Other Fun Groovefest Stuff

This year's Groovefest, in addition to all the fun on stage, is going to include a few wacky activities.


We'll have a net set up within earshot of the stage so that you can play and still enjoy the concert.

-Slip n Slide-

With any luck, we will either procure or put one of these together and you'll be able to get your wetness groove on.

-Outdoor Pool-

Those interested in participating should bring a swimsuit or clothes they won't mind getting wet in. There's nothing more exciting than getting soaking wet with a bunch of your friends. Or something like that.


Phat jewelry made by local artisans will be on sale at the Groovefest.

-CDs & Tapes-

There will be a table open all day at which you can purchase recordings by your favorite Groovefest artists. In addition, we will be selling copies of a recording made from last year's Groovefest for $5.00. All proceeds from that recording will go towards paying for the Groovefest and thus helping to keep it a FREE event.

Any other ideas for fun stuff to have at the show?

Leave your suggestions in the Guestbook.


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