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Mesh Warp Tool

in PSP8

by Jeanie Huppert


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  Preparation: For this tutorial you will need the Texturizer plugin and a image of your choice  


1. Open PSP8

2. Open a image of your Choice --> File-->Open--->Browse to the folder of your images and select the image

3. Shift +D to Duplicate the image.. Close the original for safe keeping  

4.  Image ---> resize--->Pixel Width: 300  

5. Adjust--> Sharpness-->Sharpen  

6.  Shift +D to duplicate this image. On this Duplicate image, go to Effects--->Reflection Effects--->Pattern and use the following settings and click "OK". Click on the second "eye" to see a preview.. Click on the eye with the lock to keep the Preview setting locked for the future. *New in PSP8*  Randomized  settings by clicking on the dice :-)  



7. Effects---->Image Effects---> Seamless Tiling. Use the following settings. *New in PSP8* Option to "Show tiling Preview and a new window opens for you to check, "Show Original"


8.   Select the first duplicated image---> Go to Edit and select, "COPY". Click on the pattern seamless tiling image and go to "Edit----> Paste as a new Layer. This will completely cover the pattern image but we have more to do :-)  

9. Image---> Resize---> Select 85 percent  and REMOVE the check on "Resize all layers"...Click "OK"



10. Effects---> 3 D Effects--->Drop Shadow -->Use the following settings:  

11. Effects---> 3 D Effects---. Use above settings except use -5 for Vertical and Horizontal  

12. Layers--> Merge--> Merge All (Flatten)    

13. ** New in PSP8** Select the "Mesh Warp" tool 


You will see the Grid on the image.  Use these settings on the Tools Options palette


We are going to Warp the 4 corners of the image by holding down the left mouse button as we drag the edges from the center to the corner of the image  Drag # 1 from center to the left corner ..#2 from center to Right corner..#3 from center to left bottom corner and #4 from Center to Right bottom corner of image.


  Once you have completed all 4 corners, Click "Apply" by clicking on the Check" on the "Tools Options Palette" Here is how my image looks at this point.


14. Look at the bottom right corner of the canvas to see the Image size . My image is 300 Width by 225 Height.If you are unable to see this on the bottom right hand corner, go to Image--> Information. We are going to create a new image 1024 X the HEIGHT of your image.


15. While you have your image selected, Go to "Edit--->" select "Copy"  

16. File---> New--->Width: 1024  Height: your image height PLUS 20 ( Example 225+20 = 245). Remove the check on TRANSPARENT and you can select a color from the background color of your image . Click "OK"


17.  Effects---> Plugins---> Texturizer---> Use the following settings: Texture: Sandstone  Scaling: 50%   Relief: 2  Light Direction: Top No check on "Invert"--> Click "OK"


18. Edit--->Paste as a New layer. This will paste your 300X ? image on a new layer. use the "Mover" tool to position the image on the Left. Make sure the image is not on the edges.


19. Effects--> 3 D Effects--> Drop Shadow . Use the following settings:

20. Repeat step 19 except use  -5 for Vertical and Horizontal  


21. Layers---> Merge---> Merge All (flatten)   22. File---> Save as---> Browse to the folder of your choice. Name the file--> save as JPEG--> Click "Save"  


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