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Over 40
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
'Berta Landin
List editor
Wanderer 194817607 Born in the 40's, female. English
  211802 211802 Male. English
  4845451 4845451 Male. Divorced. Looking for the woman of my life. English, Swedish, Hebrew
  13184628 13184628 Male, age 40+. English
  22037379 22037379 Male. Born 06/10/48. Divorced. Live in central Florida. Plan to relocate to the Southwest USA in 3 to 4 years (not sure just where yet). English
  28320244 28320244 Male, age 46. Witty, intelligent, sensitive guy looking for charming southern belle for great conversation. English
  29476540 29476540 Single Aussie lady living in Victoria. Interested in meeting other people. Have good people skills and love to chat on any subject (except porn). Have been married and one lovely daughter. Not interested in sleazy guys. English
  38021774 38021774 Male. Like fishing, cars, traveling, chatting, motorcycles. Live in Ontario, Canada. English
  40805914 40805914 Female. Born in 1964. Have been married for almost 23 years. Live in Georgia, USA. Interested in chatting with new people. English
  47551494 47551494 Male, age 43. Married. Living in India. Fond of music, travel and reading. Love sports and, while not very athletic myself, I like to play a few games. Not the mind kind tho.. lol. Tall. Salt n pepper hair, brown eyes. Wear specs. English, Hindi, Gujurati, Marathi
  56786936 56786936 Male. Born 04/19/1956. Married but want to meet women as friends. I like water volley-ball, riding bicycles, motor sports, football, shopping, computers/electronics, picnics, concerts, all types of music, but not Hip-Hop or rap. Have a great sense of humor and the ability to make you laugh. Thanks for reading my profile. More details and picture upon request. English
  75744515 75744515 Male, age 41. Looking for friends from everywhere. A sign and a smile can make your day a lot brighter. Drop me a line. German, English
  95258788 95258788 Female. Want to chat with other Bi females over 40. Married preferred but will chat with others. English
  125198857 125198857 Single female, age 47. Live in Cranbrook, B.C., Canada. Enjoy walking, pets, people, swimming, camping, yard sales, movies, new age spirituality. Would love to meet a man with some of these interests, but others are good, too. English
  127416437 127416437 Female, age 44. Born in 1959. Hobbies are gardening, family history and music. I live in New Zealand and would love to hear from anyone who wants to have a chat. :-) English
  149588348 149588348 Female, age 44. English
  153530172 153530172 Male. Born 19-10-1955. Nederlands
  157611839 157611839 Male, age 46. Single. English
  160729216 160729216 Male. Born 12/28/55. English
  167651156 167651156 Female, age 40. English
  168167129 168167129 Born Aug. 23, 1955. Single woman who lives in the middle of the USA -- and that is northeastern Kansas. Hobbies are ethnic cooking, ballroom dancing, reading, crochet, sewing, hiking, camping, fishing, and collecting English Bone China. My interests are volunteer youth organizations and humanitarian causes. English
  172284312 172284312 Age 46. Single male located outside Boston, Ma., USA. Looking to make new friends. Well educated. Working in the marketing field. Love to travel and learn about new things. Some of my favorite things to do would include riding my motorcycle, taking roads that I have never been on in life, the beach and mountains, playing in the kitchen, going to concerts and sporting events, and much more. English
  173424938 173424938 Female. Born 05/10/1956. Single. I like reading and being outdoors. English, Portuguese, Italian
  173877246 173877246 Male, age 53. Born 21/11/1950. Divorced. Two grown daughters. Hobbies: radio communication, electronics, walking, reading, swimming, fishing, and good conversation. I enjoy the simple things in life. Friends and family say I'm very easy going and have a very good and sometimes wicked sense of humour. Would like to meet with anyone who can help me to learn Russian. I like Gaelic and Scottish folk music, 60's pop music, classical, cultures. Live in Wales in the UK. English, some Russian
  175898111 175898111 Female, age 45. Divorced. Living in Florida. Love the great outdoors, camping, fishing, Like sewing, love working in my yard. Simple things in life are the best. English
  177193531 177193531 Female, age 49. Married. Three daughters, seven grandkids. Enjoy riding on our Harley. English
  194259552 194259552 Female, age 48. Born 4/14/1955. Divorced. Live in northern California. My kids are important to me; they and my grandkids come first. I like camping, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, moonlight walks, reading mystery books and some romance. Love meeting new people from all over the world. Looking for my soul mate, who is romantic, loves walking in the moonlight, loves kids, who likes to go on trips. English
  194972989 194972989 Male, age 50. Born July 25, 1952. Divorced for one year. Enjoy music, guitar, songwriting, sports, movies. Looking for a female 40 to 56 to date. English
  196013193 196013193 Female. Born 1/17/62. English
  199132726 199132726 Age 48. Born 21-02-1955. Seeking a good friend to came to Turkey. I live on the Mediterranean seaside in Turkey. Turkish, English
  200330086 200330086 Age 47. Divorced, working, reasonably attractive lady. Sporty, sociable, movie addict and good music! Enjoy smart, witty and decent chatting any time and love a good sense of humour. Challenge my brains not my gender! English, French, Arabic
  207230522 207230522 Female, age 45. Looking for some clean chat friends. English
  208812801 208812801 Female, age 44. Live in Coffs Harbour, Australia. English
