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 Roots to the Past celebrated its 5th Anniversary October 2010.

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Roots to the Past genealogy column
A selection of previously published columns

I Hit the Genealogy Jackpot! Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy Website (December 22, 2005): Where should I start? Well, if you are researching family in Newfoundland and Labrador, the place to start is the Newfoundland’s Grand Banks Genealogy Site. Read More.

Obituary 101 - Writing the Perfect Obituary (November 2005): Recently, I gave a workshop on how to write a genealogy friendly obituary. We chose a fictional character as the deceased. The workshop involved the pertinent information every obituary should contain. Read More.

Researching the Soldiers of the First World War (November 2005): Uncovering ancestral military history has never been easier. Thanks to the National Archives of Canada, the public can search more than 800,000 images of First World War attestation papers from the comfort of home. And it’s free! Read More.

Herbert Edward Rymer, Where Are You? Missing Since 1929 (February 2006): Betty hasn’t seen her brother, Herbert, since he was sixteen. When Herbert arrived at Halifax, he mailed a post card home to his family at London, England. They eagerly awaited further news. It never came. Betty, now 96, wonders what happened to her youngest brother. Read More.

Remembering and Researching the Forgotten Soldier (August 2006): On a recent trip to the supermarket, my son and I were greeted at the entrance by a uniformed gentleman. Tug Wilson manned a table displaying information about the Korean War. Between the postcards, pamphlets and books, Wilson, a Korea Veteran himself, said he was too young to serve in the Second World War, but that didn’t stop him from trying. Read More.

A Cemetery in Need - The Porter's Lake Cemetery, Halifax County, NS (November 2006): If you have never been in a cemetery before, you really don’t know what you’re missing. The headstones within these sanctuaries are a treasure trove of genealogical information. Read More.

Deciphering Old Handwriting (March 2007): We learn easier when we are having fun. If we are dreading the experience, it not only takes longer to learn, but we may get frustrated and quit. Read More.

Genealogy - It's a Family Thing (April 2007): How many times have you wished you had started researching your family tree when you were younger? We can’t go back in time, but we can give future genealogists - our children and grandchildren - a head start. Read More.

Requesting Information by Mail (June 2007):  Let's face it. We all don’t live where our ancestors lived. Many of us don’t even live where our parents were born. And many of us, for one reason or another, are unable to travel to these places. This can make researching difficult. Read More.

Top 50 Genealogy Websites (May 2009):  The Internet is vast. New travellers will get lost without a map. At first, genealogists might feel as if they visit one site after another without finding anything useful. Not every website in the results of a search engine, such as Google (, will pertain to genealogy. Read More.

. . . more to come

Ruth M. (Rumley) Legge

Ruth's latest book, . . . shreds & nooks of land, was released June 2011. She also has copies of her first book, Sawdust & Sea Breezes, available. Read more about both books here.

Ruth M. (Rumley) Legge

Where Can you Read Roots to the Past?
The following newspapers publish the genealogy column:

New Brunswick

Kings County Record - Sussex - Tuesday
Times & Transcript - Moncton - Saturday


The Western Star - Corner Brook - Thursday

Nova Scotia

The Citizen - Amherst - Saturday
Bedford Magazine - Bedford - once a month
The Bridgewater Bulletin - Bridgewater - Tuesday
The Lunenburg Progress Enterprise - Lunenburg - Tuesday
Southender - Halifax - once a month

NOTE: The Bridgewater Bulletin and Lunenburg Progress Enterprise can be purchased at Atlantic News-stand at 5560 Morris Street, Daily Grind News-stand at 5686 Spring Garden Road, and News Break Cafe at 287 Lacewood Drive Unit 101. These dealers receive the papers by courier on Wednesday afternoon.

Prince Edward Island

Journal-Pioneer - Summerside - every second Wednesday

If you enjoy reading the column, please, let your newspaper know. They love receiving feedback from their readers. Follow the links to the newspaper of your choice to find the contact information (email addresses and mailing addresses) for each publication.

Genealogy Announcements
from around Atlantic Canada
updated: July 29, 2010
For the full announcement, click on the link above.

Reprint:  An Island Refuge: A history of the United Empire Loyalist settlement on the Island, their family histories, the regiments, Muster Rolls and Claimants List.

* New Publication:  A Prince Edward Island Mother s Legacy of Love - Margaret McAvoy-Griffin-Mullen, Her Life and Recipes by Dolores Griffin

<>* New Publication: Up Parks Creek, a history of East LaHave by Barry A. Parks
<> . . . and more.

Queries - Updated July 12, 2011
Over the past few years, I've had several requests from individuals to have their contact information removed from this section of the website for fear of identity theft. Because of this, I've decided to discontinue posting the queries which appear with my column. I know this will disapppoint some, but I don't have the time to seek out each requested query, edit the page and repost it.

