Keeza's alter ego

Keezamonkee actually consists of Jillian Matundan, however, most know her as Keeza or Monkee (hence the name).

She is a 21 year-old musician from Syracuse, NY and recently graduated from Washington College with a B.A. in Political Science and Drama.

Though she has played solo on many occassions, this is her first venture as a solo artist since her band, "Dancing for Nickels", parted ways in April. She was also a member of "Control Freak" and "Onkeypeaveys" (all from Syracuse, NY). She has played with numerous other bands at Washington, but normally plays solo at coffeehouses and has done numerous gigs with former bandmate, Jon Sung, at various locations throughout the East Coast.

Don't be fooled by the career choice of public policy, however. Keeza has been an avid musician since the age of 3 and plays a wild variety of instruments: violin, guitar, piano, flute, banjo, bass, drums, and other random instruments. Her musical influences range include Ani Difranco, Dave Mathews Band, Indigo Girls, and many others.

Though it will be her first performance to feature originals without "Dancing for Nickels" behind her, look for some surprises...some laughs...and a chance to sing along...

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