   209632381 209632381 Male. Just looking to talk to some nice ladies. English
  209890972 209890972 40 year old single working dad from Buckinghamshire, England. English
  212432452 212432452 Male. English
  221451894 221451894 Female. Born 27 06 58. Divorcee. 2 children, both boys, who are fantastic. Many hobbies including gardening, reading, cookery, knitting, and of course icq, which I have enjoyed for 4 years. English
  222908341 222908341 Male, age 44. English
  229551887 229551887 Female, age 41. English
  232333322 232333322 Male, over 40. Like music, sports, fitness, movies, computers, good food, close relationships. Non smoker. English
  232865151 232865151 Single 42 yr old guy living in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I enjoy sports of all sorts, going to the movies & the theater. Also some what of a homebody & enjoy my own home. This is my first time on a computer, so I'm kind of slow typing. English
  233515875 233515875 Male. Born 07.27.1958. English, German
  234516532 234516532 Female. Born 25/3/55. Divorced. Live in Gr. Manchester. Like chatting on here and making new friends. GSOH. 5'2" red hair, blue eyes, slim-ish, like music, especially the 60's! English
  234995529 234995529 Male. Born August 20. English
  238248104 238248104 SWM, age 44. 6"2" 200 lbs. Chicago area. Fit, attractive. Full straight black hair, blue eyes. Honest, sincere, caring, giving person. Enjoy a lot of different indoor & outdoor activities. Looking to meet a pretty, sincere lady. English
  238698374 238698374 Female. Born 18th May, 1959. English
  239554545 239554545 Male, age 48. Single. English
  240666819 240666819 Male. Like to meet new people. English, French
  244859572 244859572 Female. Born in 1962. English
  251927633 251927633 Male. Born 9-14-61. English
  252557727 252557727 Female, age 44. Divorced. Location: Texas. Hobbies: laughing, reading, writing, movies, traveling and exploring. English
  254075944 254075944 Male, age 45. Dutch
  255140823 255140823 Female, age 46. Married. English
  255725610 255725610 Male. English
  256865381 256865381 Male, age 47. Born 19/02/56. Live in Toronto, Canada. Likes sports, music - r&b. Like to chat with females. English
  257019680 257019680 Male. Born 13/6/55. Married . Live in Cairo, Egypt. Enjoy natural scenery, aviation. Welcome all friends. English
  258694517 258694517 Female, age 45. Like reading, swimming, and socialising. Also have a keen interest in health issues. English
  261464503 261464503 Age - in the 40's. Love to chat, sew, do handicrafts, walk, bike, cook. English
  264186215 264186215 Male. Born 11/21/54. Single; never married. No kids. Want to share myself with opened minded female for friendly chat to pass the time. Jeep cj7. Gainfully employed by international publishing co. Like new age music. Have 3 cats. English
  265105486 265105486 Age 40. Single mum of two "at that age" teenagers. Like meeting people, like to go out with friends. Beautician, arty type. Enjoy walking and the great outdoors. Looking for that someone special? No married, no one over 50. In or as close to my area, Liverpool. English
  269798824 269798824 Male, age 59. Married. Live in Montreal. Would like to chat with a lady around my age. Interests are too many to put down here. If you're interested, leave a message. You came this far; hope to hear from you. English
  271573368 271573368 Male. English
  272270680 272270680 Male. Married. Enjoy sailing, reading, hiking. English
  275325215 275325215 Female. Born April 7, 1958. English
a 277641195 277641195 Male. Born Aug. 1954. Married and chat worthy. English
  277746240 277746240 Female. English
  277997773 277997773 Born 12/18/1961. Single female, Texas. Enjoy music, movies, computers, meeting interesting people. English
  278546700 278546700 Single mother who enjoys chatting, socializing, swimming, dining out. English
  279024471 279024471 Age 44. Enjoy gardening, cinema. English
  280817764 280817764 Male, age 45. Married. My wife is few yrs younger. Happy. 2 daughters. Free spirit. Would like to chat with a real gentleman in Montreal area or close by for a three way relationship. Well travelled, well read. Love to cook, love all that is natural. English, French
  281427599 281427599 Female. Single. Live in Ottawa, Ontario. Professional. 5'4", auburn hair, green eyes, slender and fit. English
  288478448 288478448 Male. Born 19/5/1957. Married. Live in Egypt. Interests: music, sports, politics. English, Arabic
  293782415 293782415 Male, age 53. Interested in computers, animals, people, romance, fitness and cuddling, watching tv or movies. Like walking and window shopping. I stay in shape by doing home exercises. Very friendly and easy to get along with. English
  296063230 296063230 Female. Born July 31,1953. English
  297489077 297489077 Female, age 48. Born 12.31.1954. Married 31 1/2 yrs. Live in Palm Bay, Florida. Grandmother of 3 beautiful children. Seeking friendships. Love to travel, going to amusement parks, walking, shopping. My favorite place to relax is at the beaches. English
  298149281 298149281 Female, age 44. French, Italian, Russian, Romanian
  300687373 300687373 Female. Born 11/10/57. Single. Enjoy pets, talking, listening, living life. Let's talk, men. English
  300725600 300725600 Female, age 46. English
  300987645 300987645 a English
  301830093 301830093 Female, age 40. Single and looking. Accountant by profession. English
  302093121 302093121 Male, age 45. Need to marry Arabic woman. Arabic
  304162410 304162410 Female, age 42. Married. Live in Bermuda. Enjoy Nascar and meeting new people. English
  309685771 309685771 Age 48. Single male living in Roseburg, Or. Looking for a female for friendship and clean on line chat. I'm 6 ft., 180 lbs. with long silver hair. My idea of dressing up is putting on my best pair of jeans. Enjoy watching movies at home, picnics, barbecues, fishing, garage sales, bicycle riding and lots more. English
