 5, 1953. Married and living in KY. Interests are decorative painting & used to sew quite a bit. Love the warmer months and the fall season, movies, and I collect playing cards. Enjoy witty laughter and deep thoughts about whatever strikes our fancy at the moment. Oh, and I like online scrabble. : ) English
Linda basketolove 72349040 a English
Linda beach_girl 290534634 Female. Born in 1960. English
Linda freedom girl 191981308 Female. Born April 27, 1960. English
Linda gidget12_ 48429259 Divorced Ohio female. Love to laugh and joke. Clean chat only please. English
Linda Kitty 179621129 Female. English
Linda Linda 18743034 Female. Born 11.06.1959. Divorced. Live in Austria. Like reading, skiing, outdoor activities and computing. German, English, French
Linda Linda 54281348 Female, age 46. English
Linda Linda 164759761 Female, age 46. Divorced. GSOH. Academic background. Looking for new friends all over the world. Enjoy travelling, socializing, R&B. English
Linda LINDY 258476823 Female, age 40. Live in Michigan. Three children. Love to camp, sing karaoke and just enjoy life. Would like to have people to chat with and have a good time being pen pals. English
Linda lulu 91912912 Female. Born 24.05.1954. Divorced. Live in Brisbane in Australia. Interests: travel, garden, animals, life experiences. Looking for new friends. Clean chat only. English
Linda MidnightEspresso 301084262 Born Feb 21. Single professional American woman living in Istanbul, Turkey. Am said to be attractive and look younger than my age. My interests are travel, literature, food and wine, art, culture, philosophy, and the adventure of life! I travel widely for business but prefer to be home in Istanbul, enjoying a meal of fish and wine by the Bosphorus. English
Leopold Lindelauff Leo 277937553 Male. Born 24 June 1958. Married. 3 daughters (now 10, 14 and 15). Love to listen to music (pop, R&B, soul) and go to the movies (LOTR, Star Wars, X-men), especially Sci-Fi and thrillers. Dutch, English, German
Lindenmiguy lindenmiguy_40 314063257 Divorced, age 41. White male in s.e. Michigan. Like outdoor activities. English
Mike Linley Dr_gastro_0530 312586082 Male. Over 40. English
Lirija Lirija 225287736 Like to communicate, to read. Like psychology and many other interesting things. :-) Russian, English
Lisa Bayou^Sweetie 38747530 Female, age 49. English
Lisa idiotmagnet 225307264 Female. In my 40's. Happily divorced for quite a few years. Been there, tried it, and obviously failed at it. Three sons that are grown and on their own. Work in the medical field and love it. Go out a lot with friends. Date when I am in the mood. Love to read, dance, go to concerts and see movies. Usually talkative but don't know what else to say now. There, now let's see what happens! English
Lisa lcmiddlesworth 324393367 Female. Born 4/11/64. English
Lisa Lisa 51881711 Female. Born March 17, 1955. Widow living on Long Island in New York. Enjoy traveling, gardening, reading, walking for fitness. English
Lisa Lisa 84556644 Female. Born in 1960. Divorced in western Canada. Now living in Ontario, Canada. I enjoy doing almost anything, and most of all, enjoy 'people'. I'm finally learning to 'live' again!! English
Lisa sunshiney 68367086 Female. Born Sept. 26, 1963. English
Lisa2003 Lisa2003 337683654 Female. Born 10.09.1958. Ich lese sehr gerne. Gehe gerne in die Oper und ins Ballett. Ich mag Theater. Ich male. Bewegung im Freien. German, English, Turkish, Dutch
Lisastars lisastars 253775335 Female, age 43. English
Lise lmms11 321844230 Female, age 43. Born November 22, 1959. Single. Live near Sudbury, Ontario. Today is just tomorrow arriving, so if I ask you out tomorrow, will I see you tonight? English
Little Angel 48 littleangel48 196187467 Just looking for good clean chat, having a laugh, and generally making friends. English
Liz FRISKME07 274878392 Female. Born 07/08/56. Divorced. Live in Jersey Channel Islands. 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I'm a fun loving woman, very honest, loyal, caring. No raving beauty but have a heart of gold. English
Liz georgia girl 217314561 Age 46. Attractive single white female. English
Liz scotcia 171375070 Female, age 51. English
