Why in the Heck Does This Concert Happen?

Well, honestly, we aren't completely sure why. We think it has something to do with the high amount of iron in the water. That and it's the beloved brain child of Jonathan Ratican, Colleen Stanley, and Matthew Whitehead.

The original idea came from Matthew. For years we'd known that Matthew is a fabulous musician with an extraordinary ability to play the piano. Matt thought it would be fun to put on a concert for his friends, something big enough to require some equipment, but small enough to be an intimate concert experience. It was from this initial spark that Colleen decided that she would like to be the hostess of such a concert and that she would like to open the show to other acts, particularly people we all knew in our school and community, including myself. I thought this was a great idea and I did my best, working with Colleen, to shape the idea into something interesting, unique, and realistically accomplishable.

Since that time there have been three Groovefests. The first two were at Colleen's house in West Friendship, Maryland, the third was in Woodbine, where this year's concert will also be held. All three were packed with wonderful musical acts, including Dihybrid Cross, Jesse Myers, sitar player Lacey McCann, Noble Rot, Ilyaimy, We're About 9, Euphoric Lift, and many more.

Here are some pictures of the Groove Fest Co-Founders:

This first one is me, doing a bit of dancing after a hard day of healing and preaching. (Pay no attention to the fact that I'm distorted, or the fact that there's two of me. No one else notices but you.)


The next picture is of Matthew. I must say that in this particular shot, he bears a striking resemblance to my stuffed alien, Virgil, who is the mascot of the concert.


Finally, we have Colleen, looking very sexy in this picture. It's funny, she looks a lot like Heather Graham. I don't think I've ever noticed that before today. Oh well.


Well, that's about all I can say about it. The concert is just a lot of fun. Put August 4th on your calender!

-JR (revised 6/17/01)

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