  310219199 310219199 Male. English
  314973931 314973931 Male, age 57. Married (?). Live in Greater Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Marathon runner. Love to play piano but (sorry, Chopin) love even more to be physically fit. Suppose I am a tad narcissistic for an old fart, as my young twin girls say. Love a good laugh; sitcoms in real life are a real hoot (like some of these ads!). I don't like games and platitudes. Just tell me like it is, as I will. Very sensitive and sensual. The prelude often makes the interlude worth the postlude. Any idea what I am saying? 4 play is not a means to an end necessarily; it is often an end unto itself. If you take care of your body it will take care of you. And I love a great, natural smile. Drop me a line, please, if you would. This is not a game. But how inadequate all of these words can be! English
  316971478 316971478 a English
  317885849 317885849 Female. Born 3/29/65. Single. Live in Michigan. Love rock-n-roll, country and rap, lol; nascar, football, camping, fishing , walking, taking my kids to the beach and the zoo. Love sex, lol, walks in the rain, cuddling up with a good movie. Want to know more, just ask :) . English
  318018418 318018418 Born 15.12.1960. Hebrew, Turkish, English
  320183214 320183214 Male, age 54. Love travel, reading, writing poetry, fine dining, fast cars, walk in the park. Looking for a lady friend for chat and friendship. English
  323411313 323411313 Female, age 43. Divorced. Live in south England. English
  330393193 330393193 Male. Born 05/21/1964. English
  332465677 332465677 Female. Born 11-25-1958. Divorced. Work full time. Love a good book, movies, & music. Also enjoy camping and swimming. English
  332996071 332996071 Male, age 47. English
  335655738 335655738 Female. Born Nov. 19, '47. English
  338929782 338929782 Age 40. Single divorced man. No children. Like music, movies, fishing. Hope to hear from you. Let's chat sometime. English
  339374994 339374994 Male, age 46. English
  341856125 341856125 Male. Born in 1955. English
  342345503 342345503 Born May 24, 1951. Married female. live in Vancouver, BC. Love walks, sports. Looking for male the same age and wanting to chat. English
  345576639 345576639 Male. Born 11-07-51. Separated; divorce pending. Like to bowl, country dancing, collect movies on dvd, and talking on my cb radio. Also love the great outdoors; love to fish. If interested, give me a shout. English
  345863795 345863795 Male. Born 05/24. English
  345921730 345921730 Female, age 45. Divorced. Live about 1 hour south of St. Louis, Missouri. 2 children, a son 27 and a daughter 20. Both are married. I have 2 grandchildren. I am a very romantic and passionate lady, looking for her Mr. Right, and he must be tall, ages between 39 to 49 and very romantic and passionate. He must know how to treat a LADY!!! He must be fun, a little silly. I would love for him to tell me how a first date with me would be!!! English
  347278945 347278945 Age 41. Married. English
  348965756 348965756 Female, age 47. Single again. Live in Michigan. I am spontaneous, creative. Like to take courses. I do stain glass, florals, painting. Love the outdoors... waterfalls & Lake Michigan, Mackinaw Island. Too much to tell, & if I tell u everything there will be no anticipation or exuberance to our getting to know one another, will there? English
*** *** 7524343 Female. Divorced. 2 grown children. Love photography, walking, hiking, travelling, meeting people, visiting new places. Enjoy spontaneity and adventure. I enjoy "family," even if it's just a family of two! I LOVE the DFW area in TX and after several failed romances, I thought perhaps I'd find the handsome, blond-haired, blue-eyed man of my dreams here, someone to spend the rest of forever with. I do not wish to spend the rest of my days alone but I thought, if nothing else, I could find a "friend" here. Someone between 45 and 55 would be most compatible. Looking forward to getting to know you. English
1 1 323126692 Female, age 46. Been there, done that! English
:)) :)) 71797086 Female. Born 06.12.59. Age 45. Turkish
A man a man 223066328 Male. Born 07/12/1944. Life is very beautiful and very short. Please try not to spend your time for nothings and try to live as you wish by doing your best. Turkish, English
Agnes A. ciarra20042003 265935685 Female, age 44. Born July 13, 1960. Single. From Philippines. Hobbies include reading, gardening, playing the piano, listening to music, playing badminton. English
Alaska A. Alaska 198808592 Male, age 45. Scorpion. Divorced. Living in Holland. Hobbies: music (blues, classic), travelling, meeting with all cultures, people, nature, animals. English, Turkish, Dutch
Ali A. altoh 167096709 Male, age 45. Looking for any woman. Speaking in any things for all things. Arabic, English
Alsayed A. sawa7386 309745501 Male, age 55. Tall, quiet, romantic. Working as a financial manger. Live at Alexandria, Egypt. Looking for a sweet lady living in Egypt - tall, quiet, romantic. English
Angel A. Angel 21427053 Female, age 48. Born 2/26/55. Single. Live in Kentucky. Blonde, green eyes, 5-5, weigh 125. 2 children that do not live at home. I enjoy the outdoors and everything that nature has to offer. If only we would just ;;stop;; and look around us, take a deep breath and smile!! English
Beverley A. bevann 192845898 Age 48. Recently separated. Living in Auckland. Enjoy going to gym, movies, outings, walks on the beach, quiet evenings at home with wining and dining now and then. English
Carla A. wildhotlady 348953351 Single, fun loving female will chat about whatever is on your mind. English