Liz sexiblueyes 115906760 41 year YOUNG female living in southern Ireland. Two grown sons living on their own. Married. Wishing to meet others in the 40 age bracket so as we can enjoy a chat. Love getting to know people from all over the world. English
Liz ungodlyspice 290018661 a English
Liza liza 275527803 Female, age 42. Interested in cinema, literature. I am a funny honest person; looking for the same in people. Enjoy traveling and meeting new people. Live in Russia and love my country very much but also would like to get to know more about different lives and cultures. English
Lizzie Lizzie 179820391 Female, age 45. Born 24/12/59. English
Local Local 1048112 53 year old newly separated white male in Maryland. Tall, very fit, nice looking professional. Interested in fitness, adventures, travel, occult, lots more. Looking for 40+ slender attractive female for friendship and fun. Maryland area a plus. English
Loeckchen loeckchen 83890662 03.12.1954. Mann. Ich lerne gerne nette Menschen kennen. Meine Hobbys sind vielseitig. Ich wohne in NRW. Deutsch
Lone Wolf candian122 292824487 Male. Born July 16, 1959. Married. Love outdoor activities: skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, gardening, riding my motorcycle. English
Lonesome orchid Lonesome_Orchid 229113891 Female, age 44. English
Looby looby 309344408 Female, age 47. English
G. Loon ganloon 253995389 Single 48 year old female living in Ontario, Canada. English
Roger Lord hislord 144148748 Male. Born October 5, 1955. Hobby is coin collection. Enjoy swimming, cribbage. Love to go to movies and restaurants and have a good time with someone special. Hope you're the special person; someone in the island of Montreal and the surrounding area. English
Lori lorelei 191795242 Female. Born in 1962. Divorced with 2 grown kids. Looking to meet new people & chat. Male or female; hey, we all need friends. And maybe Mr. Right??? English
Lori Lori 13163782 Born 11/19/59. Divorced mother of 4 growing boys. 2 Have left the nest, and I'm finding myself wanting to talk to people. I enjoy music, movies, reading, riding my bike, chatting on the computer, spades, cribbage, and playing solitaire. Also enjoy chatting to different and interesting people about any topic!!! English
Lori Lori 81826142 Single. Close to Winnipeg. English
Lorraine §yth 110139373 Female. English
Lorraine angeldov48 322681981 Born 10/8/55. Single girl. Live in Alberta, Canada. Tall and slim, auburn red hair. One thing I don't like about being over forty is that it is so hard to meet someone. My interests are Harleys, travel, camping and enjoying life one day at a time. English
Lorraine true blue 289832448 Female, age 44. Married with grown up kids. Enjoy chatting on any topic. English
Marlene Lott sunshine47 320860189 Age 48. English
Lou ilander 167274414 Male, age 43. Would love to chat to you. :-)) English
Matthew Loughlin Matt 281166519 Male, age 45. Single. Can still see the funny side of life. Require intelligent and amusing conversation, or just a chat would be ok. ;-) English
Louis sataca4u2 229358401 Ik zoek langs deze weg vrienden en een lief vrouwke voor vaste relatie. Ik ben gescheiden en ongebonden. Hou van autorijden, motortoeren, wandelen, dagtripjes of weekendjes. Ben goed lachs, lief op zijn tijd, romantisch. Hou van zee en bossen. Wie niet waagt niet wint, niet geschoten is altijd mis. Dutch, English
Louise Louise 170527112 Female, age 39. Single female living in the Toronto area. I love to read, watch movies, go for long walks or drives, travel and meet new people. Not looking for cyber but would love to chat. English
Lovely Old Lovely Old 224871927 a English
Lover of Weapons loverofweapons 314493731 Born in 1954. Single man. Like to ride on horseback and motorcycles. Would like to meet women interested in it, too. Looking nice in suit and black leather clothes. German, English
Luc lucky 156986786 Male. Born in 1957. Married. Live in Belgium, Europe. Like golf, reading, walking, talking to interesting people with a sense of humour. English, Dutch
Lucia Lucia 237639985 Female. Born 18/03/1964. Divorced. Live in Russia. Good looking, gentle and feminine lady with warm heart. Looking for a man for serious relations in reality! English