Comments from Readers

Glenda Daken of Oxford, NS: "Thank you for such a wonderful informative column, ‘Roots to the Past’. I read your column each week without fail and enjoy it so much. Please, continue as it is so informative and so well organized. Great work!"

Virginia Bergmann of Baddeck, NS: "I’m thrilled with the results from what you put for me in the Amherst paper! A lady saw it and wrote me a letter containing vital info that I needed for my research on the BERRY name! Thanks so much for this great service!"

Tammy Curtis of Newfoundland: "I was told about your articles in the newspaper from a family member, so I decide to start buying the paper to check it out and I'm glad I did."

Monika English of Port Coquitlam, BC: "I did get one letter by snail mail from Stephenville, NL. She ended up being a cousin of my late husband's. We did get in touch by telephone (she has no computer) and she gave me some more information for my Tree with a promise to get me some more."

      Submit a Query

How to Submit a Query to the
Researcher's File
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When submitting queries, ask one specific question. For example, ‘Who were Jane Smith’s parents?’ or 'Looking for information on the Appleby family of Lewin's Cove.'

Add information that will help identify the person such as date and place of birth, and names of parents, spouses and siblings. Use the date format, month (spelled out), day, year (i.e. May 23, 1897) to avoid confusion.

Queries can be up to 35 words not including contact information. Include a mailing address and an email address.

NOTE: Read some of the queries already posted to learn more about the format.

Send Queries with the Subject Line "Researcher's File" to: Diane Lynn Tibert: 

Unfortunately, time does not permit me to research the family trees of others, but I hope by posting queries, I will help knock down brick walls and extend the branches of the tree.

If queries arrive through Canada Post and an answer is desired, please, include a self-addressed-stamped envelope.

Please, do not send queries as attachments. Due to possible viruses, I will not open any attachments.

If you DO NOT want your contact information posted to the Internet, please, let me know.

The Lonely Grave - Coming Soon


Cemeteries Protection Act for Nova Scotia

Diane's Index for Genealogy Related Books

The Harvest Train - When Maritimes Worked in the Canadian West 1890 - 1928
by A. A. MacKenzie
(Maritime Names Only)

History Along the Old Guysborough Road
by M. Noreen E. Gray & Annie A. (Blois) Smith

. . . more to come as time permits.

Abbreviations: Postal Codes (Canada) and Zip Codes (United States)

Genealogy Links, Books, Societies and Events

These pages contain links specifically for the four provinces where my column is published.

New Brunswick


Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

General Genealogy Links of Interest

NEW: Local Genealogy Books Currently Available for Sale from Local Authors

NEWDiane's BlogNEW
Diane began a blog in January 2011 to share her experience in the writing world. Who knows, maybe she'll even talk about genealogy.

Sources for Atlantic Canada Census Returns
UPDATED: October 7, 2008 - A work in Progress

A page for the many sources of Atlantic Canada Census returns, including those for Newfoundland who did not join confederation until 1949.
Visiting the Four Atlantic Provinces

To order maps and tourist guides and to view additional details on a province, visit their tourism website.

New Brunswick:
Nova Scotia:
Prince Edward Island:


Veterans of Guysborough County

Book One of the Veterans of Guysborough County will capture and preserve the identities of the Second World War veterans. Everyone who served in Canada, overseas, with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Merchant Navy and with Allied Forces will be named. Accompanying each name will be a 300-word biography and photo. (Updated September 26, 2007)

Veteran Research Around the Atlantic Provinces

Saluting Our Veterans the Best Way We Know How (November 2007):
Several years ago, while visiting the in-laws at Christmas time, a thick book under the tree caught my attention. It was a book about First and Second World War veterans, Read More.

Links for those researching British Home Children
Canadian Soldiers Executed during the First World War

Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics - on-line since March 18, 2007 (updated August 2009)

New Brunswick Searchable Vital Statistics on PANB  (updated June 15, 2009)

Diane's Professional Home Page

Diane's home page provides a history of her writing career.

If Diane had to choose to do only one thing in life, she'd choose writing. Genealogy is only one subject she enjoys writing about. History, gardening and writing are others.

When she writes fiction, she always has a family tree mapped out for each character. Knowing their ancestors helps paint a vivid picture in her mind of who's who and where they've been.

Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove
by Candy McMudd

Diane Lynn TibertSet on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Mystery Light is the first book in the Cranberry Cove series.

Ages: 8 to 12

Softcover: $12.95
188 Pages

E-book at Smashwords: $1.99

For more information or to purchase a copy, contact:
Diane Lynn Tibert:

To read the first chapter, click
Harrigan Cove
Halifax County, NS
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