Cover of an old ilyAIMY press package.  Photos and art by Rob Hinkal.

You can't find better in the world of acoustic rock than ilyAIMY. The group is headed up by singer and guitar player Rob Hinkal, whose music has been described as "acoustic Tool", a male Ani Difranco, a fluteless Jethro Tull and a modern America. He considers all of these to be very flattering, but the best compliment he has received has been "Dave Matthews? Who's Dave Matthews?" Rob's songs are often intense, dark, and occasionally even....gasp... sweet. "The music is often described as dark," says Rob, "but it has a lot of edge. I am a passionate player, all about eye contact and shooting myself out through my eyes."

The group is also headed up by Audrey Morris, whose beautiful voice combined with her playful and poignant ballads adds a wonderful balance to the overall sound of the band. Even when ilyAIMY is playing one of Rob's songs, Audrey's enchanting harmony often gives the song that extra bit of wonder it needs to stay with you for weeks after you hear it.

ilyAIMY has put together several albums, the most recent of which is "Wingsweep/Wingswept", a collection of mostly live songs from recent performances. ilyAIMY plays all over the Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis circuits. Their provocative performance will provide concert goers with a sense of awe and enthusiasm.

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