Laura performing at Groovefest II in 1999

Laura Finizio is 22-year-old Massachusetts-born singer and songwriter of 10 years. She has a BA in music from St. Mary's College of Maryland and begins her new "career" as an instrumental music teacher in September. Currently she is trying to re-establish herself as a performer in the Baltimore/Washington area after being hidden in the land of St. Mary's County for 4 years.

In the past Laura has been part of such bands as "The Young Campesinos" (with We're About 9's Brian Gundersdorf) and "The Caffeinated Mints" (with vocalist Jennifer Miller). She has played at such venues as the SEC Trash sculpture, The Greatful Bread Deli is Essex Jct., VT, Colleen's Naked Groovefest II, many places around and on the campus of St. Mary's College and at many open mics including Columbia's Lakefront and Bowie's Year of the Rabbit CoffeePub (where she has a show on August 19). Her most recent performance took place on a patch of grass next to a dumpster outside of a Border's Bookstore in Colonie, New York, and her next performance could take place in your living room..(well..maybe)

Laura's songs vary greatly in subject matter, containing topics ranging from a crush on the little debbie delivery man to philosophical songs about sea-monkeys to a modern take on the romeo and juliet fantasy to a little ditty named after a warm bowl of cream of wheat as well as the typical smattering of in love/lost love folk balads.

As we read this, Laura is writing furiously and frequently with lots and lots of alternate tunings and beginning work on her 3rd album (her first CD!) which will hopefully be out sometime this winter...providing her computer is up to the challenge.

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