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qwerty: an image resource

me at 1.5 years all makes sense now...

an image someone sent me a while back. the bread loaf looking things are from japan. i found a webpage on them once, but lost the link.

an untitled painting, from the fall of 2002

these 3 photos are of Whitehall, OH in feb.'03. this was one of the creepiest times i've had shooting pictures, but they just came out amazingly. very post-nuclear zombie movie like. and believe me, that's how it felt out there.

the reason for the text is because i sent them in to Warren Ellis for his die puny humans blog. he has a thing in it so the logo image is randomized for every visit, and was asking for the viewers to submit something. doubt he'll use'em, took me a while to scan them in, but thought it'd be worth a shot.

when i get the time i'll post these minus text at a larger size

photos: Whitehall Ohio

a fogged in Orton Davis Park

a fogged in Orton Davis Park

a fogged in Orton Davis Park

Lowes parking lot

photos: downtown Columbus Ohio

the images in this section and the last one were all shot on slide film, and the images look incredible projected onto a wall. i'm sure that doesn't help you, but it's something to keep in mind.

Columbus State Community College, across the street from CCAD

on Columbus College of Art&Design campus

across the street from CCAD campus


home base
essay annex

all images+text(c)Erik Leffingwell [except the loaves+kitty one]