Carol A. Newtothis 349523173 Age 46. Widowed, but happy in a relationship. Many interests including spiritualism, gardening, D.I.Y., my Grandchildren, walking, reading and many more. English
Cathy A. Cathy 155723417 Female. Born Feb 4, 1958. Single in Baltimore, MD. English
Cheryl A. amazita 317528090 Female, age 44. Married. Live in Wash. state. Like to meet friends. English
Debbie A. Krissymae 9521057 Female. Born 12/11/1957. From Oklahoma. English
Denise A. Den529 230508322 Age 49. Single, Pittsburgh, PA, woman. Would love some attention. English
Duygu A. duygudan 252286154 Male, age +50. Enjoy theater, movies, travel, holiday, free time. Ich konnte Dich bald auch im internet umarmen. German, Turkish
Edward A. ~!w@a!~ 326589774 Male, age 46. Live in Singapore. English, Chinese
Evelyn A. Bert 295022208 Female. Born in November 1954. Divorced with 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren. I live in North Carolina. I am a Christian and active in church work. Enjoy cooking, and I love gospel concerts. English
F. A. fkr_m 211254011 Male. Born 30/07/54. Evli/verh. Live in Almanya/Deutschland. Enjoy kosmak/joggen. Türkce, German, English
Francesco A. Katana50 323282796 Male, age 49. Without happiness... Italian, English, Spanish
Francis A. icq007 255503485 Male, age 46. English
Gail A. Gail 235266990 Female, age 45. Separated. 3 children. Love life, love to chat. English
Gerardo A. alferezger 320981089 Hombre. Español
Hal A. Paci 142727391 Male. Single parent. Live in Vancouver, B.C. English
Hashem A. hashem 176657289 a English, Arabic
Heather A. misty 50280013 Female. English
Isabel A. Kiki 86349449 Female. Spanish, English
Jawad A. oldhorse 252272200 Male. Born in 1961. Hi, all women over 40. Life just began. Just think how to enjoy yourselves. I am ready to have fun with you and a good relationship. Arabic, English
Joanne A. JO 246014362 Female, age 43. Married (happily), four children. Housewife with toddler. Enjoy the computer, reading and shopping. Husband is an oyster farmer. I'm not out for an internet lover or anything like that. Would just like to talk to females around the world. English
Joe A. bigtrinijoe 169847280 Male. Single, attractive and sweet. Not drop-dead gorgeous, just sweet. English
John A. John 279160963 Male, age 46. Born 2/21/58. Helicopter pilot. Single, good looking, articulate. English
John A. Johna 161108197 Male. Born in 1948. Single, California. Enjoy water sports. Looking for a friend. English
Kathy A. kate 266217117 Born in 1961. English
Linda A. love_me62 257289462 Female, age 41. English
Lisa A. l_larken 277581431 Female, age 43. Born 3/9/1961. Live in Lake City, Florida. Love roller skating, bowling, watching nascar racing. Single but spoken for. 5'5, blue eyes, blonde hair, 190 pounds. Love camping, going to the beach, the lakes, fishing. English
M.M. A. ableman16 322106413 Male, age 40. From Pakistan. Looking for somebody who can share my dreams and thoughts. I'm interested in nature, listening to music, reading books. I love clouds hanging down and touching your fingers, your soul. Sincere friends are welcome to my world of clouds, rain, trees, ocean, white sands, rippling waves. English
Margaret A. blueskyz 258498575 Female, age 46. Divorced. English
Marion A. herself 317790773 Female. Born 3 August, 1946. Tall, separated (makes me sound like a souffle), motorcycle addicted, small-farm-in-west-Australia-dwelling, old-tractor-restoring, articulate (but can't spell), bush-fire-fighting, old-caravan-and-house-restoring, animal-loving (have donkeys - NOTHING can surprise me now), gainfully but boringly employed, travel-junky grandmother with long legs, strong English accent and Brit (Euro) and New Zealand nationality (means I can reside anywhere in Europe or Australia). Looking for a tall, humorous, grown-up person of the male gender to correspond with - please. English
Michelle A. shelly 99279520 Female. Born July 10, 1958. Single. Live in Michigan USA. Hobbies: reading, swimming, watching movies, talking with friends, dancing, crafts; interests: other people and cultures, psychology. 5'2", brown hair, large framed woman who enjoys cuddling and watching sunsets and sunrises with someone special. I am very caring and tender hearted. English
Mike A. mike447 246505978 Male, age 41. Divorced (three times). Live in London. English
Nicholas A. nicka 230405066 Born 21-12-59. Single 44 yr old guy looking to meet new friends and chat. I like music, narrow boats, food and travel (well I would; I own a boat). English
Rafi A. rafiar 311130350 Male, age 53. Hebrew
Rajnikant A. raj 250077684 Male. Born 22-5-1956. Want to chat with females. Hindi, English
Ray A. cessna 43694326 Male, age 49. I like people who are open and honest and are not afraid to give of themselves. New friends open up new paths. English
Ray A. ray 309734860 Age 50. Single. Looking for ladies to chat with and get to know maybe. I live in MI. English
Regina A. Queen 205243102 Female. Born 04.02.1954. English
Rich A. Matt_Camden 313966038 Male. English
Richard A. Richard 12636263 Age 47. Single male from Brisbane who likes to travel and meet new people from all over the world. Have an avid interest in flying and being outdoors enjoying the sun and fun of the Australian countryside. English
Rickey A. rickey422 :-) 204043601 Male, age 42. Looking for honest nice friends. English
Ricki A. hook 338918806 Male, age 49. Divorced. Live in Altus, OK. Enjoy fishing, camping with family. English
Robert A. IslandRobt 332920628 Male, age 52. Born Oct. 13, 1951. English
S. A. Cihuy 148814675 a English
S. A. SA 46067302 Male. Born September 18, 1960. English, Norwegian
Sami A. samman 321031810 Born in 1960. Kind man looking for sexy serious lady. English, Arabic
