Mary and Henry Fougère with their River Bourgeois Family and Friends

River Bourgeois

Richmond County, Nova Scotia




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July 30, 2014 -- Mary and Henry's daughter Evelyn's 98th birthday celebration! She misses Uncle Victor (Victor Bourque) but she maintains her happy nature and wonderful, caring presence. Aunt Evelyn resides in the Richmond Villa in St. Peter's - the most amazing place in which to spend senior years! All are well cared for in every way. Nephews Georgie Bourque and Carmen Fougere, frequent visitors, report that she keeps 'up to date' on all events, past and current -- really good with the answers when watching Jeopardy!


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The last photo in this album shows Evelyn Fougere Burke 'Aunt Evelyn', with Acadian genealogist Stephen White:

Mary and Henry's Great Grandson, ViolinistAnthonyRissesco as a member of the musical group, in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

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