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This page is a resource for Rouse Scholar Alumni to keep in contact with the program and with each other. In the Directory of Alumni you can look up members of your class and find out where they are today, what they're doing, and how to contact them. The Upcoming Events section lets you know about all sorts of upcoming Rouse events for current Rouse as well as Rouse Alumni. The Alumni Summary will give you a brief description of how your particular Rouse class has evolved over time. The Message Board is a place where you can post messages for fellow alumni (job notices, birth and marriage news, or just general chat). The scrapbook is a place where you can send pictures of you today. Feel free to send us pictures of you, your family, and any major events that you want to share with the rest of us!

This page is in its infancy. Please be patient with us as we get all of the links working.