Samir A. Sam 149980300 Male. Born 1 Mar, 1946. Lonely heart looking towards tenderness from a lady 40-49, most preferably Muslim from Middle East. English
Soledad A. may 13106987 Mujer. Español
Sue A. cuddles 318554110 Female, age 42. Just want to chat with different people and see what they are up to, what interests they have. Men or women. English
Sue A. duchess43 243109815 Female, age 43. Divorced. Lots of interests. English
Taniasbh A. taniasbh 211794917 Female, age 46. English, Indonesian, Dutch, German
Tom A. AnonT 5728445 Male. Born 04/10/1961. English
Wael A. wella 335648964 Male, age 42. Divorced. Live in Cairo. English
Wale A. Big Boss 37385002 Male, age 49. Divorced. English
Lorraine Aasen Lorri 306967021 Female, age 46. Born 04/16/1957. Divorced for 10 years. Live in Kamloops, BC. Like to go for romantic walks, boating, camping, and my garden. All kinds of interests, but not into sports. Please no jerks or lesbians/bi's. English
Abo Marawan not alive 43998068 Male, age 47. Widower. Live in Egypt. Interests: basketball, computer. 3 kids. Searching for a wife. English, Arabic
Robby Abrams ybboR 330780101 Male. Born 16/01/1953. Divorced. Living in Israel. English
Ace ace 193352170 Female. Born in 1953. English
Achim Achim 59937564 Male, age 41. Hobbies: PC, Internet, motorbiking, cinema, swimming. English, German
Ad ad 60700395 Male, over 40. Married. Love to chat and meet anyone. Good listener and friend. You name it, we talk about it, whatever the topic. Dutch, English, German
Adam Adam 176224839 Male, age 52. Divorced. Of East Indian descent. English
Dave Adams Crazy Dave 344622753 Male, age 42. Married. Like talking to people and working on art. English
David Adams david 263705028 58 years young and single male. Looking for a serious relationship. I am honest, caring, affectionate, romantic. I like long walks on the beach, holding hands, candle light dinners, romantic nites at home with a good move and a nice glass of wine. Easy going, sense of humor, affective, idealistic, romantic. I love to snuggle and enjoy movies. Age and attractiveness are not a priority to me. It's what she is like inside that matters the most - compatibility and sharing our interests. I believe that when the chemistry is right between two people, a beautiful relationship can ensue. I don't play games, and I'm a firm believer of being true to my word. I honestly believe if a person cannot be a true to their word you can't trust them. If I say I'm going to call or do something for someone, I do it. English
Donna Adams Donna 272696314 Female. Born 12/31/54. Single. Divorced for 20 years. Have a grown married daughter and one grandson. I am self employed; have had a house cleaning business for 10 years. Looking forward to meeting new people and making friends. English
Rosie Adams vodkaqueen 107786646 Divorced mum. Work full time as head receptionist in a busy hotel. Have one daughter still at home and about to go to uni this year. I enjoy eating out and going to the pub. Also enjoy swimming, cycling, and music. English
Adele mystic angel 346775990 Age 46. Single woman living in Ottawa, Ontario. Have a full time career as a personal support worker and two adult children that live with me. I enjoy keeping busy and have many interests. Hoping to meet some nice people this way and maybe become good friends or more, who knows. English
Adi *-*-ADI*-* 106986906 Born 19/9/1963. Single. Nice woman. Like pets, reading, dancing, eating, lots of romance. Seeking a real man for good life and more. English, Hebrew
Adriana Shawnna 222980270 Female. Born 12-7-1953. English, Dutch, German
Adstitching adstitching 191439533 Female, age 42. Married with 3 children. Work for a small firm of accountants. At the moment I am cross stitching and have just started on tracing my family history, plus if I get the time I like to read. If you would like to know more, then plus contact me (with sensible questions of course lol :)  ). English
Arif Afaq khan 249065007 Male, age 45. Divorced. Jeddah. Enjoy travelling, cooking. Only Caucasian/white lady over 44 should contact me. English, Arabic, Urdu
Agapi agapi 11761812 Female, age 43. English
Mahendra Agarwal Mahi 169187668 Male. Born 22.09.1959. Looking for honest friends. English, Hindi, Gujarati
Ahmed ahmed 165071657 a English
Leila Ahvonen leila 260272686 Female, age 46. Finnish
Jackie Aiken jackie 295240155 Female, age 43. English
Aka Stephie aka_stephie 199928878 Female. Born 4-20-1966. English
Al al 46782066 Male. Born in 1958. English
Alan scorpio 60376120 Male. Born 02/11/61. Engaged 17 yrs. One daughter of twelve. Like travel; well who doesn't? I try & keep in shape at the gym, but I like my food as well. It's a never ending circle. Like sports (those I can still play), movies & music. English
Alankomat Alankomat 120124657 Female. Married. Like to chat with people all over the world. I like music, travel and many other things. English
Robert Albers robert 147225367 Male. Over 65. English
Albert albe 95249012 Male, 45. From New Zealand. English
S. C. Alder Sheila 36099891 Female, age 51. Separated. Live in Ottawa, Ontario. Like to make new friends. English
Alec Mustang 84301093 Male. English
Alex Aleko 348601084 Male, age 44. Russian, English
Alex alex 48485482 Male. Born 16.08.1952. Scotsman living in Germany (NRW). Married. Breeding parrots, computer, motor sport and taking the dog for long walks are my favourite pastimes. Would like to talk to people about anything (not gay). English, German
Alex Ross 39126712 Male, age 41. English, Russian
Sam Alex samuelalex 296478031 Male, age 43. Live in Los Angeles. I'm a general contractor, remodeling or new homes. Love movies, bars, nice dining, outdoors, hiking, traveling. Looking for nice friends to spend time together. English