Lúcia Helena Len@ 3451632 Female, age 42. Portuguese, French, English, Spanish
Lucky lucky 113856570 Male, age 42. Français
Lucy Baloogirl 5158865 Female, age 40's. Live in Vancouver, British Columbia. English
Lucy Honey 315400926 Female. Single. Live in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy dancing, water sports. Hobbies: Internet, web design, HP, and others. Interested in making new friends and having fun. Lately it wasn't so funny at all in my life. Especially looking for a real good chat friend to talk about whatever and have fun together. Everything else you may find out for yourself. German, English, Spanish
Lucy Lu57 219242212 Female, age 47. From the UK; living in Norway. Feeling isolated; married to a workaholic. Youthful in outlook and, I'm told, not bad to look at! Love to stay fit and healthy, cook, eat out, drink wine, listen to music, laugh, and animals (especially dogs). Definitely a "vive la difference" girl as far as the sexes are concerned! English
Lucy Lucy 162821699 Female, age 44. Enjoy living life to the fullest, enjoying nature, meeting new friends. English
Lucy lucy 194592518 Female, age 70. Widowed. Living in Strasbourg. Want to improve my English. Interests: travel, history, geography, politics, education and psychology. English
Gerald Luke, Jr. Progessor 164051671 Male, age 46. English
Luna luna 287946304 Female. English
Robert Lute Luppie 204773800 Age 59. Single country boy. Very easy going. I love togetherness and am a one woman man. Very faithful and trustful. I don`t want some one to live with; I want someone I can`t live without. Good luck to every one on your search for the one that is best for you, and that goes two ways. English - USA
Ingrid Lüthi jesinka 319941087 Interessen: Kochen, Backen, die Natur, tiere Blumen, Wandern, gute Gespräche. Deutsch
Lycusriver LYCUSRIVER 160719119 Male. English
Lyle Lyle 192367234 Male. Born 10-21-60. Divorced and currently looking. From Indiana. I'm a route driver and work the Lexington, Ky, area. English
Lyn lindy 332373730 Female, age 47. Divorced. English
Lyn Lyn 287398352 Female. Born 6-8-55. English
Lynda lee 239665523 Female, age 46. Separated. Live in Penrith, NSW, Australia. Have 2 grown up children, 1 grandchild. Don't mind a chat with people, but only clean chat, please. English
Lyndie Lyndie 222462861 Female. Born in 1961. Live in Perth, Western Australia. Beautician. Enjoy the open air, walking, being near water. Love essential oils, massage. Mad keen scrap booker & play ten pin in a league comp. English
Lynette butterflydreams 214606731 Female. Born in June 1958. Married with 4 kids - 21, 18, 16, 14. 2 boys and 2 girls. I like to make new friends and like to chat when the time permits. Have meet a couple of nice people so far who have become friends to my family - one guy from Australia and a lady from USA. English
Lynette Lynette 177624280 Female. Would love to chat to people all over the world. I travel extensively and would love to meet people. English, Afrikaans
Lynn Hugs 70831506 Female. Born in 1959. English, French
Lynn lindylou 156430408 Female. Gemini. Have been divorced. Love my family - 3 sons, 3 grandchildren, my dog, cat, 29 yr old cockatiel, and a goldfish. Spend lots of time with my friends. Only have a handful of those, but I love them all. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, but I can't stand lies. Love Celine Dion music and nice people. English
Lynn lou lou 206218000 Female. Born 23rd March, 1962. Wish to chat with everyone and anyone. I am a mother of three and need the adult conversation!!! English
Lynn violetgurly 302883415 Female. Enjoy computers, movies beach and sand, moonlite, etc. English
Lynne aquaholic 141160592 Female, age 49. Married, 2 children. Swimming coach, tinkle on a 12 string, write poetry (when the mood takes me!!). 12 years living in west Australia. Just enjoy life and chatting to guys; they always have something interesting to say!!!! lol English
Lynne jennywren61 75663217 Female. Born 10/08/54. English
Lynne Lynneâ 40097271 Age 49. DWF. English
Lzh Lzh 278507672 Male, age 50. English

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