Alexis LEXI 86978352 Female, age 50+. Widowed. Live in Hotlanta, GA, USA. Luv Harleys, Mopars, antiques, gardening, rock and roll, blues, sailing, fishing. English
Alfredo Hawk 321611917 Male, age 47. Divorced. Seeking an interesting woman, may be professional, with a sense of humor - a nice girl. Spanish
Ali Ali 48508275 Female. Born in1957. English
Alia Alia 302234595 Female. Ppl meet for a reason ...a season ...or a lifetime, so let's see the reason !! Arabic, English, French
Alison ali 133118989 Female. Born Jan. 2, 1957. Divorced. Live in USA - Kansas. Love to chat with people from faraway places. English
Alla Alla 190919703 Female, age 41. Interpreter and journalist. Interested in mountain hiking, mountains, travelling, making friends, life in all its wonderful manifestations, people, their lives and victories over challenges, self-growth, ethnic cultures, Christianity, Taoism, Oriental culture, England, Alaska, many more... English
Allan Allan 151398739 Male. Married. Like woodwork, women. English
Allan fireflame 242807846 Male. Born July 1942. Widowed. Live in London. Hobbies: photography, travel, nature, motoring, walks in the country, pub meals, visits to interesting places, dogs (have 2 Irish setters) and members of the opposite sex!! Just looking for new friends in London area, ladies preferably, who want to meet new people and have a good time. English
Gisele Allard Giz 290821068 Female. Born June 10, 1958. Divorced. Live in Ontario. 46 years young. English
Allen Allen 142680187 Male. Born 2/7/40. Married. Retired HS English teacher. WW2 reenactor, cyclist, musician, Christian. Living in Hot Springs, Ar. Love cats and dogs. Am a gentleman; no cyber, just clean chat. I love Jeeps, humor. I collect militaria. Love to go junking in thrift shops, flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, etc. English, read Greek and German
Allie Allie 123787950 Female, age 42. Divorced. English
Alma alma 148276321 Female. Born 14-05-53. English
Brian Almond brian47 323318019 Male. Born 25/01/1956. Divorced. English
Jack Alpha Jack 167099205 Male, age 48. English
Alphons alphons 63755219 Male. Born 02-08-1954. English
Altug Evce 237703502 a Turkish
Always_n_forever always_n_forever 244807738 a English
Alyssa Aly 115597090 Female, age 42. Divorced. Love nascar, sports, music, travel. Love life, good friends, good food*s*. Looking for friendly chat. English
Amanda amanda 241044115 Female. Born 20/11/64. Divorced. English
Amazing Grace Amazing Grace 262655680 Female, age 45. English
Amgad amgad 218379827 Male, age 43. Born 20/5/1960. Divorced. Live in Egypt. Arabic, English
Ami ami 96578011 a English
Page Amos Sam 29934937 Male. Born 14th October, 1950. Been married twice. From Brisbane. Love to play pool, go fishing, watch the sun rise, dabble in oils (painting) and love karaoke. I'm not tall, dark (hmmm, maybe dark), and handsome. Turn out the lights and we are all dark... hehehe. English
Amscot Amscot 251765017 Male. English
Ana Katerina krislor 259110089 Female. English
Richard Anders Rikki 266635502 Male. Born 2/11/60. Enjoy travelling, ballet, opera, theatre, Roman/Greek/South American archeology, biographies. English
Scott Andersen twilight323 262953459 Male, age 51. English
Joe Anderson HOGGYBEAR 137200622 Male. Born 04/08/54. Collect antique radios. Just friendly brother in the Lord. English
Yvonne Anderson Vonnie 281859078 Female, age 43. Single widow with 2 children, a daughter 18, and a son 16. Live in St. Marys, Pa. Interests are dancing, movies, travel, dining out, walking, dogs, children. Hobbies are ceramics, cross-stitching, and making bouquets for wedding parties. Personal information, can discuss later. English
Ralf Andre RALFI 204813537 Male. 18.06.1957. Der fast 46 jährige. Single Mann (heimer). 1,83 groß und schlank mit 78 kg Gewicht; mit schwarzen Haaren und braunen Augen, ein ganz ganz Lieber, der sich nun sehr freut, von Dir zu hören! Bis bald. Ich suche nach genau Dir der einfach schlanken-netten. Sie die ich so will wie Sie ist, mit allen Stärken und Schwächen. Deutsch
Andrea ndln 255545479 Female, age 45. English
Andrzej Dziki 265944112 Male. Swedish, Polish
Andy flash 34692517 Male, age 40. Single. English
Anestasia anestasia3 212823693 Female. Born 25/07/61. English
Angel angel 98383307 a Norwegian, English
Angel Angel 199289575 Female. Born 25/04/63. English
Angel Angel 289301808 Female, age 54. Love animals, soft music, long walks. Live in TX., where it is HOT, so when I can get away from all the hustle and business I just like to kick back and relax. Life is too short not to stop and smell the roses. English
Angel Angel®© 51919102 Female. Born 27 August, 1958. Would like to make friends all over the world. English, German
Angel Little Angel 341777061 Born July 29, 1962. Single mom with 2 beautiful boys, Kevin age 17, and Justin age 13.Live in my own house with a beautiful backyard which I enjoy gardening. Also like swimming, hiking, enjoy long walks, fishing, crafting, woodworking. Only interested in a male close to my age who's sincere, good communication skills, enjoys life in general, also enjoys children and dogs, has same interests as me. English, French
Angela ang 206555061 Female, age 42. English
Angela Angela 73976544 Female. Nederlands
Angelica mariange 195146197 Female. Born June 25th, 1959. English, Portuguese
Angie angie 65101942 Female, age 44. English, Serbian, Romanian
Angie Angie 223064440 Female, age 40. English
Angie sweetangiebaby 169410402 Born June 3, 1959. Fun loving divorced woman looking for romance. Have 3 beautiful older daughters, and now it's my turn for me, lol. Love to camp, movies, travel, bowling and so much more. If you would like to get to know me better, feel free to contact me. English
Jawad Anis jerusalmee_2002 309576675 Male. Born 20/7/1960. I like all ppl. English
Anita Anita 294190541 Born 19 March, 1961. If you are alone with time to chat, I would like to know you. Love meet new people from everywhere. English, Portuguese
Ann Ann 34657698 Female. Born 10/28/57. English
Ann ann.gabel 248908689 Female, age 40. English
Ann Ann_1050 305228528 Female, age 53. Married. 2 adult children, 2 grandchildren. Enjoy family, meeting people, interesting conversations, sense of humor, walking, movies, antique and classic cars, genealogy, handwriting analysis. My passion is cooking, gourmet mostly. Have 2 spoiled cats. Looking for clean, friendly chat. English
Ann Ann_in_Victoria 222161992 Female, age 47. English
Ann AnneC 280658749 Female. Born 19/08/47. From the north of England. Divorced for 4/5 years - am enjoying my new found freedom. My favourite pastime is travelling - regularly visit Europe and USA. I try to keep in reasonable shape with yoga, swimming and cycling (traffic permitting). Enjoy the outdoors. Have one daughter, two grandchildren. English
Ann browneyes 15173118 Female. English
Ann Lil annie 77303698 Female. Born 9/23/59. Married; going on my second one. Have step kids and my own kids. Live in California. Moved here in 2001 from Michigan. English
Ann Tricia 204548890 Female, age 45. Born 23/02/1958. Divorced but living with partner. Live in England. 2 dogs & 2 grown up sons. Looking for nice clean chat with anyone. English
Ann2 Ann2 299221034 Female. Born in 1960. Age 43. Married. Living in Texas. I came here from New Zealand early this year with my son and got married. Am a little lonely and looking for friends. Either gender. I have kids, grandkids, and stepkids and step-grandkids. English
Anna Anna 111592050 Female, age 39. English, Russian
Anna Maria Nana 1498671 Female. Born 11/15/1960. Living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Single. Would love to make new friends from all over the world. But if it also happens, finding the man of my life would be simply wonderful! I am a vibrational essences therapist. Like music, traveling, reading, meeting my friends, staying home watching a good movie. Some of my interests are vibrational essences, meditation, literature, history. I'd love to chat - but clean chat. No cybersex, please. Waiting to hear from you! English, Portuguese
Anne Anne 281076521 Female. Born Nov. 2, 1963. English
Anne happygirl 239795564 Female. Born in 1953. Married (for now). Live in northwest England. Enjoy walking, talking, pub visits and meals out. Like dogs. Don't like birds. Non smoker, driver. English
Anne OKMarie 6073952 Born in June, 1962. Divorced/single soccer mom. Love my work. Not much into cyber or politics; anything else, let's talk! English
Anne yourluckylady 262284879 Female, age 46. Divorced. 3 kids, 2 dogs. Fairly busy but without anyone special in my life. I'd love some friends to chat with! English
Annette Nette 318007459 Female, age 52. English
Annie @NNIE 62568534 Female. Born in 1959. English, Spanish
Annie Purpleabba 49988802 Female, age 45. Love to chat with people my age from all over the world, so PLEASE PLEASE send me a message. English
Annie WittyOne42 217064592 Female. Born in 1961. Divorced, petite blonde. Intelligent and enjoy good conversation. English
Anniegirl60 anniegirl60 300914135 Female. Born 11/04/60. English
Annienicegal annienicegal 193597308 Female, age 43. English
Anonymous anonymous 220691558 Female, age 1953. Like to chat with other members who are interested in backgammon and astrology, metaphysical themes. English, Greek
Annonymous Annonymous 244633756 Female, age 47. Hi from Cairo, Egypt. I love the dawn. It signifies a new beginning. Enjoy cultured & educated people only (M/F), with a sense of humour. 40+. My favorite quotation reflecting human nature: "Inside of me there r 2 dogs. 1 of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflects for a moment and replies, 'The one I feed the most.' " English, French, Arabic
Fred Anthoniesse Fredje 322065296 Male, age 55. Love to chat with women of my age. I am a journalist/writer and very open minded. Don't be shy, be funny and sexy and interesting. Dutch, English
Marie Antoinette Ambria 168907077 Female, age 40something. Married, no children. Primary interest for joining icq: to meet good, decent, humourous, intelligent people, whom I am compatible with, sharing similar interests, hopefully developing into unconditional friendship. English
Anthony tony 89087649 Male. Born 10/13/53. English
Antoinette Antoinette 43523323 Born 29/08/63. Happy, creative woman dwelling in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast, Australia. Seeking company with other open & artistic souls. Not interested in random cyber sex or 3 somes or religious evangelists. Look forward to hearing from the real you soon. English
Antoinette LadyLeo() 8049046 Female, age 40+. English
Antonio Banderass 167715531 Male, age 56. Married. Interested in meeting people that are intellectually stimulated with clean chats. English
Mark Antony Emperior 139618127 Male. Born 23.10.1955. Live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Migrated from Guyana-Uk-Ned. Work as a computer (network) technician. Had a few broken relationships during the years. Love to work and play. Play indoor and outdoor sports. Very fit, because I take care of my body. Run about 15 miles per week; do not smoke. Am 181 and weigh about 88 kilos. Consider myself a very understanding and caring man. I am not perfect and do not want to meet a perfect woman. My word is my honour. English, Dutch
Steven Antt atom_antt 239246549 Male. Born 1-10-1965. Divorced years ago. Have a dog named Ginger. Like where I am emotionally; just can't seem to find out what happened to the last twenty or so years. Enjoy meeting interesting people who are doing their own thing. Spend a lot of time working around my house doing different things. Always willing to chat and develop new friends. Live by this philosophy: "If I can do something about a problem or situation and actually have an effect, cool. If, however, it is unlikely that I can change a situation to suit my feelings, then I will not agonize about the current status." "Fxxx-it" has been a pretty good guideline; almost as good as "treat those around you as you wished to be treated." WYSIWYG!!! You understand, right? English
Aquarious aquarious 227739258 Male, age 45. English
James Archer Jim iz "i" 14807915 Male. Born January 1, 1958. Married but I continually wish to chat with females of any marital status. This life is so very short to be hung-up or to play stupid 'cyber' games [yuck!!!]. Discretion is a must. I enjoy people. I am opinionated and strong willed; I am not weak nor meek. If you don't have the ability to write a profile to describe yourself in brief then what's the use of chatting? One of my favorite quotes is "Violence begets violence; therefore, it makes no sense." English
James Ard jimbo 1422542 Born April, 4, 1950. Separated for 11 yrs. Live in Virginia. English
Ardelia ardelia 343791483 a Deutsch
Arianne chili 260836378 Female, age 41. Love long walks on the beach. Music lover of all kinds. Enjoy gardening and traveling. English
Tomas Arias REFLEX80 330163484 Male, age 50. English, Spanish
Aries aries 161258163 Female. Born 29.3.65. Single. English
Arlene texas 21504428 Female, age 43. Born in 1960. Finally single. Have 3 sons, 2 of which are grown. Teach math at the middle school level and love every minute. I like to play with woodworking from time to time. Have 2 dogs... Kylie, a yorkie, and Sassy, a dalmatian. English
Mike Armstrong mike 228175791 Male. Born 02/08/59. English
Lisa Arnold reflections 246702875 Female, age 48. English
Art Art 24324500 Male. Born March 7, 1924. Retired transportation supervisor: City and County of San Francisco. Marine during ww2 with First Battalion, "C" Company, First Division. Married with "a bunch" of children, grandchildren, and great-grand children, and some g-g. grandchildren. Have traveled in the Pacific area and Europe and Scandinavia, and the Middle East, and Spain and Italy. Have never tired of meeting new friends. Live in a small community of mostly small and large farms and orchards. English
Art ART 57599716 Male. Divorced. Live in Edmonton, Alberta. English
Art retiredtec89 146171824 Male, age 53. Married. From RI. Interested in video and still photography and music. Have been a DJ for quite a few years and enjoy the work. Also into the classic cars and enjoy going to the shows. Would love to meet woman from RI or southeastern Mass. who would like to chat and get to know each other a little and maybe meet for a drink and then get acquainted a little better. English
Arthur arthur 143236916 Male, age 50. Married (happily). Like to chat with couples about anything. Prefer older people. English
Arun Abboy 20528526 Age 43. Married male from India. looking to chat with folks all over the world. English
Ash Ash 68378987 Male, age 53. Married. Indian. Based in UAE. Working in Dubai, residing in Sharjah. English, Hindi
Harold Ashcraft Hal 222938907 Male. Born Dec. 16, 1928. Married. Live in River Oaks, Tx. I am disabled with neuropathy and arthritis. I have bird feeders and hanging baskets of flowers in my backyard and love to watch and listen to the birds sing. English
Ashley Ausdude 344688131 Age 46. Single. English
Asjourney asjourney 196162127 Age 42. Single female. Would like to chat with other icq members. Like a variety of music, a good book. I enjoy cooking, baking, gardening. Love all animals; I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds. Live in eastern WA. Clean chat only! English
Ask Me ask me 331492316 Female. Born 09 07 63. English
Ya ar Aslan Bodrum sürgünü 333786537 Male, age 45. Born 1.1.1958. Living at Bodrum, Turkey. Work in tourism. Have a small hotel at Bodrum. Turkish, English
Aspasia Aspasia 44972592 Female, age 50. Single. Live in upper Michigan. Enjoy outdoor activities, reading, movies, music (jazz, blues, ol time rock), dance, travel, family/friends. Registered nurse working in home care. English
Atef m֡sաn 334422 Male. Born 16-7-1964. Married. From Jordan. A hunter. English, Italian, Arabic
Athina India Anita Ms.International1964 348652425 Female, age 40. Born 01.01.1964. Single! (Very unhappy.) English, German, Greek, Dutch, Hindi, Bengali, Maltese (fair)
Augustus Agosto 335591443 Male, age 43. Greek, English
Aussie Gal aussie gal 335448578 Born in 1944. Live in Adelaide, South Australia. Llooking for friends 58 to 65 on icq. My hobbies include  gardening, a little tv, computer, crosswords, the Crows football, watching cricket, quiet nights at home, dining out, etc. If you are a genuine person, feel free to message me. English
Cynthia Avey Cyndee 326352859 Female. Single and ready for long term marriage/friendship. Understanding, very loyal, honest, caring, sensitive to feelings, cuddly, very romantic, sexy, accepting, loving. Any more info, come to chat with me! English
Avi y 174272150 Male. Born 01-10-50. From Galilee, Israel. Looking for an interesting person to spend some time and to share ideas and culture. English
Ralph Avocado ralph 196319744 Male. Born 9/15/55. English
Ayman Rebellious 319296015 Male. Born 04/12/1962. Divorced. Live in Cairo. Enjoy reading and people. English
Erdinç Aysen el-turco 164991646 Male. Born 08.09.1952. Divorced. Live at Thracia, Turkey. Many hobbies, but I only want to write one book of my life. =:))) Turkish, English, Romanian
Natalia Azarenkova Natalia 293047046 Female. Born October 23, 1965. I've been teaching English and cultures. Enjoy humour and friendly conversation on any theme. English

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